Say What?! with Jordan and David. April Fools' Day Pranks by the Famous Companies

Alright. But first let’s have more say what? All right. So Google launched gmail 20 years ago today or yesterday, right? Was April fool. Yeah. So yesterday, so many people thought it was an April fool’s prank. Yeah, I just been 20 years already. So Google had previously proposed outlandish

fake ideas on April 1st including a scratch and sniff feature on its search engine, right? But it, it came with like a huge storage thing and people thought it was like nonsense and look how far it’s come here we are now today we use it as a verb,

right? Absolutely. Yeah, I just scratch myself with my ring. Jeez. Oh, there goes a layer of makeup. Um No, I mean gmail. Everybody’s got a Gmail account. It seems that too. But do you remember what was before Google, the little butler guy? Oh, what was it like? Ask

Jeeves. I used to go to that website all the time. I remember that. Like the first one, wasn’t it? At least that’s the one that’s interesting. There might have been something ahead of that, but now they’ve got that chat GP T or whatever that is and that’s like

the A I thing, you just throw, it, writes people’s like book reports for them and stuff. So that’s bad. But it is so cool. Like

I wanted to look up a meal plan. I like put the calories and I want like this much fat protein carbs, whatever. And

it gives you the li, it gives you a whole meal plan. That’s really interesting. I, I mean, I already have a coach. She gives me that but I just wanted to cross reference the code and I wanted maybe some like different ideas of food because I was getting

sick of that chicken. You saw me eating at my desk every day. Chicken and rice. Yeah. The chicken and rice. It was just like I would chew it forever. I’m so over that and I’m like, I need something else you got. Well, how does hot dog flavored water?

Sparkling water sound? It sounds like a no, no. Well, it’s an April fool’s joke that 7-Eleven pulled in. Now, let me tell you this. They actually started this days before April fools. I was not even on my radar and I thought it was real. I thought it was

gonna be real. I don’t know why I just sparkling water is like so in right now. It’s definitely the hot stuff. But like hot dog. Come on. And my friend though, my best friend loves hot dogs. I love hot dog to her. I’m like, you gotta, oh, I

love, like a, like a bachelor meal. Like, take some macaroni and cheese and chop up a hot dog boat in there. It’s really good. It’s really good. But, yeah, I don’t want to drink sparkling water with that. What was the other one we had? Uh, what is it,

Sriracha? Do you like sriracha paste? I love sriracha but not to brush your teeth. No, this is another. No. No. Yeah. I just think that would be absolutely gross. I do think like if you did it as a lip gloss or like a balm, it would give you

the plump lips because that they use capsaicin a lot of the times in the lip plumper to irritate your lip to make it look bigger but toothpaste. I don’t want my gums to not interesting, but I guess you eat sriracha. So that’s weird. Yeah, I wouldn’t have fallen

for that one. I don’t think you like scotch. Why? Yes, I do. What about Scotch brand? Scotch? They tried to get us with this. Does it taste like tape? I have no idea. Does it taste like tape? You never be able to try it because it’s because it’s

not real now. I love queso David. But what about Sonic and Mo’s coming together to make a queso slushy? It’s just like, no, no. After, no, no, I would try it though. Would you try because you know how like when they come out with like the ranch flavored

ice cream when they come out with those weird things. Like you just want to try it. I have a soda challenge. The soda challenge is the reason why I won’t try that. Like, yeah, I got, got, that was a dough so bad. Like what was the one that

was, it was, it was the ranch soda. So bacon all. Yeah, I was like, I had to like chuck that one back. That was, that was rough. It was all right. Now, this one I could actually get behind and I’m kind of mad that it’s an April fools

joke. Welches. You know, they make the jelly, they have what they call juicy fools lip gloss. Doesn’t that sound? That’s the first one. And I’m like, that’s all right. And I like had to really research it because I’m like, wait, is it fake or is it real? But

no, it was, it was a prank. They said it was going to come out on April 1st and people were on their Instagram saying I’m going to buy this. I can’t wait. So maybe one day they will come out with that. Maybe, I don’t know. And then what

about this last, this last one? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Old bay body scrub. Yes, because you just wanna smell like celery salt everywhere you go. Like that’s just crazy. What’s funny is it has a drum leg, a chicken leg picture on there.

And it says great for your legs. But wait, don’t you normally put Old Bay on seafood? Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, it’s like the big crab boils and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I like Old Bay on my seafood. I don’t want it on my legs. I don’t know. But, yeah,

those are some pretty good ones. But there were some that were like, obviously fake, you know. It’s like, how do we fall for this? But I can’t believe I fell for the hot dog flavored sparkling water. That one got me dang it. All right. Here we go.

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