So Many Things! LOL OMG Queens Splash Beauty Review

Hey y’all, welcome and welcome back! 
I’m going to try really hard to stay  
in frame while I do this really quick intro, 
because uh, we have a big box today! Oh my  
god, so this is Splash bBauty from the new LOL 
OMG Queens line, and she’s gorgeous already. I  
can tell you in the box, she’s looking so pretty, 
she’s got so many things to unbox. Clearly this  
is kind of a deluxe edition, where she’s got 
a lot more clothes than the typical LOL OMG,  
some accessories, extra shoes. I’m very excited 
to get into it. Everything is on a pretty clear  
display here at the front, we’ve got beautiful 
art for Splash Beauty, and then on the back  
we have even more beautiful art. I actually just 
really, really like the way that she’s drawn here,  
I think she looks elegant, and fun , and 
just all of the positive adjectives you  
could possibly put to her. I’m so excited for 
this. I’m sure that I have gone off ad nauseam  
about how much I love mermaids at some point on 
this channel, I love mermaids. Like I really,  
really, really love mermaids, so for OMG, a 
line that has typically pretty good details  
and quality and all of that stuff, to

make a 
mermaid themed doll is a dream come true for me.  
That being said, I can hardly be expected 
to wait much longer to get into my dream,  
so I’m gonna go ahead and stop leaning off to the 
side here and unbox her off camera really quick,  
and that way we can lay her all out look at 
all the wonderful things that she comes with,  
and just talk about her some more. And I can rant 
and rave about how excited I am while you actually  
get to look at the doll, so I’m gonna get to that, 
I will see you guys in one moment. Wow, okay,  
here is everything that Splash Beauty comes with, 
there’s obviously a ton of it. So much so that  
it barely fits in frame here, we’re making it 
happen though. There’s so much to talk about,  
and I don’t actually want this video to be 
like 30 minutes long, so I’m going to try to  
get through it while also giving you guys all 
the details you need. Stand, sparkly blue,  
it’s a stand. We’ve got kind of an iridescent baby 
pink brush. There are two body hangers that came  
with her extra outfits, and there is a third 
one in here, I just haven’t taken it out yet.  
Just like Sways, she comes with sort of a little 
letter here saying, “Let’s party,” shaped like  
an envelope. And then on the inside we’ve got a 
picture of her, and then a little quote from her.  
And then we also have the poster here. Again, 
I don’t know if you can see it, I’m realizing  
that it is intentional um now, but Sways’ 
poster was cut kind of not quite a rectangle.  
This one is not either, so like there you have it. 
And then that is her throne back there. I really  
did think that on Sways’ it might have been 
a mistake, but I was wrong, it is on purpose.  
Then clothing. Oh–oh my god, there’s 
so many things, I don’t know…I’m  
gonna start I think with my least favorite thing, 
which is this skirt. It’s not bad, it’s just not  
as much my style. I think that the sequins 
definitely give off very like mermaid scale vibes,  
I just don’t know that i love the execution of the 
overall thing. I don’t know if that makes sense,  
I think I like the concept, but not the finished 
product. But yeah, it’s a little sequined skirt,  
Velcro’s in the back. We have this like faux 
leather, and then a lace-up detail in the front,  
which I do like, I think that’s a fun little 
detail. I like that this is like actual stitching,  
and an actual little bow, that’s a very cute. Good 
detail, good quality, just not my personal style.  
This whole–I guess third? I don’t even know what 
number it would be, but this whole little set from  
her is actually just my least favorite in general. 
The top, again not bad. Jacket, not really a top.  
Um, faux little zipper here, lots of 
different materials and colors going on.  
I do love the ribbon on the side, I think that the 
kind of bumps are fun, a little fake buckle there.  
And then on the back it has a print of a 
mermaid tail going into the water. So again  
I think it’s cute, I think it’s well executed. 
It’s definitely very beautiful for someone else,  
it’s just not my personal style. Okay, those 
two are easy to get out of the way with. Uh,  
let’s go shoes real quick. So these shoes in box, 
I thought I was gonna find a little bit boring,  
just because they’re all pearlescent white. 
It’s not the most exciting thing, but honestly  
the more I look at them, the more I love 
the simplicity. I think that they’re just  
so beautiful, the molding is so fun with all of 
these little like studs and bumps and all of that.  
I don’t know, it’s weird because usually I like 
things to be super in your face, and detailed,  
and painted differently, but these are simple, 
and yet very, very cute. I like them a lot.  
Her other shoes though, I definitely like 
more. Wow! Oh my god, I love this bronze  
kind of like sand heel that she’s got going 
on with the platform, and then the plastic is  
actually slightly sparkly and transparent, 
which you guys know I’m a huge sucker for.  
And we’ve got all of these little white studs on 
these straps. All the studs seem to be painted  
really, really well. Little buckles down the 
sides. So yeah, I just–the details on these  
those are very elegant, I think these are a lot 
more fun for me so, personally I like these,  
but they are both really nice shoes. Then she has 
like a little swimsuit, which I thought was just  
adorable. Of course, the classic mermaid seashell 
bra sort of motif going on there. Three studs,  
fake pearls on each strap. Mine are not coming 
off, which is nice. I’m always worried about that  
when I test it, because like obviously I have to 
test it for you guys, but I really don’t want them  
to pop off, so very happy that didn’t. I like the 
little mesh ruffle around here, and of course the  
fabric is slightly iridescent. Always can get me 
with the shiny things, very, very cute. And again  
it’s very typical, but I do like it a lot, I like 
the stereotypes when it comes to mermaid stuff.  
The fish scale bottoms, these do just stretch to 
go on. They are nice and stretchy, and obviously  
like I’m not messing them up, so that’s fine. 
And again, more of the mesh ruffle detailing to  
kind of tie it all together. I like that 
one, it’s really, really cute. She has these  
seashell sunglasses, which would be terribly 
impractical actually as sunglasses, but they do  
look cute. I said in my last video about Sways 
that I’m not really a like sunglasses person,  
but these are cute. I like that. Her bag, again, 
sparkly pink. Everything on this doll is just like  
super shiny and sparkly, maybe that’s why I’m so 
drawn to her. That and like, the mermaid thing of  
course, but I just love shiny things. Oh my god, 
look at this bag! Beautiful, I love the again  
pearl detailing, all the painting on here looks 
really nice differentiating the pearls from the  
buckles from the straps. It is all just plastic, 
like none of its fabric or anything. The strap can  
bend and move, and there is an opening in there. 
It doesn’t stretch, like this bag is not budging,  
so I don’t think you could actually use this. I 
guess it’s nice that they included that so that it  
seems like more of a functional purse, but it also 
definitely isn’t in practice, if that makes sense.  
I don’t know, it looks really cute, which is what 
matters to me. I don’t really put things in my  
doll bags, but of course I love functionality, 
so if you do like to slide like little play  
cell phones or anything in your doll’s bags, I 
don’t know that it’s gonna happen with this one.
Then she’s got this marvelous robe. I really wish 
that you guys could feel this, it is so soft.  
And it’s interesting, because usually 
I don’t like the feel of silk? Like it  
it’s just a feeling that’s uncomfortable 
to me, I don’t personally like it. This is  
kind of bordering on a silky feel, but it’s so 
different at the same time. It feels incredible,  
I’m literally just stroking this 
robe, which is a little bit weird,  
but it’s so soft and beautiful. Oh my god. Like 
all of the layers in there, there is like a  
secondary layer on the bottom to make it a little 
more opaque, give it a little bit of volume.  
It is so pretty! The bell sleeves, the shimmer to 
it all, look at how this thing shines! Oh my god.  
And then we’ve got the collar that does 
the same ruffling, and of course a little  
drawstring opening. I did keep it on the hanger 
so that I could open this with you on camera…
Does go all the way around the back, so 
it’s kind of like a little wrap around.  
And then she just opens right 
up, so there’s the third hanger.  
But yeah, I–this is so pretty, I cannot get over 
this. Which is funny, because seeing it online,  
I honestly thought this was going to 
be one of my least favorite pieces,  
but this is stunning. So always a huge 
surprise when I’m opening these dolls.  
When it comes to Splash Beauty herself, her hair 
is so cute! I love the styling, like the little  
rope braid, and the ponytail up here. There’s 
another ponytail here, which I’m not sure if it’s  
just to give volume or what is happening there, 
but I think it’s so cute. I love the blue color.  
It is definitely showing up on camera is more of 
a true blue, whereas in person it’s pretty teal,  
so keep that in mind if you’re kind of just 
going off of online images or online videos. As  
you can see, mine’s definitely a little bit 
frizzy. I don’t know what happened to her,  
it’s not the best, but I do think that I can 
fix that with a little bit of washing and  
styling. Like that’s not something that 
I think is necessarily a quality issue,  
I think she just got a little tussled in the box, 
and now I have to fix it, which is totally fine.  
The hair is also supposed to color change, so this 
white streak here and like through her braid and  
everything is supposed to turn pink in UV light. 
The directions that she came with said that you  
could either use a fake UV light or sunlight, but 
you have to like let it sit there for a second,  
like it doesn’t happen immediately, it takes a 
minute. So I’m gonna cut to a clip real quick of  
me standing with her outside, we’ll see if it 
works. Okay, so this first clip is her before  
I had washed her hair. I wanted to do before 
and after, to see if it made any difference.  
It literally turned purple so fast in the sun that 
I didn’t even have time to get my camera out and  
start filming before it was already purple, so 
it worked super quickly. It probably took maybe  
like a minute once I took her inside for it to 
turn back to white, but yeah, very, very fast.  
And the second clip is from after I had washed 
her hair. A little bit less sunny on this day,  
I was trying to wait for a sunnier day but it just 
wasn’t happening in my area. You can see in this  
one, because I was more prepared for how fast it 
would be, it is super, super quick and turning to  
purple. So the color change even after you wash 
uh still works really, really well on this doll.
She does have this little headpiece, mine is 
a bit askew. Um, all the ones in my store were  
kind of like that, where they were a little 
bit lopsided. I think it’s just partially  
her slightly uneven hairstyle, and then also the 
fact that it is just held on with a rubber band,  
like just one together. I don’t think that 
that was the best design for the headpiece  
kind of getting it to stay on properly. Like 
obviously it’s on it’s fine, it’s just if you are  
kind of a perfectionist–I can be, I 
understand–and you want this centered,  
you’re gonna have to like fuss with it a little 
bit ,you’re gonna have to make that work.  
The other thing about centering is this little 
design on her forehead. Super cute, I do love it,  
it’s like very mermaid but also very festival. I 
just think it’s so fun. She’s got it also mixed  
in with her painted on edges here. It is so cute, 
but every single one at the store that I went to  
was not perfectly centered, and it was driving 
me up a wall. This is the closest I could get,  
and also like I did want to have a pretty face 
and everything, I had to account for that.  
Like I didn’t want her to have perfect middle 
section and like messed up eyeliner, but yeah,  
this was the best I could get. That might be kind 
of tricky for other people who care about that,  
just so you’re aware, but her face is pretty 
nice. The paint is not perfect on her eye,  
like it’s–it’s not awful. Like from far 
away, she looks fine. If you look up really,  
really, really close, and you’re 
super, super particular about that,  
I feel like you’re just gonna have to look for 
the best one, you know? Like that’s all you can  
do. I would say definitely going in stores 
is preferable, so you can try to pick your  
favorite one, online is always a risk. But yeah, 
I’m perfectly pleased with her, I think that this  
is as good as I could get it. From far away, she 
looks cute. Her face is beautifully designed too,  
so like I can’t be too mad. Then she’s got kind 
of rose gold tinted little pearl hoop earrings,  
very cute. A regular pearl choker. Her top does 
tie on the back with this ribbon, I don’t know why  
mine only has one loop, I honestly think that’s 
very funny. But yeah, very, very beautiful fabric  
for the top and then the bottom here. I’m sure 
you can see the color shift, all of the shimmer,  
I love that. I love that from different 
angles it looks a little bit pinky or purpley,  
so cute. It’s just so beautiful, and there’s 
not really any extra threads or anything  
on the top. I think it’s kind of a simple 
thing, at least the top–like we’re not  
talking about the bottom. Top, kind of simple, 
but I honestly love it, because I think that the  
fabric itself speaks so much to the mermaid 
theme. Like it looks so much like shimmery  
fish scales, it’s so beautiful. Oh my god, 
I’m losing my mind over this doll y’all,  
she’s so cute. She has her little belt made of 
again pearls, we’ve got more of that sort of  
rose gold color on the connectors, I guess you 
would call them, very, very cute. This skirt?
I’m losing my breath, y’all. I’m losing my breath 
over how pretty this is. Again, same fabric,  
absolutely gorgeous. On the inside here it’s 
like a slightly differently sized sparkle,  
slightly different color–obviously the vibrant 
pink, but like the actual shimmer has a slightly  
different color to it. This is gorgeous, 
like the idea that it kind of looks like  
a fin, like a fishtail, I just think that’s 
so well executed. I think it’s so pretty.  
I feel like it can be very hard to do a 
mermaid doll that doesn’t have an actual tail.  
I am kind of a mermaid purist, like I definitely 
prefer having an actual tail option, but I think  
this is honestly one of the best done fabric 
like skirt tails that I’ve ever seen, this is so,  
so pretty. I’m floored. Her little fishnets do 
go up just above the knee here, pink to match  
the inside of her tail, so I do like that. Also 
that it kind of blends in, like you could kind of  
from far away just pretend it’s just a 
tail. I don’t know, I’m convincing myself.
But yeah guys, that is all for Splash 
Beauty! Can you tell that I like her?  
Just–just a little? Just a little bit? I don’t 
really have any glaring issues with this. I would  
have liked to have seen maybe an extra necklace, 
or like a bracelet or something. I think that’s  
maybe my only complaint um, but everything 
that we did get I think is very quality,  
and I also think honestly for the price point? 
I thought she was more expensive than she was,  
but she’s like $45 in the US, and 
I feel like she comes with a lot.  
I don’t know, because I’m thinking about like 
the other videos that I’ve done recently, the  
Rainbow High dolls. And the Junior High dolls are 
$25, and they come with one outfit and no stand.  
And like yeah, Sunny that I did a video on–she 
had a lot of issues, it’s fine–but she also did  
have a lot of details. I don’t know, I just feel 
like comparatively this for 45 dollars you get  
three outfits basically, two pairs of shoes, some 
accessories, a stand. I feel like this is actually  
a really good deal, and I haven’t been able to 
say that in a long time about a doll. I feel like  
every doll video I’ve done recently, I’ve talked 
about the price, and the price is always kind of a  
negative factor, because everything’s inflating. 
Like I do understand it’s across the board,  
doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating. But yeah, 
like I actually feel like this is a decent  
price point. Like the other doll that I 
did from this line, Sways, she was $30,  
and she only had kind of one outfit. So all of 
this for 15 bucks more? I’m very pleased. I think  
across the board very, very happy with this doll. 
I’m so excited to have positive reviews you guys,  
I love unboxing a doll and finding out that 
she is just as beautiful and wonderful as I  
was hoping for her to be, so this has 
been very fun for me. I do hope you know,  
you enjoyed watching the video, thank you 
for going through and unboxing this with me,  
had a blasty blast. But I hope you guys have 
a lovely rest of your day, or your night,  
or whatever it might be, and I’ll catch 
you next week in the next one. Bye, guys!

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