SARDAR UDHAM Movie #Review by Turkish | Couldn't Hold Tears | Ağlatan Sardar Udham Filmi

namaste so today i wanted to talk to you
about the new movie sardar udham which
we have seen yesterday with wemo
don’t think that it’s a professional
review first of all because i’m not a
movie reviewer but after watching this
movie i really felt so touched and i
wanted to tell
my thoughts and my feelings about it
so this will be only my sincere thoughts
and my feelings first of all this
happened this is a true story how can i
comment on something that already
happened in the past so i will not put
any of my opinions these are just my
feelings and my thoughts about the whole
first of all the most obvious thing i
want to say that the lead actor’s
performance he was really so good the
way he was combing the messages the way
he was giving the emotions as per the
scene was so real i really felt i was
especially he’s acting in the end that
it was so emotional and it was so real
it was really like you live those
emotions like udom singh

had those times
through this actor also one thing i want
to say that almost um in all believed
movies i saw the foreign actors
they were so fake
and they sound so cringe you know i
think this same thing happened in squid
game even
but in this movie surprisingly the
foreign actors were so good they were
also very realistic and
their acting was
so good
so actually this made the whole movie
more realistic and uh better quality i
think bollywood movies recently is
getting better in this sense for example
lately we saw the movie called mimi
actually it was pretty good we liked it
so much
and the foreign actors there also they
weren’t sounding fake or cringe you know
so yeah bollywood i think is getting
better in this sense a lot
sardar udam in general i think it was
very well made and there was the sets
from those historical times i think it
was 1920s
in london also in india so i think i
think they really did a pretty good job
with the set
and the ambiance and the atmosphere from
those times was really shown
in a very realistic way like it was
really short at that time kind of feel
you were getting while you watch besides
the shooting and the set and all i think
music was also very good i really like
the music i think
in the scenes they chose the correct
music which was making you feel even
more you’re in the movie and you were
getting the emotions better and you know
there wasn’t
such bollywood music and bollywood songs
and bollywood dances in a relevant scene
like in the other movies that was pretty
good actually and i didn’t miss any part
of those bollywood movies at all this
movie didn’t have any bollywood song and
dance and it was pretty good and i think
the director shujit sarkar put his
vision across very well he was like able
to bring all those emotions from old
actors in a very realistic way
but if i really have to complain about
something i think it could be the
chronology of the events it kept
switching between the past and present
time watching it like this it was a
little bit confusing because it was hard
to understand what’s happening which
time it was happening
what event was more important in this
sense it was a little bit confusing if
there is anyone watching this and don’t
know what this movie was about
especially my turkish viewers maybe they
don’t know who was udam singh or maybe i
think some indian followers also don’t
know his name actually even vimal didn’t
know before
watching this movie
i knew about bhagat singh but i think
everybody knows about him but now we
know that udam singh was also a very
important hero in the history and also i
must add here the parts of bhagat singh
in this movie was also done pretty well
so who was udam singh he was a freedom
fighter and a revolutionary hero and
like many other indian freedom fighters
he was also fighting for freedom from
british occupation almost all his life
and with a great dedication and courage
which i think you can feel and
understand if you see the movie i don’t
want to give so much spoilers but
actually of course if you read the
history i think you will already know
the story but now i just want to share
what i felt when watching this movie
first of all i must say that from the
start till the end i was so angry as
always when i see a story about
those times when british was ruling
india i kept punching vimal i kept
telling him how dare they say like this
how dare they do like this because i
feel that
i don’t know in uh in my veins i can say
when i
read or see or hear such stories from
those times
my patriotic feelings come out like as
if it’s my own country which actually it
is right i think in this my own country
and i know how much those times india
and indians have suffered even though
it’s my little understanding and little
knowing it breaks my heart this much
imagining how people were feeling those
times is really breaking my heart and
this movie gave those feelings so
i ended up crying almost more than one
hour during the movie i mean who cries
non-stop one hour
that is me and this movie’s effect i
cried a lot my eyes were all red and it
i was looking like a mess and even i
think we will click the picture maybe i
will show it here somewhere
so whole movie i was feeling sad and
angry so much mixed emotions
tears are flowing i cannot stop it was a
very intense
and from yesterday night when we were
watching the movie and this morning when
i woke up my eyes were still red and
they were burning out
even wimble told me yesterday if you
really want to review this movie do it
right now after right after watching the
movie but i couldn’t do it because
literally i was in a very bad condition
i think if i tried yesterday i wouldn’t
even be able to speak this much and of
course i would look horrible my eyes
were look horrible
so this story and this movie
has really pierced my heart
so badly and me watching this movie or
reading these stories and crying
actually doesn’t matter at all because
in those times india and indians
suffered so much and they cried so much
now nothing matters anymore and i know
most of the world doesn’t even know
these stories or what happened those
times maybe they just learn
some small things from their history
lesson like um
india was under british rule and it is
so empty and shallow but when you dig
deep and when you learn the reality
behind it then you will see that even
you will not be able to hold your tears
so i just wish at least more people
watch this kind of movies
and this one also especially to
understand better of those times and
acknowledge what actually happened what
is the reality behind it and have people
sacrifice everything to be able to be in
a free country today
and i really just wish that this kind of
things will never ever happen in any
part of the world anymore so i think
that’s enough you should just go and
watch this movie
and you can also comment down below what
you felt and how did you like the movie
so thank you so much for listening if i
made any mistake
if i couldn’t deliver what was my
opinion and what was my feelings
correctly i’m sorry
see in the next video
bye bye

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