Samsung Galaxy F55 Unboxing & First Look ⚡Vegan Leather, 4+5Y Updates @ ₹24,999*

Alright friends, we have the orange colour Wagon Leather case from Samsung. And why is it Wagon Leather? Because it’s the first phone from Samsung that comes with Wagon Leather back. And yes, the texture is of this case. If you’re new here, then do hit the SUBSCRIBE button &

the BELL ICON! Let’s open it! Nice packing! It’s a big box! Interesting! Samsung Galaxy F55 5G. There’s nothing else, but it’s a beautiful case! It’s a beautiful case & you can keep it. If you buy it, you’ll get the box. It’s a media kit. There’s a phone right

up front. There’s a USB Type C to Type C charging cable. There’s a SIM card tool & you get some documentation. The box is big, but there’s no adapter inside. Alright, let’s keep this aside & look at the phone. Alright, this is nice! It’s very nice! It’s not

like the phones from Samsung. It looks very different. Samsung has a Wagon Leather back & 3 cameras. The design is similar, but the back is different. It doesn’t look too heavy. I think it’s 180g. Let’s see. It’s 179.2g & it’s lightweight. The in hand feel is good &

it has a curved side. There’s a speaker grill on the bottom & a USB Type C microphone on the right. There’s a SIM card tray on

the left & a noise cancelling microphone on the top. There’s a volume rocker on the right & a power on off button.

Let’s drop it & see. 1, 2 & dance! 1, 2 &… Let me tell you, this is not a strenuous drop test. Other people don’t do it like this. You just like it, so let’s do it. We’ve seen it from the outside, now let’s see it from the

inside. Let’s start! The frame & the camera module has a golden ring. So it gives a premium look to it. Display It has a 6.7” 120Hz Super AMOLED display. It has a 1000NITS HBM mode which is decent enough. Let me tell you the price of the 8128 variant

with offers. It comes in Rs 24,999 & then you have Rs 26,999. The top one is Rs 31,999 as it’s a 12GB 256GB variant. The Samsung display looks very nice & the quality is good. There are absolutely no problems there. The bezels are of average size & it’s

a little squarish. Specifications It comes on Qualcomm SD 7 Gen 1. It has LPDDR4X RAM & UFS 2.2 storage. It has a score of 5.85-6.00 Lakhs. It’s a 4Nm based phone so it’s quite power efficient. It has a 5000mAh battery & supports 45W charging. I think in this

price range, Samsung gives a 45W phone. There are options for gaming & performance. But if you want to use the phone regularly, then this 7 Gen 1 should be good enough. You can play BGMI games on 60FPS on the 7 Gen 1. But there’s no charger in the

box. But if you buy it now, then you get a 45W charger for Rs 500. And if you buy the Fit Fit 3, then you get it for Rs 2000. So you’re getting some extra offers as well. Multimedia It has an excellent AMOLED display with stereo speakers. The

quality is good. The Samsung display should not have any problems. Multimedia has absolutely no problems. If I say the highlight of this phone, then it’s its OS. It has OneUI 6.1 which is based on Android 14. And remember, you’ll get 4 years of major updates & 5 years

of security updates. And when I talk about OneUI, it’s one of the cleanest UI out there. Especially in this price range. If I talk about OneUI 6.1, then it’s one of the most feature rich UI. And as I said about the updates, it has good updates. So it’s

definitely future proof in terms of OS. Sensors, it has absolutely no problems. It has Face Unlock, an in-display fingerprint sensor. It works quite well & should not have any problems. If I talk about connectivity, it has Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5.2. It has 5G support in India &

even NFC support. And if I talk about the OS features, then there are some standouts. For example, there’s a quick share feature. You can easily share files. There’s a secured folder, if you want to save some files & don’t want to show it to anyone. So there’s a

secured folder. And for total security, there’s a Knox Vault feature. There’s voice focus too. If you’re calling in a noisy environment & you want to reduce background noise, then there’s a voice focus feature too. Let’s talk about the camera. It has a triple camera setup. It has a

50MP primary sensor which supports OIS. It has an 8MP ultrawide camera & a 2MP macro camera. There’s a 50MP selfie sensor in the front as well. We’ve taken a lot of photos in different conditions. Do check them out & you’ll see the photos in their original quality. I’m

giving you the G-Drive link. If you’re looking for skin tones. They look good in normal conditions, but these are first impressions. Go & check it out. You tell me in the comments below, how did you find the photos? Do tell, I want to see that. In a line,

the camera is average. That’s what it is. Features It has all the features you need for a camera. Portrait, photo, video mode, single take mode which is very popular. Pro, Pro video, night mode, food, panorama, macro, super slow motion, slow motion, hyperlapse, dual recording, single take. It has

all the features. One good thing is that in videography, you can shoot front to back up to 4K 30FPS. Even the front, so that’s good. And due to OIS, there’s a nightography mode. If you want to erase a photo, then you can use the magic eraser. It also

has a clipper. If you want to make stickers, long press it & it’ll extract the portrait. And then you can make a sticker. Other features SAR value is within limits. FM radio & notification light is not available on phones. Before ending the video, I’d like to tell you

that we’ve made this video in collaboration with Samsung. But all the thoughts we’ve seen, I’ve told you in this video. So yes, this is the Samsung Galaxy F55. If you have any questions regarding this phone, do ask in the comments section. If you have anything else, do let

me know in the comments section. That’s all for this video. Until the next one, Keep Trakin & Stay Safe!

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