Shingeki No Kyojin Temporada 3 Parte 1 Análisis/Review.

Part 2 of Season 3 from Attack on Titan has ended, and with it, the entire Season.
We have enjoyed shocking moments and revelations around the plot and the world of attack on Titan, that changed our perspective on the story.
As a great fan of this story, and buyer of the manga, i was eager to see how WIT Studio handled 2 of the best arcs in this story.
And as the great fan that i am, i decided to make this video, to give my personal opinion regarding Season 3 in general.
Of the Things i loved. And the things i did not loved so much.
Lets not waste any more time, and lest get to it, starting with part 1
The first part of the anime, covers the arc known as “The Uprising”.
This arc covers from chapter 51, to chapter 72 of the manga.
In this part of the story, loved by many, and hated by many more, the plot Works around the monarchy inside the walls wanting to kill Eren and the survey corps, after the revelation of the identities from the Colossal and Armored Titan and Erens rescue.
It is like this, that in this part of the story, that Attack on Titan experiments a massive change in the plot, leaving Titans and action aside for a more political plot filled with dialog.
It is showed to us a massive change in the

in the view point of the protagonists, as well the survey corps, because not too long ago, we believed that Armin, Mikasa, Eren and the rest, were, to say it lightly, “The good ones in this story”,
but thanks to this arc, we see that there is no such thing as that, every side fights for what they believe is right and to defend peace in its own way.
All this development is perfectly showcased thanks to the addition of some grey moral scenes, such as the torture made by Hange and Levi, or the revelation that the Millitary Police, despite being described as “Evil people” and without remorse, they maded all those despicable and repulsive actions for the simple fact that they believed in the monarchy and the peace inside the walls.
It is thanks to Erwins Smith Coup and the subsequent revelation about key elements around the Attack On Titan world, that this arc is easily, one of my favourites in the manga.
But, how Wit handled the adaptation of this arc? How good was their adaptation from this part of the story? Lets begin with what i like the most about this adaptation made by WIT Studio.
From the very begining, i knew this part of the story would be more complicted to adapt than the rest of the series.
Mainly because of the fact that that the pace from this part is completly different, just like the style, wich was more focused on heavy dialog and less action.
I had my doubts regarding how WIT Studio would adapt this part of the story,
and it was not until a few weeks before the first episode, that the author and maker of the whole Attack On Titan universe, Hajime Isayama, talked in his Twitter and numerous interviews, explaining that the story would have big changes in comparison with the manga versión.
Hajime Isayama stated, that this was in fact, because he did not liked how the manga version was done, and for that reason, he was working along side WIT Studio to make a better version from his view point.
I need to make myself clear, that after hearing this words, i was kinda worried about the quality of the adaptation, because from my point of view, the manga version of the Uprising Arc, was flawless. It felt like fresh air for the series, as well as a more mature plot with long and important dialogs.
It was not until the first episode was out, that us, the manga readers, noticed how WIT Studio literally changed the entire order of the story.
Showing Kenny Ackerman itself at the end of the first episode, when in the manga, he made his first appearance when Historia explained her backstory to the new Levi squad.
Now, leaving this aside, i will comment the things that i loved about this first part.
There is no better way to start, that talking about the animation itself, and this one had, as expected from WIT Studio,
a fantastic quality and it was superb in all episodes, specially, the scene where Levi flees Kennys Ackerman men, wich is from my point of view, the best animated and directed scene from WIT Studio,
and i still remember the emotions i felt after watching that scene, a true piece of art indeed.
Regarding the animation topic, lets talk about the use of CGI, or “Special 3D effects” for those who does not know what CGI means.
And talking about CGI, i need to let this clear, that this first part of the season has the best CGI.
This can be easily noticed in Rod Reiss Titan, showcasing a very smooth 3D animation that i dont have anything to complain about.
All this, mixed with the beautiful 2D art, make the whole animation part being totally outstanding.
Another thing that i loved, was, of course, the original soundtrack. Hiroyuki Sawano is commonly known with the famous nickname “The Japanese Hans Zimmer”.
And in this part, he makes very clear that his nickname it is not something people actually came up randomly. The themes made by Sawano for this part of the story, are very different to the rest of the themes we were used to in the series.
For example, the themes of Rod Reiss, The Founding Titan or Historias coronation, gives a fresh feeling but without going out from the usual “Attack on Titan standars”.
And i also need to add, that the action themes are also something to be aware of, like for example, Kennys Ackerman, Levis chase or Rod Reiss Titan themes.
I can hardly say more about the OST, and this is because, from my view point, Sawano always has made an excellent and beautiful job, and in this ocasion, it is just the same.
I will proceed now with the outstanding job from the voice actors who gives life to all the characters.
And in this part of the job, everyone involved here, and when i saw everyone, i really mean EVERYONE, did a magnificent job.
From the amazing voice of Kenny Ackerman, to Rod Reiss and Sannes voices. The new casting of voice actors for the new characters was simply perfect,
and i do not have anything negative to add to this section.
I would like to point out tho, is the scene wich impacted me the most regarding voice acting.
That scene is, without a doubt, when Eren finds out about his father sins, that he is no one special in life, and he begs Historia to turn into a Titan and devour him to give back the Founding Titan to the Reiss family.
The work made by the voice actor, Yuki Kaji, who voices Eren Yeager, did a perfomance out of this world. One of the best actings i had the pleasure to witness.
And as expected, the voice acting section in this part of the story was more tan outstanding, nothing to complain here.
After talking about this, the time has come where i explain the things i did not enjoy from the adaptation,
and despite all the good things i mentioned before, this adaptation has bad things too,
and they are very important from my point of view.
There is numerous problems that i would love to talk about them,
like for example, that the battle between the Titans of Grisha Yeager and Frieda Reiss, in episode 6, had a mediocre animation for WIT Studio quality standars.
The art in this scene, is no way near to be as good as the one made by Hajime Isayama in the manga,
you simply can not compare the impact of the art in both medias.
I know how all the animation process Works, and it is extremly hard to maintain a consistent level of quality in animation and art in each frame,
but from my point of view, they should have dedicated more time and resources to this part of the story, because this battle, despite being extremely fast, is a very important moment inside Attack on Titan story.
It is so important, that if this scene never happened in the first place, the entire Attack On Titan story would have been something completly different.
So, from my point of view, it would have been better to show more emphasis in this moment, than for example, Levis chase scene,
that despite not being an important moment in the big scheme of things, it ended up getting a god-tier animation.
But this mistake, is nothing compared to the one i am about to say.
My biggest problem with this adaptation, is no other than the story and the pace in the 12 episodes made for this part of the season.
The greatest fail here, is the simple fact on how WIT Studio simplified the first part of the Uprising Arc, also known as, The coup d’etat.
In fact, it is so simplified, that the anime takes no more than 5 episodes, to end the most extentensive and interesting part of this arc, leaving the remaining 7 episodes, to the second part of the arc.
Despite a lot of fans, including the autor Hajime Isayama, does not find this a problem at all, from my point of view, IT IS.
Scenes like Erens training with his Titan, the discussion between Deemo Reeves and Levi, or the madness of Freida were completly taken out, along with an extreme ammount of dialog between secondary characters in the story,
such as Zacklay, Pyxis, Nile or Deemo, to name a few.
The greatness of this arc, and what it made me fall in love with it, was the simple fact that secondary characters that hardly had any kind of scenes or revelance in the past events,
now they had a big roles to play before the Coup against the monarchy was done, and mold the Attack on Titan story.
And the way WIT Studio handled the first part of this arc, was very simplistic, and from my point of view, it does not give the same politic and mature setting that in the manga is completly present and i love so much.
Being completly honest, that is the only thing i did not enjoyed from this adaptation.
They simplified the story in order to reach fast the second half of the season, where all the true action was.
A lot of people, when they hear this kind of critics, they back up using the fact that Hajime Isayama made all this changes, wich means, that you do not have any right to say what is good or bad if the autor himself maded this changes.
From my perspective, this argument is a complete joke, because despite Hajime Isayama being a complete genius, and i do not complain about his way of writind stories,
it does not change the fact that he is human, and he makes mistakes. In fact, one of his biggest mistakes was regarding the Attack on Titan Live actions movies. This movies had a post apocaliptic modern world, who was actually recommended by Isayama itself to the director Shinji Higuchi, and it was stated like that in an interview with said director.
All the fans agree that the Live Actions were a complete failure. Isayama make mistakes, he is human, and from my point of view, his “Perfected” version of the Uprising arc is no way near to be half as good as the manga version. That is, my honest opinión.
However, i need to give my final thoughts on this first part. Was it a good adaptation? Despite me being complaining about the bad decisions in the plot, i need to say, that OF COURSE IT IS.
An anime adaptation, is more than the story and the pace of it. It is a mix of several arts,
like animation, music and voice acting. And despite the first part of Season 3 not having a good story adaptation from my perspective,
it does not change the fact that the rest of sections are outstanding. And for that, i give a 9 as the final veredict.
WIT Studio made a huge work, and looking at it in general terms, it is a great adaptation that serve to the original purpose, wich is entertaining the viewer.
Leaving this aside, if you are a big fan of Attack on Titan, and you did not read the manga, i recommend you to read this arc in the original version, so you can make your own judgment from that.
This is it for me. I hope you have enjoyed my personal opinion and review regarding the first part of the third season, and i will see you guys, on the second part. See ya.

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