SNOW GOOSE WINDSOCK review White Rock Decoys

what’s going on y’all and welcome back
to another episode
today this episode snow goose decoys
i just got in three dozen from white
i’ve never hunted over these i don’t
know anyone that’s ever hunted on them
but i got a sweet deal from sportsman’s
warehouse so
it was too good to pass up so i’ve
already set up a dozen
kind of go over one how to set it up for
you guys
fresh out of the box and two some of the
features that i’m noticing that i like
and i dislike right off the bat
so stay tuned for another great episode
all right so these are the uh white rock
they’re technically the rockonomy
and what they are let me
pull this guy that’s already made up
they don’t have the black uh
feathers on the back of them i’ve been
told by multiple multiple people that
the black feathers aren’t that necessary
and you’re just looking to just
jam a ton of white into the
decoys so they were on sale
so i struck while the iron was hot so
what you will receive
in your little bag if you do purchase
is you’ll get 12 stakes
they’re 24 inches long
they’re made out of fiberglass also
here’s your sock silhouettes they’re not
really silhouettes
but they’re the they’re tyvex windsocks
that’s what this stuff is it’s tyveks
it’s real durable
um it’s kind of feeling like they got
some kind of plastic
in the cup
and i’ll kind of go over all that here
in a second
and then you’re going to get 12 of these
and you’re going to get
12 keepers and i’ll i’ll
get a close-up on those when it’s time
all right so these come in i know my
face is cut off but that’s okay
these come in a set of four now really
important what you want to look for
is fold the wings down and right on here
hopefully that shows up but there is a
drainage hole there’s one right here
and there’s one right here that goes on
the bottom
of your decoy we’ll talk about the spine
i like this is it’s a rubber
tubing and all it has is that stretchy
um cord in there and on the back it’s
also got some good
plastic that will prevent the wear and
on the back of the decoy when it’s
getting moved around non-stop by
wind so that i like
so i will show you now how to put this
together as quickly
as possible so you got your
white rock they say this thing is
unbreakable tough snap
collapsible support system so you’ve
with the drain holes that that’s your
insert this into your body
grab your 24 inch fiberglass rod
take it through the bottom eye into that
body support
and it should push all the way through
you’re missing or you’re not finished
here yet you’re not missing anything
so you need to take this keeper
i call it a rod keeper i’m not sure if
they have a special name for it or not
but a rod keeper state keeper whatever
you want
and it goes in right in this little slit
right here
pull your fiberglass pole out a little
and then insert
back into it like so
and then you take a hammer that you
provide on yourself on your own
and give it a good little wacky poo
and you’ll actually feel the rod
slide through the key through the keeper
and you want the keeper you want to
insert it with the teeth facing upward
so when it punches through there it
doesn’t have any chance of sliding down
so give it a little pull test right here
and that’s one white rock
snow goose decoy right there
now i’m not going to show you how to put
a bunch of them together because that’s
just a waste of time
some of the cons we’ll start with the
pros we’ll start with the pros
one of the pros i like is it’s super
to break this bad boy down so you just
slide the butt up a little bit here grab
pull it and it’s down that’s in its down
position right there now obviously the
more you break it in it’ll stay down
closer to the body
that’s one of the the pluses right there
another plus
is when you’re setting them out it’s
just that easy you just kind of flick it
to the side like that
flick it to the side
so that’s when it’s broken down just
kind of give it a little
sling sling and it’s good to go
it’s ready to rock and roll i like the
it’s a nice wide body i’ve noticed it
doesn’t take a whole lot of wind to kind
of get them to move around
and whatnot compared to other decoys
now one of the negatives i’ve seen
like i said i haven’t hunted over these
yet one of the negatives i see
is this rod the keeper
the body support doesn’t go all the way
to the back of the bag
which is it’s a positive and a negative
because it’s not going to wear on the
the butt of this decoy
as much because there’s that gap but
it’s also has a more likely
hood of falling off to one side
like it’s got this whole back end to
play with
so i mean your whole decoy can be kind
of sitting like that
and that doesn’t look natural by any
means so i’m hoping
that’s not a real issue in the field
like i said i haven’t hunted over these
i’m hoping this is just i’m nitpicking
but that’s something i’ve seen is it
it’s probably a
let’s good two inches maybe an inch inch
and a half
shorter than the actual bag is so
like the tangle freeze in them they kind
of they go right to
the end of the bag and it kind of makes
it a little sturdier it seems like
so that’s one of them but
i mean you can see they’re
they’re doing their thing and we we’ve
got probably
one maybe two mile an hour wind right
where i’m at right here
and they’re they’re bouncing around
doing their thing so
let me get the rest of these put
together and uh we’ll talk further at
the end
okay once again comes with four
take your time find the drain holes
i made a mistake you get no you’re
getting a rhythm not a rush you get into
a rhythm you just boom boom boom because
these are actually really easy to put
as far as initially putting these
together i gotta say these are probably
one of the easiest
i did not locate the drain holes which
isn’t a huge huge deal because i don’t
plan on having these out overnight too
and i don’t expect them to collect a
whole lot of water realistically
so the drain holes are upside down but
with them all being white front and or
top and back
top and bottom it’s it’s not really a
big thing to cry over spilt milk so
insert i hope that’s not too blurry
insert this bad boy
into here with the teeth up
like so and it should slide right
into that slot just like that
stay in there
drain holes on the bottom
that goes like that grab your 24 inch
fiberglass pole through one hole
through the next
through the top hole on the decoy
slide it in there and now rotate it like
360 a couple times
to make sure it’ll swivel when you punch
it through
the rod keeper when you’re happy with
grab a hammer or a mallet of some sort
you’re going to give it a couple good
little wax on the top
like i said you can feel it go through
that keeper
give it the old pull test i’m happy with
it is ready to go that’s another
positive i like i like that you know
it’s set
the thing makes a good old click noise
and now that might eventually wear out
and whatnot
these are brand new out of the box but
it’s got a nice little click let you
know it’s
established and it’s ready to rock and
roll you can see
see i’m not even moving the the pole
it’s just the wind moving it
see like that that’s what you want you
want them to
rotate to wherever the wind’s coming
from makes it look a little more natural
gives it the balance and got a nice
sturdy handle to push down on
into the ground like so
i plan on using these in you know pretty
wet conditions
so that shouldn’t be an issue but
you always have that chance to come
across some some frozen ground in the
and so i definitely recommend carrying a
mallet hammer of some sort
and just hammer it right in there
and you will be set ready to rock and
roll it is a blunt end
i don’t think you need to
like cut it down to a pointy end i don’t
recommend that at all because like i
if you can’t just manually push it down
grab a hammer give it a couple of
and you’re uh ready to rock and roll
let me see that one’s kind of thrown off
to the side like that
so we’ll see if that’s an issue this
season i’m hoping it’s really not
but until you actually get out there and
hunt these
there’s a lot of variables that i’m you
know i’m not
familiar with all right so that’s just a
quick video on how to put the white rock
snow flag decoys together
a couple pros and cons for a product i
haven’t hunted over yet just keep that
in mind when i give you these pros and
if you guys have hunted over these and
you have some other pros and cons that
you like to add please please
i encourage you put those in the
comments so everyone else can kind of
like hey alex is on to something these
are good decoy or alex
steer away from these decoys i have no
field experience with them
it’s just a great deal that i got with
sportsman’s warehouse
and i was like man three dozen add that
to the collection
can’t go wrong with that i hope that
answers all your questions on how to put
these together initially
right out of the box like i said i went
over some pros and cons
so if you guys like this video please
give it a thumbs up subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already
and until next time get out there and
make your preps
yes it’s only june july but hey
this stuff will be here before you guys
know it peace

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