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So, in this video, I will tell you everything you need to know about Neuvilette. I’ll be covering his playstyle and show you the greatest damage potential he can achieve with his insane Hydro laser, which weapons and artifacts are the best for him in a ranking format as well cover some of the most insane teams you can build with him and I will also disclose to you his biggest pros and cons that you need to know about. So, whether you’re trying to build Neuvilette or considering to pull for him, this is the ultimate video to watch

and understand. So let’s talk about his talents and personal potential. First, we’ll take a look at his skills and then I’ll show some damage comparisons of the Hydro laser he shoots out. Now my Neuvilette is equipped with the latest Hunter artifact set, the stats are kind of average which is fine and then he is also equipped with the Prototype Amber catalyst, which is one of the best general F2P weapons he can use but I’ll also talk about and compare other options later in the video. Finally, his talents are all maxed out and he is constellation

0. Now one thing to keep in mind is that all of Neuvilette’s damage scales off with HP, so starting off with

his skill, it has a decent multiplier and without any buffs, he can deal about 16,000 damage – the smaller number you see here is the Pneuma damage. Next, we have the burst – it’s got a decent cost of 70 energy and the multipliers are a bit better than Yelan’s skill, since it deals initial damage of 27,000 and then two more hits are generated for around 11k damage resulting in almost 50k damage against a single

target. What’s interesting is that only the initial hit causes a reaction, the other two on the same target will not Vape for example, which I guess its not that big a dealbreaker. But the majority of Neuvilette’s damage will be coming from his Normal attack talent or should I say his charged attack – you see, you can just use his charged attack like normal but if you hold down the attack button, it will take about 4 seconds to fully charge it up to unleash this massive laser that has a really nice reach and can pierce multiple

enemies. However – 4 seconds to charge it up? That’s way too long. Luckily, here’s where the skill and burst come into play. You probably noticed these Sourcewater Droplets on the ground – well, the skill generates 3 of them, while the burst creates 6. By himself, Neuvilette cannot pick them up but the moment you press and hold down his charged attack, he will absorb up to 3 Droplets from the ground and then the charging time of the laser becomes near instant. And here’s a couple of fun things about it – he can absorb these droplets when

charging up from a pretty far range and for the most part – you will be able to unleash the laser 3 times if you activate both his skill and burst and leave the 9 droplets on the ground because they can linger for 15 seconds and it takes about 3 seconds to stop channeling the laser. Also, the Droplets Traveler generates can also be absorbed by Neuvilette – but would you play this combo? I think you’d only do this if you’re one of those people who build Crit Kokomi since Traveler and Neuvilette kits are just clashing with

each other and besides the droplets they barely have any synergy. Now if I just use the laser without any buffs at all and with the current F2P build, you can see that each hit deals about 10,600 damage with this multiplier, there will be a total of 8 hits and this results in about 84 thousand damage. So, 3 seconds to unleash 84,000 is… well not that amazing but with the right rotation he can continue doing this for 3 times total, or about 252,000 damage over 10 seconds or so. However, did you notice how his damage actually

starts decreasing over time? Well, this has to do with his 2nd passive talent – you see, he gains Hydro DMG bonus the more current health he has. I showcased to you him doing the laser at 100% HP and the description here is a bit of a word salad but basically, as long as he is above 80% health, he gains 30% Hydro DMG Bonus. And then for each 1% HP he loses after 80%, his Hydro DMG decreases by 0.6%. Now here’ the twist – Neuvilette actually drains 8% of his HP every half a second when channeling

the laser and this leaves him at exactly 60% Health if nobody hit him. So that’s why without off-field healing, his damage will decrease slightly. But, luckily the Sourcewater Droplets he absorbs, restore to him 16% HP for each one picked up, or a total of 48% HP will be restored, leaving a small wiggle room for him if he got hit to go back to 100% and this is more than enough to fully heal him when he is done charging and wants to unleash another laser. Obviously, its super beneficial for him to lose HP when channeling the

laser, since this allows him to easily take advantage of the full 36% Crit Rate he can obtain from the Hunter set and because he will have tons of HP when building him, he is in no danger to get one-shot by strong enemies. But to put it simply – it takes him a long time to charge up the laser but with Droplets he generates from both his skill and burst, he can instantly unleash it and while it drains health, he can easily restore it with the Droplets he absorbs when charging up. Now I haven’t really done

this before in my other videos but I wanna dedicate this next part to his laser’s damage comparison and talk about it, because there’s a lot of crucial things you need to know about it and what really makes it fun to use, so let’s do this. But first… Ok, so one major thing I left out about his Hydro laser was the 1st passive talent. Whenever anybody in the party causes a Hydro related reaction, so like Vape, Freeze, Electro-charge, Hydro Swirl or Hydro Crystallize – he will gain 1 Stack of Past Draconic Glories which lasts for 30

seconds. You can see here he gains one of the rings above his head when he causes the Hydro related reaction and it can go up to three times, which looks like this. And as I mentioned – anybody can cause a Hydro-related reaction – even if he is switched out, you can see here another party member who causes a Hydro reaction, the stack reminder still pops up. But here’s the thing – he can only obtain maximum of 3 stacks and each stack must be from a different Hydro reaction. So no, you cannot just go and do

a couple of Vapes – it has to be 3 different Hydro reactions to fully max the stack. But is it worth? Oh yeah, definitely… unlike many other talents that provide a damage bonus, usually it boils down to lower amount than the percent shown due to how the formula works… but here, his laser literally gains the respective amount of damage promised. So, with 1 stack, the laser deals 10% more damage, 2 stacks 20% more and 3 stacks just straight up increases the laser by a massive 60% amount. So going back to his original damage output I

could achieve without these stacks, he goes from 84,000 to 92,000 with 1 stack, to 104 thousand with 2 stacks and 134 thousand with 3 stacks. So yeah, this is a passive talent you really need to keep an eye on because the 2nd or 3rd stack can give him a really significant boost in damage. Now here’s the fun part – this was still Neuvilette unleashing a laser without any outside buffs, so now starting with Petra Zhongli and 3 stacks, you can see him putting out some real big numbers, each laser hit goes for about 23,000 damage

and results in 121% better damage compared to the laser without any buffs and any stacks. If we go to Kazuha, who is using Freedom Sworn and can both shred the enemies Hydro Resistance and boost Hydro DMG – each laser hit is about 28,000 damage and results in about 173% better damage. But we can take this a bit further – with Mona’s Omen buff, Kazuha and 2 stacks of Neuvi’s talent, he now hits for 30,000 damage with each hit and it results in about 190% better damage. So almost triple the damage he deals compared to without

buffs or stacks. But… we can still take this further. Let’s unequip the F2P weapon and slap on him his signature catalyst and use the best possible supports to max out his damage and allow Neuvilette to vaporize his laser hits. Well, now it’s pretty ridiculous, his laser almost hits for 96 thousand vaporized damage while non-reaction hits cause about 32 thousand. Now hold onto your chair or bodypillow because… this results in 394% more damage or about 5 times better damage than if the laser was without any stacks or buffs. I mean, it’s pretty crazy what you can

achieve here but there is a conundrum – so far, I’ve noticed a lot of the team comps I end up building often result in Neuvilette gaining 2 stacks at most – you see, in order to obtain 3 stacks, he literally needs to be in a party with 3 team mates with a different element. Also, regarding the Internal Cooldown of the Laser – with the 8 hits it unleashes, from my own personal testing it seems like it can cause a total of 4 reactions which is actually really good since it’s only channeled for 3 seconds and

you’ll notice how his 2 last hits cause a reaction which is pretty cool and important to keep in mind if you want to deal the most optimal Vaporize damage. And yes you can prematurely end the channeling by either jump or dash cancelling, there will be times where you’ll need to do it, like if for example fighting against Maguu Kenki who just runs away from you because while the laser has a decent range, it’s still not that super long so you might need to cancel it. Also, keep in mind Neuvilette doesn’t gain any resistance to interruption

when channeling the Hydro laser, at least that’s how it felt to me, so he can get easily interrupted before charging up or even channeling and what’s worse – there’s some weird camera movement happening sometimes when he gets knocked out of channeling. So, with that in mind, a shielder isn’t actually such a bad idea to include in his team comps. But before we talk about this, let me quickly cover his build. Hey what’s up guys, welcome to Neuvilette’s extensive build guide. Starting off with artifacts, put on him the hunter set. Thank you for coming, see you

next time. No, but really Hunter’s set is just too good on him it’s about 10 to sometimes 20% better than other options although if you are still working towards it, you can easily slap on him either Heart of Depth 4-set or the combinations of one of these 2-sets. Finally, when it comes to weapon options – signature no doubt is his best in slot, other 5-stars like options like Jadefall Splendor are also decent and… you can give him the Donut I guess for that HP substat and Healing Bonus but there’s literally better 4-star options. Speaking of

which, you already saw Prototype Amber putting out some respectable numbers, its one of his finest F2P options, not only does it give HP substat bonus but it also regains him 18 Energy when fully refined which is huge and reduces the Energy Requirements significantly. And on top of that – he becomes a pseudo healer for the team. Ballad of the Boundless Blue, the 4.1 event weapon is a slightly worse option, I’d only really recommend it if you can’t be bothered to craft Amber, because it does offer better stats and passive. Then we have Widsith – honestly,

it’s a pretty bad catalyst to gamble on, the ATK buff is useless for him, the EM buff is situational and the only good one is Elemental DMG boost. Crit DMG substat is nice but because the passive triggers only every 30 seconds and most of his rotations take around 20s, its just not a reliable weapon option. On the other hand, Hakushin Ring is actually a good niche option if you play him in Tazer comps, will be able to boost everyone’s Electro and Hydro DMG which is nice. Favonius Codex is an edge-case option where you badly need

a lot of Energy Recharge for him or his team otherwise if you want to buff someone up, you can also slap on him the Thrilling Tales, which of course also gives him a nice chunk of HP substat. But his best 4-star option by far is the new Battle Pass catalyst Sacrificial Jade. Not only does it provide a massive Critical Rate Boost, which is like 73% Crit Rate you can obtain with Hunter set but its passive also provides an amazing HP and EM boost. What’s even crazier, when you gaining more refinements, Sacrificial Jade will even start

to rival the signature catalyst. However, I still think Prototype Amber, Hakushin Ring and Ballad of the Boundless Blue are all very decent F2P options, especially Amber if you want a well-rounded weapon on him before deciding to build a specialized team for him. And speaking of which, let’s talk about this now! Just like in my other showcase videos, keep an eye on the bottom of the screen to see the weapon and stats Neuvilette has. Now the first team I want to showcase is the F2P variation of Hyperbloom with Dendro Traveler, Kuki and Beidou. I’ll be honest

– Dendro Traveler’s circle you need to fight in is a bit annoying at times, so you can easily swap in Yao Yao instead but the most interesting character of the team I wanna talk about is Beidou. Surprisingly enough – her burst actually works with Charged Attacks, so when Neuvi unleashes the laser, it will deal damage alongside it and its so satisfying to see them working together. What’s also great is that Beidou’s burst grants resistance to interruption, something that Neuvilette desperately needs otherwise he gets bonked too easily and even though Beidou’ burst does require a lot

of energy, you’ll most likely play her with another Electro unit like Kuki, Raiden or Fischl and the last two can generate good amount of energy. But the best part – Hyperbloom Neuvilette actually has so many different comps you could go for, you could put in Anemo, Petra Zhongli or even Cryo – the beauty of using Hydro damage dealers is that they are extremely flexible in no matter what team they end up. But then we also have Tazer comp with Hakushin Ring – I think its one of his best teams where he can shine as an

on-field damage dealer, although Tazer does usually loves to use Anemo with grouping, especially Sucrose, however, you can go for something like Venti or Kazuha who can still group up the enemies and then Neuvi unleashes his laser to deal tons of small hits with all the other off-field damage, which then results in big damage. But the comp that surprised me the most was International with Kazuha – gone are the days where you need to setup weird rotations just to double Swirl with Kazuha – now you can just dump Benny’s burst on enemy, clear the Pyro Aura

with Neuvilette’s skill, burst and or normal attacks and then do the double swirl easily. And what’s even better – the damage actually ends up really good and flexible – even against someone like Maguu Kenki MY ARCH NEMESIS. Neuvilette doesn’t care about Benny’s ATK boost, healing is nice but its enough for Xiangling and Kazuha to snapshot their bursts and then you can move around and vaporize the enemies with Hydro attacks. Finally, there’s also tons of Burgeon variations you could go for – my favorite one so far is with Xiangling because you can’t really trigger Thoma’s burst

with Neuvilette, while Dehya’s off-field Pyro application is pretty sad but we’re used to it and so Xiangling with full Elemental Build can help enable Burgeon comps. And of course, there’s also Feeze, which works nicely with a team like Rosaria, Kazuha and Ayaka… but then again team really works with Neuvilette. And that’s the thing about him – he is super flexible because of the Hydro element and I am only scratching the surface of potential team comps you could go for so instead, I wanted to show you some of the best comps to use but there’s definitely

gonna be some secret comps we will discover later on. So what do I think about this Dragon… I mean fellow human. Well, if we look at the pros and cons, the pros would be the insane flexibility when it comes to building teams with him, he has really good AoE damage potential and he also has great survivability thanks to self-healing. Also, because he has access to several great craftable catalysts, he is a good character to pull for if you are a F2P player and there are several comps you can build by just using 4-stars. Now on

the other hand – he does severely lack resistance to interruption when he is channeling the laser, he so he might need a shielder or some other workaround like Beidou’s burst. It is a bit scummy if you look at his C1 which improves resistance to interruption but.. what can you do about, Zenless Zone Zero won’t build itself without this kind of shenanigans. And one more thing – his single target damage isn’t that great unless you have access to very few ways you can boost him. The easiest answer of course if Anemo unit to shred Hydro RESistance

or using him in a team with 2nd Hydro unit to get that Hydro resonance but its not significant enough of a buff and double Hydro with him right now is lacking… but maybe when Furina comes out this changes. Otherwise, I found him to be good at single target performance in International comp but he will need his signature or Sacrificial Jade to reach great performance and I am not even counting the fact you need Kazuha or at least Sucrose with a couple of constellations. But I would still say he is very much worth to pull for

if you can get behind his playstyle. I think I spent a total of 20 hours just messing around with him and I am still discovering awesome things about his laser and playstyle as I am making this video. So yeah, really good unit, really unique playstyle and few drawbacks that can be fixed now or in the future. As for his constellations – I think I’ll make a separate video about it and compare them to his signature weapon because there’s a lot to go over and I think it will be funny to see how much more ridiculous

his damage and especially the laser becomes. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video and I’d really appreciate it if you could press the like button and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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