'Should have never happened' | Houston police to review sexual assault cases that had been suspended

Thank you. New tonight. The Houston Police Department announces it is assigning a team of investigators to reopen adult sexual assault cases that had been suspended due to staffing issues. Maria Aguilera in the newsroom tonight with a story that broke just a few hours ago. Maria Lenn. Chief Troy Finner made this announcement just over three hours ago. He says these cases never should have been put on hold in the first place. Unacceptable. That’s what Houston Police Chief, Troy Finner is saying tonight about a decision made by someone within his department to suspend investigation into a quote

significant number of adult sexual assault cases due to a lack of personnel. The chief saying tonight sexual assaults are some of the most traumatic crimes for victims and their families. The chief went on to say he’s tapped a team of investigators to review those cases and he’s planning to permanently beef up the department’s Special Victims Division to prevent this from happening. Again. The news comes just hours after KO 11 began asking questions following tips that the department had shelved thousands of sexual assault investigations. Dating back to 2021 tonight. HPD would not answer any new questions

instead referring us to the chief statement and promising more information next week. But in a memo sent to HPD employees obtained by

Khou 11 dated February 8th. We learned the department’s Special Victims Division has been recruiting investigators from across the department for a special overtime program to assist the adult sex crimes unit. Tonight, we also reached out to Houston Mayor John Whitmire office. He of course touted public safety throughout his campaign. So far, his office has not responded to our request for comment back to you. We’ll take it from here. Thank you, Maria.

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