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Hi I’m Jaz. Welcome or welcome 
back to my channel. Today  
is very exciting. This is the first 
video – episode? Video episode  
in a new series on my channel called 
Under The Spot Hype.
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Okay so Under The Spot Hype basically stemmed 
from me wanting to read and promote and hype up  
books that I don’t think are getting enough hype 
in the book world. Whether that’s like they don’t  
have that many reviews or ratings on goodreads, or 
they might have some but I feel that the general  
vibe is that people aren’t talking about this 
book, if that makes sense. And I want to shine  
a spotlight on them which is why it’s called 
under the spot *hype*. Hope you appreciate the pun.  
So that’s it. They’re going to be a real variety 
– it’s going to be really reflective of my reading  
but it’s just me going a bit more in depth into 
– it’s basically a book review, this is what this  
is, it’s a book review! I want to say a big thank 
you to Sharn from caffeine & commas for designing  
the like fun logo. So, for each one I’ll be able 
to pop a different book in and it’s like under the  

hype – I love it. I literally love it. That 
is under the spot hype – I hope that you enjoy!  
If you have any like feedback on the format 
and things like that, I would love to hear it  
because this is my first series on my channel 
so …
I am here for feedback. Without further ado
I think we should just get straight into it.
I’ve been mulling this idea over for months  
and months and as soon as I read this book 
I was like “that’s the one” like this is the  
one I want to kick start off this series with and 
that is Sitting Pretty: the view from my ordinary  
resilient disabled body by Rebekah Taussig. 
I listened to this on audiobook in December  
and it became one of my favourite non-fictions of 
2020. Um I’ve seen a few people talking about it  
but I really wanted to continue to hype it because 
I think it’s really incredible. Okay so this book  
was published by Harper One in August of 2020, so 
it’s still quite a new release. The audiobook is  
like 7 hours and a bit – 7 hours 33 minutes. 
And the hard cover I think is somewhere in the  
like mid-200 range. So, I don’t usually do 
this for book reviews but I think with this  
book I think it’s really succinctly put so I’m 
going to read out the synopsis that I have here  
for the book. Let me grab – let me grab my laptop.
I think that’s a really good summary of the kind 
of topics that this book branches into and talks  
about. And I think the way that it is written 
and narrated is very accessible – especially  
the audiobook feels very conversational. So, 
I really would recommend it if you are able to  
listen to audiobooks because it’s also narrated 
by Rebekah which is really really excellent.  
So as that sort of mentions, it dives into a 
lot of topics surrounding disability and each  
chapter sort of tackles something different but 
obviously not separate because everything is very  
interlinked. It goes into you know dating whilst 
disabled, trying to find accessible housing um and  
the kind of issues with trying to find accessible 
housing and how few and far between they actually  
are. Whether somewhere says it’s accessible but 
it actually isn’t. I was watching this interview  
and she mentioned that in when trying to find 
accessible housing, one of the adverts labelled  
a house as accessible but then when she got there 
the curb wasn’t lowered which like – you know is  
accessible for some people um but if you’re in 
a wheelchair that’s obviously not accessible.  
Rebekah is a wheelchair user and so it talks about 
the different types of accessibility. As well as  
that, it talks about health insurance and the 
real worries of health insurance and kind of like  
basing your career and your job around the 
fact that you will need health insurance um  
was a really interesting conversation especially 
from like a US perspective um with their health  
insurance. That was really interesting to like 
listen and hear it and learn about. That summary  
also talked about the complications of kindness. 
That whole chapter was so interesting to hear  
what Rebekah had to say – especially when thinking 
about able-bodied people like myself thinking  
you’re trying to help but actually you are really 
not helping. And she very much talked about the  
view of like able-bodied people viewing disabled 
people as people who need your help without  
recognizing at all that disabled people have 
value and they have valuable things to offer  
to the conversation. It also spoke about 
independent dependency and it spoke about  
um this is kind of like interlinked I guess in 
with feminism which it talked about as well,  
and how the narrative within feminism is very 
much focused on “strong independent woman”  
and what does that actually mean? What 
does a strong independent woman mean?  
And she reflected on it in terms of like being 
independent but also needing to be dependent at  
times within herself and within her relationship 
and how actually an independent/dependent  
relationship is very valuable. And in that way 
feminism can be very exclusionary to people that  
might not be able to be independent 100% 
of the time and – actually I have a quote,  
let me grab my laptop. I have a quote from the 
book that kind of spoke about feminism as well. 
I found that whole passage that whole chapter  
so interesting. Within the book um she told a 
story about being in a group of women who were all  
kind of talking about feminism and men and kind 
of she was sort of sat there like “I can’t really  
relate to what you’re saying”. Um and I found that 
really interesting because it’s something I’ve  
not really thought about before that – well 
it’s really obvious like in hindsight – but  
in terms of actively thinking about it, 
obviously every woman has a different experience  
with feminism and that’s why it’s so 
important to have inclusive feminism because not  
every person has the same experience obviously. 
I honestly, I think this book was fantastic. It  
also talked a lot – it had a kind of mix like of 
personal anecdotes with some theory. There was  
also a chapter where Rebekah spoke about teaching 
a disability studies class. And the different  
reactions from students about this class um kind 
of really highlighted like the you know disregard  
of people with disabilities and and the disregard 
of like like any form of like awareness that  
disabilities aren’t always something to be 
cured. And also talking about the fact that  
disabilities can change and like it’s not like 
if you’re currently not disabled you can’t  
become disabled – it’s not a fixed thing. And 
so, the unawareness of students and how they  
would be like “I don’t need this class, it’s 
not for me, it’s not relevant to my life” its  
was like astounding to her. It’s like tough very 
tough listening to it because it’s so frustrating  
to hear people disregard it so easily. So yeah, 
I think overall this is like a fantastic read.  
I hope I’ve convinced you somewhat to maybe pick 
it up. It was a really fantastic read um and it’s  
really one that you should have on your radar if 
it’s not already! I mean it now is because I have  
brought it to your radar if it’s not on your radar 
– what am I saying? Okay – I’ll link below some of  
the interviews I watched with Rebekah Taussig 
as well as obviously her book um. And yeah,  
that is the first episode of Under The Spot Hype. 
Thank you so much for watching. Look out for  
another Under The Spot Hype episode in the future. 
I’m hoping this was like a short concise video  
that was my aim but then I get so passionate 
about books I love and just talk for ages!  
Let me know if you’re interested in reading this 
book. If you’re here and you watched to the end um  
but you’re not in a commenty space – I see you. 
Just leave me a little yellow heart so that I  
know that you’re here! Thank you again 
and I will see you in a new video, bye!

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