SEC Championship Preview: Are Points Expected In LSU Vs. Georgia (-17.5)?

how that all plays out in the four that we have for the college football playoff, but I do You want to remind people of one thing here as we talk college football playoff expansion that is coming in 2024 in the 12 team format. Conference championships to these individual programs that you see behind us all across the country Power five Group of five those titles Jolie see still means something in their own right , And they still carry significance in college football. They do and let’s not forget you have a very young team in terms of

ls you would have first year head coach. This isn’t Nick Saban that’s a national champion and won six national championships and all of a sudden they haven’t exceeded expectations. This year. This is a team and L s U that had a preseason win total. 6.5 Nobody thought they would be here. You have a lot of young players on this team. Harold Perkins, Noah cane neighbors, Keyshawn Booty and even Jane Daniels that’s playing in his first championship game in terms of college football up against the national champions, So that’s the difference in terms of the mindset

as opposed to maybe a team like Alabama team like Ohio State that maybe might be in the spot with no potential shot at a college football playoff. That’s

the difference. And I think the L s U Tigers

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