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– Hello beautiful creatures. Welcome back to my channel, “Phyrra.” If you’re new here, my name’s Cordelia and I love bright and colorful alternative makeup, Gothic fashion, mental health and lifestyle. So if you wanna be talking about these things please reach sure to click that little subscribe button down below. And don’t forget to ring that bell. So today’s video is about one of my all-time favorite superstar handmade indie brands, Silk Naturals. This is not a sponsored video this is a video based on love. I first found Silk Naturals in January of 2010. I have received PR

from Silk Naturals in the past and this video is going to feature a mix of products purchased by me as well as some PR. But let me tell you a little bit about Silk Naturals. Silk Naturals was founded in 2006 by Karen Stark and she created the brand because she couldn’t find the makeup that she was looking for when she was out shopping. She has, I think, like allergies that made wearing a lot of the makeup that you can find in stores just not compatible with her skin. As I mentioned, I first featured Silk Naturals

on my blog back in January of 2010, so it’s been like 13 years. And I did an interview with Karen from Silk Naturals in August of 2011. If you’re

interested in that I’ll put a link in the description box below for you to check out that independent spotlight. Many moons ago I would do a monthly feature on my blog called, “Independent Spotlight” where I would interview different indie brands. Two of the things that I love the most about Karen, number one, is that she loves lipsticks as much as I do. And number two is that

she finds her inspiration from real people. So people that come into her store or people that she sees when she’s out and about that’s who she creates colors for and I think that’s fantastic. So everything that Silk Naturals does is basically aimed at giving you the customer, the best experience possible. They put a lot of time and energy into researching ingredients, into reading studies to figure out what’s gonna make the best combination for products. And then they do rigorous testing, sometimes six months or up to a year for different products. So they put a lot

of time and effort into making sure that their products are stable and high quality, which I really appreciate. They sell about, I’d say 400 different products from so many different eyeshadows and matte satin Shimmer, glitter, duo chrome and multi chrome formula. So you can find the whole range there. They also make a lot of different types of lipsticks. I personally love their Velvet Matte lipstick line. I think that it is fantastic. They also sell like a solid lip gloss, I think they’re called they’re, “Slicker sticks” something like that. And they are a great product if

you like, just a little bit of gloss, but you don’t want the gloss to come off on your teeth, which is what happens to me almost all the time when I wear a gloss. But they don’t stop at makeup. They also make hair products and they make skincare products and I really appreciate that. I really love their skincare products and they seem to have haircare options too but I haven’t tried those. So the way that I found Silk Naturals is that they sometimes create shades that are very similar to popular shades that you might find

at Mac or Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown. Only they’re made without talc or any filler ingredients. And so if you’re somebody who has really sensitive eyes or skin, you’re sensitive to a lot of ingredients. These are less likely to be reactive for you. They’ve created like palettes inspired by different palettes from Urban Decay such as like the Naked3, Jeffree Starr and Anastasia of Beverly Hills with the Subculture palette. So basically they do their own thing and they also create color stories that may also be of interest to people who don’t wanna support those brands. Silk

Naturals is 100% handmade and in addition to being handmade, they’re also cruelty free and most of their products are vegan. If you follow them on Instagram or on TikTok you can see them doing a lot of behind the scenes. I am not on TikTok for mental health reasons but I am on Instagram. So I really do love seeing their behind the scenes and their swatches and I often share them on my Instagram stories as well. One of the biggest selling points for Silk Naturals like so many great indie brands, is that they are very affordable

but their products are high quality. And I wanna give you an example of just how affordable they are especially if you look at like drugstore pricing. So their lip stains and cream blushes are $4.50 each. Their gloss sticks and their loose eyeshadows are $4.95 each. Their superfruit lip mask which is what I’m using to combat my dry lips these days is only $5.95. Their bronzers and their cream eyebrow products are $6.50. Their velvet matte lipsticks and their powder blushes are $6.99. Their glow powders are $7.50 and their finishing powders are $9.95. Their powder foundation, it’s

a loose powder, is $11.95. And finally they make cream foundation, which is $11.95. And just to give you a little bit of pricing information about their skincare. Their cleansers are $10.99, their serums range in price from $9.99 to $34.99 based on like what the ingredients are and what you’re getting. Their moisturizers are from $12.99 to $19.99. One of the things I love the most about when you’re looking at their skincare products page is they talk about each individual ingredient, why they’re using it, what the clinical studies show for it and how it performs. So I

really like being able to understand what’s in the product that I’m putting on my face and if it’s going to work for me or not, because I look for specific ingredients. As an example, I often look for Shea butter because my skin loves Shea butter. It’s just not something that everybody’s skin loves but my skin absolutely love it. I also do really well with squalane and vitamin C, Bakuchiol oil, like different things I know that my skin really likes so I gravitate towards. And I literally don’t know of another company that has a section on

their website called “Pregnancy Safe Options” for their skincare which is apparently something very important. I know that if you are pregnant there are certain products you’re not supposed to use in your skin. So I love that they made it easy for people who get pregnant to be able to look at skincare and decide if they can use this or not. So as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been reviewing them for the past 13 years and love them. So my blog is filled with 22 pages of different features of their products. So if you wanna check those out

I will put a link in my description box down below so you can check out everything that that I’ve tagged as a Silk Naturals feature. I will say that I find a lot of the blushes on their site to be more geared towards warm tone individuals. As I am somebody who’s very cool toned I really prefer to have very, very cool tone blushes on my skin. Okay, so I’m gonna insert swatches of my Silk Naturals loose eyeshadows for you to check out. I’m not gonna read through all of the descriptions of all of the colors,

but I wanted you to get a look at them. And I have, I don’t know, I think 30 some eyeshadows swatched here on my arm in this really cute mermaid swatch stencils. And I just think they look really pretty. (ambient music) (ambient music continues) (ambient music continues) (ambient music continues) (ambient music continues) I am gonna insert swatches now of my Silk Naturals cheek products. These are loose powder highlighters, cream highlighter, loose powder blush and cream blushes. You can see how warm some of these colors look on me. (ambient music) (ambient music continues) (ambient music continues)

And finally, I’m gonna insert swatches of my Silk Natural’s lipsticks. These are so beautiful. I love “Genre” and “Fearless” so much. And in the video today I’m actually wearing “Ink” with Terra Moon’s “Fractal Abyss” gloss on top. (ambient music) (ambient music continues) So back in 2013, Karen from Silk Naturals created an eyeshadow just for me. It’s called “Siobhan” and it’s this sort of reddish plummy purple with shimmer and I’m using it as the main color in my eyeshadow look today. I love this color and think it’s absolutely amazing. It looks great with colors from Silk

Naturals like “Stinger” and “Boss” and “Mermaid” and “Wizkid,” like those are my picks for colors to go with it. I personally would love to see Silk Naturals create a very cool blue toned red with like a lit from within glow because I’m obsessed with lit from within glows for blushes. And I’m looking for all the cool tone colors that I can possibly find. Don’t sleep on trying their velvet matte lipsticks or their eyeshadows just because they’re loose. If you’re unsure of the best way to use loose eyeshadow I can film another tutorial for you on

it. But for now I’m gonna insert a link to one of my older videos where I show how to use loose eyeshadow. But the best thing I can tell you is you don’t really need a lot of product. You just put a little bit of product into the lid and then you pick it up on your brush. If you tap off any excess, like, if you go like this, you can tap off excess. And if you wanna make the color even more impactful just spritz it with like something like I use Urban Decay’s “All Nighter”

because that’s what my eyes are fine with but you can use water or whatever. I prefer to use a setting spray and it will look beautiful. Ooh, one of the things I did wanna point out is because Silk Naturals is making products for everyday women, real women they do have a lot of one and done eyeshadow colors which are great if you’re just looking for something that’s easy to slap on when you’re doing like a three to five minute makeup look. So I would definitely check those out. Another thing that I love about their website

and I’m gonna insert a photo for you, to check it out is how they have all of their color descriptions. So they go through a process and they tell you what color family the color belongs to, the depth, the shimmer, the finish all of these different things so that you can gauge whether or not the product is going to work for you. I personally love all of that kind of stuff. I think that is great. And I’ve never seen another website that does that. Oh, and of course they also will tell you if the product

is vegan or gluten free. One of the best things about Silk Naturals is that they have never been involved in any online drama or anything like that. They’ve always just been a great brand. They take constructive criticism well, they take feedback. They actually solicit feedback from people and they’re just really, really great to shop with. It’s always been a very positive experience. Anytime I have ever had an issue they have the most impeccable customer service. Not that long ago I ordered a serum from them and I couldn’t get the serum to come through the pump

because they used these awesome airless pump jars or airless, yeah airless pump jars for their packaging or bottles, not jars, sorry. And I couldn’t get the serum to come out. And I contacted them and they said that they had actually had to change the manufacturers for the pumps because supply chain issues in the past several years. They sent me like a replacement pump so I could fix it. They also sent me another serum and I was just like, “That is so kind of you.” Like totally didn’t expect it. I was very happy that they solved

my problem and that’s just the kind of customer service that I’ve experienced with them over the years, which has been fantastic. So if you were looking to check out a new to you handmade indie makeup brand I highly recommend checking out Silk Naturals. It will be a wonderful experience all over. So what do you think of Silk Naturals? Have you tried them? Please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching my friends. I really appreciate it. And if you like this video, please share it. It

helps me out. Thank you so much, I love you and I’ll see you next time, bye.

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