SKMEI 1155 Watch – Unboxing and Review | Best Watch Under 500 | Stylish Watch for Men

so you guys might be thinking this
is a cheap chinese watch, this is the Skmei
I know all about this but what we
have in this package right here is
something a little bit more than that
let’s get
it open okay so the first thing you’re
probably going to notice the stunning black
and white theme of the watch
the most
exciting thing about these watches is that
they are super affordable still looks stylish
Let’s take out the watch and place it to the
side .
there’s also a user manual and I also expected
a warranty card but there’s none.
the user manual is all about how to setup
the date and time of the watch, access
its functions like stpwatch but anyone who
used a hybrid watch of any brand could do
all those
within a minute.
Now come to our main product,
the skmei skm 1155 hybrid wrist watch.
we’ve got the black color varient here but
this watch is
available in other colors too like denim blue,
red, grey, black with blue and a lot more.
The watch feels high quality
On the top strap, it is written as sport wtach

/> and shock resistant.
If you have this watch and
if the text is different, maybe someone sent
you a duplicate product.
The watch face is inspired from some expensive
watches made by Casio.
the authenticity also defined in the bottom
strap. if the text is different from green
light, you
may have cheated by the seller.
the bottom plate is made up of stainless steal.
it has got some information about water resistance.
this watch is able to withstand 5 atmospheric
pressure which equals to around 50 meters
of underwater pressure,
the nice thing about this watch is that it
has got 2 led on lights instead of 1
we see in other watches.
the other functions apart from showing the
date and time are stopwatch and
an alarm clock,
this watch is even able to beep every one
hour if you wanted to do so,
Now I’m going to wear this watch to show you
guys how it looks on my hands,
it looks super cool right? at least considering
the affordability of this watch,
Guys don’t be fooled by the duplicate version
of this watch
I will provide links below so you can buy
the original version made be skmei and
not get fooled by some mock up brands.
thank you guys so much for
watching and if you are new around here
it would mean a lot to me if you could
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and as always thanks for watching and im sighning

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