SNEAK PEEK: Your First Look At The Married To Medicine Season 10 Reunion | Bravo

Coming up on a dramatic three part reunion, please. My god. Let’s get it started. You’ve been talking out the side of your goddamn neck. You about to get it? I chose to apologize. You said I’m not here for you. I’m here for my check. Why? feels like you ditch her. Why would I attach myself to the titanic? Is anyone guilty of crossing the line this season? Pedro heavenly, you did say the truth ain’t in that bitch. Stated, I’ve had a tummy tuck, a nap and I’ve done everything I needed to do and I’m still hungry.

Were you joking about not going down on women? No, that’s not a joke. You can’t miss what you never had. Me and Phaedra. We met. We hit it off. Anything more happened between the two of you? Not in real life. Not in real life. Only in your mind did I ask you for four grand a month. Should I lie? I’m going to give you this 4000. And we could have got together. And then right now, you never know. Oh, boy. These are serious allegations that Damon has cheated on. Heavenly you think I’m a cheater, too?

Say it. Oh, no. What are you doing? It’s a Yes or no. Friendship about this platform. I want to hear from. Is he

staying? I’ve never complained of my husband’s penis. Andy, I’m going to put this to rest. I’m going to whip it out. Come on, YouTube. How about you come out here? Oh, my lord. Ladies and gentlemen, Apollo Nida. I’ve seen a lot of in my life. But that was chef’s kiss.

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