Shamshera movie review l could have been great!!

the movie starts with a brief intro of the 
Khameran tribe and how they end up in Kaza.  
they are oppressed by the upper cast and out of 
desperation they turn into a dacoit and loot the  
upper caste in kaza one day they are tricked 
and enslaved by the wicked Sudh sing portrayed  
by Sanjay Dutt. the movie is all about the 
journey to get back their freedom welcome  
to the lens and here’s what we think they 
could have done to make it a better one  
the movie starts on a high note and it will keep 
you captivated for half an hour after that it’s  
bit dragged on especially with a few too many 
songs i could never understand the need for so  
many songs in a movie i would prefer two or three 
but make it count the main attraction of the movie  
lies in Khameran doing the loot but attention 
to details is lacking we wanted to see how did  
they pull off a heist the reason why the famous tv 
show “money heist” was hit was because they were  
so good in showcasing how the heist happened 
they were able to show every minor details  
with perfection here even the big heist like 
stealing the queen’s crown happens just like that

obviously this one needed major planning and 
top execution and if they had explained it  
it would have been visually more pleasing the 
background effect do not match the emotions  
the movie wanted to portray for example there 
was a moment when Bali learned about his father  
samsara this would have been a goosebump 
moments for the audience if the background  
score has done the effects it was supposed to 
do the connection to the crows in the movie  
was bit of head scratcher how did they manage to 
tame crews a bit of explanation and a background  
study would have helped this movie needed a lot 
of action scenes but they were very minimal the  
climax fight should have been thought more 
deeply and crafted better it would have  
left a lasting impression on the audience 
had they managed to pull off a better one  
Sanjay Dutt is not as scary as we thought he would 
be he was scary as hell in Agnipath Kancha Chena  
but here his acting is bit average reminds me the 
role that he played in Prithviraj. vani kapoor is  
a dancer in the movie and that part she has done 
aptly her acting is bit rusty but then again she  
doesn’t have that much bigger of a role ranbir 
kapoor has done the brilliant job he has put his  
soul into the movie having said all of these 
the movie is not as bad as people are saying  
this would have fared much better had it been 
released two or three years ago movies like pushpa  
kgf and rrr has changed our taste and which is 
why the movie may not sit well with the audience

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