Sébastien Haller inspires Ivory Coast to AFCON trophy! | Morning Footy | CBS Sports Golazo

d have thunk that after that group stage performance that Ivory Coast would be Afcon champions? Nico, I know you didn’t. I I don’t remember anything in sports quite like this. To have such a horrendous group stage to get smacked by Equatorial Guinea. They lost four zero on matchday three. They fired their coach with still a possibility of going into the next round. They needed two results to go their way, Ghana conceding twice against Mozambique in extra time and then they needed Zimbabwe to be held scoreless against Morocco. And it happened then they go with atmosphere.

I’ve Oregon, who knows. The team understands a little bit what this means, more so than Jean-Louis Gassée, but had never been a manager. Never know. This is his first no managerial job whatsoever. And then they beat the defending champions that DRC game where or the game against Mali, where they were a man down. They get the equalizer in the 90th and then they get the win in 120th. This and then to come back and a Sebastien Haller with his two years removed from his cancer diagnosis, getting the championship winner. I don’t remember anything in sports

like this. No In fact there was a lot of conversation about that coming back from cancer and we have someone who, on this

panel here who had been through something similar. What is that? What is that moment like to sort of celebrate a game winner or something of this nature after coming back from something like that, which must be so harrowing ? Well, you feel unstop. Well, it’s you’re on the pitch, you know that this is a game. At the end of the day, you survived life. You had a battle. There’s all these things that

kind of make you realize how important, how lucky you are, how blessed you are. And you go on the pitch and you’re like, what? What do I have to ever worry about? Or stress about that? That that’s the importance of life, the essence of life. You come out, you’re like, man, I get to do this as a job. I get to represent the country and inspire people. So when you get on the pitch, you play with this freedom, this tenacity, because there’s nothing that can hold you back like you had. You had a battle with,

with, with death and you beat it. You won right? So when I watch how how to play, I have this feeling that he has that just that power of playing with passion and knowing that he accomplished something that some people don’t get to, to, to accomplish, which is the battle with cancer. It it can open up your eyes to what’s really the value of, of life and playing for your country and your teammates, supporting your teammates and there’s nothing better. There’s nothing better. He almost scored right before the game winner. He almost scored. What would

have been the Puskas. The bicycle kick, the bicycle kick. But he missed. He just missed it by a little bit. That would have been imagine winning a tournament on a Puskas. But but he on a bicycle. He still won. He still scored a golazo nonetheless. A game home at home. The player of the match as good as he was was Simon. I mean, he created six chances. He had the two assists. He he was just constantly getting down the left side, just being a problem. And you realize this, this is a kid who h

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