Simple Truth Risotto Meal Review Prepper Pantry Food Choices

simple truth risotto Bug Out Bag Meal Ideas Simple Truth Risotto Review Prepper Pantry Food Choices hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I like to try new foods for my prepper pantry bug out bag long term food storage stockpile one of the foods I want to try today is Simple Truth quick cook Risotto tomato basil with black olives
Review Prepper Pantry Food Choices I like the little meal packets because they are so simple they are usually already prepared meals in a pouch MRE ready to eat serve they can live in your prepper pantry food storage stockpile any bug out bag 72 hour kit get home bags have them on hand for simple ready to eat meals this simple truth quick cook risotto is a little bit different because you need to add 1/3 of a cup of water but it is mostly already prepared cooked food usually this type of meal in a pouch is already fully prepared you just have to heat it up to eat it or if you couldn’t heat it up they are already fully cooked so you could eat it right out of the pouch this ready to eat meal does require that you add 1/3 cup water before you cook it in the microwave so it is still already prepared but the water is

going to help fluff up the risotto and help it be a little bit better texture give it more moisture the simple truth quick cook risotto is nonGMO you can read the nutritional facts on the back one pouch equals 48- calories so that is a substantially filling meal the ingredients start with par boiled rice tomato sauce tomatoes water cream and more it does have milk dairy if you have allergies always read the ingredients an interesting fact about the Simple Truth risotto it is a product of France but distributed by Kroger the simple truth risotto comes in a heavy duty pouch like most of these easy to heat ready to eat meals see through the bottom what the meal food looks like when you want to prepare the simple truth risotto pouch meal it is a little bit different squeeze the pouch to separate the grains tear it completely open add 1/3 cup of water microwave Simple Truth risotto for 90 seconds let it stand 30 seconds fluff with a fork pour it out on a plate or eat it from the pouch see there is a lot of food in this simple truth risotto pouch meal it is a very nice full filling meal you could split the simple truth risotto meal pouch in half for 240 calories share it with another person but you might want to add something else to eat so you each had a full meal let me fluff it up and taste it surprisingly it has a very strong black olive flavor which is not one of my favorite flavors if you like black olives you might love this I am a huge fan of tomatoes and basil so the olive is a little off putting to me but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good olives are just not my favorite flavor but it does clearly state on the package that it has black olives simple truth quick and easy risotto is a quick filling meal it is not my actual favorite so will I buy it again probably not but I will certainly recommend it to others if you like the taste of tomato basil and olives I believe they have other flavors varieties of simple truth quick cook risotto and I will look for those different flavor before I buy it again as with any new food you want to try for your prepper pantry or long term food storage stockpile buy one take it home try it if you like it go back and get more if you don’t like it you haven’t wasted your food storage dollars and prepper pantry space storing foods no one likes or cares to eat keep stockpiling food while it’s readily available the future is uncertain there are shortages in the grocery stores having the food you need on hand is lifestyle insurance that you will have the things you need no matter what the future brings if you like my video I hope you will share it with someone else who might enjoy it please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel prepper prepping youtube channel

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