Sena 3s Plus Universal Bluetooth Intercom Review – Cheap Motorcycle Intercom? Music Intercom.

A couple of people have asked me about 
what motorcycle intercom system i use  
if any so here it is.
Good afternoon Youtube and welcome back to the 
channel. Sena 3s Plus Universal stay tuned.  
I bought this Sena Intercom very recently 
which is why i still have the box. Now what  
i really like about it is its simplicity 
and how it’s quite streamlined you’ve got  
a plus and a minus button which are easy 
enough to control with motorcycle gloves,  
you’ve got two speakers obviously and two 
different types of boom mic that you can use  
for phone calls or if you want to connect via 
bluetooth to other Himalayan motorcycle riders.  
At the back here we also have the little usb jack. 
There’s another Sena 3s plus that’s got a boom mic  
without the controller and the controls are on 
the stem itself. Of course this is not the first  
intercom or sound system that i’ve ever owned but 
very recently I had one where the battery stopped  
working on it and it was a Chinese model i don’t 
remember exactly what the name of this thing was  
sh.te com.. disclaimer may explode or 
electrocute the rider when it rains.  
So i figured this time round i would

buy myself 
and my Royal Enfield a brand name either a Sena  
or a Cardo intercom but at the same time i didn’t 
want to spend a fortune on this and that’s because  
the majority of these intercom systems have got a 
whole bunch of features which if i’m being honest  
i don’t really use, if you’re the type of rider 
who is very sociable and you like to ride in  
large groups and perhaps you’re touring or maybe 
you’re riding your motorcycle with other people  
and you want to stay in constant contact with 
each other. What’s that James? You took a left  
at the fox and hounds i told you to take a right 
mate! Foxtrot Oscar over! Then i would have to  
say that this Sena 3s Plus system is not for you. 
Goodbye. You can only connect to one other rider  
at a time and the range is only 400 meters on the 
other hand if you are a little bit more like me..
Then this system is probably perfect for 
you. I guess what i’m really saying is  
i don’t ride motorcycles to have 
conversations with other people  
unless it’s you guys of course it might sound a 
little bit cliche but for me that’s what riding  
a motorcycle is all about i don’t really want 
to be thinking about other people and where they  
are and what they’re doing i’m more interested 
in the open road looking at the scenery being  
alone with my own thoughts and maybe sometimes 
just having a little bit of music on the go.  
When we look at this Sena 3s intercom system one 
of the first things you notice and certainly one  
of the things i like most about it is just 
how small it is especially on the side of  
the helmet the benefit for me is just how simple 
it is to use and how intuitive it is. A lot of  
other systems on the market may well be larger but 
they’ve also got small buttons or you know weird  
toggles and stuff like that and i find them quite 
difficult to use. When you plug this in the little  
led light will start off initially as being red 
and then once it’s fully charged that light will  
turn blue. The first charge probably takes about 
i would say three and a half hours after that  
two hours forty-five to three hours. Charge it and 
that’ll give you a run time for about eight hours.  
I made use of the fact that this helmet is already 
set up for a Nolan N-Com system so i was able to  
put this basically in its place without cutting 
anything i also downloaded the Sena App on my  
phone and then i updated the software. You want to 
just hold the plus and the minus button together  
the system will power on and it will 
tell you the status of the battery.  
Hello battery high. It’ll either be battery 
high battery medium or battery low and then  
it will automatically connect to whichever device 
is in range that you’ve paired with the headset.
Of course the most obvious use for the plus and 
the minus buttons is for volume you know if you’re  
listening to music for example press the plus turn 
the music up, the minus and turn the music back  
down again. So for me personally i feel that the 
quality of the music coming through these speakers  
is very good or it’s certainly good enough of 
course at 70 miles an hour it can be a little  
bit more difficult to listen to music especially 
with the wind noise and things like that but guys  
i never ride without some kind of ear protection 
either and i use these Alpine moto safe earplugs  
and the alpine motosafe earplugs are really good 
because they block out a lot of the wind noise,  
that rumble that you don’t really want but 
they still allow you to have conversations  
or listen to music for example. Everything that 
you need for the install is in the box so you  
have a selection of the two separate mics there 
you’ve got the boom mic and a little button mic,  
you have little velcro pads and you’ve got 3m 
sticky tape as well well. For most helmets the  
installation of this is going to be really simple 
with this Nolan Helmet here there’s plenty of room  
to run the wiring and it’s also got speakers or 
cut outs for speakers already in the helmet which  
actually fit exactly so i didn’t need to modify 
anything and because it doesn’t have a whole bunch  
of buttons on there it’s really simple to scroll 
through the menu to find the settings you need  
or to get the device to do what you need 
it to do. Phone pairing.. configuration,  
second mobile phone pairing, gps 
pairing, delete all pairings,  
universal intercom pairing, factory reset, exit. 
Overall the installation of this took probably  
less than 10 minutes for me and i decided to use 
the little button mic rather than the boom mic  
you know for the the very odd occasion i might 
find myself paired up with another rider or maybe  
using the voice commands for satnav for example. 
Direct me to Stirling! All right Stirling.  
Or you know taking a phone call. The Sena 
microphones have got noise cancelling built  
into them as well which is not unusual for these 
systems but that just means that it’s easier for  
people to hear you clearly even if you’re on the 
move. So i guess you could say so far so good but  
there is a negative i mean it’s only a tiny thing 
and that is that you can’t use it and charge it at  
the same time in other words i can’t plug it in 
whilst i’m riding the Himalayan Motorcycle and  
charge it and still listen to music at the same 
time. Play music! Playing on youtube music. Having  
said that you’re going to get a good eight hours 
out of this before you need to recharge it. If you  
need a system where you’re predominantly listening 
to music, maybe you take the odd phone call or you  
use it for voice commands for you know satnav and 
phones. Call voicemail! Calling voicemail. But you  
want a quality brand name that’s not gonna bust 
the bank then i think Sena 3s Plus is probably  
the right bluetooth intercom for you especially 
if you’re not the type of rider who needs to speak  
to you know tons of different riders whilst you’re 
out on the road. Hang on a minute Jimmy! Goodbye!
See you on my next Royal Enfield 
Himlayan Motorcycle Adventure.

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