Secretlab MAGNUS Gaming Desk | Unboxing Assembly & Review

the day has finally come ever since they
were announced i’ve been waiting to get
my hands on this all metal desk and
ladies and gentlemen it’s finally here
it’s time to unbox assemble and review
the secret lab magnus
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if you’re already thinking of buying
this desk i decided to shell out more
money and get the perfect model titan
evo 2022 that i think complements the
desk perfectly stay tuned for the
follow-up video where i show my entire
secret lab setup and compare the soft
weave versus the leatherette chair

now i’m a little worried about the
condition of the box and i’m keeping my
fingers crossed that there’s no damage
because it looks like this box just
survived a steel cage match with brock
lesnar aren’t shipping companies just
great upon opening the box the first
thing you’re greeted with are more boxes
which contain the legs rear deck and
cable management tray there’s also the
user manual which probably has your
warranty information as well as this
long box here that contains your magpad
this is an all steel desk so these boxes
are pretty heavy but once they’ve been
removed from the box we have your desk
top which by itself still weighs a
considerable amount
once we’ve gotten everything out we have
your tool kit which consists of hexagon
wrenches and all the screws necessary
for assembly your user manual once again
followed by the magnetic magpad which is
rolled up at the moment as well as these
metal edge pieces to help center the
magpad on the desk we’ve also got the
magnetic cable management bundle which
is an additional 44 dollars and contains
cable anchors cable straps and cable
and a box of magnetic bumpers which
retail at 49
and allow you to place them on the back
legs to prevent the desk from scraping
away the paint off your walls once again
all the metal pieces from the desktop to
the legs to the cable management tray i
think we’re ready to put it together
you first want your table top upside
down with all four legs labeled
then using two of the long screws you’ll
want to attach this little robot head
looking block piece to the rear legs
like so
then insert each leg into the
corresponding corner
grab the bag of screws labeled m5 by 16
short screws and fasten each leg into
the corner bracket
now grab two pan head screws to attach
the rear crossbar
and finally magnetically snap on the
cable management tray and line up the
holes to firmly secure it
we can now flip the desk right side up
and install the final piece the folding
rear deck
first pull out the latch
then line up the holes and attach the
deck using the corresponding screws
until everything is nice and secure in
we now have your finished magnus desk so
let’s put it up against the wall and
talk about those features
at 59 inches wide a depth of 27 inches
and weight capacity of 220 pounds the
magnus will no doubt come in handy for a
variety of setups
i’ve mentioned it before but the all
steel frame really makes this desk the
most beast mode heavy duty desk i’ve
ever owned
i’m a huge fan of the magnetic magpad
now it wasn’t the easiest thing to line
up and get just right but once it was on
it was perfect i’ll never need a mouse
pad again just listen to that magnetic
i’m sure you’ve already seen them half a
dozen times but the magnetic cable
anchors are absolutely genius and having
the flexibility of being able to place
them wherever you want brings total
customization to your setup
phones headsets controllers whatever you
need to charge is just an anchor away
you won’t need to worry about a messy
setup with the foldable rear deck where
you can run all of your cables and cords
to ensure a neat and professional
at the time of this video the rgb strip
is currently sold out so for now i’ve
ran an led rgb strip inside the cable
management space which honestly doesn’t
look as good as the secret lamp strip
probably will but it’ll have to do for
taking a look at the back legs we have
your magnetic bumpers which keep the
desk from scraping your walls and are as
easy as lifting them off of the legs and
placing them wherever you like
we then have your magnetic sheaths which
hide any cables running down to your
wall outlet and snap on much like all
the other accessories into place with
and finally should you need to access
your cable management tray from below
you have this magnetic door that allows
you the freedom to do so
so there you have it a complete tank of
a desk fully equipped with a magnetic
modular design no other desk on the
market can compete with what could make
this desk even better how about a secret
lab titan evo 2022 with a matching
design to complete the setup from the
matching red stitching on the stealth
mag pad that perfectly matches the red
stitching on the chair
to the same gold letters that can be
found on both the desk and the chair to
the way the arm rests at their max
height perfectly aligned with the height
of the desk making your user experience
as comfortable as possible
i’ve totally become a fan of secret lab
and can’t wait to show you guys my full
super secret lab gaming setup coming
soon now that’s going to do it for today
so until next time thank you for
watching stay tuned and have a great day

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