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These are the marinated Tikkas and skewers Kabab on Skewers
Actually this is not a Shahzad restaurant but Shahrzad Restaurant
Make three Tikkas, Leg piece?
Tikka’ss Masalas is very good
fully juicy
Asalam o Alaikum viewers, welcome back to my youtube channel.
today I am going to give a very good review of Shahrzad Restaurant
it’s specialty is Tikka
so, let go inside then will see what is the scene
Shahrzad Restaurant is situated on Tahlia road
I will put its location in video’s description
you can get it from there. lets see inside
Asalam o Alaikum, how r u, fine, family inside..
These are the marinated Tikkas and skewers Kabab on Skewers
and who is making the Tikkas his name is Nasir bhai
he is very old here, before his father was here
How are you, ALHAMDULILLAH fine
this is family section and you can put separator if you want so
so we come to Shahrzad Restaurant
Make 3 Tikkas 2 chest and 1 leg
as well as 2 channey ki daal and 1 saag
Actually this is not a Shahzad restaurant but Shahrzad Restaurant
the specialty of this restaurant is Tikka
we are coming over here since last 10

years and eating Tikkas
Mutton biryani also very good as well
you must come and try, I will recommend this
but really you cannot find this type of Tikka in whole Jeddah
My Uncle Mr. Ameer Uddin (Late), ALLAH Tala bless him a higher place in Jannah
he told us about this restaurant
we usually come here for eating Tikka
if you still not visited over here then you must come with your family
family section is on backside
and the front side for bachelors
just food will come and give you review
if anyone like to eat spicy 1 then you can tell to waiter that make your tikka with double maslaa
sometime we eat double masala sometime single masla
now we ordered single masala
they provide delicious free of cost salad
The Raite is also very awesome
Channa daal is complementary with Tikka
its up to you what do want Daal, Saag etc
we ordered Daal Chana and Daal Mash
its Masala is very good
very juicy
if you would eat other place’s tikka they make very dry type
but this 1 very juicy
Chef Nasir make this
before his father make and now he make
father transferred his skills
he make very delicious
his video I already showed in start
lets eat then tell you
veryyyy softtttttt
dip in raita 1st
fully Karachi style Roti (Bread)
when you eat then you recall Karachi’s Roti
the taste of this bread is here
its very delicious
whenever any guest come from Karachi or Pakistan
who come for Umrah so we bring them over here
because in Makkah food are not delicious
due to too much crowed
when they eat from Jeddah so their heart become happy
that they get very good food after 10 to 15 days
any how I finish my Tikka
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INSHALLAH see you in some next video and restaurant

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