Scarpa Maverick Mid GTX Boot Expert Review – Men’s [2021]

hi i’m tom from cotswold outdoor and
harrogate and today i’d like to talk to
you about the men’s scarpa maverick
gore-tex the men’s scarpa maverick is a
great mid-cut boot very very light with
great torsional rigidity offered for
summer uk hiking one of the great
features about the maverick gore-tex is
that it has scarpa’s own sole which is
very very grippy the lugs are fantastic
give great traction and also mud can be
released from there very very easily it
also come is combined with their dst
midsole system which gives great
torsional rigidity for when you’re out
there in the fells and this goes for
most boots on the market
the lugs point that way to help your
progress as you’re going up
and then the lugs at the back point this
way to help arrest you when you’re going
it’s as simple as that the men’s
maverick gore-tex uses a gore-tex
membrane to keep your feet nice and dry
when the weather does turn bad and sound
a bit ominous it’s a good boot dangler
it is a good boot i like this boot i
would actually say it’s got a more

aggressive outsole than the respond mid
there’s a spot there because obviously
like there’s something oh something
ridiculous like 200 different
vibram souls which is when someone says
oh it’s got a vibram sole that means
it’s great
isn’t that isn’t the end of the story it
looks a bit more nuanced than that um
these have got very aggressive lugs and
they are quite deep for the weight of
the boot so it’s going to give you great
traction something like the respond a
fantastic boot a really good boot i
would probably say the rubber compound
on that one i think i would i would dare
say is actually a little bit tougher
but obviously the result of that is that
it’s not going to be quite as grippy so
is horses for courses but i know which
obviously the most important thing is
always the fit because if i fitted you
and you fitted the response better i’ll
be selling you the response because the
most important thing is about being
comfy when you’re on the hill
rather than having being in absolute
agony but at least you’ve got great lugs
the human foot will sweat something
crazy like 300 ml of moisture just in a
few hours of trekking that moisture’s
got to go somewhere it will sweat
because you’ve got a solid membrane on
top of it so the best thing you can do
is have quality socks quality socks will
do three things they will move moisture
away from the skin so at the end of the
day you peel off the sock and it is full
of your sweat but what you haven’t done
is got macerated skin and then leading
on to blisters which you would get
wearing like normal cotton socks or
something that can’t wick the moisture
away can’t move it away from the surface
of the skin it also lofts in the right
places and compresses in the right
places so that it will give you a nicer
fit and it’ll be much more comfortable
and of course the other thing it does is
give you cushioning
that’s really really important because
you’re not necessarily going to get that
from the or enough of that from the
boots and that’s why you’ve got padded
zones within good quality socks as well
so if you want to improve the
breathability you need to buy better
socks on the day you buy it is
completely waterproof it’s about how you
treat it and something like that
something that’s got mesh
which you wear it on a honking day it’s
not the water that’s going to kill it
it’s all the dirt particles that get
washed in with it because then those
dirt particles great against the gorix
membrane and then that wears a hole in
it and it’s no longer waterproof and
that’s why you need to really look after
lightweight models and i say look after
in terms of using the knit cracks fabric
like cleaning gel in terms of using let
me grab let me grab it let me grab it
the nic wax cleaning gel with a green
using something like
the proofer by knit quacks as well there
are lots of different types available
with a purple top
this has got leather on it so this is
perfectly fine to use the waterproofing
wax for leather model uh yeah so it’s
really important to look after them and
of course part looking after them is not
like absolutely smashing them regardless
of the weather because if you do take
them out on honking days and you do get
lots of dirt like in between those
layers of mesh then obviously it’s going
to prematurely wear the mesh shack but
then also the gore-tex line
if you pop along to cotswold outdoor and
try these on they are an absolutely
excellent vegan choice thanks very much
for watching today don’t forget to hit
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