SCREAM 6 MOVIE REACTION! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Full Movie Review | Ending Twist Reveal

what is going on there citizens of the reject Nation my God I have had this movie muted on all my social medias for far too long now so we could react to it right here and that is of course Scream Six join of course with John who is rocking a shirt to my favorite horror movie franchise but now he’s the winner thank you John for being here and Andrew ready to ruin this movie by constantly pointing out Easter eggs the whole time and predicting the killer way too early on how are you Andrew of course

now I’m gonna predict the wrong killer thanks for putting that kind of pressure on me I’m good uh ready to watch stab sick or Scream Six rather and uh already with the references I know you prep that joke two weeks ago and he’s delivering it today people hey leave a like stab that like button also massive thank you to all who have followed us on our patreon page we’ve been covering Sony movie reactions around the channel we’ve got an influx of patrons so thank you super sexy rejects for joining us so as always full length

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also cover several things exclusively over there for the reaction highlights and watch along is included gentlemen are you ready to do this let’s do it I’m ready are you doing an impression of my uncle Greg hey oh that’s Samara Samara weaving share first victim or our first fake out uh-oh Reggie so nice to phone meet you in this incredibly embarrassing way it’s very cool restaurant is it on Hudson yes uh I’m

now walking towards Hudson voice sounds familiar this is not the first impression I wanted to make on a college professor it’s just film studies so oh what do you know cinema cinema try teaching at class on 20th century slashes to a heap of hun over 19 year olds I love this class sign me up what’s your favorite scary movie not that one out of those cliches comes an opportunity for Outsider Art a voice for the voiceless you might say that’s this movie what color is the outside of the restaurant I I think it’s red I

don’t see anything red yep it’s definitely red yeah I’m not seeing anything red here oh you will it’ll be on your dress oh it looks like there’s an alley I can cut through is the restaurant near an alley what a way to lure ooh scarecrow he’s staring at me what oh he’s following me I don’t I don’t see anybody oh he’s clever yeah where are you are you oh he’s got a knife it’s like a video game voiceover sounds familiar Clash about slashers and you still walked into a dark alley yeah that’s not funny no

it’s not oh whoa holy wow now I see something red as an angry ghost face clever opening oh what the hell damn it I uh I can totally hear it now oh this is a flip yeah foreign does anyone have eyes on Parker he’s logged in Ned too oh hey Tara Jason uh do you think we’re gonna come to the okb party we will is your sister coming oh my God I think Tony River Laurie’s the killer I was gonna say can you guys any ideas who the Killer is I know I think Tony River

Lori is about to get the boot right now too The Cult of ghost face out damn spot why would Luke just throw the lightsaber over his shoulder not my Star War I just got massive blue balls and I had to practice please don’t be mad I’m not dude we said we wouldn’t use the voice on each other turn off the voice modulator I’m just trying to get the voice right you got to have your practice I get mine uh tell me what it felt like all right fine it was even better yeah Friday the 13th

Takes Manhattan where are we just talking about she wasn’t human anymore I get what you mean just an animal yeah just meat she was just meat but she wasn’t just meat Jason she was a person our film Professor ah I just want you to tell me why you think you’re doing this we’re finishing Richie’s film that’s right oh cool are you using the cameras yeah the cameras all right douchebag let’s play so strange he’s in the washing machine I’m gonna hang up now but you’re getting warmer he’s behind you taped to your back oh oh

he’s dead armor you’re on fire awesome tank did you feel like an animal Jason whoa wow oh my goodness we have to finish the movie who gives up about movies yeah we do we give a flip about movies that is an intriguing hook it’s like multi-level marketing of Ghostface if you invite five horror fans and they find five horror fans so how are the new meds treating you Billy’s right next to her this group therapy but I’m really worried about is you it’s how your sister isn’t dealing with whatever happened to both of you a

year ago yeah whatever happens checks notes murder last year I found out that my boyfriend was also a serial killer him and his psycho girlfriend killed a bunch of people this crazy rumor started online that I orchestrated the whole thing and framed them this dude’s going to need therapy yeah Richie was my boyfriend wow but you didn’t could you say that a little louder please and how how did you stop him I stabbed him 22 times and slit his throat but that’s not why I’m here why are you here Prozac because it felt right fascinating

by law I’m required to report this to the authority I didn’t say I was going to do anything not explicitly no you know she even implies she’s gonna do it yeah and all this stuff in the past would have been like it’s already reported yeah yeah there was copster and everything she should think about Zoom therapy that’s what happens when you go to Elm Court clever way being too loud where’s Tara she went to the Omega Kappa beta party um I’ve been checking each other out for months why don’t you just talk to him

I’m gonna go find Tara is that that wasn’t Frenchy was it no man it’s Adrian uh from Arrow and then the guy in She-Hulk Mindy Meeks Martin being at a house party after you were almost brutally murdered at a house party no I think of it like being struck by lightning the odds of it happening twice to the same person are extremely low haha especially when you’re the killer I got a bottle of Fireball up in my room wow subtle you want to call it a night I think that I’m actually still gonna hang but

you guys don’t have to wait for me don’t worry I’ll take care of it sure you will Tara’s good down here sorry bro I didn’t catch up you heard exactly what he said it’s fine I want to yeah see chat it’s okay she wants to come on don’t behave like that though it’s gonna tase you in the balls real quick you’re stalking me now oh yeah it’s that psycho girl psycho also a movie reference have you the rest of my life so you’re just gonna pretend it never happened you have post-traumatic stress disorder I was

trying to look out for you I know you are you can’t do it for the rest Jesus that is so messed up I have tissues if you want tissues I have like three tissues I’ll die on the Mojo I’m going with Ethan as the one of the killers go back to your dorm I’m pretty sure the fighting is done for the day um oh thank you for uh I think you’re really special oh don’t do it guys conflicted don’t do it guys post-traumatic stress disorder hookup is the best dude whoa he’s secretly Richie’s brother not

ready for your sister and your friends to know that you enjoy physical contact with another get up here right now the mutilated bodies uh Secrets out Jason Carvey and holy that’s that from from getting out of the city what thank you very much suspicious new game and I think we got it from here that was great Quinn before you make the unilateral decision to abandon my college education and flee the state I’m calling him now thank you Gail what I said afraid I need you to come down to the station I would love it if

she is the killer I would love it I think it’s smart keeping their attention the also the Harding and conflict of the story yes it’s really a smart call what show the world who you really are a liar and a killer you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet yeah Riddler you and Tara better watch you better watch yours whoa you better watch dang I’m lying here girls holy you got a problem here guys kill him oh jeez lovely yes I like this ghost face doesn’t care about public places or anyone who gets in

the way oh damn oh he’s like The Punisher oh this is awesome I’m here for shotgun ghost face boy I love how worn down that mask is too it’s got to be from before that’ll work yeah stealthy they’ve been making so much there’s enough noise yeah and grab some groceries on the way out oh arrest Sam she did it clearly do either of you have any besides everyone not anyone who’s still alive thanks FBI’s here claiming jurisdiction Sydney works for the F yes oh hey yes she is part of the FBI okay cool Ghost Face

killers of 2011. we’re just leaving them on purpose which means whoever’s doing this is a student of the killers who came before maybe he believes Sam’s the latest in a long line yeah my bad I did I didn’t realize but I’ve done this dance before Oh I talked to Sydney oh she wants more money she sends her love but she’s taking Mark and the kids someplace safe Patrick Dempsey she deserves to have her happy ending so that means she’ll be in the next one right oh so the victims are not personal they’re targeted specifically to

frame you’re a day reading you know you know wow in the face what a pointless glass yes watch through it decorative oh there gotta be a bunch of Easter eggs in those names I love him he’s like a yes I was waiting for this song can’t do a screen movie without it I don’t care what location you change your damn stream movie too someone is out to make a sequel stab one took place tomorrow College suspicious new characters brought in to round out the suspect list and or body count check check we’re not in a

sequel because nobody just makes sequels anymore we’re in a franchise you can’t just stay at the hospital everything is bigger than last time bigger budget bigger cast bigger body count no Sydney whatever happened last time expect the opposite franchises only Survive by subverting expectations did Ryan Johnson write this Legacy characters cannon fodder at this point usually brought back only to be killed off in some cheap bid for Nostalgia bye Gail wow main characters are oh boy am I in the friend group yeah am I like one of the targets and yes not Evan Peters you

are the shy dorky guy who no one suspects because he’s so shy and okay wait why am I on the suspect list I suspect them Quinn the roommate we better that makes it more likely that she’s the Killer because having a dad is a great cover do you not remember how these movies work tell it I think it’s pretty safe to rule out the four of us who went through this last year no no different expectations what if the trauma you all went through caused one or four more of you to snap what a smart

person I mean face facts if we’re all suspects you’re all suspects everybody’s a suspect including Kirby so the prime suspect is this poor woman yeah on the street last night life of a Survivor there’s also mountains of evidence Sam if you did it it’s okay none of us can relate to what you are experiencing and I’m really really sorry that you have to do that alone oh there is so much more I like about this movie than the last one there’s so much more I’ve all been through some up stuff and we are coping with

it differently I mean we moved here together for one very specific reason to wreak havoc on New York we are the core there we go I’ve been sleeping with cute boy from across so he’s the new Jerry O’Connell holy hey yeah what’s up oh damn Samantha throw something in the window frustrating hey not right now I wish I could enjoy this no no back at it again oh smart to do that that fake out earlier uh send her a text send her a text oh oh no run woof foreign yes the Butcher Block smash his

face in oh evil dies tonight right here right here oh get your hands away from the door dude this ghost face is actually scary go hard you have to come one at a time somebody let’s go Mindy’s the killer I feel like it could be yeah or Chad I mean nope Mindy I go Mindy I’m still keeping my Ethan pick ing more positive I don’t miss it come on damn there’s so much tension Mindy offering to stay could be sus though and she wasn’t killed she was just hitting the arm ah I would work on

like sliding the door oh this is so sad but I’d rather her die than Mindy oh I think America’s gonna fall this is giving me home alone vibes oh no we go she gonna fall oh God goodbye oh this is so scary oh what a day sure dick face oh man that is so cruel oh man I love this ghost face yeah he is actually scary this is hard man’s actually scary I breather I feel like Ghostface hasn’t been legitimate he’s scary at all as much as I love this whole franchise I’m like this guy’s

actually kind of terrified anyone anyone friends not me not anymore but especially the police don’t trust the FBI but you know live in the moment where were you when when last night dude I was in a study hall with a hundred other people you can ask any of them bring me on 100 nope I’m so sorry step back you’re at the top of my list damn it I was wrong it’s not him no no it could be still could be I know but it seems too obvious now and that’s what they do in this franchise

sometimes it’s the most obvious sometimes it’s the least obvious ly oh this poor guy it’s giving me shades of Halloween where Sheriff Becker lost his daughter they took me out of the case I’m not gonna stop until I find him my family you die oh quarter mile at a time boy you okay I came as soon as I heard Dale I swear to God no truth okay they work together on Friends reunion we didn’t know we needed it’s really meta right now I know where the masks are coming from Kirby Carol interesting Jason and Greg

were little Atlanta Rich boys doesn’t make sense don’t worry I’m just really good at my job you’ll get there why is she so competitive with a Kirby Kirby too half your age too what is it’s giving me shades of scream three it’s a shrine Gail here is giving me shades of all the Scream movies that came before this one ‘s faces are giving me all the shades of every screen Drew Barrymore Casey Becker hey hey she’s in the movie there you go they could afford the pictures oh about the whole God franchise stab three scripts

how much do you think this could cost these guys the first one right there yeah Steve Henry Winkler principal oh Dewey R.I.P cops like money and evidence can get lost pretty easily present company excluded of course suspects my alibi checks out so I can keep an eye on you Roomie this poor guy I hope he’s the hero yeah I told you I was just a guy the question is do you guys think it’s one or two though two damn how cool is this place Papa can you hear me he’s back I hear your horror fan

it’s been set best Nightmare on Elm Street the original and three psycho two is underrated yes did we just become best friends yup I think I might have an idea about how to turn the tables on this creep yeah we’re in sorry Gail no press allowed Police business my job too but all you suspects in Victor come with me I got all you covered so we’re really doing the phone tracing thing that never works in the movies I can trace a call in under 15 seconds killer usually calls from somewhere nearby and you think they’re

safe because it’s broad daylight in a public place this is exactly how our Uncle Randy died yes exactly yeah Richie yep why don’t you just Trace Richie’s fool yeah I mean that’d be a solid lead it’s a clone of Richie’s phone waiting for me to call desperately hoping I’m nearby so the police can grab me but I’m not I’m a step ahead I got a VPN he’s on the upper west side on West 96th how did you know that what Gail no hello handsome food it’s for you may ask who’s calling please I was wondering

why there was never a black ghost face he says it’s the Killer Jesus it’s her first phone call right she’s never been called hello Gail I don’t understand that you and I have never spoken on the phone yeah confirmed don’t you know the Legacy characters are disposable now nobody cares about oh don’t let them walk off doing someone made a buck reporting your death it never works out for the and the mask oh cool two killers I’m going three you couldn’t stop what happened to Dewey just like you’re not gonna be able to stop this

get that one yeah you gotta have a gun Gail yeah Sydney’s got a gun oh yeah pan face do not fall off the skyscraper please get to the Panic Room yeah shit’s hard to work when you’re frightened yeah how’s that for nostalgia best they never have a bulletproof first on yeah but this is new rules Andrew you missed sure I did you win I’m in the elevator heading for the ground floor or maybe I’m wearing a bulletproof vest good call can you hold please huh nice uh you’re running out of ammo or that was smart

but she must have shot the wrong person like Scream 3 where she’s star 69s okay oh gotten worse sometimes worse come on oh this ghost face is so freaking oh yeah oh get up cute oh no come on girl you got this don’t go for the knife just leave look at how beat up that thing is too mean ah you hey yes yes damn fast terrible shots I mean you’ve never gone to the range there’s still a chance too many times she’s been stabbed in her life I’m just gonna take a little nap right yeah

please out of the way out of the way come here okay there’s there’s a chance there’s a chance she’s doing a great job too Sam oh yeah they’re both great I got you as fast as I could and where were you I don’t think it’s him they’re not doing love interest two movies in a row that’s what they want you to think she wants to punish me so maybe I let him I’ll just give myself up if this is what I have to do yes you have to let us protect you this time we’re a

team remember core four isn’t there somewhere like safe we could just hole up in he’s just gonna keep finding us great you said though hate him did anyone see Home Alone now you want me to do what we want to lure him to secure location and travel cool you should assume there’s two killers guys to the theater more people around you voice doesn’t sound too far from Ghost yeah really I was just thinking that Michael Myers that’s crazy how they have some Morrow Ravens character there from Reddit or not I could see Kirby still helping

though yeah I just gotta throw them all out there any possible scenario so I could say I was right yeah bet on all the horses to win one of them will pay no damn did you see the movie Speed get on that thing evil dies tonight they did the lament configuration Freddy Krueger how many stops do we have all of them that’s how many movies there will be this was like the worst night to go traveling yeah guys we all float down here that was really good I believed it for a second oh he’s coming

this is really inventive no he’s on the floor damn it no not Mindy oh no ah where’s homeboy somebody helps we gotta get your honey okay he let her live you’re gonna be okay you’re gonna be okay not you what don’t trust anyone remember we don’t know you just like Jerry O’Connell and scream 2. I cleared the whole place before you got here it’s Kirby weapons one gun and I hold on to it I am the only one with a badge here and that’s the way it’s gonna be um are there any other entrances or

exits you know you’re not safe here whenever someone says we’re safe here it means you’re not grab a weapon and clear this place yourself kill your friends Kirby yeah like how they have Stu mocker’s jacket right there a robe oh yeah they got Tatum’s outfit they got all sorts of stuff in here bro oh no they fired Jeremy two months ago damn it unstable she’s no longer with the FBI yeah no yeah damn you Kirby I was right so Kirby and Ethan right no not Ethan I’m trying to be halfway right here maybe it’s Kirby

and the icky guy from the party just no I mean listen if you want them you have them you think I want these yeah kind of they’re like 100 years old maybe that’s your thing I do like 100 year olds I actually well it’s about time and maybe we’re seeing how long I wanted to do that yeah you should have done that a lot sooner I know we’re supposed to do it like a lot more times we don’t die no no no no no no no oh nice let’s go Chad let’s go let’s go come

on come on you could have stomped his head hey what about that there’s an exit door let’s go let’s go Bailey’s on the way but oh God damn it yes or at least in unmasking geez amateurs no oh Chad the best chat that ever chatted I need you to be ready you ready come on mother it’s okay holy right in you did you kill Cohen did you kill my daughter Jesus Christ whatever this is good no yes I knew it I called it at one point I knew in my head I was thinking oh three

ah I did call that what mixes I got one right all right sure and his daughter speaking of family wait for it my name’s not Ethan Landry is it Dad yeah and that’s the that’s the daughter the roommate this one I had a feeling how’d they fake a whole death yeah it was a good way to get off the suspect list a little fake blood a prosthetic you’d be amazed at what a grieving father can get away with jeez oh interesting that’s two the sleeves your fathers ah oh boy I’m gonna need you to put

it on join us I didn’t commit those murders in Woodsboro it wasn’t me well we know that of course you didn’t what do you think this is based on some conspiracy theory who do you think started the rumors about in the first place dang it’s not enough to just kill someone these days you have to assassinate their character first true when Dad here discovers your horribly mutilated body he’ll say some poor dumb bastard right on the internet that you’re the real ghost face it’s the perfect alibi you’re a killer just like your father no I’m

not yes you are you mother mother or you killed our brother Ah that’s what I got his phone Richie so the whole family is really unstable yeah runs in the franchise family Richie I had a feeling it wasn’t until I saw that photograph of what you’d actually done to him that I knew then I knew you had to die you had to be punished along with anyone else who stands in our way he’s uh like Nancy Loomis the Dead real great parenting job by the way oh what are the stab killers in the back they’re

the same all the time yeah we’re all crazy Kirby’s gonna save them that’s why I helped him build this collection I built a tribute to my son which is why this is where you have to die Sam Now put on the mask he was that an insult it’s like Sydney insulting Billy he was a strong funeral young man he was a lymph a little who cried before I slit his throat oh yeah ow recognize this oh sorry oh my God I need this that’s insensitive what are you gonna do about it oh yep yep yep

yeah become your father enjoy it accept your destiny yes this is holster up yo this chick got so hot in this movie whatever your mom already so funny he’s just having a good time now not scary but so far it’s your last scene go nuts do what you want where’s her boyfriend oh let me go no now let it go Sam no don’t kill her off no not her so just break another ankle oh give her the knife land on his face yes oh she’s enjoying it she’s enjoyed it she’s enjoyed it oh wow ouch

fine old girl oh she’s enjoying it looks like you’re down another oh boy looks like you’re down to another child oh oh Gail where are you why did he charge him no sense he was in the moment of Revenge he wasn’t thinking logically Scream one yes good reference I understood that one hello Detective um Black Swan laughs all right I’m a police officer how do you think this is gonna go Sam who do you think they’re gonna believe huh what do you want for me probably the one who’s still alive no no yes oh yeah

look at her go wow everywhere what the are you doing you’re not a Loomis this is a really bad look for the both of us was a murderer you mean you’re not gonna kill this one oh no no do something that warrants it I learned all you do it all the places to stab without killing I love that look do it come on oh you did with our family so word good nice meta to the end if they wanted to go super meta they should have had Dennis Quaid play Richie’s dead two two meta and

then we’re gonna check on Kirby yeah she’s fine she said a bunch of stabs she’s been there before done that thank you for letting me go I know you could take care of yourself you too I don’t trust you with a drunk guy but two killers you’re good it’s called a character Arc oh final girls oh yeah yeah Kirby she’s the TV I saw that in a scary movie once so did we she’s talking about Scream one nightmare numbers three three right all the above we’re all part of the same and Legacy doesn’t always have

to be a bad thing the Disney sequels were okay it’s fine just to be average Chad survived like do we yeah I’ll take it he’s like I’m the new Dewey before and then he died because he took off his office yep yep it’s okay there will be a scream seven yeah but she’s really enjoying killing she had a lot to the mask she held onto the mess didn’t she oh no no no no no no no no oh she took it as a souvenir no no Sam Embrace who you are Sam yeah that’s evidence dies

tonight ah the Big Apple cool I hear there’s a post credit scene yes oh wow oh they didn’t write it I thought they wrote it so it’s the same directors as the last one nice my basic summary of you I hated it we know we know no that’s not what I was going to say were you here this whole time Andrew no she produced it no wonder she lives okay she couldn’t throw a brighter painting to death Campbell my basic summary is I actually like this way more than the last one agreed however I like

the motive and the reveal of The Killers more in the last one but other than that I thought this was a much better film overall yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I I the only thing I heard about this was that there was a big divide with the with the reveal of who the Killer is and like annoyed people that was the only thing I heard I heard from like a lot of uh you go on Twitter and be like that’s why I said like mute like a mother because I was like just remove everything and

then uh that’s all I heard that I did not obviously know who it was but uh Roger Jackson yeah I don’t think it’s that upsetting is it no I I mean like the actual circumstance that they should be related to Richie like that I don’t know I have no idea why people were upset like I don’t mind it there has to be some kind of connective tissue and that makes sense especially going with you know really riding on the new characters and all that stuff you know committing to the new characters but I like the

idea a lot if they are doing like a secret origin of the next Mexico phase yeah this whole time that’s what they’ve been doing Corey Cunningham do it if like Sam is really gonna be the one I love that idea I understood that reference by the way do you know I isn’t uh the guy who played uh uh you know virgin guy isn’t he freaking fighter and Avatar I mean maybe you’re right you’re usually right about those things why that didn’t look like him boy howdy Courtney Cox can stop billing she’s the EP okay she

gets that role yeah but I feel like I don’t know Melissa Barrera earned that no Sam I really I really felt like this one did become its own movie they did their own thing they did weren’t like I understand the last one was so much about the commentary on being a recall and all that yeah but at the same time I felt that commentary kind of hindered some of the effect whereas this they really I really cared about all the characters I didn’t want any of them to die yeah except for like the random people

I didn’t really give a like that the core four they want the core four to die there’s a lot of great twists and turns throughout and there’s a lot of style I like that a lot I think you pointed out too many times like this is one of the scariest if not these scary well I guess three ghost faces but I mean when we were watching Ghostface like operate throughout the film like and you really felt the tension in each scene not that you didn’t in the other films but like this ghost face was absolutely

Relentless and you could feel the anger seeping through so when that actual reveal does happen you know all I it is very similar to Scream 2 with Nancy Loomis getting revenge on her on her son with Billy and all that but again you just feel the intensity of this ghost face so much more I feel like in this film but I think the thing I love the most in this yes the core four but the relationship between Sam and Tara it was so much more fleshed out in this film and they just did such a

great job with those two characters I’ve loved every scene that they were that they interacted in and I remembered maybe you felt the same way about me we weren’t huge fans like I would love Tara on the last one but we weren’t huge fans of Sam in the last one yeah I thought she was excellent here like yeah beginning to end I thought she was excellent your your best line was she’s really hot in this movie well I mean the whole thing comes together because yeah just the last movie didn’t feel like there was something

about it that didn’t feel like it flattered her performance very well whereas here I feel like they really made sure to like let her to shoot her better and also just let her command the screen like I thought the in between scenes where you are just doing character stuff were better handled in this movie by far than the previous one yeah because the previous one I felt like was held back by a bit of a bit too much reverence and and this one it was at a weird Crossroads yeah because because you know you have

to please the purists whereas this is less you know it’s less necessary for this to do that but yeah I thought just the believability of her expression her relationship with Tara like yeah and their relationship is the core for like even the stuff with her being overprotective could have been cliche and annoying but I thought they handled that in a very nuanced way and and yeah she like whereas in the previous movie I felt bad being like man you know there’s something about her that isn’t working like this one she yeah was like the center

figure I liked the most yeah yeah I thought she was I think she might have been my favorite character in her too yeah totally and like even if she does ascend to being the new ghost face as as odd as that might be I love that choice though like I won’t be here to watch it yeah I think that would be so cool my favorite character was Courtney Cox’s boyfriend yeah he was great he yeah he was he was he was the Crux of this film he showed up man if he hadn’t been there she

might have died true well I at these directors whose names I constantly forget but John will know radio silence that’s not their names it’s their group name shut up shut up not every movie needs a post-credit scene yes it does who does the brand you have to keep the bread that reminded me a little of Spider-Man homecoming with Captain America saying you waited this long for something of disappoint whatever it was I think it’s it it’s like Tyler Gilpin and Matt bettinelli open or something like that yeah radio silence is what they go by that

sounds correct I would like to re-watch it to see some stuff that I wonder if lines up like there’s three killers and none of them look that tall but they all except for dermit Maroney yeah but every time his face never looks short every time they were killing they were super tall you know you all have platform boots yeah I wasn’t sure how this film was going to play out in terms of this is obviously our first film without Nev Campbell Sydney of course and I didn’t think this film was hindered in any way without

her obviously of course it’s you do most just seeing the character of Sydney of course she’s just she’s a Legacy character she is the star of the other films although you can make an argumentary wasn’t the star of the last film because she was barely in it but I this is one of my favorite scream films so I was pleasantly surprised that even with the absence of Nev Campbell of course I would have loved to have seen her in this even if it was a cameo role I was pleasantly surprised that even without her because

I was a very big concern coming into this film but I didn’t think the the storyline suffered in any way it was nice to obviously get a little shout out uh from her with Gail of course but I thought the the storyline was again the Crux of the storyline for me that got me emotionally invested was Tara and uh Sam I just I really like the way they fleshed out those characters and all their interactions and like you said you just really gave a about all these characters to the point you didn’t want anything to

happen that’s those are good horror films to me when you can make sure obviously we want the jump scares we want the the graphic violence of course but when you can’t give a about the characters and you don’t want anything to happen that’s those are the best kind of horror films for me yeah there’s a solid installment great use of Music throughout and I think these directors who’ve worked I loved and ready or not this felt like oh yeah they made this movie yeah I understand it’s got all that punch in wit it’s way more

gory than the other ones there’s like poppy gory people said it was like more violent and yeah no it definitely is way more violent yeah I like disturbingly violent at times but it was always fun to me I thought I thought it was a lot of fun and and I was relieved to be like yeah this ghost face is like the Terminator you know he is non-stop brutal and it has his eyes on a Target and there wasn’t just a bunch of like jokey prat fall stuff it doesn’t feel like they have the meta angle

here as you would want from a Scream movie but the meta quality isn’t as front and center as prior installments yes yes it was more of like a like if there was something that felt like personally brutal about it you know like they had the thing that would help have a construct around your film but it wasn’t about the meta thing they were clever to make the meta thing like a really vital aspect of just how do we figure our way out what can we use about these movies and not rely on it for much

of any humor because I feel like in the past we might have done a lot of both yeah whereas this is pretty much them kind of we we know that beat and I thought they they yeah made it sort of an intense sort of thing each time when they did touch on the tropes of the movies um I’m not I really wish they handled though I think there’s something about the way they did the reveal reveal and this was now like there is some there is something about it that I don’t I don’t mind the

decision I really don’t mind that this it’s a little far-fetched like I think that the strip with Quinn very far-fetched the fact like how faking the daughters like that one very far you’ve got a witness across the window there like yeah that isn’t that’s a little that part is a little much two-thirds of that I’m totally okay with sure but Quinn being alive was like uh I don’t know man that’s a lot for me to wrap my head and the moment I wasn’t really thinking about it because I was so was caught up in like

what the reveals are well they they show you a lot whereas I feel like I may be putting it too off screen would clue Us in but I feel like if they maybe didn’t give you so much to go off in that and more played it from the outside room perspective we gotta have like a corner you gotta have an autopsy he said he switched the bodies that right is that what he said or something like that and he passed it off it’s like there’s a lot you could do as a cop but I’m like

yeah that’s a pretty that’s a tall order there’s a lot of people now you’re in like some weird Saw movie territory at that point I mean there were there were shades of Saw throughout this and I think smartly to bring in a more direct like police angle I was like okay seven and other other police throw does that make sense but at the end it did remind me of a Saw movies twist ending well I know the cliche with I felt like this movie was really doing its own thing until they got to the reveal

of the killers and then they all started behaving leaving like there’s something about I don’t know why they they always everyone becomes stew Billy and Stu were the perfect ones the perfect reveal and the right level and then they they kind of made a decision like every movie following this they all have to be and I thought I thought Jack Quaid actually hit a really good level and experience when it came to the reveal I thought he hit a perfect level and then Derma Mulroney was like what the hell just happened with terminal take it

away he’s so comical so cartoony yeah I like to watch him have fun but it does transcend into a much wackier movie it was very it went too wacky it didn’t hit the tone of the rest of the film where yeah you got to strike that it’s not easy but you do got to strike that balance whereas as you just mentioned Billy and Stu like it fit perfectly with that film and then in other films they’ve just taken it a step too far yeah I did like the motif with um and and the commentary on

the here and now about how like it’s very easy to go online in places like that and just into the public conversation and twist and warp people’s lives and cast images that people run away with like yeah it’s like so much of the context for them was great but it it it it just felt like yeah so many so many like wacky hillbilly movies by the end I don’t I don’t hate it so I I might have I might I might not like it more if I didn’t hear that there were some people who really

hated it you know and so that prepared me for I might hate what comes up but I don’t hate it and I think what they did with Kirby was smart that was because they did restrain her for compare and they and they Justified it within the character of why she would be more restrained and not you know like the uh Plucky teenager who says yeah and I think the the performance was so intentional so that way you could suspect her because I was told that it was her like I I did get sold on it

and then I saw the run time and I was like maybe it’s on her yeah wow and I don’t know I mean the second they gave her that like suspicious walk-off in the second yeah it’s like oh no her trap I’m like it can’t be you just can’t and uh yeah like I I wish almost that there had been a little bit more for her to do that’s because there were times where I was like the Kirby’s not as involved in this like she seemed like she was here kind of to be a red herring

in a way as instead of being like a fully ingrained member see I don’t feel like I feel like they know how to use Gale and they knew how to use Dewey but I didn’t I feel like they really didn’t know what to do with Sydney in the last one as much as I love seeing Nev Campbell yeah um I felt like they didn’t really know I felt like she was kind of forced in the movie she went for a run in the movie well it makes sense because yeah she’s gonna be like so used

to this that she’s not even gonna be involved in the plot probably and I think they made that choice for Kirby specifically because like I think that’s where they come at a Crossroads again is uh you know you you see Kirby’s back and you kind of want a little bit of the flare of what you remember about Kirby and you kind of get none of that about her other than the fact that it’s Hayden Panettiere again and and you also get an interesting kernel in that they use that like oh her life’s really spiraled off

the tracks and she’s not even been on the force for a couple months and I was like I don’t know like at least in the resolve maybe we could have had some emotional payoff because this is a character people are excited to see a return a fan favorite from scream for I agree they did restrain her but we did get that one scene with her and Mindy where they were having their little yeah I was like that’s the Kirby we know but I mean understand I did like though how they uh what they did with

Sam and Tara in regards to you know from Sydney’s perspective in terms of Scream 2 after this ordeal that she had just gone through in terms of the trust issues and in terms of the trauma that she uh has to deal with you have Tara with I just want to move on with my life and then you have Sam this celebrity that everyone you know ostrates whenever they see her in public so I thought that was really interesting choice of making giving both of those characters traits of Sydney from Scream 2 so I thought that

was a really wise decision for both their characters yeah and I think these last couple movies especially with I mean Sydney so much about her character too was someone who was ostracized by society as well as during certain moments of her life and then sort of watching the way Sam is being has been ostracized as well and watching her morph has been fun and that’s why I’m I’d actually be kind of on board for her being like a killer the next one you were thinking because they they did continue off of the heels of the

last one where she did enjoy killing the I don’t know I don’t want to see a third Arc of her being like I’m not gonna be much you know like I can’t watch that three times it would be different if they did that because we’ve never seen the heroes become that I think that would be so cool that would be different well and there was something they did in the prologue that made me think of that because as much as like it might be a meme for this movie to have turned into like oh there’s

a bunch of them there’s a cult like having the two copycats at the beginning who are your kind of stock screen characters but who are now taking this game out of the personal and into a more broad-scoping thing I was like is this going to be a ghost face killing people who weren’t involved with the ghost face Legacy who are like disrespecting it somehow so like I feel like you could almost warp it in on itself that way with her where she has some kind of motive that isn’t just pure evil I got another question

about that sure yeah sure yeah yeah some stuff is really starting to me a little bit nitpicks in order I don’t know if it’s an epic man I’m just I’m anticipating comments in order for this in order for this plant to have hatched and worked he they would have needed to move to specifically New York City where he is the cop yes the head of like the police department it’s not hard to get a transfer to a specific police station did he say he transferred I don’t know maybe not that I recall we’re looking too

deep into this I agree with you no no I agree with you I agree with you yeah I mean like I could buy them being obsessed in enough to have found their way there but to to set up a career as a cop in the amount of time that would take or to translate it seems like it would be a lot you bought this whole place under the name of the rich people and built this whole Shrine and the I’m like it seems like they’ve been established like they grew up here they’re established where is

she from Modesto they say that he is from Modesto in uh no he is not from Modesto he like him and Amber hatched that plan he is not from Modesto no way so they really planted the seeds there from like but this guy had to be a in law enforcement and he also got the Kate oh I mean I don’t know I just assume he could bug or track her phone or whatever but but but yes having it be so clean that he is a New York cop in the last what six months that they’ve

lived here if they didn’t already live here either begs a huge coincidence or just some kind of weird explanation that we didn’t get I mean yeah I mean like the two the children make sense that you could just transfer them in yeah like okay I I understand that yeah that’s a psychotic family right never underestimate Revenge um yeah man yeah that was that that was fun but overall it was a very fun movie with some Great Kills and I think uh I love the sound design on this movie with headphones was very rewarding shotguns and

knife skills yeah they have some great sound design here and some fantastic editing as well and I thought they embraced like their cinematography their style like the the sleekness yet the ickiness of it I thought was perfect you know I I thought they might do a little bit more like New York oh yeah but they did enough for me that wasn’t like about like watch New York settings you know but like the convenience store uh the subway station uh the the subway train I thought had a lot of great tension to it yeah because you’re

going between high buildings and things yeah there I thought they did enough uh we don’t need a Times Square and So Meta to show Jason Takes Manhattan of course yeah and they’re in New York and we were literally just talking about that before we started filming I mean that is that is a requirement that they include like if they didn’t include a very obvious Easter egg I feel like people would have right I knew this is Super Fresh because we just watched this but any idea where you would rank this in your scream rankings are

too too early too yeah above three are you sure is that like not ranking above Mission Impossible too sure uh I mean it’s definitely above three and five I would agree with that I don’t know if I would need to watch it it’s got a fight with four yeah in the middle yeah one and two still Reigns Superior I might like four more than two now I use them fighting words I used to it used to be an easy like one two four for me but then when I re-watched four is good when I rewatch

The Scream movies last year um I was like oh you know I might prefer four yeah four was underrated it was a little ahead of its time yeah I agree um yeah I like I like four a lot uh so I was especially excited to see like yeah I think there’s some fantastic sequences before but man that caught this the scene in the and uh when they have to escape over when they’re in the police car and they have to climb over him in part two oh that’s one of the greatest tension moments like it’s

not so scary when you re-watch it because you know it’s completely yeah first time you watched it that was a scary I’ve ever seen yeah I did also like that sequence where they’re on the subway and the the lights are just going in and out in the strobe light I thought that was a really cool sequence as well yeah like this really I thought there was more even though like they take the city to bigger and while you have some some new characters like they they have the joke about the core four but I really

felt like this movie really focused I thought they really focus in hard on their character then really knew how to do it was in the last movie ever kind of sometimes forget about them um well and you have to keep track of who all them are yeah like this was like Tara insane this was Sam’s this is a salmon terror story they’re the heart of it and them having to you know grow together and I I what I liked too was that they they paid attention to the fact that they are all of them are

trauma survivors of the situation and I thought it was really smart of them from a character standpoint to be like look we all survived together but yeah none of us can understand what you’re like when Tara is talking with her like none of us can actually understand what you’re going through because this is you’re getting this on a whole other level than yeah than us you know and that must be so not only that but it’s I felt like I agree with everything you just said but I also feel like it’s not only that that

you’re getting on a different level but you’re also the daughter of Pilkey Loomis so that’s something also that none of us can relate to as well exactly so you’re factoring all that and where she has her own identity struggle because um you know it’s like you have there’s like several forms of PTSD and you know like like one form of what is the uh I forget the actual terminology but there’s like a PTSD version where it’s like yeah you experience it like the way Tara laid it out I thought was interesting to hear I’m not

gonna let these three days to find my life like oh that was just three days huh but but that’s like okay a PTSD situation that you definitely got to work on but then you have like levels of like complex PTSD where you you’ve like grew up with it and you’ve had to endure it and she it’s like lifestyle things and that’s more of what Sam has had to deal with on top of the actual you know killings and as well being inflicted her way uh so she has a whole new kind of psychological Journey she

has to go through because I’ve not I’ve never been a big fan of this whole like skeet old Rich showing up because it just messes with my logic of how does she know like how he would talk and sound like and whatever and and it I I have a hard time buying into it because it’s like he behaved so much like he did she watches she watched Scream one okay too much stab one yeah just replace that actor’s face let’s get over it yeah like videos about how he behaved as a killer she watched some

Roman’s videos but I’m not saying that anything’s gonna come about it but I thought it was an interesting reference to mention uh stu-macher because again originally he was supposed to be in Scream 3 and then I I could be wrong let me know in the comment section I believe because of the Columbine shooting that happened around that same time they kind of asked the idea of having him so you’re right I’m curious if that anything comes about that because they were asking in the film if I remember correctly like where is he what’s going on

so he lives who lives one and all these character things just real quick like as much as it seems like blasphemy not to have nav Campbell I thought that it actually kind of served the movie not to have to to find something for Sydney Prescott to do don’t force her in here yeah and I thought that let everybody shine and then Gail is just the right amount of here and as your main Legacy character and then did you know the scream tropes enough though when you’re like oh okay okay the second the EMT I actually

did think before the film started I was anticipating like that was the Legacy character well she was the only real Legacy character oh besides uh Kirby but I thought she was gonna not on the heels running out of for Gail to do it is the same every time you got a boyfriend she got a boyfriend in this one she’s just like oh Gail you disappoint me by going back to being a a freaking snake journalist and and oh she’s gonna go off the Record now and start helping out yeah every time with her yes it

can you know she should be the wipe away character it is the same thing like every single movie second movie it’s been the same thing no I mean no no no no no no no it’s the character yeah as someone who like loves friends like friends with my all-time probably my favorite it’s my favorite comedy show of all time um who loves friends and knows like Monica Geller so well it’s it is crazy to me to be like I only see Gail weathers when I watch this franchise like I’m not like I could see like

Matthew Perry or something with the group Chandler I could think yeah but then when it comes to her here I’m like oh yeah I just see Gail weathers and I think she embodies this character and I love the presence of her and I was I would be I was gonna be like heartbroken to see her ago at the same time I’m like you got to come up with a different way to introduce her yeah I I agree with you I mean they could have played off too even though they they did go into it a

little bit just how she’s dealing with you know the death of doing again they did go into it I’m not saying they didn’t but just play a little bit even more into that I I do I gotta interrupt I love the way that phone call with her was handled because when when Dewey like you were saying was brought up you know and you see her getting emotionally triggered by that and coming to tears on it but then she has to find that resilience again to like power through the situation I’m like oh that actually feel

like that was one of my favorite as much as I’m making fun of like they just keep introducing her the same way in all these movies that was one of my all-time favorite Gale scenes sure I think the point I was I agree with you but I think the point I was trying to make is instead of just doing the same thing over the could have played even more into that because I did love that moment as well just a little more is all I’m saying as opposed to just doing the same thing like I’m

gonna write a book again and that’s all I’m saying but uh I think my biggest issue with this movie is they didn’t do Dennis Quaid uh as Richie’s father I think that would have been the ultra medicine see really really he’s a hardcore Republican oh damn it so Oh I thought it was rain I thought it was Randy no I’m pretty sure the Quaid family or the jack is all right it’s a different movie at the end and it’s not like a mind-blowing motive but he’s still fun to watch it he is he is I

was gonna say I think Jack Quaid’s gonna change his last name to Ryan for obvious reasons but yeah yeah I thought the I mean the kills the kills being more brutal reflected the motive of it being more personal so I think that that in itself works I thought the I just I just thought it was kind of I thought it was pretty inventive what they as much as I I wasn’t as in love with Scream five as a lot of other people were I thought the motive was like oh that’s pretty smart how they lay

that out yeah and I didn’t feel like any of this was like oh that’s close okay we’ve got a lot of shades of screen too in this from Nancy loomis’s revenge for Billy so for sure that Personal Touch of Revenge absolutely I think I would come around to that thing you said earlier though for me is like yeah I prefer most of this but I do think the original movie has a clever more clever like chassis underneath the car yeah you know but uh yeah but if this movie at the same time doesn’t feel like

it’s a ever a Crossroads with itself at a really allowed them to just get to know the characters they invented for this franchise and and let them become their own and like I loved I I love I thought they were all great I thought I thought all of them were great yeah I would be happy to see all of them return I would look forward to these new characters scream seven torch past scream seven the core four yeah yeah how are they gonna warp the title next time um yeah all right guys well uh for

me I guess I would give this like uh I give this like a solid six steps yeah those kids those stabs were brutal yeah are you sure this movie’s already yeah director commentaries it’s the first thing to come out is this stab scene was 40 and we whacked it down to three it’s still so pulpy though sure it’s still so I I was under the impression the way people talked about the violence that it would be just like Rob Zombie a little silence or just like I don’t enjoy this this isn’t Fun violence like to

me they still to me the violence was still fun I still I still thought the violence was like still heightened and pulpy enough and just like just ah this is fun yeah just the right amount of fun and then that New York City just like they hit the ground running and it’s nasty but it never loses that you know pulp I think that is the thing about New York City that does resonate over here is the aggression of New York City so like the vibe yeah that that registers over here more than like going to

like they were fighting Statue of Liberty Liberty we’re a Times Square rooting we’re getting a hot dog they either should have done that or had Ghostface punch someone’s head off just clean off with his fist yes oh that would have been awesome yeah all right guys well this was a a really fun movie I would probably give it like uh like my first viewing I’m like a 89 oh that’s good what is it that is damn that is that’s a great score I would give it like nah I bump it to 90. I’ll give it

like a nine right I really enjoy I really enjoyed this would you give what would you give Scream one just curious oh scream one’s like a hundred percent excuse me like a 65 I don’t I don’t think there’s I was just curious what the bro I don’t think I have a single flaw first for screen one ice cream one is my favorite horror movie of all time I I I I love that movie and every time I decide to re-watch it it’s great it just gets better and it becomes like my favorite one film class

study of why this movie works so much and that and enough none none of the movies in this franchise have taught the the last hour of the first one sure the last half hour the first one all let’s do Stu’s party night is so it’s so perfectly constructive yes yeah and iconic yeah like that whole thing it’s a lot of people forget like that that’s like a whole like 30 to 40 minutes sequence that’s all just taking place at on Stu’s party at night you know and it just builds it oh it’s perfect and that

movie too was like such a Splash In terms I remember people at the time when I was too young to see it being like this actually really Disturbed this feels like real crime yeah for the time very grounded not Supernatural yep oh yeah yeah that was the real mentals I mean yeah the the commentary here is like the meta commentary here is not is nowhere near as clever as I mean I I appreciated the meta commentary and I thought what they wanted to do with the granite commentary and the fifth one was really was good

at least the the intention a lot and there were some there’s a lot of cleverness in The Meta commentary here was really just about them explaining why they can do different things yeah really riffing on like you know like I thought they were gonna Riff on you know like now they were doing this you know reboot we got it they’re gonna be more yeah yeah we’re gonna ignore details from the past it’s only a sequel just two yeah yeah all right guys we’ll leave your thoughts down below Andrew thanks for being here you’re welcome thanks

for having me thanks for not stabbing me Nancy Loomis and uh Scream 2 and uh John thanks for being me sure and uh John uh say hi to Greg hi Greg and uh hey thanks for uh checking us out Flex oh foreign

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