Savage Platform Review | Carbon-Neutral NFT Platform Savage

what’s up everyone i’m mike and welcome back to 
the ico investor channel and today we’re going  
to talk about another high potential project 
called savage but before we start please notice  
our disclaimer since i am not a financial advisor 
this video is for informational and educational  
purposes only so without further ado let’s begin 
to our topic savage is the world’s first carbon  
neutral nft platform designed specifically for 
filmmakers and photographers by extending polygons  
proof of stake system we are laying the groundwork 
for future nft marketplaces you may post material  
with confidence because of the low cost of minting 
large creator payments and several environmental  
efforts innovative features such as team nfts and 
wright’s managed contracts incorporated directly  
into the metadata provide visual artists with 
a plethora of new tools for selling their works  
savage can handle material in 8k 4k hd raw or 
jpeg formats they also enable file sizes of up  
to two gigabytes which greatly exceeds the 
capabilities of other existing nft markets  
the savage platform has been designed with 
videographers and photographers in mind but it can  
also be used by anybody plan to expand over time 
to include various sorts of material and provide  
a place for artists of all types proof of stake 
is a system

of validators used for asset security  
of which staking is an essential component 
the ecosystems to become a member of the pos  
consensus process network validators risk their 
tokens as capital collateral polygons proof of  
stake model consumes more than 50 000 times less 
energy than ethereum being carbon neutral means  
that any co2 released into the atmosphere from a 
company’s activities is balanced by an equivalent  
amount being removed climate positive means that 
activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon  
emissions to create an environmental benefit 
by removing additional co2 from the atmosphere  
they designed the savage token to ensure that our 
whole ecosystem is carbon neutral carbon offsets  
and with each sale donations to environmental 
protection groups are made non-fungible tokens  
are the way of the future for creatives who want 
to sell the rights to their work and receive  
eternal royalties dao is an acronym that stands 
for decentralized autonomous organization  
savage is working toward ultimate decentralization 
and hopes to be entirely autonomous by 2024  
holders of the savg token will manage the 
community and make decisions about how the  
platform will run in progress savage is a carbon 
neutral nft marketplace for video and photography  
that will reward digital content producers with 
substantial compensation structures cheap costs  
and cutting edge platform features savage will be 
powered by their utility token savg and will offer  
a seamless use experience to both legacy clients 
and nfd aficionados users will be able to obtain  
savg tokens on a centralized exchange or directly 
from the platform with the dao governance model  
users will have the last say and are encouraged 
to make the platform their own contributing  
to the platform benefits all stakeholders 
responsible and long-term nft minting and hosting  
will be safeguarded in accordance with community 
standards the server is based on a microservice  
architecture and has the following modules the 
module is in charge of the user interface’s  
interaction with the system it offers a rest api 
the service is in charge of receiving payments  
built using a modular architecture to allow 
for the integration of other payment providers  
including cryptocurrency payments the service 
allows you to send data to the blockchain  
and ipfs network as a database postgresql is used 
rabbitmq is a service to service message broker  
aws s3 will be utilized to work with assets along 
with aws cloudfront as a cdn provider to connect  
to the blockchain network providers such as infura 
or direct connections through rpc will be needed  
nft storage and pinata cloud will provide access 
to the ipfs network stripe is expected to be used  
to handle fiat payments while bitpay will 
be utilized to take cryptocurrency payments  
the system does not need the execution of 
sophisticated computing processes as a result the  
system will be implemented in node json built on 
top of the nest the open zeppelin erc 721 contract  
implementation will serve as the foundation for 
the token contract the contract must be free of  
extraneous reasoning this is mostly for safety 
reasons any modifications to an established  
contract include hazards additional contracts for 
auctions and fixed price purchases will be adopted  
they will be started using a proxy contract in 
order to be able to adjust the logic of contracts  
the roadmap last year quarter four ui and ux 
design carbon neutral nfd fixed price page smart  
contract audit ido exchanges tge platform launch 
2022 quarter one staking liquidity mining brand  
marketplace quarter two creator summit 2022 dao 
development youtube api integration quarter three  
music marketplace instagram api integration 
dao rollout begins quarter four the drop 2023  
quarter one additional evm chains bridge 
to eth2 zero quarter two cross marketplace  
interoperability creator summit 2023 quarter three 
molten chain support the second drop quarter four  
dao governance rollout 2024 quarter one dao 
platform test net quarter two creator summit  
2020 for the final drop quarter three carbon 
negative quarter four full dao platform users  
will be able to use savg tokens to buy and trade 
nfts virtual products services and premium content  
in the savage marketplace reputation ratings will 
be incorporated into the market allowing users to  
become certified contributors adds ads will be 
accessible on the platform utilizing the savg  
token enabling artists to be featured in given top 
page visibility splits when a customer purchases  
media ninety eight percent of the income goes 
to the creative with the remaining two percent  
going to platform expenditures verification 
before selling material all market sellers  
will be required to authenticate their identity 
media distributors and respected users would be  
able to confirm their identities on the blockchain 
as well let’s take a look at savage twitter page  
they started their official page back at february 
2018 and have 8k followers and here is the tweet  
of savage savage is now on coin market cap both 
in the news and their cryptocurrencies list  
cmc is the place to get your crypto price 
info and they heard that their twitter is  
run by exceedingly intelligent super attractive 
tweet ninjas and that’s all for savage come visit  
our channel subscribe and watch out for our next 
videos here at ico investor thank you for watching

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