Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Review – This new fitness band is it Worth it?

This is Samsung Galaxy Fit 3, a new fitness band. Keep watching… So this is Samsung’s new fitness band, Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. Samsung has silently launched this fitness band. Let me unbox it and tell you. So inside the box, the fitness band is packed in this way. Now

it is available in three exciting color options. I have got this white color variant, which comes with a very interesting look. I can feel that the strap is of very good quality. If you buy it for the first time, you will understand that the quality is quite good.

And especially if you pay attention to the buckle, its design is different. And this fitness band looks like this from below. There is only one button in it. I think there is a microphone in it too, but I am going to check it. Let’s see what other features

it has. This is its charging point And here you can see these two buttons. As soon as you press these buttons, the strap will be easily removed. So in case you want to replace the strap, you can easily do it. Apart from this, the box packing is of

a very unique type. This is its charging dock. Now this dock is a little different comparatively, which we saw in other fitness bands. So basically

you have to match this. This is magnetic. See, it will stick. And you can charge the battery in this way. Apart from this,

you will naturally get a user manual booklet in the box. Plus other booklets, warranty card and this is a quick start guide. So if you press the button and hold it, you will see an option like this. You will also see a nice animation. By default, it is

set in English language. Now I have to install the Galaxy Variable application on my smartphone. And then I will be able to connect with it. The quality is very good. It comes with a metallic body. Plastic material has been used below and sensors have also been given. Finishing

is very good. I think it is an impressive deal at this price But let’s see what other features it has. See, you are going to get this kind of animation. So while installing, you have to install the Galaxy Fit 3 plugin. If you are not using Samsung devices,

you will have to install additional software. So the installation process is like you get on premium Samsung smartwatches. So basically you have to set it. On which hand are you going to wear it And it is almost set up. So now I have set it up and this

is its default watch face. Which is good. In fact, you will get better watch faces through the application. Apart from this, see these are the quick setting options. And this is menu options. The interface is very good and very smooth. So here you will see notifications. Here you

will be able to read notifications. You will be able to know about the health status. Here you will be able to run physical activities. It tracks sleep as well. This fitness band is very good. And it is going to give you a very comfortable experience. You will be

able to sleep with it and it will be very comfortable. See below, the heart rate option. Sensor, see it is working. It only works when you wear it. So it comes with detection. See, as soon as I wear it, it is activated. And as soon as I take

it out, it turns off. And this is the weather option. If you want, you can add it. The calendar option is also given here. Media playback plus heart rate. This is for women. And you can add other tiles. And by double-pressing this button, You will get the activities

listed. You can select from these menu options. It can track many activities. And if you press it once, it will come on this screen. This is the default home screen. See, so many options are available on this application. Watch faces. You will be able to download additional watch

faces from here. As I said, you will get very interesting type of watch faces here. Watch faces can change look and feel a lot See, very impressive level of watch faces. If you want, you can install a new watch face every day. I have a good watch face

among these. For example, I like this a lot, so I add it. And now it will be installed on the watch. So now the watch face has been installed. See here, this is the watch face. It looks very amazing on this white fitness band. By the way, I

want to tell you one more thing. Tap and hold. So from here, you can change these watch faces. See, so many default watch faces come with it. This is also good. And this is also very interesting. See here. I select this one for now. It looks very nice.

I go to the settings option. And here I am going to check one thing in the display. And here the always on option is given, which is a good thing. By the way, this is an AMOLED display. AMOLED display definitely gives you a great experience. The quality of

the display is very good. And because of that, the experience is also enhanced in a way. So definitely AMOLED is a great option at this price. And here the always on option is also given. So this is the app screen. All the applications you are seeing here are

basically on the watch. You can customize them. You can change the position. So you get a lot of customization options. This is the tiles option. So these options, which I showed you on the watch. See, you could see this kind of option on the watch. So you can

also set this by using this application from here. In case you are not able to do it properly on the fitness band, then you can use this application. This is the quick panel option. Again, this is given for the quick setting. So you can easily customize the application

by using this. You will also get information about how much battery is left on the fitness band from here. You will also get additional settings from here, which you get on other watches or fitness bands. You can set up the always on option. Touchscreen to wake. There are

a lot of other options. You can set it according to your requirement. There is no built-in speaker or microphone in this. So you will mostly get information about call alerts through vibration. Of course, you will not be able to call with this. So it basically tracks fitness activities,

works like a watch. Smart features like notifications, alerts, etc. You will get all these things on this. In case there is a firmware update, you can do it from here. So I did a small run with this fitness band, which I usually do. An interesting thing about this

is that when you select any of these activities and you stop during the activity, then the activity tracking pauses. And when you start moving, then the activity tracking starts tracking your activity again. So see, this is my activity results. So far 4359 steps have been done. And if

we talk about battery life, it was 53, now it has reached 49. It has dropped by 4% during exercise tracking. Now see, you will have to install the Samsung Health application on your smartphone. And it will automatically sync with the watch or fitness band. And here you can

see the information about my activity. And here you can see that it has also done map tracking. By the way, the fitness band does not have GPS. But this map data, because the phone was with me, so the fitness band has also tracked GPS data. See, basically through

the phone. And here you will get all the details about your physical activities. Now if I go into workout details, then see, 3579 steps. By the way, see, the step count is not that important. Many people are behind it, that the step count should be very accurate. Now

see, all these fitness bands or smartwatches, they detect your step count on the basis of your hand movement. Not actually on the basis of your step count. So see consistency, not accuracy. So here I have the step count of around 3500 with the fitness band. And the step

count you are seeing, 3159, this is through the smart ring that I have. It is very close. Actually, this result is acceptable. If you see the number, then there is a lot of difference. Around 450. But that does not matter so much, as long as you get consistent

results. And I also have smart shoes, So I also tracked with it. The shoe does the tracking. So basically it is a running shoe. And see here, I have given the information about its activity here. Now all the devices are going to give you inputs from their perspective.

It is very important to understand them and not to run behind the accuracy. The weight of this fitness band is around 36.8 grams. And Bluetooth 5.3 technology is used in it. Which is very good, efficient and also power saving. It is running free RTOS. Out of the box,

an AMOLED display is used on it. 256 x 402 pixels resolution. 16 million color depth. It is a very good display. 16 MB Memory, it is not GB, it is MB. And 256 MB storage space is given. It has an accelerometer, barometer, gyro, optical heart rate sensor and

light sensor is given. Battery capacity is 208 mAh. And its typical usage is of about 13 days. But according to my usage, I will get a battery life of about 10 days. Again, it depends on how you are using it. The pricing of this product is Rs.4,999 I

have given the link in the video description.

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