Smart Scalp Massager Review + Demo | Webbing/Tangles?

you’ve seen the unboxing of my smart
scalp massager
today i’m going to show you how i use it
and what i actually
think about this little doohickey here
this smart scalp massager let’s get
right into it
let’s go
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right here now this is a smart scout
i ordered it from for about
38 39
and i ordered it because i need some
right in here and i have to say that i
kind of am noticing something but we’ll
get to that later
i ordered it from amazon so that i can
stimulate my scalp so that i could
possibly get some growth
in my temple area and plus i just wanted
feel how a scalp massage
machine like this would work on my scalp
and so
i ordered it and here we go this is my
first let me show you how it works i’m
going to come
closer so you can see how it works and
then i’m going to
talk a little bit more about how i use
it and my final thoughts about
this little doohickey all right so
let’s come closer so you can see so here
is the smart scalp massager this is how
it looks
it has four scratchers on the bottom
nodules whatever you want to call it but
in the actual guide
for this product they call these
scratchers and
i guess they call them scratches because
they do stimulate and scratch the scalp
i’m gonna come closer to show you
exactly how
these look okay you see
the three little i’m gonna call them
little nubs and little balls on the
bottom of each one
these things actually scratch the scalp
okay and these are on each
one of these little scratcher doohickeys
so you can see that and this
is silicone so it’s not hard it’s
bendable it’s
and it will not um scratch up your scalp
so to speak
it’s very bendable flexible
this is how you turn on the device you
turn it on by
pressing the gray button down
it has two speeds this is one speed is
slow and then i’m going to push it down
again to speed it up
and it’s going to be going i think in
the same direction but faster
as you can see it’s speeding up
if you want it to go the opposite
direction you just
press it down again and notice that it
changes opposite direction
see it stopped and it went the other
and i just pressed this down now i want
to speed it up in the other direction
you see that okay
and now i am going to turn it off by
holding down this gray button at the top
see it’s off the smart scalp massager
comes with
a charge base and it has a
mini usb port
for you to use and you can sit this
inside the base charge it i normally
have it sitting right beside my computer
and i plug it in to charge it and that’s
pretty much
all there is to it next up is how i
started out using this product now i had
tweak the way i used this product
because i was having some issues and i’m
going to get to that
in just a little bit here’s my oil
i have been using the fro butter
hair and beard oil sometimes i use some
yeah but i have not been using this
massager every single day i realize it
i can’t take every day of this massaging
so here’s the oil
i’m gonna pour a little in my hand
and massage it in the area that i’ll be
working with
okay mainly i put the
scalp massager in the front part of my
head my template area
and sometimes i put it right up here
okay so go massage this oil
in my hair okay all right
one thing i want to show you guys before
i apply
the scalp massager i want to show you
something okay here’s my fingers
some of you wonder if this gadget
tangles up the hair
i’m going to show you better than i can
tell you okay
so here are my fingers i want you guys
to see that
i can pretty much run my fingers up to a
certain point i want you to see
that it is not tangled at the root
i want you to see that okay all right so
now i’m going to show you how i used to
use this product
i am going to turn it on by pushing it
and i’m going to apply it to my scalp it
feels really good
and this device stays on for a total of
10 minutes
and it just keeps running for 10 minutes
what i normally do
i’ll let it do its thing in
this side of my head and then when i get
tired of it being here
i move it to this part and then i move
it over i just keep doing it until
it turns off if you have a sensitive
you might find this a little irritating
because i did
at the beginning so i had to make some
to how i use this product
and so i’m feeling some little pinching
it’s not feeling too comfortable so i
need to kind of lighten up
so now i’m going to move see my hair has
gotten caught up in there but
i’m doing this to show you guys how i
started using this product
but i’m gonna show you how i finally use
okay so i started out using it like this
it feels good i have to admit that you
i’m not going to do it the whole 10
minutes i’m just
doing this for demonstration purposes
to show you that i was using it
this way when i first got the device
feels good it really does but like i
said if you have a sensitive scalp you
might find it
a little irritating because those little
scratcher things
they really do kind of scratch the scalp
you can feel it a little bit
okay i’m gonna go back here and do it
here and then when i get over here i’m
gonna stop it and show you guys
all right so i’m back over here and this
is the side that i need the most help
i actually think that my hair is really
taken off here and i’ll talk about that
in another video when i do my update
okay so i’m going to turn it off by
pressing down on it
okay so it’s off now
i’m going to take my fingers and try to
see if there are any tangles
okay y’all i feel a little give
is more tangled there at the root and
the reason
i it is i can’t i mean i can
force it by going in there but i feel
that my hair at the root has gotten
so here’s something i learned about
this scalp massager
i cannot go in with this product
on my scalp because it causes my hair to
web at the root
y’all need to know that i honestly think
that this
is better for silky
probably straight hair okay silky hair
even if you have a curly wavy hair and
your hair is really silky then you can
get away with using this
like i just demonstrated but
i don’t use it that way because i
noticed that my hair was getting webbed
at the root if you have shorter
natural hair it may not cause your hair
to web as much
but if you have longer hair it may cause
your hair to web at the roots
okay another way i’ve used this product
during the shampoo process and i have to
it doesn’t cost webbing when i shampoo
and i think because my hair is wet
it’s silky loaded with water
and hanging down and it
my hair is not dry and this is just
doing its thing i think this actually
works better with hair that has
smoothness to it so i don’t have a
problem with shampooing
it doesn’t web or anything but it only
does that when my hair is dry
keep that in mind this is a tweak that i
decided to do
and i learned this from janelle grant if
you don’t know janelle go over and check
her channel out
and subscribe to her do that she’s cool
she’s cool
people but anyway this is what i do
she did a review on a scalp massager a
different scalp massager
and she talked about how she uses a
and i said hmm maybe that’s what i need
to do
with this scalp massager and so
this is what i do i would have something
on my head maybe a
silk scarf and here’s it’s not silk it’s
a softer
material okay this is it here
i’ll take it and tie it around my scalp
without my scalp my tied around my head
and let me get it tied up really good
okay i tie it
and this is to protect my hair to keep
it from webbing
but i got this idea from janelle and i
tried it
and it actually worked so here is my
massager we’re going to try this thing
okay and so i just put it on top
of the scarf i’m still going to get the
to my scalp just turn it on
and let it go and that’s what i do
i’m able to give it a little bit more
pressure so that i can feel it
in the area that i’m working with that’s
how i do it
and even when i use this i tend to use
on the top of my head as well so i
do it this way when i use the scarf i
speed this up okay i speed it up
and i will put it on my scalp but i want
you guys to know when i do this
most of the time my hair is twisted and
it’s not out like this when i do this
but anyway
this works just as well okay
and i can feel the little scratchers
i can feel the stimulation to my scalp
and so this is what i do
in order to use this device
so thanks janelle good tip that’s what
i’ve been using
whenever i use this device here
i have to put a scarf on or a headband
or something
to put this on top because it’s webbing
my hair together
i wouldn’t say that it’s causing it to
tangle but the roots are
webbing they’re going you know crossing
over to each other and getting
you know webbed up so to speak so here
are my final thoughts
on this product would i recommend this
yeah i recommend it the reason i
recommend it is because
you not only can use it on your scalp
your head
or whatnot but you also can use it for
and that’s a great way to stimulate your
scalp and you also can use this on other
parts of your body
i would recommend that if you’re gonna
this that you pay attention to how it
makes your scalp feel
you might have to tweak it a little bit
like i did and use a scarf
throughout the week it’s okay for
shampoo as i stated
i think it’s pretty good i kind of
that this works best on silky hair
that’s why i think it works better
when you’re in the shower and your hair
is wet and full of water because
water is going to weigh down your hair
most people’s hair get
gets weighed down to a certain degree
overall i think this
is a pretty good product except for
the little webbing that i experience
i use it directly on my hair
but you know the scarf helps with that
don’t forget to rate comment and
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i’ll see you in the next video

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