San Francisco Pastry Company | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Universal Studios Orlando Florida

hello everybody princess and the bear here 
we’re back in work studios for san francisco  
pastries yes um maybe they have something 
vegan we’ll find out i guess we’re gonna  
find out we’ve never been in here so we’re 
gonna go see if they got some munchies for us
i suppose you heard
start your day the right way the mimosa way  
and i really do appreciate the fact that the 
team member allowed me to tell him how much  
orange juice to put in this be that it’s a 12 
drink and you get like what is this half a glass
it is very good though because there isn’t a 
lot of orange juice in it which is how i like it  
because i got to specify that pour 
i’m going to give this a four and  
a half out of five mimosas 
this is a good one it just  
needs more liquids princess and hermos mimosa 
will not be parted at any time cheers to you guys
champagne with a splash of orange juice for color 
it’s about what i expect from a princess mimosa  
three and a half out of five o’clock choppy 
cannon ipa all of their beers are vegan friendly  
apparently they

have a pineapple one too
oh they’re not messing around when they say citrus  
this is like orange and lemon combined it’s it’s 
a very interesting flavor and some grapefruit in  
there too you can certainly taste all of the 
citruses i’m gonna give this a three and a  
half out of five citrus because it’s it she lives 
up to the name it’s just not good in my opinion  
don’t ask me why i always turn no it’s just a 
habit i don’t remember where i picked that up at  
it’s probably a duval thing either way uh 
traffic cannon ipa uh i’m expecting this  
to be absolutely terrible i don’t like 
ipas yet i see something new and i want  
to try it for you guys infinity so uh the 
two things i hate ipas and a lot of citrus
wow i’m awake now very much awake a little sleepy 
before that but uh that will slap you in the face  
there’s that much interest in it um agreeing with 
the princess nazis i definitely taste grapefruit  
orange is that coriander maybe two as well but 
there’s a lot of stuff in there uh i think this  
is probably close to what you consider a manmosa 
i guess if you want to call it that but uh  
i don’t hate it honestly it’s strong 
but i can drink this it’s got a  
drinkability factor too that most ipas that i 
taste do not three and a half out of five plus
it’s always a bad idea to start with dessert 
but we’re a theme park right so there’s no rules  
this one feels a lot like the original vegan 
brownies that we’ve seen the skulls and the  
squares it’s less less sticky so i appreciate 
that the snowflake looks like an eyeball to me
it’s very moist which i really like
but it tastes like all the other chocolate 
brownies two and a half out of five brownies  
i’m glad this one is smaller than the skull or 
the square because it’s very rich i’m i have  
like a little ziploc bag i’m gonna put this in 
because i’m not gonna be able to finish this  
class and culture i just got a strong with a fish 
from lombards next door uh i’m gonna use the spoon  
keep this brownie because i don’t like sticky 
brownie fingers a spoon a spoon i’m gonna use a  
spoon i’m gonna even use a fork a spoon or a fork 
i’ll use a spoon for brownie no shame you will get  
points from universal instantly even though it’s 
the same brownie that we’ve been getting now for  
who knows how many years it’s decorated 
differently it’s a different shape that’s  
all i’m asking for no complaints about 
that let’s see how it actually tastes
big chocolate boy
i think the snowflake will try green 
does look like an eye provides a  
perfect amount of icing and sort of like 
contrast the flavor on top of the brownie  
you know me i’m a huge sweet person i read 
this four to five plus we have the beautiful  
vegan croissant i have had this croissant one time 
before um at today cafe for breakfast they also do  
a pressed sandwich there that they do offer at 
this bakery as well i didn’t order that but if you  
do want to see a review of that we have a link in 
the description box down below for our today cafe  
food review so let’s try this croissant i’m just 
going to take a little piece here off the side  
look at all the goodness in there oh i’m just 
gonna take this is like a sweet spot right here
it’s nice and moist it’s so good i wish that 
everyone had these croissants available because  
i would eat them every day i’ll give it a four and 
a half out of five croissants it’s almost my dream  
croissant i just want some like i want to be warm 
and i want earth balance better and that’d be good  
the princess is a bread connoisseur where 
it’s to me bread is bread it’s like tacos  
like everything’s just a different kind of 
variation of a tortilla wrapped in something  
bread is just different shaped bread with stuff 
in it i do appreciate these croissants that they  
do have plant-based ones in different flavors no 
less unlike some other places we know disney um  
nice little holocaust on here i wish it 
was like you know warm and fresh it doesn’t  
feel like it’s been sitting for a bit but 
hopefully it doesn’t affect the flavor any
all right i’ve been flaky i’m falling apart 
while the princess wants earthbound butter  
i want jam because you know jam over 
butter i’m sure you guys pick a side
i would say it’s an above-average 
croissant three out of five paws  
welcome to my first elderberry croissant 
now bear just asked for a croissant with  
jam i’m pretty sure that this is going to meet 
that need let’s go ahead and crack this open
oh yeah let’s get all that elderberry in there  
it’s a little hollow but that’s 
fine it reminds me of ikea  
it almost tastes like a cherry but not as tart 
i really like that i like that a lot let me give  
that a 4 out of 5. it’s good it’s berry if you 
like like a nice filled pastry this this will  
definitely get the job done 
four out of five elderberries
fillings in things let’s see if it uh fills me up
nice it’s like it would say even 
flakier than the regular croissant  
but nice little elderberry innards 
evenly spread it’s not filled  
and it’s not a donut so i don’t want it filled 
but that’s an even spread of the elderberry
that is literally my jam pun intended four and 
a half out of five applause that is delicious
digging in the magical bag here what am i looking 
for nope not a hand wipe no not a shot wipe  
no not a camera lens wipe i’m looking for 
a wipe at all ah there we go magic pills  
because buddha is not good for me so what we 
have here is their supposedly hot turkey sandwich  
we got uh three strips of bacon which 
is generous a huge honking slice  
of gouda and then you have turkey like 
hiding underneath that very interesting  
and then a some sort of like sauce on top on the 
ciabatta here so it is sauce it’s not just dry  
thankfully but let’s get this magic 
pill in me so i don’t murder myself
they had a couple albums for sandwiches 
you know capri sandwich they had a  
pretty generous helping of turkey in the bottom 
i thought there’s a couple slices but it’s like  
deli flash turkey in the bottom so turkey the 
cheese ratio is not as bad as i thought it was  
a little cross section it’s pretty thick 
big boy let’s hope the flavor stands out
all right
i’m kind of feeling that i’m not gonna lie the 
gouda does seem quite large but with the amount  
of turkey on it they bounce perfectly to write 
them in a sauce up being saucy the bacon is nice  
and crisp and the jabot is nice and toasted so i 
would say hot turkey i would say slightly above  
warm but it’s still a really good sandwich and 
one that i don’t feel bad about because you got  
turkey sandwich with the bacon and then you got a 
little slaw salad and then a little side of fruit
i was completely prepared to trash the 
sandwich but it’s actually pretty good  
i would say 4 out of 5 i would 
definitely if their menu has any  
sort of rotation come back and try some 
of the others if this one is this good
then we have this sloth salad i say slaw slash 
salad because like it’s like shredded like  
slaw but there’s also some lettuce and stuff in 
here as well a little weird let’s do this taste
that’s not my favorite the lettuce is 
weird you taste a lot of that at the front  
it’s like mayoe lettuce 
shredded broccoli and carrot
two out of five o’clock not 
my favorite slot maybe you’re  
supposed to put it in a sandwich 
i’m not putting it in this table
and you have a nice piece of 
cantaloupe with the skin on  
i’m not mad about that give me something to hold
nice and fresh cut definitely hasn’t been sitting 
that apparently three out of five claws a single  
strawberry which seems almost like a garnish 
but i’m never gonna refuse the strawberry
the fruit and the fruit of four out of five lots 
of freshness definitely not something that’s  
been like held all day fresh crisp fruit 
with a nice sandwich and a side of greens  
as far as theme park food goes you could do far 
less healthy than this overall i’m giving a plate  
a three and a half out of five o’clock the slot 
brings it down a bit but i just know this is worth  
getting if you want to light lunch san francisco 
uh pastry company it was a much better experience  
than i expected it to be and i really enjoyed 
it i expect that to be a better quick stop place  
for us in tonight cafe which always seems to be 
ridiculously crowded i’d like today cafe plus  
it’s like right there in the front so like if you 
come before it’s open it’s there it’s ready to go  
i’m here for it i think there’s nice about 
them but i would definitely come back here  
something change or something else the menu pops 
up that i want to try but most definitely for  
those croissants the princess will definitely be 
back oh yeah but i want to know have you guys been  
to san francisco uh face your company if so let us 
know in the comments if you think there’s a better  
place to stop for quick snacking or universal 
ball means a comments only place to find us hit  
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here are the girls so

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