Showmax Review – BEST WAY to LIVESTREAM on Mobile!

So on the app, you get access to Supersport,
HBO, ABC, BBC, Nickelodeon, NickJr, Boomerang,
Cartoon Network and that’s just a few, if
you’re a fan you also get to LIVE Stream
the Big Brother Naija show and the subscription
starts at 1,500 that’s like $3.
Hey what’s up guys, it’s Fisayo here and
this video is all about the Showmax app, and
in 5 steps, I’m going to show you exactly
how to get started with it, the plans, how
to use the app and everything in between without
further ado, let’s get to it.
SHOWMAX: What is it and How do you get it?
First things first, a brief intro, what is
Showmax and how do you get it?
Showmax is basically an online streaming service,
you get to watch Unlimited series, movies,
their own Showmax Originals, Kids shows, sports,
many live shows like news channels and a national
favorite Big Brother Naija.
You can Stream on Showmax or download and
watch content on here from an Android, Apple
Device (your iPhones/iPads) a Laptop, Smart
TV, Gaming Console, Media box and even DStv
Explora for which it depends on your DSTV
Some Showmax plans lets you watch on mobile
only or on multiple devices based on your
preference and we’ll touch on that later.
Now, how do you get the app?
In order to get the app, you can just visit
the App Store of your chosen platforms.
I’ll go ahead and leave the links to the
apple app store and google playstore in the
description since many people would probably
be watching it there any way.
PLANS: Which Plan should you go for?
In terms of the payment plans now.
if you want to try it risk free, you can do
a 14 day free trial on the app.
As I mentioned some Showmax plans are either
Showmax Pro or Showmax.
And each one is mobile only or multiple device
Hence, there are 4 Plans, 2 of each.
Let me explain, the first plan is Showmax
Mobile, 1,450 Naira per month and you only
register on one mobile device which you of
course can watch anywhere, and you can also
download and save your data.
The second plan is Showmax, 2,900 Naira per
month and you get to watch on multiple devices,
5 of them and you can stream on 2 devices
at the same time.
You also get HD quality.
The 3rd plan is Showmax Pro Mobile, 3,200
naira per month which now gets you access
to sports and 24-hour news, and as the name
mobile comes into play, you get to register
on only 1 mobile device, you can watch on
that one device anywhere and you can also
download and save your data.
Lastly, you get Showmax Pro, which is the
one I subscribed to, it’s 6,300 Naira per
month plan and now you get access to all of
showmax’s services, sports, series, movies,
kids’ shows and everything in between on
multiple devices, that’s 5 devices and you
get to stream on 2 devices at the same time.
For sports from SuperSport, you get access
to their Football content, Premier League,
LaLiga etc, Mororsport, Tennis, Athletics,
Running Cycling, Boxing and more.
Also as a disclaimer, free trial doesn’t
have access to sports shows due to licensing.
PAYMENT: How can you pay?
Now, how do you pay?
When you click upgrade, it takes you to the
payment method page.
You can either pay with a credit card or a
debit card and for other options, you can
Pay with a voucher or promo code and lastly,
if you have the DSTV explorer, that’s an
option too.
Once payment is confirmed, they send you an
email confirmation, and you’re done.
USAGE: Streaming
In order to use the app, Showmax recommends
you have internet with at least 5 – 10Mbps,
and you get to use either WiFi or Mobile Data.
When live streaming, you get to choose between
maximum, medium, low or minimum quality.
For maximum, you use unlimited data, for medium,
you use 700mb per hour data, for low, you
use 300mb per hour and for minimum you use
100mb per hour but keep in mind you get lower
video qualify the lower you go.
If you want to take it further with said your
data, you can simply go into settings and
Cap your bandwidth or change your data usage
Depending on your internet quality, you will
enjoy the live-streaming service as it goes.
Do note however that live streaming may not
work on some devices like older gaming consoles
or some smart TVs though so that’s something
to take note of.
Account & Navigation
When you check the bottom navigation bar,
you see the home section which has all of
the options, Showmax’s highlighted shows,
Big Brother Naija, Trending shows, Recently
Added and All sorts of Categories and Genres,
The next item on the bottom navigation is
the Series button, and movies which are pretty
much self explanatory.
You get to see All sections from Hollywood,
to Nollywood to Bollywood and more.
And then you get the Genres or Sub Genres.
Essentially you have access to new and Classic
Movies and Series, Sports and Kids shows.
You can either watch them or just add to your
watch list
Clicking on more shows you some other highlighted
categories and your downloads, you watch lists
and if you invite a friend, you both get 1
week for free.
This is where you also get access to your
account and the app’s settings and lastly,
if I’m on any page, I get to change my profile,
and as you can see from the colored circles,
I have access to add 5 profiles since I’m
on the pro plan and not the mobile only plan.
One of such profiles is the Kids profile,
Teens and Adult.
For the Kids profile, you get to watch or
let your kids watch kids’ shows, movies
etcetera, let’s face it, If you’re old,
like me, you can also watch Madagascar from
Start to Finish or Use the search Feature
for Anything else you’d like to watch and
this is also available on the non-kids profile.
I also noticed that to set up a Kids profile,
there are different sections.
7-9 and 10-12 years old and this is for personalized
Showmax is owned by Multichoice which also
owns DSTv and as I mentioned before, you can
use a DSTv Explora to stream or if you just
want to pay for a service without using DSTv,
you can also try their normal plans.
That’s pretty much it from me about the
Showmax app.
I tried to cover as much as I could on this
app and of course share all of the details.
Let me know in the comments, do you use Showmax
or have you considered using it?
Let me know and if you found this video useful,
you can hit the like button and can also hit
the subscribe button and turn on notifications
so you’ll be the first to know when I put
out a new video.
Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you
guys, in the next video.

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