Song Request Review Monday – Please Read Description. Lets Chat Music

Six o’clock monday evening rockin rollin rock here. We got starting
Hey, here we go the chiller chatting working away into the mold
Off we go baby off we go on us monday evening chilling chatting
Smoking if you got them
Okay, where’s my
Live streaming go
There it’s there. It’s
There yeah
I’ve been working on some merchandise state putting together a better package and there’s a lot of this price shit that I got here already
So i’ll be changing my merchandise
I don’t know what it says on the list. Why does it say i’m listening?
Why my stream unlisted
That’s interesting
Trying to figure out why my stream’s showing unlisted man that shouldn’t be happening
Oh, that’s why okay now we’re public okay. I just found it
Okay, it’ll should work now I hope
Surprise, I haven’t seen any of the bot stuff falling off
Hey guys, what’s going on ralph c what’s happening? Jesse? What’s shakin what’s going on?
Just firing up another session
Seeing about feeling it
Drop kick chester what is happening?
Guys in the house man guy give me that give me that song title,

buddy. Okay
for now gets the first
to rock and roll dvd
Does this is always a good choice? Wow walking? That guy’s getting in early man. How about that man? How about that?
Love to see you getting in early guys. Okay, listen
Kai, let’s start the show my friend. Give me a give me a song title. Ty’s a
Nice super chatter for me so kai gets to pick the first tune of the show
Ba is running
So I confirmed last night I I saw that the bot when I was picking the winner chapel what’s going on
When I was picking the winner that it was showing that people weren’t subscribed
Go ahead guy. Take your time. I’ll give you a chance to post this picture. So
After the stream last night, I did some research on it
Spiderman what’s going on?
and uh
I was able to come up with this that it it’s a known issue. Let me grab that image
Yeah, so I went to the nightbot dev board so
Dropkick chester coming in dropping in 10 bucks my friend good to see you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
um, so yeah, so the thing is
nightbot’s more coded for twitch
so on twitch
A subscriber is somebody that pays a monthly fee and a follower. That’s somebody that follows but doesn’t pay
on youtube when nightbot runs on youtube
It doesn’t can’t distinguish between subscriber from twitch and subscriber from youtube because youtube subscriber is free
whereas twitch subscriber is paid so they’d have to rewrite their whole code to
Compensate that and you can see the two devs right here what they say
they both verify that it’s not an issue that
Now if you’re a subscriber on youtube and you make your subscriber
Subscription public then it should show that
You’re a subscriber
But if you don’t make your subscribe
Public the bot will just say you’re not a subscriber to my youtube channel because you haven’t paid that subscriber
Code that twitch requires because they’re more coded towards twitch and I guess they’re not going to rewrite their whole code for uh night
Uh youtube so that’s all good that when the winner bought the bot picks a winner. It says they’re not subscribed they’re subscribed
That’s just because it’s reading off the twitch subscribe key
Which is a paid subscribe on twitch and on youtube a subscribe is free. So that takes care of that
Good stuff. All right, we got kai coming in with the first pick of the night and then we got dropkick chester coming in hard
With some good tunes and we’re gonna mix it up early here. We got a good shot to get some early early stuff done
So let’s fire it up. Okay
Let me get rid of that image now. So that image i’m gonna keep handy just in case I need it
Uh, but yeah
The winner ain’t picking non-subscribers, the winner’s picking
Yeah, croissant chapel, yeah i’m seeing some comments my friend don’t worry my friend i’m gonna get on
You have to understand when I do videos today. Those are my head from last week. Okay, so I
I can’t just do like 10 german rap videos in a row. I’ve got i’ve got to mix it up. So don’t worry, bro
They’ll be coming. I got you got me some links. So at least now when I
I feel the urge and I feel the need to get it done
Boom, I know exactly where to go open up. My email got some links there. We’ll be pulling one of them for sure
Okay, so let me get this first tune started
Yeah, so I added some more bot stuff
So i’m curious to see if the bot’s going to be posting. I added a lot of bot things
Uh super chat, yeah super chat
Is roughly I would say probably 60 40 60 for the creator of 40 for youtube
uh, a paypal donation is 100 to the creator, but
paypal donations won’t allow
myself to do this regularly on youtube
Uh, i’ve been told you need to utilize the super chat that way youtube gets a cut of it
And it that signals the ai that you know, there’s money being made so they’re good with that
No, I haven’t. I I haven’t not
Not yet chapel. I just did one yesterday, bro
I need it’s gonna be two or three days before I do another uh, german rap song. I can’t just pound them out
Chapel I have a thing in my head
Okay, just because you gave me links to 20 tunes doesn’t mean I can go do 20 tunes in a row
I got thousands of requests man. I gotta keep it in my head if I if I lose the
Control on my head. I lose it all
Okay, so you just gotta chill bro. I got links
I made my three videos today. I couldn’t make my seven because I had to wait for my grow light I put my growth
Right here. Now. I took a grow tent on my bed and put it right here beside me
You can’t see it. Well, you can if I do this well, no, I got my
fucking thingy on
Just be yeah guys just because you sent me a bunch of links doesn’t mean i’m going to bang off
10 fucking videos in a row it doesn’t work that way, you know, like seriously, you gotta have to understand that. I got 44 000
Ways I got to do this, so just got to hang tight, but I you know, I love having the links
So they’re when they’re available for me to roll with
Uh, there’s only two two people. I do links every day and that there’s reasons for
That but yeah, i’ll get to it. I’ll get to the
the stuff but nonetheless
I moved my grow light
I got I got my new grow light today
so I didn’t want to be wearing my headphones and then and then the guy buzzes me and then I
Miss it and then I gotta fucking take a week to go pick it up somewhere else. So
I made quick I made quick videos in the morning. I made quick videos in the morning
And then I I couldn’t I was hoping to do some more videos today, but I didn’t want to miss that delivery man
So I had to hang for that delivery. And so we got the delivery now now I can put my headphones on and
Get back to work and have some fun
That’s for sure. That’s for sure
Uh, yes. David. What’s david? Will this comment charge me? I don’t understand these chat links fully
No, david
No, no, no, you know
I don’t well this com. No you you don’t get charged for your comment. I don’t know how they come up with that idea
I know chapel, but you asked me also earlier in my reaction earlier today and I responded to you in
The chat in the comment in my video today
Fast car rocket, okay, so i’m just finished trying to finish off my joint
Yeah, david the way it works here is I do free uh,
Music reviews, but I also do super chat ones that allows me to do this here on youtube
So if you do a super chat, which means you’re donating you’re paying for it that gets higher on the list. We you know, whereas
Whether we do the free ones I let the bot pick a winner
Hey sydney, what’s going on? Yeah. I’m hoping to get some more german wrap done. I got some great links
I just it’s just it’s just timing
You know because I got introduced to a new do I can’t just do 30 videos at the same time?
So just chill with chill. Hang tight. We’ll get we’ll get some more done
One thing about rob hello, um, what’s up chester what’s going on nightbot sydney david corbett?
Guy i’m ready I got it. Just just trying to get this joint finished man
Yeah, but sydney i’m not in i’m not into i’m not in this for the views, bro
If I was in this for the views i’d be doing certain
Reactions every day. I wouldn’t be doing all the low view stuff. I did. I got nothing to do with the views friend
Like I said, most of my videos I get a lot of views because they’re personal for people and that’s fine
But if I was all about views man, I I wouldn’t be doing requested videos
Trust me
If it was if I was just worried about views I would not be doing any requested videos i’d be doing all picks of myself
Picks for myself that I know would get big views
That’s not what I do
I I do what you guys ask me to react and review if it gets views it gets views
If it don’t it, don’t it’s all good to me, man
Uh, it’s got nothing to do with views
I find most of the donated stuff. I do my recorded videos. Don’t get a lot of views
It’s more of a personal thing between themselves and myself
As long as they like it i’m good with it, man
So yeah, it’s all good. We’re getting there. Oh the bots are working good
Already 16 people in man
I see your latin at my request of payment. I’m new to this policy and all your oasis gear
That’s why i’m here good to see you
Good to see you
Yes, you know I I wanted to do
Five more vid four or five more videos today, but like I said, I had to wait for that delivery, man
I couldn’t miss my delivery. I’ve been waiting like two weeks for that light
If I missed that delivery because I didn’t hear
The buzzer because I had the headphones on it would have been a pain in the ass to get it over the next week. So
I just shut everything down wait for it. It showed up and we’re good now
But yeah, i’m ready to roll. We got kai’s first pick here. Let’s check it out
Let me get rolling and then uh right after this pick, I have a super chat
Which we’ll start with we’ll clear out that first super tap from dropkick
Chester and then we’re going to start picking some winners man. We’re going to get the bot
Going to get the bot get the bot get the bot. Harry. What’s going on, buddy? How you doing? Good to see you
Harry, I notice I forgot to answer one of your questions last night
I forget what the question was, but I do know I forgot to answer one of your questions
So, oh my lordy if it was important
Please mention it again and i’ll try to get back to it. But let’s fire this up. Let me uh,
Get this show started
Not sure how we’re feeling tonight, but we’ll find out shortly
Let me see what I got in my pace there. Oh, I don’t have I thought I had to paste it
okay kai, I gotta scroll back and
Oh, there it is, oh well shit now starting to show off with some welsh action
Okay, so after this tune we’re gonna do a super chat
Uh, this is uh, i’m gonna start the show off with a free uh video here
Uh audio from our guy kai to start the show been a big super chatter for me over the last couple weeks
Appreciate it big time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
so I got no problem starting off with a nice pick from him and then we’re gonna have
A nice super chat and then we’re gonna open up a bot and see if we can get a few winners going
Get the party started. So let me get this
Set up. I think I got a copy and pasted it right this time
I think we are good
So it looks like we got another welsh band
because it doesn’t look like
Okay. So again i’m going to try this. So it looks like the name of the band is tynol ty will
and my new lay my new lay
Is that the name of the title? Hey scooby in the house, baby. I see scooby
I don’t know what to do chester. I see scooby scooby snacks
All right. Let’s check it out provide it to youtube. Here we go. Let’s start the show, baby
Verify chapel what’s going on man good to see you
Yeah guys just if you’re new to my channel
Uh, i’m not saying this just to point it out. I’m just saying it as a general
If you’re new to my channel
If you’re new to how I work the worst thing you can do is spam me with making videos. Okay, like I said
It’s been kind of good with the streaming here and i’m pulling videos from the stream from the night before now to do that
but up until I started this like if
I literally
Have tomorrow’s videos lined up in my head that are from last week
So there’s a pattern I have to follow and if you spam links i’m not going to see them
And I won’t respond to it
If you keep spamming me to do things i’m not going to do it just i’m just going to ignore you
I’m, just sorry. I just I have too much going on
I have a lot of requests. I have a lot of stuff I try to keep a lot of people happy
And I just can’t waste time dealing with people that just are persistent. I just can’t deal with it. So
Just to let you know
When it happens, it happens, I do my best to get everybody. I remember people posting
I remember people’s names. I take care of everybody that I can
Frozen coming in with a super chat. I think you
And thank you for the subscribe. I appreciate that. So yeah, that’s just a general announcement
Just keep that in mind. I try to get to everybody if I don’t get you here
I’ll get you my recorded channel. If I don’t get you there i’ll get to another night here. So, you know
It’s just wanted to say that okay because I have so many links man. It’s incredible
So it’s good to know
That if when i’m ready to do a tune i’m like, okay, so i’m feeling like this today
So then i’ll go to my email or go to my wherever and i’ll say boom. I got like 30 links to choose from
Now I may not choose from a person I want to pick but it’s for me
It’s first pick in the song and then because I don’t pick the song by who sent it to me
I have no id you know
I’m, not like okay i’m looking for
Frozen’s links today and i’m screwing, you know, I I picked the band first
And then i’ll
Find out who sent it to me. So yeah, just kind of be chilled, please
Uh, I don’t like dealing with stress
Let’s roll good to see frozen in the house. Good to see you all in the house early tonight. We’ll get some videos rolling
But i’m liking seeing scooby here a little scooby snack action
I’m thinking that’s my new lay. I’m curious to see if that’s what i’m gonna hear
Big time man
I’ll be i’ll be listening to more of it for sure
We did one last night here and uh, I get a reaction to it, but looking forward to doing some more
Yeah, we’ll get it all down pat if I can maintain doing this on a regular basis
Where uh
Because i’d love to get to the point where people aren’t spamming song titles and bad names
And so if they’re you know, they’ve been picked by the winner or they’re called for
it just it just takes up chat space and
We’ll get it all figured out down the road it’s still a work in progress right now
Are you guys like in your playoffs in the soccer right now your football
See when I see cb i’m thinking cornerback, but I don’t think you guys call that quarterback
So, you know over the last week i’ve gotten introduced to a welsh style sound from the band super furry animals
And now kai’s been introducing me to different various bands that are specific by the looks of it to be specific welsh bands
Yeah, I had no idea man like a week ago. I had no idea what
If somebody would have told me they were welsh or
A welsh lingo, I would never thought it was something like this. I would have just thought it was like maybe just a
bit of a different
english dialect in a different area, but not so
Different in the the lettering and the speaking of the words my god, man. What a difference
Yeah, it’s got a nice little soft roses sound to it doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s got that sound I like
You know what before we before we start uh on the next super chat chester i’m going to do a box kick, okay
I want to get a nice I want to start with a nice bok. Kick and then we’ll roll with the super fast
So the bot pick is coming up guys
So if you’re if you’ve been just working since you got here you haven’t said anything make sure you type something in the comment section
even a dot
Because the bot when I when I select the command the bot will scan the last 10 minutes of the chat
And accumulate the name throw them in a drum or over and fold it then it’ll call on a winner
So make sure you post it
So we are going to go with a bot pick right after this
Take a winner from the house
And then we’re gonna roll. I think it’s chester with the first super chat after the the winner from the boss
Yo kai is a nice mellow tune to start the show man I like this
to now twile
To now twile. Oh, I can’t believe i’m trying to pronounce these words
li dui issue bod 20 tracks tracks
20 tracks on the album. Hey, damn
Okay, guys we’re getting ready with bob pick coming up man, I love the bot now, oh we got a few more minutes
And as i’m scrolling down right see a lot in the videos on the right though too really good
Thank you for subscribing, I appreciate that over. Thank you
Okay, great stuff to start that show off kai thank you with the pick to start the show outstanding it is winner bot time
Okay guys give you one last chance real quick
while I roll a joint
If you haven’t posted anything in the chat since you’ve been here
Or since I started make sure you post something in there real quick right now even a dot just anything
Doesn’t have to be a question just anything. So your
Bot can pick up your name that you participated in the chat
Because it picks up over the last 10 minutes
And then it’ll accumulate the names do a draw and give us a winner and that winner gets to pick a song of their
Choice in the format provided by youtube, but we’ll get to listen for free. So get ready
I am rolling a joint in one hand and typing the command in another
So let’s type the command. Oh, yeah
Winner winner chicken dinner baby who’s getting lucky tonight. We’re starting lucky tonight. Here we go. Who’s the lucky winner?
And again, I have verified that everybody is a subscriber
Fucking picking the bottom right off the hop, how about that?
See that makes me think when I see that that makes me think it’s ticking that box cause the bots posted a lot
So I am trust me I am watching that but I have no problem with it picking the bot
But I will have a problem as I monitor it if I continue seeing something like that
But I don’t mind okay, let me do it again here we go another pick here we go winner winner chicken dinner, baby
What do we get
Drop kick jester
Okay. Now I think chester. Okay chester. You did a super chat, right? Okay. So the rule with this now chester
I’m, just verifying. You did a super chat, right? Hold on. It might not be you might not be as happy. Hold on
There’s a rule we gotta we got a rule in place for this
Okay. I’m just checking to make sure I think you you super chatted
Okay, so chester
I see you super chatted. So your option is
I get to play your tune right now. You’re right on the hop you bang you go jump about even though you’re super chatted
which gets you above like three ones but
since you won the draw
We stopped everything and we gonna pick your tune right now. So who do we got kaltura profecta nadia?
You get to go right to the top of the list buddy. How about that? Even though you’re super chatted?
Nice to see
I think you’re from argentina. Nice to see an argentinian win
Where are you from chester? Argentina or mexico? I think you might be mexico too. I think
I got so many names I try to get familiar with
okay, so
Yeah, so the way I have to work that out is if I have a bunch of like tonight
I’ve only got two super chats, but last night I had like eight or nine
So when somebody won?
The winner from the bot with the super chat. I took a break to the top. They passed all the other super chats
So I think that’s the best way to work. Mexico. Okay, so i’m kind of working on my memory
So i’m trying to keep it safe for everybody, uh fair for everybody. So
Even though you had the first super chat i’m still gonna i’m i’ll still hook you up hook you up later on. Okay, bro
I’ll hook you up again. No problems. Okay, let me uh,
Get this roll in here
Get that copied and paste it
I got a joint rolled in my hand. I’m about to hit light them if you got them
Okay. Oh, I don’t see provided to youtube or we need provided to youtube buddy. Okay, we may have it there nata cultural perfecta
Okay, we got it right here. Okay, perfect
Okay, here comes chester super chat he won
He won so even though he had the super chat he won we’re gonna go with his super chat
Off the heart get get it rolling
Which was my original intention?
That’s coming in my friend how you doing good to see you
Hopefully the lag works a little bit better for you tonight, man
That was tricky last night playing your tune and you were lagging out and you couldn’t tell we were playing it
That was funny man. Glad it worked out though happy it worked out. Okay, so this is a tuner
This is a tune. We’re looking at provided to youtube by cultural perfecta official
Name of the tune is nadi sasrevi
Uh, no idea what that means in english
Naughty attention nadia’s attention maybe
Let’s roll, let’s check it out
These guys
Why is that happening hold on okay. Why is that happening?
That should that shouldn’t be happening
Okay, so let me get rid of that
Okay, I think we’re good now i’m just waiting to see if updating on my other screen there we go. Ah, okay, here we go
So you were you were hearing it though from the beginning though, right?
Yeah, i’d like to scooby baby puerto rican, okay
Just in case we didn’t hear from the beginning
Wow man, I love the guy’s vocal I love the feel of the sound it’s dancy. It’s pritzy. It’s classy it’s orches
It’s like a nice showroom style. It’s uh
You want to move to this type of music man? You want to grow you. Just want to move your body
That’s what music does man. It’s either going to want you to move or just sit there and indulge and absorb it
And this tune I want to fucking move when i’m hearing it man. Really nice sound
But I love the softness of his vocal too, it’s got a nice
You know now that i’ve been listening it sounds like it’s maybe a little bit of puerto rican soft hip-hop
Maybe a little bit of soft rapping
He’s doing maybe uh not knowing the actual language what he’s saying? I I
I just kind of felt right now that last little bit. I was feeling a little hip-hop-ish there a little rap style
Maybe he was pulling off there
This is the lightest
Okay, so since we had a super chat on this one
We’ll be doing a winner pick again, so make sure you post in the chat guys
Yeah if you want to win again
I have a rule in place that there’s got to you can’t win back-to-back on the winner bot
It’s not it’s just it’s not fair because I don’t have a lot of time to do this. So
i’d rather
Get more free songs in. Um, yeah, so there’s a rule in place that you can’t win back to back. Um,
There’s there’s there’s like a five song. There’s a gap in between
I think I think it’s the only fair way to do it until I get a good read on how this bought
Until I get a real good weed read on how this bot’s working
I want to make sure the bots fair first so i’ll see how it pans out from there, but you never know man
We’ll both find out again though about to find out
You know, I know chelsea I know manchester united
that’s probably it maybe a couple other ones if you were the name I might know but
There’s so many tunes so many tunes
Yeah, I do I wouldn’t say though if you won again back to back i’d buy a lottery ticket man, yeah
I think i’d buy a lottery ticket. You never know
Might be a good luck ratio on that
Yeah, cause last night was the first night I used the bot the way I was doing it manually before was busting my ass scrolling
All the time staying on top of soft not being able to enjoy the music
Is fair, but I didn’t get I don’t get to enjoy the music as much because i’m working to stay on top of the list
whereas now with the bot i’m really enjoying hearing the music because I know the bot can pick somebody but i’m
cautious that the bots gonna be
You know
Not favor not favorable but consistent and picking
People, you know what? I mean not picking the same people all the time
So I got my eye on that bot big time right now for a few days to make sure
It’s picking decently
West ham
I’d like to slice that west ham up and fucking dip it in some mustard and eat it
That’s all I know about west ham buddy
Yeah, I love that
See I love when they just float right down like that man, there’s a little tapping on the hi-hat man nice
Outstanding great pick joshua. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hang tight
We’ll get you back again hopefully soon so it is bot time
Once again, okay, so we just did a bot
Uh winner roll and a super chat super chatter won it so we got to play his tune right away
We’re gonna bot it out again right now. I’m gonna pick another winner right now. I got my eye all over this bot man
Let’s see what happens
Winner winner baby chicken dinner. Let me have it what we got. Let’s see who we got this time
What do we got? Who do we got? Give me somebody good. Give me somebody good. Give me something good
Come on
Take it as time
Okay, chester just picked you again, man. See ya
You’re working the bot buddy
You’re working the bot. Okay, the bot’s not making me happy. I gotta pick again chester go to the fucking store right now
Spend one dollar and buy a fucking lotto ticket man. Go buy a lotto ticket go buy a lotto ticket, man. I’m serious
Okay, i’m picking another winner. Here we go
My god if it picks chester again i’m turning the bot off
There we go
I’m happy with kai being picked kai’s. My number one super chatter. Kai is always a great pick. All right, baby
Okay, uh kai, did you do a super chat? I think you did. So we’re going to go right to your super chat right here
Fel. Oh fell, huh? Oh fell hind danny fodd
one cath
Oh, yeah, yeah
Here we go guys super chat right off the hop my lord he just scooping right up there real fast, man
Ah, yeah the
Yeah, so with kai super chat kai has a couple of super chats in front of him so with kai just winning right there
He’s going right to the top. Okay, so which means again now our next song is going to be another winner
I’m, hoping he’s going to pick a non-super chat at some point soon like it did last night last night wasn’t bad
Okay, so we’re going to roll with this tune right here kai super chat gets rolled right to the top
We still got frozen and we still got x in the house sitting ready to go
Kai sitting in third place gets moved right to the top
fell hind danny faud
Oh my lordy
How the hell do you say?
Would that be bond cath?
Would that be bon kath?
I’m thinking the w might be like an a ah, bom. Juan
Guy you’re okay with that format. Um, I just find that’s probably the best way just
If you have a super chat already in the queue and you win on the winner bot
Uh that that just takes you right to the top of the queue
I’m hoping you’re all okay with that
Um, I just i’m just trying to keep it a safe and fair for everybody
Okay, I lost
Welcome the images and come there it is. Okay. Here we go. We’re going to check out kai super chat
Please check out my okay
Fell hine
Dynafod bond cast i’m thinking
Uh any there’s uh, three verse no two versions here. Either of the two is fine
Probably take the one with the more views i’m thinking
It’s a bird
Whoa, okay
You know, I like I like I like how
I want to say it’s he’s got a little bit of an arabic
On the wording sometimes the way he’s able to
I don’t know how to do it
but i’m hearing
On his vocal. I don’t know if that’s like an eric arabic, uh spoken type of
Vocal track but I like it. I like how it’s it’s strong
But yet the music is soft but the vocal is really strong like yeah, I want to hear that again. Let me hear that
You know what, I mean that that that that extra tone sound he’s able to make I like
Now i’m telling you six months boy i’ll be i’ll be i’ll be speaking to welsh
We will
I can’t believe how serious you guys take your fucking football man
But I guess it’s you know the way I look at hockey over here when I was looking at her baseball
But you gotta agree soccer man
Soccer and basketball are the easiest sports to play you on a ball
Get a few guys. You’re good to go one or two guys. You’re good to go
You know
You and another guy can kick the ball back and forth each other
Uh, you know all day long practicing stuff, you know, same with basketball. You can shoot hoops all day. Just a couple guys
hockey baseball football
Like football football the american football you need people
Baseball you can throw a ball back and forth like it’s boring but you know to play a game of baseball you need nine people
But yeah, man, it’s great to see
It’s kind of great to see how soccer’s evolved in north america over the last 20 years because it wasn’t it should be nothing man
Nobody fucking gave a shit about it now
But now it’s you know with espn and tv now and social media and internet
Really got a lot more popular man. It’s getting a lot more and I enjoy a good soccer match now, you know
I don’t know all the play
But you know, it’s really good when you can start seeing them form because you know the nice big pitch
But i’m i’m enjoying good soccer matches. I watch the world cups in the big games if I can
I was really involved man, and I see you guys talking about it the way you guys talk about it
It reminds me of the way we talk about hockey and football american style football over here
Hey warren, what’s going on? Be careful?
Be careful boy. I may do a golf stream soon. I love I love playing golf
I didn’t know we had a national soccer team
Or is do we have a major league soccer league top player
Because I don’t think you guys are talking about
Mls, I don’t think you guys are talking about major league soccer. You guys are talking about a different higher level
You guys are taught I think right am I right?
I don’t know. I don’t follow mls. I just know toronto has a team in it
Warren, what’s up, buddy? Good to see you
I just know toronto has a team in the mls and it’s a major league soccer. I just don’t think that’s the
What you guys are talking about? I think your guys are a different level
Alfonso davies
Oh, yeah, okay i’ll have to check them out
You know i’m not working right now so I mean like a
To welsh music my god, man
I had no idea
Kai’s super furry run would lead me to a bunch of fucking welsh tunes, man
I’m laying in bed thinking about welsh i’m laying in bed
thinking about some of this stuff i’m like god, I can’t believe i’m
What i’m enjoying right now and get to listen to so, you know
Trust me. I’m just as happy sitting here if there’s no super chats. We get to hear some tunes, man
Yeah, the super chat’s you know, really nice
But it’s just nice. I get to hear some music and chill with you guys and hear you guys talk about it and
And play music. You guys are enjoying one, you know when I get that, you know as you I can’t get everybody man
I try to get the majority it’s hard
Just try the best. Let’s go
But we do have another winner pick coming up so here we go we’re gonna pick another winner here
hopefully we’ll get a non super chat winner this time get a
Somebody lurking so if you’ve been lurking i’ll give you a moment while I roll another joint
If you’ve been lurking make sure you need to comment for the bot to pick you up. Okay?
Just even if you put a dot in the chat just anything so it shows your name as active in the chat. It’ll pick the
chatters over the last 10 minutes
and hopefully it’s
Randomly picking one and not depending on how many shots somebody’s saying
So let’s find out. We’ll go pick another winner
chicken dinner
Give me a freebie buddy. No more free super chats
If you know, you know what I mean by the super chat freebies i’d like to see somebody that has a super chat to win
Which is always nice
Okay. Let’s see what the winner says baby. Give me somebody good here. Give me a name
Give me a name like warren or give me a name like harry williams. Give me a name like captain. Who are you giving me?
Don’t give me the bot
I fucking bought again, man
See that’s starting to concern me man. The bot the bot’s posting a lot the bots posting a lot
So I don’t mind
Re-picking it at least at least i’m not you know stuck having to give it to the bot
So I don’t mind giving it to the bot as long as I can pick up another one
The next one is going to be a freebie
If it’s a super chat, it’s going to i’m going to keep rolling till I get a freebie
All right, it’s my channel. I have the right to do that. I want a winner. Yeah kai back to back
Oh my god kai. They love you man. Unfortunately i’m taking another one. You gotta roll again, man
I want a freebie here
If you know what I mean
Okay captain I can roll with captains of freebie. Okay captain give me your tune buddy
I’m getting my bong
Ready? Yeah, I gotta look at this bottom i’m gonna look at another way to do this
There’s other ways to do this
I i’m i’m not fully 100 confident in the bot picking randomly
Um, I think there’s going on something going on there, man
so i’m gonna look at other ways to do this with uh,
a bot or a program picking it
um, although I don’t mind doing this bang bang bang at least, you know, we’re getting somebody that did the super
Chat, which is good
Uh, hey, trust me. I love the super chats, but I also
you know want to see some of the people that have been hanging and chilling the last week and to
Get a little action
So we got i’m gonna call you hollywood for some reason I like calling captain captain hollywood, why am I?
For some reason
Okay donning a new era
Okay, so next up we’re gonna have another super chat after this tune
And that will be I think frozen I think frozen will be up next and then I think I got another one
And then now it comes dean with the two
Pounds or two euros. I don’t know what that null stands for. What’s that l stand for? I think that’s
Pounds I think
I’m, not sure it’s all good
Uh finicky, so yeah. I’m just trying to mix it up
Uh, try not to have the same people win all the time house captain rob. Yes. What?
Scroll down to 17
Oh my god
I can’t count that one, two, three, four, five six. Seven eight nine, 10, 11, 12 13, 14 15 16
Okay, so what am I looking for yeah, I can’t count
This one here dawning of a new era this one here the bbc one
This one i’m scrolling up high so you can see it
Okay, one with 79 views
I’m thinking you’re thinking that one 97 views, you know
79 views. Oh boy, really making my eyes hurt
I’m going to look at that. I don’t see. Oh, there it is
dawning of a new era
Yeah, okay, so that one right there. How did you get 17 down man for me? It’s one two three, four five
Six that’s it. Okay, let’s go
Okay now, hold on the special I think I did a reaction to these guys in my youtube channel did I not
Did I not
When I see specials
Yeah, I
Fuck his guy who’s got a few views on it. Dude. Got 2 000 views on it now
I did the specials first time hearing gangsters
Damn okay
You know that tune
Good stuff man outstanding. I thought I could pull that. Oh no shit. When I do that though. I lose my shit
But the wrong thing
Okay, hold on
Oh, I got a problem
Hold on okay, uh, hold on something just happened here. I lost my screen
Thank you kai with another super chat, I appreciate that let me get my screen back here
What happened?
There it is up. Oh, yeah, this is not good. Oh
Damn it
For some reason it’s not oh boy
Shit yeah, this is not good. For some reason. I lost my window capture
Well, there’s no other way for me to capture my window and it’s not working it’s that little dot up all of a sudden
It’s a little dot. I can’t control. Oh my god. Are you fucking kidding me, man?
Oh, okay. I don’t know how to fix that
Why is it doing that?
Okay, so let me get rid of that see if that fixes it
Why did that do that? Yeah. Oh boy
Oh, yeah, yeah, this is not good
I just I just need a moment to think this through without me having to shut the stream down
Why did it do that
I can’t expand that
There’s no
Like everything’s fucked look at this shit man what the
Oh my god. I’m, sorry guys. I don’t know what happened. I clicked something
I didn’t see what I clicked and it’s
disoriented at all my outlines
And I can’t get my window back to show the video
And this thing’s causing me a major headache that’s right there, so let me get rid of this
Okay, so I got the window right there why is it not taking the window
Okay, let me try this again
Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s why I gotta be careful clicking shit man
That’s why I got to be not small
So I gotta have the box doing everything like click the one wrong thing and it just messes everything right up
Oh I can probably yeah I can do it this way
But there’s a major pain in the ass to do it. That way. I don’t want I don’t like doing it that way
Why now did that
Oh wait, hold on did I get it it shows that it’s there, but it’s not showing it to
Okay, why are you not showing it to me
I know why because it’s a little dinky
Okay, let me remove it again
Yeah, this shit don’t usually happen man and usually if it does I can fix it quick but this one
This one ain’t good. Okay, let me try it again
It’s because of it
Ah, there we go. I got it
So you gotta work. I just gotta work through a way to get back to it
Thank god man. I think we’re good. Yeah, we’re good. Oh, thank god
Okay. One thing I didn’t want to do was shut the stream down lose my super chats. Although I
Sure would have been remembered kai frozen and dean and x
okay, so
We’re back to the specials. Okay, let me get back on track. I think we are good to go again
We are good to go again
Make sure everything’s still rolling. Looking good. Everything’s looking fine
Let me scroll that down. There we go. Okay, I think we’re back in action. There we go
There we go. Yeah, loving it. I love the I love the
So one two, three four five, I don’t remember so the gangster tune I did from these guys was the first tune
Okay, so that’s why it’s got some good views on it, which is good
But I recall I think I really like the sound of it
Uh, I think I really enjoyed the black sound that came out of it too from the guys that were involved in it
I think if I remember correctly, so yeah, definitely worth definitely worth going back and have another look at them. That’s for sure, man
Absolutely. Okay. Let’s fire this back up get it rolling again need me some tunage
Let’s go
This is
Okay regarding golfing fuck I think I just lost it again man
Oh, I just lost it again what the
Fuck okay. There we go. Okay regarding golfing. Oh shit
Hold that thought I I gotta
Actually i’m not going to I don’t have to oh shit I just used it
I don’t have to turn them on. I actually gotta harvest it. So i’m gonna leave it in the dark
Yeah golfing let me tell you a story about golfing
I just gotta make sure
Okay, my alarm doesn’t go back off
So I you know, I worked six days a week in the club business
Mostly the night shift. So we myself and maybe another manager doorman bouncer
We we golfed I golf four days a week, man
For ten years. I literally golf for four days a week. Um
Every morning early afternoon just to get away from the noise the club shit. It was nice. It was good
I wasn’t bad. I could shoot 90 on a regular basis
But just to get away from everybody man all the bullshit of the club scene
You know, I know a lot of you uh
Brits like to say yeah, it’s a waste of a good walk
Um, but yeah, I enjoy it man. I like a good golf game
I haven’t golfed in a while though. I play golf online a lot though. Um i’ve streamed it. I may stream it here soon
But yeah, I enjoy golf big time. Okay, let’s go back to the tune get rolling
But I like this old-school sound man back with four computers back before heavy mixers
Well before any auto tuning
you know, it was pure skill and
Sound talent back there
Nowadays you can make a guy like me sound like frankie fucking sinatra
I like table tennis. I like table tennis
I played a lot of sports growing up a lot of different sports. I excelled in hockey baseball and football like
And I know it’s gonna be loud and rock and roll baby thank you for that my friend I appreciate that
Yeah, you know, I like the name specials I like the look I like the
Is that the actual album cover I think somebody mentioned that
Oh, no, I can get it I got it I can get it. Um
Yeah, that’s actual cover I like it I think these guys mentioned it was an album cover I I like the look of
Guitar it there, man
Captain I got to say man the three or four twos you picked have all been great, man
Start with the yardbirds that your birds doing that first yard birds tune. I heard from you man. Still top tune, man
That tune. I kind of wish that was the tune. I reacted to on my channel. That’s a recorded one
It was nice to do it here and then follow up with the one that I did do secondary
Um, i’m probably gonna be doing some john mayer tomorrow from one of my patreon patrons, uh brandon
It’s like a nine minute video. So if you’re john mayer fan keep an eye out for that tomorrow
Um finishing off his monthly request get that done but outstanding again, but yeah i’m enjoying your picks captain
Captain’s got some nice picks man. He’s bringing me back to when I was before I was born sometimes I think which was nice
And just good quality sounds man
Really nice quality sounds outstanding
Highway man
Iced earth official ice earth. Okay, looking good. We are ready to go
I’m, just taking a moment to check things make sure everything’s all right
Uh, what would be your walk on dart song captain and rob I don’t know what you mean kai what would be your walk on
dart song
Not sure what you mean
I’m just reading back on some uh
Hey fierce champ what’s going on, buddy? Thanks for popping in man. I appreciate it
Yeah, what we do here is I just uh chilled and chat got some friends here. We play some music
Uh, we got a couple formats. I I I do, uh a bot roll for free music requests
Uh, but we also have people donating with super chat and the super chat gets a little bit quicker priority, of course
We’re donating so, you know, they get done a little quicker. Uh, but every few songs, we pick a winner from the comment section
Uh the bottle pick a winner and then they get to pick a tune and we get to roll with that tune. So
Uh, hey may get lucky the bot may pick you, uh, worst comes the worst. I may ask you to give me a song title
and a band name, uh
Just for popping in man
introducing yourself and i’ll copy it into my discord and then
you know in the next few days, I may react to it on my youtube channel making recorded videos, so
Yeah hank. Chill. You just relax here talk music football. You know, it’s relaxing having some fun do appreciate popping
Oh darts, that kind of darts. Hold on
What would I I love darts I can’t play like you fucking guys doing the pubs though, man. Oh my god, I watched some
Some fucking tournaments with dudes throwing a dart in a pub and just to get the fuck to go insane man
Hey, i’ve thrown a lot of dogs like
That is a skill big time man. Throwing them fucking darts, man
Okay, I see what you’re getting out there
Okay, so you get your own walking so my walking song would probably be rushed 21 12
Yeah, something like 2112 for me from rush would be outstanding man, that’s my walking song just off the top my head. Oh, yeah
2112 google 21 or youtube 2112 rush intro you’ll you’ll see what i’m talking about. Absolutely, man
Okay, so we’re about to do frozen’s pick. I’m just scrolling through the chat making sure I don’t miss anything because if I
Don’t take a moment scroll through the chat. I don’t see my man fiery fear fierce champ popping and introducing himself. So that’s nice
So I like take a moment. Make sure I try to catch everybody I can
You know stay on top of people, you know get to know who’s in in the house
okay, so we are about to do a
super chat reaction from a man frozen
And then after this one, we’re gonna do another freebie. Uh, we’ll do a winter bot. So
Make sure you post in the channel anything just with a bottle pick up from 10 minutes previous to when I post the command
okay, so
Let’s check it out. I think we’re ready to roll with a little bit of highway man. Now this sounds familiar highway man
Iced earth
I i’m getting the feeling i’m gonna hear a little iron. Maiden type music
Am I close
Let’s find out
Oh look at that album cover plays
Maybe german-ish finland swedish
Where are they from pros soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade?
The bastards
Well, I like it man i’m trying to figure out where they’re from where are they from florida
Holy fuck, I would never have thought that man. It’s sad that the vocal it sounds like
To me the vocalist sounds like he’s from another country like german
Uh over there somewhere and he’s singing english. So he’s got that deep that different bit of a sound to him
Hey i’m still learning every day, man
I am still alive
Edie good to see you popping in. Thank you for popping in guys if you can
Anytime somebody pops in and inquires I may miss it
If you can just welcome them and help them out
I would appreciate that big time. I I see stuff like that it helped me out big time
I just don’t like missing people coming in taking the time to pop in and say hey and this and that and
I don’t get to respond to them
I like to try to get everybody that pops
Yeah, I like it, you know, it’s it’s rocking it’s heavy
But it’s not too fast. It’s nice. It’s got a nice pace to it
That’s you know keeping me in the like rock heavy metal sound. Uh
The vocals got a nice flow with this the music i’m liking uh, big time enjoying the sound of it iced earth
I don’t think i’ve heard anything from them before unless frozen
You’ve had me react to them in my channel over the last year and a bit. Um
But yeah, definitely enjoying the sound man, but still can’t feel that they’re a florida floridian man, though, man. That’s good
Usa can still pump out some talent good stuff
No, they have not regarding only fools and horses
You know certainly there is not an iron maiden sound here for me
Which I thought leading in which is just fine because it’s their own sound. I love I love the pace
Uh, you know, you get a lot of these bands. I find a lot of these heavy metal bands
that I I get uh
A chance to look at in this situation. They they tend to be too loud and too, too
Sometimes it seems like they’re trying too hard to be heavy metal
And I think I think the best bands that perform heavy metal wise are the ones that don’t try to be too hard to be
You know heavy metal. They just do what they do and they create the sound that they create
and it’s what you love I think the people that force the sound the bands I think are the ones that
I have a hard time hearing sometimes
Like i’ll enjoy it
But I won’t really enjoy it. You know what I mean?
You think this does have a bit of iron maiden sound to it, I haven’t heard a lot of maiden lately, okay, I guess yeah
You know, I like to speed up on the drumming there not too strong but just it’s nice to end it up nice
Yeah, I said well hang tight you might have a chance soon to pick a pikachu
to do it
So we have another bot pick coming up we have a winner pick bot pick coming up guys so
Make sure you take a moment type something in the comment section just for the bot
We’ll know that you’ve commented within the last 10 minutes
And i’m about to do another roll for another free reaction
So hang tight there
Samuel you might get lucky the bob might like you just pop it in give you a chance
To listen to the libertine. So the way it works here is we have super chat, of course
Uh, which takes precedent. Uh, but I also
Do I bought?
Winner raffle picks, which we’re gonna do right now
And that’s where it’ll pick somebody from the chat. If it’s somebody recent i’ll pick again if it picks the bot i’ll i’ll pick again
Sometimes if it picks a person with a super chat
That’s already in queue. Then that’ll move them right up to that spot that we listen to it
And then again after that one, we will then do another free one. So, I think that’s a good routine
it opens up for more free opportunities to
Take that super chat move that more up the queue
I like that. I kind of like that car. I like that. It seems to speed it up. Nice with the
Because i’m all about getting the free, you know, I love the super chat, but i’m all about getting some free ones done, man
If I can have like if I did 20 reactions and 10 were super chat and 10 were free. I’m a happy guy, man
I’m a happy guy. You know what? I mean? You know if it’s 19 super chat and one free one
yeah, i’m happy money wise but i’m not happy internally channel wise because you know, I like the free stuff so
I do my best to even it out baby. Even it out even it out. Okay, so i’m ready to pick a winner
Are you guys ready?
Dean what’s going on? Betty? Yeah, i’d love to hear more of the strokes. Um
Now see dean when you say rob you should listen to more of the strokes
I think you’re saying I should like put my headphones on just listen to it in the background. I’m sitting around chilling doing nothing
see, I don’t like doing that because
I may hear a tune. I want to say fuck I want to react I should have reacted to that
Because every two somebody tells me to listen to I wanna react to it
Down the road. Okay time to pick a winner. Let’s see what the bot says. Okay frozen great pick, buddy
Enjoy that great sound. Okay guys, here we go. Let’s see what the winner is
Come on baby. Give me evie i’m pulling for you. Evie
Probably gonna be the fucking bot again
Benjamin love you, but I love you man. Thank you. Thank you for fucking picking benjamin
Benjamin, give me your tune buddy. Give me your name of the band and the tune. Thank you both for picking
now you guys are seeing
This came up last night, okay
Benjamin, thomas does not subscribe to this channel
Yes benjamin subscribes to this channel
So I was concerned about that when because last night I start was the first time I started using the bot
So I researched it after the stream
And I came up with this. Uh, where did I put that image now?
Okay, I gotta find the
Did I delete it
Okay, I may have deleted it okay, so I researched it after
The stream last night and this is what this is what I found out let me grab it here quick
This is I hope this doesn’t mess up my fucking thing again, man
Uh, but this is what I came up with last night, just so you guys know that it’s all legit
Okay, this is what I came up with. Okay, so these are the two devs
So i’ll give you a moment to read that
And I understand it fully okay
So the guy asked and then the two devs responded so it it is legit
Uh, it’s just a twitch thing and a youtube thing
They’re not gonna rewrite their whole code for youtube to accept subscribers and it comes down to subscriber on youtube is free
Whereas a subscriber on twitch is a paid subscriber monthly fee
So they’d have to recode everything to disparity that but if you do have your channel set to public viewing
It does say I believe that it’ll say that
You are subscribed. So don’t worry about that. It’s all legit
It’s just not something they’re worried about uh, if you go on twitch now
It works on twitch because it just it comes down to subscriber being paid for on twitch and it’s a subscriber
on youtube
Is like a follow on twitch? Whereas on youtube it’s free to be a subscriber. So
It’s all good. Okay, so please don’t worry about it
Everybody it’s not like everybody’s being picked that isn’t a subscriber
They’re all subscribers. I know that okay, so I did a little work we figured that out
Okay sebastian, what’s going on buddy? Good to see you man. Thanks for popping in
good sebastian
Sebastian. Are you the sebastian that gave me all that great argentina heavy metal music a few months ago. That’s
Still rocking and rolling. Okay. So let me get back to the tune here benjamin in the house
Uh i’m gonna save it this time that pitcher
Okay, let me get benjamin’s pick. I don’t see benjamin’s pick. Let me see. What do we got? Ash kung fu?
Is that kung fu fighting?
Ash is that kung fu fighting?
Oh tell me that’s fucking kung fu fighting everybody wants kung fu fighters
Oh, yeah, baby, please tell me that’s kung fu fighting come on maybe I think it’s ash
I could be wrong
Oh, I don’t think it is. I’m pretty sure it was called kung fu fighter
Let me check the chat
I wish it was now you mentioned it. That’s all good buddy. Whatever
Sebastian my friend good to see you. Hey, listen, man. Um, listen guys sebastian here when I started my um,
argentina argentina run
He loaded me up my discord
Like 80 fucking links man, bro broke it down for me. Nice. I just i’m sad I can’t get through all of them
Um, but I I picked a few from there
But I know that
Thanks to sebastian that when i’m ready to pick a tune if I don’t have one ready to go man, I can go
My discord sebastian’s list bands right there, man. So I still appreciate that man
I still appreciate that
I don’t drink but man i’d love to taste some wine. I could I could sip a little bit of wine right now
Okay, so yeah sebas what i’m doing here is i’m doing some reactions here where uh,
There’s super chat people can donate to get a reaction done
Um, but also we do some free ones with a bottle pick a winner and we’re doing that right now
We just had benjamin win a pic. His pick is kung fu
Uh here we only do audio only because I can’t do video here on youtube, uh without getting in trouble, uh, i’m tickled pink
I’m stuck. You have no idea how happy I am to be sitting there doing this man
You have no idea
Okay, let’s go. Here we go
Kung fu no idea what this tune is
Oh grungy sound run signs
Cloudy drowsy
There we go
Jackie chan, baby last night
Come on
Hey, dudes, what’s going on buddy? How you been? Good to see
Yeah, man, I like that I just remember I got to take a pause man i’m streaming I gotta pause it
Yeah, good sound man. I like that little bit of fucking kung fu sound at the beginning
The sounds sound effects
Yeah, really good grind on what’s making that noise
Plus I got my windows open too, it’s nice and cool out. So i’m just
Getting nice flow going so i’m gonna hear some extra traffic outside
But yeah, really digging the sound. I dug the grunge sound the guitar sounds tight and loud. Nice. Nice man. Solid, uh,
You still really from ireland. You said irish?
Band just looking at the chat
So, uh, yeah, I think he said it was irish
I can’t hold on
Finish it off
Outstanding, good pick
Got me all excited to hear kung fu fighting out. I love that tune, man
I’ve been listening to kung fu fighting since I was fucking
10 I think eh
I can hold on a sec, man
This is this is what i’m talking about this is my pick here
Everybody knows this tune, right?
It’s all right captain i’m pulling it right now baby checking it out right now everybody was comfortable
Okay enough, oh what a tune man love that
Brings me back in time. Oh, I know the words man. I know every word of this tune. Maybe I can sing this too man
Oh, yeah
I’m, just breaking it down a bit there man. Yeah, I know this tune big time. I love this tune
Uh, it’s a tune. I can just kick back like wolf man. Jack to him cloud for the wolf, man
I know that tune man. I can sound like the wolf man on that
Big time. Okay. So, where are we at here? Um
So what did we just do there?
Okay, we just did a bot pick
Okay, we just did a winner pick benjamin. Correct? Yes. That’s correct
Okay, so we are now going back to a super chat
And then we’ll roll another bot pick shortly. But yeah, let’s see who’s up on the super chat next?
Okay, so we got chester we did frozen we did x is up on the super chat next
Kai, we sped ahead there kai still got another one coming up as does dean. So we are going to roll with x’s right now
Let me get that copied and pasted okay, and then we get rolling here
Okay, so we got
It’s your destiny
the war on drugs 2011
Secretly canadian this canadian ban
Hmm interesting
Yeah with that song yeah, let me ask would that song now kung fu fighting be considered
You know the pc racist would it be considered racist now?
Uh, because it was back done in the 70s. I think man, you know, you got funky china, you know you got some
funky chinaman and funky chinatown
I wonder if yeah, i’m wondering if it got some pull exposure right now people would be freaking out about it
I should do a reaction to it
And sing the whole fucking way through the whole song man. I think that’d be fun
Might enjoy. Hey guys listen
I have an idea and it
I got two friends of mine that are reactors, but that they have
They’re not growing. Like I am and I don’t mean friends like personal friends
like near me
I mean friends online the reactors I met him through react and I met him through both actually through baby metal I believe
Uh neon reaper and chief sweet two great reactors for babymetal and other stuff. They both do great stuff
they both stream twitch regularly now because
Uh, they’ve had issues on youtube
So what i’m thinking of doing i’ve done some?
A couple of podcasts with them where the three of us got together and talked and I got some good views
On that we talked about some great shit. So what i’m thinking of doing?
Is i’m thinking of bringing them into my show for one one time type thing maybe once a week?
I i’ve been dying for a while to get together again with the two of them on my
On my end, you know, not me joining them. I want to be you know the lead and they’re joining me
So i’m thinking of bringing them into this stream one night, so you’ll have me here live
You’ll have neon here live neons from the uk
and you’ll have
Chief in who’s from oklahoma
And so the three of us will be in here live at the same time
And we’ll be reacting and reviewing the songs you guys pick
What do you think about something like that? That’s something I want to try. I love these guys, man
I love their you know
I love just as as they say, you know, I I offered to split any super chat with them that we may get
So they bro, don’t worry about that. I just love hanging out. They just love hanging out. You know what I mean?
So I you know
Even though i’ve gotten a lot bigger on youtube and i’ve got some good stuff going on i’m still
You know trying to get with these guys, you know what I mean? Because they’re important to me
they’re with me early on and I feel good talking with these two guys and I love their uh,
Angle on how they break shit down
So i’m thinking I think you can handle me and two other reactors in here that I really like and the three of us
You know, not only will it be me breaking it down my my opinion man
You’ll get a guy from the uk giving his opinion. You’ll get a guy from deep oklahoma. Who’s an indian given his impression
Who knows a lot of shit man? He may pull out his fucking electric guitar and whale awesome risk for you, man
I don’t know if if you’d be into that, let me know
Okay, let me know because i’m really thinking about doing it real soon get them in
And give it a go. Let’s check it out. Let’s go
You know mix it up, you know what I mean get some different perspectives other than mine all the time
I’d love to have mid once a week man, seriously
Yeah warren i’m familiar with old school like
Uh, andrew dice clay sam, kennison richard pryor. I love them big time. I know all those stuff
Okay, so i’m trying to figure out here
So the name of the band is the war on drugs and the name of the song is it’s your destiny
So what a name for a ban the war on drugs, man?
Where are they from are they canadian acts? Do you know if they’re canadian?
Oh, yeah, hold on shit
Yeah regarding the flags here. These are my four. Um
If if I were to do it right I I should do it like this
Number one rank is indonesia. And that’s because of the commun the total views and number two
would be
and number three
great britain
Um, okay, so the regarding the flags
They’re my
top four
Well the canadian flags there for me
but the top
The red and white one is indonesia, which is my top viewer ship for my channel
which is at 30 plus percent of my total channel views 30 comes from
Indonesia argentina flag is my second highest community 25. Plus I think 25 20 plus 20 plus for sure
So between those two countries indonesia and argentina
50 of my views on my channel
indonesia argentina 50 of my views on my channel
uh third is is
Third is great britain with 13
Uh, then there’s japan
and then there’s
Usa north. America. Those are my top five
Yeah, I could I I could I could put another flag up there uh, so i’m keeping on this side
Although on this side. I want to keep that one two three aspect of it
Uh, because that, you know i’m proud i’m happy for my communities. I love my communities. I love those three communities big time
But yeah
You know, I got room over here. I could put a little flag right here
You know put another one up there. I can put another one up there, you know, but yeah
That’s just me saying that that’s a way for me to say. Thanks to indonesia
Thanks to argentina. Thanks to great britain
you know because the fucking
It’s a huge number of viewers, man
On my channel and then there’s japan and a few other ones. But yeah, I could I could throw uh
I’ll check it out later on
uh, it was easy for me to get these here right now because I already had them in my
On my pc folder because I utilize them in my videos, but i’ll i’ll grab the welsh one later
I’m curious i’m thinking there’s a lot of red yellow and green in it in the welsh flag red
Yellow green. Am I right? I have no idea. Let’s roll
I think buddhism I think maybe but it’s been used multiple times germany made it negative
If i’m not mistaken
Oh i’m missing some chat
Hold on
I want to scroll back catch up on that chat and see somebody popped in
Tara how are you? I can’t see what you’re writing. But it looks like it may be russian
How are you today? Maybe kazakhstan
Okay, who are you responding to? Uh
captain about black people playing blues
Sebastian we are all countries on the same level because the most important is the love music
But yeah, I love argentina
Yeah, I know. It’s great, uh to be fair captain mills and kukashay all said he wanted flaming sausages on stage
Um, just trying to catch up on jesus heroes to celestials
Jesus i’m gonna do this and put it in my discord. Okay I need to do
Once again, if anybody here can speak argent, um
Sebastian, can you let jesus catalan know? Oh
Oh my god
That i’m gonna put that
In my discord the heroes to silencio
And i’m gonna react to it in a recorded reaction because I need to do a hero’s reaction soon
So let jesus know i’ll do that in in my youtube channel, okay
um because the way it works in this stream
is if people donate they get to pick we check the tunes, but
when I pick the bot to pick a winner i’m having
Uh, and then you know if you were to if you were to get lucky and win, uh the draw then you could throw in
We could listen to that tune, but i’m gonna put it in my oh my god
Put it in my discord because I need to react to that band so I am putting it in my discord. Oh boy
Okay, i’m gonna run something else by you guys just because you guys are smart you’re intelligent, uh, you’re responsive uh
I feel like you’ll give me good insight
So, you know i’m always trying to make things better
And one thing I want to do is I I set up merchandise, but it’s garbage. I just a little wrong image
Just I just set it up. It’s and they’re too expensive
So I have an opportunity to get better pricing on merchandise
Uh, like better pricing for for like you guys buy it or for you because I want to buy a nice
Couple of shirts I can wear my fucking logo right here. So what i’m, you know?
On my videos. My logo is fucking here. So i’ve been working on
I don’t know if I should show it. This is just a rough idea
you gotta
First of all, you gotta envision that that smoke strip club tails is transparent. There’s no black background behind any of this
It’s all transparent. This was just a test
So i’m thinking of making a logo
That I can imprint on the t-shirts and shit
and I like
The smoke strip club tails logo that we put together and just music. It’s going to be different color. That’s
Not the color scheme nothing. It’ll be transparent behind. It’ll fit nice. There won’t be no black background
Uh, just to show my my graphics guy to help me out with it because it’s got to be like 5k by 5k with high
Dpi, so it’ll print nice onto a shirt
So i’m going to have rob k reacts on the top music reaction
But just something i’m printing on a hat with my my girl there
uh, and then i’m gonna
Put that on the t-shirts and hats and sweatshirts and sell it and people are asking me about it
But i’d love to be wearing a shirt with that on here right here
You know what? I mean or a hat with that on there i’d love that. So that’s something else i’m working on
I had to draw the girls
So if I put an actual girl in there?
They wouldn’t I wouldn’t be able to utilize it. So we had to draw it make it look like a neon
Uh, okay. I should yeah, you know goofing off. You know what there’s all
There’s always work. There’s always work going on in the background because you know people
I get an email you oh man. Anyway, I can buy a sweatshirt from you man with your logo on it. I’m like yeah
I got them available. They’re here. They’re available. Uh
But they’re really expensive man, I don’t know
And and you can’t see the logo because it’s not the proper size
Oh, you can’t see it
Uh, yeah like there’s t-shirts
you know, I got fucking sweatshirt, but
So i’m gonna focus on getting the best it’s all stream elements is working with me on this to help me
Get some better merchandise at a lower price
Uh, you know, it ain’t gonna be 54 bucks. It’d be like 29 bucks. And so it’s like half the price so
That’s the kind of logo i’m looking at I guess
Just so I can have something to fucking wear and and advertise. You know what I
Mean, okay, sorry for showing that shit. But I just I like your opinion if you’re willing to offer it let’s uh
Let’s roll. Oh
Okay, we’re back we’re good let’s go
Okay kai
How about we do?
this you state one and i’ll see if I know if I i’ll give you
An impression if I know anything about what you’re talking about?
Um, yeah, come on
I’ve been sitting in front of a computer for an average of 15 hours a day since 1995
At one time I was surrounded by naked women constantly all around me as I was putting the websites up and all
Yeah, come on. I know yeah
I can talk. Yeah, I can talk about that shit
Yeah, so rather than me
Trying to dig in. Yeah. Give me give me an eye
Give me a topic of what you’re thinking of like, oh i’d love to talk about 9 11. Oh god
Listen okay. I’m just going to say this one time, you know back in the day. It’s like, you know screenshot it or didn’t happen
Take a picture of it or it didn’t happen
Take a video of it or it didn’t happen
Okay. Now we’ve seen now a fucking video proof of your fucking ass and it’s still like yeah, I know it didn’t happen
Well, I could talk about 911 man I could go into that for four weeks non-stop deep man
Somebody somebody mentioned in my
Timeline recently something about the clinton i’ll just say clinton’s
That’s another big big thing going on man
Yeah, I I g like I said, I I see a lot of shit online
I read a lot of shit online. I research a lot of shit online. I don’t follow a fucking cnn. I don’t follow at msbc
And I don’t follow none of them the tv shit man
That stuff I you know, I I I search shit out
You know get a wide variety of research wide variety info and you know formulate my own opinion, you know what I mean?
you know the thing with twitter twitter peop, unfortunately twitter and us people in twitter people in the us think twitter is
The common norm of the united states mindset and people listen twitter’s like five percent of that man twittering what people think it is size-wise
A lot of fucking bots and shit. It’s not you know
Oh god
the democrats are pandering to twitter as if
Twitter is the national thought on what’s going on in the country and it is nothing like that
Okay, I gotta shut up. Okay. So let me see what the theory you’re talking about because I could go on man
Okay, I gotta read back fuck i’m stoned right now man listen i’m feeling real good right now, right
Okay. Kai, let me see. Did you list anything? Let me see
Is the world flat
I don’t want to get into that one on the stream. But again
I could go on about it. Listen i’m going to tell you this also, okay, i’m going to tell you this
Without saying my final thought on it. I want to tell you this
I spent a lot of time researching the moon shit. So I watched a video that debunked us going to the moon
I then watched another in-depth detailed video debunking the debunking of us going to the moon
Then I watched another one
That debunked all of it
Are you fucking kidding me?
It’s crazy. You know, that’s a big one. Um
I personally don’t think we’ve been to the moon. I don’t think we have
Uh because we have been we’d been there fifty thousand times since the fuck. There’d be a walmart up there. Trust me
It hasn’t it hasn’t happened. You know, you gotta we got there’s video on the internet
of original shot
Or where the camera falls when?
The first cut the camera fell when he got off the ship, but who’s taking them pictures out there?
You know, I want to know the dude that’s out there first taking those photos
You know what I mean, but nonetheless i’m not here to talk about that shit
But uh the flat the flatness is that’s something you got to look at
You know, of course, we’re not going to see it unless we get high high enough up
And they don’t let you get high enough up to see it. I do know that
You know you look at the launches
Launches don’t go like that
Launches go like that
Now they’ll say they’re trying to go around the curve
What i’ve heard
Is the reason they built the space station because they need a launching point. They can’t they can’t get that distance
To the moon so they need a launching point. They’re trying to build launching points to get closer out. I don’t oh god, man
Listen my two guys neon and chief
Do these types of videos man where they talk about bigfoot they talk about all this shit man
They talk about us being in a fucking simulation
uh theory
system like elon musk talks about
So they talk about conspiracy theories, man
So i’ll get the two of them on here when I mean I may need to do a conspiracy theory
I’d have to keep all the music out of it though. It just have to be talking about conspiracy theory me
uh myself and the two of them, but I don’t know if you guys are into that because you know,
You may listen to me for a couple hours. This guy’s a fucking nut man. Why am I listening to this guy?
Listen to music. You know what? I mean? Never come back
You know what? I mean?
That’s the problem with that
Uh, but yeah
The flatness of the earth thing i’ll give you an example. Okay. Listen
And you gotta take it for what it is
It the info’s out there
Physics doesn’t lie
Um, cory alif corialis effect shit doesn’t lie planes aren’t constantly doing this
Apparently, you know there’s
Okay, I don’t want to lose where I was going. I fucking lost where I was going. It was impo it was vital
Fuck what was I talking about?
Oh dude elon is raking in the money for shit. That doesn’t get finished. Hey
Hey, just he sees he’s a smart guy man. He’s good at marketing. I don’t know. He’s making money not producing anything
On a large level that’s been promised from what I from what I see
Uh, we’re talking about the flat earth. What was I taught? What was I going to mention about flat earth?
Fuck kai man, look now, we’ve got me talking this stuff man
I’m so stoned right now, man
And I do not want to be fucking talking conspiracy theories while i’m fucking baked man
Um, but that’s probably the best time to do it but was I I was going to say something
The flat the flatter thing, ah, that’ll come back let’s get back to the tune man got some super chats to get to let’s go
Okay, I just remembered it, okay
If you remember felix baumgardner the red bull astronaut guy that jumped out of a capsule in space
Okay, he jumped out. He was the highest to jump out of a capsule
On the recording
There was a k so the main camera was showing him
And you can see the uh, the gopro curved camera
You can see the curved atmosphere
But they also had a camera inside the cabin of this thing that showed a picture from behind them
Now you didn’t see that curve man
It was flat
So you look at that and you got to think okay. What’s up with that?
You know what? I mean?
Uh, yeah, if you look if you if you know what i’m talking about
Or if you have interest in that type of shit
Google, felix bomb gardener look for the video and it’s just a quick shot, man
positive you can
But the one shot from his head is like this
And the shot from inside the camera. It’s like that
It’s like, okay
What’s that about? It’s the same thing. You know what? I mean? It’s crazy. Okay, let’s roll
Okay, no more conspiracy theories right now
I’ll do a fucking separate stream for that shit. If you guys want that baby, I could do a stream for that shit
Oh talk talk about the uk, man
Uk’s got a rough right now
You guys I I I woke up today and I saw some kind of case spike. I’m like fuck cases, man
It’s more about the deaths. Okay? Yeah, you know the more you test people the more cases you’re going to get
But the cases aren’t killing people and they’re utilizing the cases. It was deaths originally now
It’s about the cases right but out of those 40 000 cases 39 000 might live, right?
Is what i’m seeing?
But yeah
I don’t know something going on there. That’s making that I just saw a fucking thing going like way up there today, man
And i’m hearing a second wave coming like whoa, what’s going on over there?
And apparently it’s only happened in the uk and the us man, it ain’t happening like that everywhere else
So, I don’t know what’s up with that. You can go on for fucking talking about that
I gotta ask a question just to clarify something because I think
I i’m not right on something
in the uk
Is boris considered left or right?
I I think the left and right is opposite between the us and the uk, I think
And I think the best way me to for me to find out is to ask if boris is considered left or right?
Oh, so he is considered right?
okay, so it’s the same then as the same format thought that as in the u.s then okay because i’m thinking boris is along the
Lines of trump in the u.s. I need water. I’ll be right back
Yeah, that’s what I figured. Okay. I just wanted to verify it. Okay, no more trump talk
Let’s not get into that zone. Please not does not bring that stuff in here
Uh, i’ll have another fucking channel for that down the road i’m thinking because boy I can go off big. Listen guys
I can go off big time
I just don’t want the drama and
It’s just
Yeah, I just don’t want the drama. You know, from what I talk about
I could run a radio show talking about shit man. I don’t know some guy named art bird or something back in the day
What was in the art something some famous guy talked about shit man. I could do that
Damn yeah who requested this song man? Let me see. Fuck x I think
Axe bro, I owe you a free one down the road. I think this was zach’s hold on
Let me check man, because I all I saw was conspiracy theories, man. I’m, like whoa
Let’s not go there man. Hey sebastian. I hear it’s going pretty tough there in the argentina right now
Although I don’t want to bring it all up. But you know, it’s tough everywhere in the world right now
There’s shit going on man. Governments are fucking up man. Governments aren’t for the people no more man. It’s crazy
Let’s say let’s roll music time. Let’s get back to the party. Okay?
But yeah, I can go there
Oh I can go there
I just got to be careful going there. You know what I mean? It’s got to be careful going there
Okay, axe tomorrow you get the first video of the day, okay, bro
so try to get in early if you can when I when I
Come on
When I when I log in and come live, I like to wait 10 15 minutes 20 minutes for kai to pop in. Uh,
Actually get tomorrow’s first video, okay?
I’ll give you tomorrow’s first video if you can make it in and i’ll probably be at the same time six o’clock seven o’clock
Okay, let’s get back to the tune here, man. My god, sorry about that
Let’s see if we can have some fun if I get them boys on it. We’ll talk some person’s conspiracy shit
You know what we are seeing a lot of is
Do as I say not as I do
You know what? I mean?
i’ve seen a lot of images and videos of high-level people just about
You know
utilizing masks and
Everybody in their population mainly in the uk in the us
There’s other places but not as bad as let’s see as them so unfortunately
But larger populations as involved though, right
But I am curious to see I don’t know when the when the election is
I don’t know if the u.s elected in november 3rd, I think or november 8th
But i’m curious to see what happens the week after that election
Uh, very curious to see how things pan up. I know shit’s gonna go down bad, but
I don’t know. Fuck it. It’s a it’s a win-win. It’s a lose-lose. It’s a win lose. It’s a lose win
Either way ain’t good
Uh one way I feel certainly is better. I’m not gonna get into that right now, but
Uh sleepiness is not the way to go
you know, I just
Uh, you know i’ve known about trump for a long time I used to
fly a junket once a week
you know myself and a few other important people from
Like the toronto head fire department police department
Uh inspector building and myself would take a flight every once in a while then new jersey atlantic city spend the day
Uh, these are high level people i’m with man, you know
I was running the biggest club in the day
So I had access to these people and they invited me to roll with them to this these junkets. We called them
Fly down leave at six in the morning come back midnight that you know
Spend 10 12 hours in atlantic city gambling. I came close to meeting him back in the 80s
He was a big guy back. Then always has been man. Listen, he was never considered racist
He was best friends with all the black people that hate him now right up to the moment
He decided to run against hillary that all changed baby. Okay, no more man. Come on. Let’s get back to music
I don’t know if should I should I start a channel and talk shit like that
You know make videos
I’d love to make a news, you know, i’d love to throw suit and tie on man
Gel my fucking hair back make a nice new scene behind me where I can click in like a news channel
And and spend, you know, five ten minutes talking about big big shit going on throughout the week
I just you know, that’s something I could do that could I could make money off of youtube with the music at still gotta get?
Because this wouldn’t be any uh copyright
Yeah, I just I don’t know if I want the dram on the headache man not you know
Five ten years ago. It might have been easier, but nowadays man
Don’t come hunting down need 50 people on my window fucking chance. I need to come outside
But piss them off
Yeah, it’s all the same
It’s important it works turn to all because of power
And we’re seeing the ruthlessness man of the party evolved
Uh favorite place
we probably
Yeah, i’ve traveled a bit
I got another club business at 17. We’re tired of 42. I haven’t traveled at all since I retired before, uh, 2004
But yeah, I spent a lot of time in cancun mexico
acapulco my I would say my
best time of probably my month in acapulco
Uh was a lot of fun
I’ve done some skiing around the world not mainly mostly in the us
Yeah, I haven’t been
Yeah, I haven’t been anywhere else outside north america
And south america like in mexico and down there
Yeah, I haven’t been
I wouldn’t I guess I
Don’t know if you call that abroad I don’t think i’ve been abroad within the same content zone
I haven’t like gone over to europe nothing like that
I I hope listen I hope to go to argentina to catch the show at river plate man. I hope to fucking go to
Here want to see what I got lined up for tomorrow morning’s first reaction
Tell me if this is a good way to this is what I got lined up for tomorrow’s reaction here
This is to I hope it’s set up. This is tomorrow’s reaction first reaction
I do tomorrow is this one right here? I’m going to switch my overlays
So, so here’s my
So and then if I do this
I got I got it’s all ready to roll baby. So
This is tomorrow’s reaction abel pintos l at divino a river plate
I noticed my first one I did at him had some good views on it
So, of course I gotta I gotta relook at it and plus it was requested on one of my recent streams here
So that’s first video tomorrow morning right there
Okay, let me get back to my
Okay, my god, man. I’ve never played a song so I fucked them. Hey, okay, so we did finish that tune, right?
Because the ai’s probably hating me man running that tune for so long. Damn it
Okay, let me get back on track here. So that was that x
Let me see what we got on super chassis. I want to do a freebie if I can
Your activity
Okay, so we did frozen we did chester we did access now
We did that one from kai so we still got two more. What time is it?
I just hit two hours right now. So
We just did a super chat. So we got two more
We have dean coming up then we got kai coming up super chat wise
So if either of them win the bot right now, they will get their tune played right now
So we’re going to do a bot roll right now guys
I am going to give you a minute while I go get some water. My mouth is dry as hell man
I’m going to give you a moment type in the channel
Yeah, if you haven’t posted in the last 10 minutes
Please type in the channel right now anything just a dot anything?
To show your name in the comments so that the bot will pick you in the random draw in a minute. I’ll be right back
Sebastian that’s
fine, uh, just just you just because when I type the command for the bot to pick a winner
The bot will look at the last 10 minutes of people posting
And take those names of people posting and put them in a raffle thingy and then pick one and then that’s the winner
So I just like to make sure everybody if they haven’t posted in 10 minutes just to get back in the action
Because it might have been 15 minutes since they posted so they won’t be in on the draw
Yeah, so I just like to remind everybody to get her done. So it gives everybody that’s active at the moment a chance to win
Okay, we’re ready to roll
Dean what’s going on buddy? Okay, i’m gonna give you another minute
I’m gonna give you another moment while I hit my bong
Yeah here let me show you something so
So I got my I got my my small one of my I ordered two new grow lights
I got one of them the small one
a small one
So I I took my small tent out of my bedroom and and I put it
It’s out here now. So inside that tent right there that little black tent is this hold up?
So inside there is my legal amount of weed I can grow
Yeah, it’s hard to see because of the bright light, oh, hold on this is why
Hold on it’ll get better. Hold on. There you go
Yeah, so in there that’s my new light that little light no fan
It’s got my plants in there
Yeah, I just want to get out of my bedroom because I got another bigger one in my bedroom at three times four times the
size of that fucking thing in my bedroom where I they flower
Uh, it’s empty right now because I can only grow four
Um, so those four are about when my new light comes in a week my big light
Those four are going in the big one
Yeah yankees babies
Well, I wear a lot of black and I thought i’m going to try to color it up a bit today. Here’s my color up
Okay, let me get back my my green screen
Yeah, absolutely sebastian listen man
I feel like this is my i’ve grown for a while now
It’s been legal in canada a couple years, but I was I was practicing before that
Yeah, it’s like I can grow it easy I can grow it I don’t use a lot of heavy nutrients yet though i’ve avoided that
But my lights always been low minimal light like i’ve grown some nice buds
Um, but I just haven’t really had really great light. I just spent money. I bought really good light man. I spent 900 bucks from
a government benefit that I have I utilized um
And decided i’m buying a light a real fucking light. So I bought a big light which is four times the size of one
That’s in there. But the same style it’s called the spider light
Uh, it’s led there’s no fan. No sound very powerful and just it’s I feel it’s my because i’m having
The thing is when you can only grow four plants
It’s hard to maintain a flow. If you don’t get each of those four plants to be plump
Big as you can get them, you know
We’re allowed to grow four plants. We’re allowed to have legal analysis eat wheat on us
um, of course you have more than that when you grow four plants, uh,
So i’m just trying to maximize my yield on those four plants. So this is the first time i’ve gone from like
Big time upload difference in light so i’m really hoping it’s gonna make a big difference man
But i’m not gonna put no more money into it if it is and i’m just gonna just ordering off the government
Huh? I can buy an ounce of wheat off the government for 120 bucks, man, and it’s decent weed
I’m happy with that, you know, but I like growing my own because I know what i’m putting into it
Um, and I enjoy it
Okay, let’s roll, okay, so
Did I pick a winner
Oh, no, we’re gonna pick it right now. Okay, here we go
Let’s roll baby, let’s see what we got
The benjamin benjamin won already, right
Dario, what’s going on? Benjamin, did you win like very recently?
Can somebody confirm that I I can’t remember I think benjamin won didn’t he already
No, no sebastian he’s a sub here look
He’s a sub
I I verified that he’s a sub, um, they have an issue
Yeah, the bot says that for everybody but if you can read that english it’s an issue that they have on youtube
Okay, I got to pick another one then. Okay benjamin, uh, i’m just trying to
To keep a good like a fair. I think you won the like the last two or three too. So it’s been
I I i’m kind of using five as a number
Yeah, I just i’m trying to avoid back-to-back wins certainly but i’m also trying to avoid somebody winning two or three times out of five
But i’m gonna give benjamin it because benjamin’s been hanging out
Yeah, so it’s just an issue that the bot has it it’s set up for twitch subscribers, which is a paid subscriber
Whereas on youtube it’s a free subscriber. So the bot doesn’t distinguish for that. So it just doesn’t display it
But apparently they say if you make your account
Public on my to show that your subscriber to me like I see some people do that a lot of people make it private
Then it’ll display properly. So yeah, i’m not worried about that. That’s not an issue. That’s
It’s right there
Right from the devs man of nightbot telling you. It’s okay
They’re subscribing. I know they’re subscribing
Okay, so benjamin, give me your tune bro. We’re gonna go with it
because I
right now I don’t want back to back if back to backs would be different but
I’ll figure it out, but benjamin’s the winner. Let’s go benjamin. The lock is with you tonight, my friend
Give me a tune
Okay, man extreme creatures
Let’s roll, okay. I haven’t heard some addicts in a while
Okay, so we got two super chats
And we’re only two hours in right now. So, you know, we do we can roll off some more free ones
I’ll be happy as hell baby. Okay, let’s roll
Manic, so patrick bateman the remaster’s fine. Uh
Yeah, looks like the only one available
This is yesterday remastered
Okay, so man, this is the one right here. Let’s roll. Oh wait, no wrong format shit. I just noticed that not the right format
Yeah, that’s not the right format
Okay, let me scroll down a bit here diesel patrick bateman
Yeah, they don’t have it it’s not available
Can you pick another tune please benjamin that one’s not available
This one is she is suffering. Um
There’s a few here roses in the hospital hibernation, no, they’re not available
It’s got to be provide yeah, they don’t have a whole lot available. Yeah, we need another tune bro
Yeah, I can’t do it it’s not available in the format that I can do it in I can’t risk it
Yeah, it’s got to be provided by youtube there’s no way around it
Now over on twitch I can do any tune over on twitch, I just can’t do it here
Okay benjamin I need another tomb
Uh, there’s a couple available the manics don’t have a lot available in this format man, let me see what they got available
They got 1404s available
Rose is in the hospital is not available
No surface all feeling is available
Spectators are suicides available
So they got a few no one knows what it’s like to be a man to be me so there aren’t many
Hey buckarotto, what’s going on benjamin bro? Where you at?
No surface all feeling, okay?
I’m not gonna i’m sick of scrolling. I don’t have a bot can do this. So, what was that? Most turf is all feeling
No serious all feeling manic provided youtube let’s roll baby. Oh wait, there’s another version there. Let’s just make sure it’s not a
Okay, do you want they have an acoustic demo
So they have
Do you want the acoustic demo or the remastered version?
Yeah, we’re doing the bot again today bro, oh yeah, we’ve been doing the bot
Remastered let’s roll
Okay, evie I got my fingers crossed for you guys got my fingers crossed for you hopefully we get a win for you soon
Softening that right up
See me now and I will apologize
It makes me angry ashamed but really alive hey
The whole reason I got this image is to show marty. Okay. So marty was the one that pointed out
Sorry marty from popping this on you as soon as you pop in the channel, but it’s important
Uh marty noticed I noticed it first last night when I loaded the bot for the first winner that it said
Jesse, wasn’t a subscriber and I knew he was a subscriber been with me for a while. So I was aware of that. Um
But later on nope marty noticed it was popping up on every winner on the the bot choice
That it said not subscribe to the channel
So marty posted it and noted it which was good, uh, which is fine i’d expect you to do that
So I did some research after the stream and this is what I came up with
Uh, these are the two devs from nightbot. It’s a nightbot’s made more for twitch than it is youtube. So it
On twitch a subscriber is a paid user on youtube a subscriber’s a free user so it doesn’t tie in with the bot
They’d have to rewrite their whole code and they’re not going to do that. But these are the two top devs on the
That explain to it that it’s fine, it’s just it’s just a thing, but if you apparently have your
Account show as public then it would show that you’re subscribed to the channel, but it’s more of a twitch thing
The subscriber here is like a follower on twitch and they just don’t want to rewrite their whole code. So yeah
That’s what it that’s what I got from check out
Yeah, I was on top of that bro because I know these guys are everybody’s subscribers
That I know
Thanks for yeah
so outstanding
Just keeping it alive baby keeping it alive
oh, so hey, man, i’m surprised that um the two and I mentioned the baby metal reaction today with uh,
Sue sitting down was the one we’ve been talking about the akatsuki, uh unfinished. Yeah. I was pretty positive. I knew that off the title
Uh, and then now you both you and loon said that yeah, that’s that tune. That’s pretty funny how that pando worked out
Let’s get back to this great sound from the manics, man
Are they considered called manics? Can I get away with calling them the manics or is it manic street preachers?
Or are they good with manics? Because I think mannix is awesome, man. That’s cool
This is a winner from the chat. Uh, I love the vocal requests
Super chat coming up next and then more premium
Bro, I love you hanging out buddy, you’ll get lucky man and i’ll tell you I need some spanish tunes in my channel right now
Spanish argentina
Seems so easy
We heard that earlier loved it, that was my pick
Yeah, man, this is nice I like this man it’s a little different from what I recall from these guys this is uh,
Slowing it right down love the vocal tone
I like I like I love the softness of the vocal
Man, I love that I get to talk about this music while i’m packing a ball for my bong man. Fuck. Yeah
But yeah, man digging the sound nice. It’s a it’s a lot slower than what I thought I would hear from them
Uh their band I think can kick it up really good. But yeah, beautiful tune, man. Let’s go
Give me a band name and a song title
Or log into
Discord and message me a link and i’ll do it in the next few days
I’ll do a reaction for you
I think i’d like to get back to one of your reactions
I can’t figure out the dm message just uh, drop a link one link in my
General chat and i’ll react to it
Try to keep it five to six minutes if you can please
Yeah, I like this man I really do
But now why are there only three guys on what looks to be a cd cover?
I could have swore there were more than three guys in the band. Am I wrong on that?
I thought there were four in the band
That’s making that noise
Oh my fans going fuck
Oh shit
Yeah, the only thing now is I got that other fan up here on my grow tent
So there’s a little extra noise there. I’ll have to turn that off and make recordings
My mic should be a little better now. I got the bigger fan off at my window
Yeah, the reason I moved that tent out here
Is that I can get it close to the window where I can run
A tube that sucks the air and the heat and the smell out of the tent and blow it right out the window there
There’s a window right there blow right out the window. Like I have in my bedroom. I have my big grow tent in my bedroom
With tubing that goes right out the window, man
You know keeps the smell out. So where I had the small tent in my bedroom. I it wasn’t near the window
Uh, so I made room out here around my pcs man. All right fuck
Got the weed live now man shit. I’d love to make wheat videos on marijuana
But again, I don’t want the fucking attention. You know what I mean?
I could make great videos on marijuana, man
I’d have a big channel marijuana channel because I know what i’m talking about and how to do it
um big time
Like I can take one
Sebastian. Are you familiar with this cloning? Yeah, I can take one plant
And if I know that plants strong genetics great smoke great yield great everything. I can take that one plant one seed
And literally get 100 plants off that one seed by growing that one plant into what’s called the mother plant
And then cloning that one mother plant
Keeping it at a low light so it doesn’t get too big and just make clones clones clones clones
If you know how to do that boy
That’s the way to do it because you can save money because seeds are expensive man 10 15 bucks a fucking seed now, it’s crazy
I’m, really digging the sound from the maddox man. I
I’ll get another tune out from them soon in my channel
You know if I was smart
You know as much as i’d hate to say this and
I should have made my oasis channel
like a manchester madness channel
Where was everybody the way the way that i’m hoping to do a video every day of my oysters channel?
Could you imagine if every day I was dropping like today manics tomorrow blur the week the next day pulp the next day?
Suede the next day slayed the next day chameleons the next day the charlatans. I have those five six different bands in a week
I just don’t want to make another channel man. If I were to make another channel, it’s gonna be an argentina channel
but man, I should I kind of wish that I made that oasis channel more of a
Scene uk manchester channel, maybe so I could really pound it out. I don’t know they’re deserving of it
This is I don’t know about another channel man fuck
Maybe i’ll slowly sneak that into my oasis channel, man
maybe uh
So oh oh, I forgot wrong channel, oops. Oh again, sorry about that guys
Sorry about that. Again. Keep fucking upload to the wrong channel
Wouldn’t that be something? I don’t know. We’ll see
Yeah, go ahead to basketball through those any marijuana picks like that
Send them to me in a private message and uh a message and discourse
Just careful I don’t post a lot of my marijuana stuff in there anymore. You don’t know who’s watching right?
I think I had a marijuana channel in there though. I’m not gonna do this
Well, I don’t think I do
Okay, I see your message is good
Oh, hold on I gotta mess with my man my graphics artist he might have some uh,
Awesome man enjoyed that big time. Okay. I gotta check this message from my graphic artist
Here i’m gonna go display
so you guys can see these so yeah, I got my buddy been with me for a while when I
I can do any graphics. I need it just takes time man for the level of stuff I want to do
Like I can do real quick graphics my videos and shit
Uh, I just don’t like spending the time anymore and my buddy there a dirtbag if I could help him out
You know he can help me with some graphics, you know when I sell if I sell any t-shirts
Um, you know, i’ll throw, you know a percentage of that
You know what? I mean for helping me out with the graphic work
Saved me from doing it because it would have taken me a while to do it
Okay, so let me show you what he just sent me that we’re looking at
I’m hoping these are going to be like transparent though. Um
He’s got some other vid. Okay, so
let me
Give you an idea what we’re looking at and this is for the the merchandise design stuff. Okay, where’d my display capture go man?
Oh, there it is
Okay, so here we go
See, that’s the bastion up there in the top left corner. Let me see. It’ll show up in a moment
See how active discord is we’re talking here in the stream. I’ve asked them to send me some links boom right there up there
Okay, so there’s my guy coming in with some ideas
on some t-shirt prints
So yeah, I think it’s a little colorful
again, most important thing for me is for it to be
Looking like that right there the transparency right there
Um, that’s vital
You know see me scroll up a bit. So I I want that transparency aspect right there
uh with the name on top and the bottom
So but yeah, we’re getting to work on it, uh, and they got to be big images
So I want to see how big this image is
It’s got to be a massive image
Yeah, that’s good. Yeah, that’s yeah, so look how
Look how big that is. I don’t know if you’re going to see that. Yeah, that’s awesome, man
Awesome. Okay. So yeah, that’s what we need
Okay, i’ll, let them know outstanding but it’s got it I got to make sure it’s trash. It’s got to be transparent though
I don’t want a big
black splotch
Outline on a white t-shirt, you know what I mean?
So yeah, we’ll get there. You know, things are working. Okay, let’s get back to the show
As my man cap i’m calling into the show now captain
Damn, man
I may need a fucking producer soon to work shit for me. Okay, how do I get rid of that capture thing man?
There we go. That’s freaky, man. Oh my god. That’s freaky shit, man
Okay, I think we’re good to go. I hope
Video back up video back up. Okay, great tune
Uh, so that was a free pick right that was warren’s free pick great tune warren. Thank you for allowing me
Listen to that enjoyed that big time. Okay. We got a super chat coming up right now and that is going to be
space and time the verve
Damn, I hope there’s an hour difference on that time frame
Okay, let’s get to it. Sorry taking so long, but I like to talk I
sometimes I talk too much but
Nobody’s telling me to shut up yet. So it’s all good
Yeah, i’m not going to show you the picture I would be clicking on that buddy no, no worries
Uh, I know there’s youtube links in there buddy. I I I care about the youtube links wink wink dot no not wink
Yeah, I know. There’s youtube links in there that i’m gonna react to as music. Yeah, that’s what we’re looking at
um, okay, so
I think I got the title
Oh, that’s not good
Okay, so
Not used to seeing that first time i’ve seen that
So space and time the verve live hi
Yeah, dean. I don’t know about that bro hold let’s try that again
Let’s try that again
Get rid of that space and time the verve
Okay, there we go
No, I I didn’t have topic in there
Okay, captain, what do you mean where’s evie’s pick what do you mean
Oh like this, hold on buckarado you you’re familiar with this
No wrong one
Like this hey
Uh captain, what do you mean evie’s pick
Uh, I don’t yeah, I don’t know what her pick might be but yeah, I know what you mean
Yeah, you know i’m just chilling
Oh, yeah, yeah, I got a lot of overlays man, I got a lot of overlays here. Look here’s my oasis overlay
They’re my top oasis tunes right there man
Cigarettes and alcohol master plan half the world away live forever rock and roll star acquiesce. Don’t look back talk tonight
Uh, this is my uh strip club tales stuff
Uh, let’s get back to work here come on let’s get let’s get rolling here. What’s this green overlay?
What’s this one
Yeah, okay back to tunis, okay, so what do we got here we got space and time
The verve oh nice
yeah, now if there’s gonna be a tune that might give me so even though
I’ve been I may have been able to do this format
I did do the cranberries and I did go back. I watched the video before I deleted it to make sure
to get an idea what paused uh
Where they paused the stream that one night last week and I believe it was from the cranberry because that was the only video
song on the whole video that was kind of flagged for
Video cannot be seen with a red marker instead of a yellow or green
Like right now last night’s stream i’m editing out. There’s four songs that are causing copyright
So i’m editing out those four songs
So that I can upload last night last night is up there
Last night’s stream is on my channel
I just private right now until I finish editing out the four songs causing copyright and then i’m going to upload that video
So that’s what i’m going to do with these streams
Just take a few days because it’s slow process. Take a few days edit out the copyright stuff that make you be hassle
And then upload the video to youtube
So there’ll be a copy with a majority of the stuff that we talked about during the stream on this on the upload coming
Going I deleted the first few i’ve done, but I saved last night and i’ll save this one i’m going to start doing that
I don’t like uploading it to bit 2 because I think that’ll piss youtube off man
Because i’m still taking that card full copyright and taking it to another site
And I notice bitch taking down a few of my videos because of dmcas now
They took down liam gallagher’s mtv. Unplugged his new one that had big views for me over there
They took that down man. I was surprised he did that
Uh, so that’s not a safe full of bet all the time anymore
So I just got to minimize pissing off youtube and I think if I if I post links to bit chute and youtube
Server, it’s a it can become an issue. So i’m trying to eliminate that
Um, so i’m just going to eliminate the copyright issue part
You know four songs out of the 15 and we look at five songs might have to be deleted
But so this will be a good portion there to go back and look at so i’m happy i’m going to be be doing that
Let’s go
Okay space and time live
This is a song called space inside. Yeah, we got to be careful anything. I feel like
Okay, so the whole reason I got talking about that is because of the verve the verve can be like difficult like that um
I didn’t have any problems with well, I forget the name of it again when he’s walking down the street the big the biggest tune
I didn’t have any issues with that, but I had an issue with this other one another one
But I just got a feel I may have
Say mil. I don’t know. We’ll see
I never know man. It’s not consistent enough
I have a bittersweet. Yes. Tiffany. I have a idea. It’s just not consistent enough
I did lucky man, I believe
And you searched my channel for lucky man
It’s not there that might have been one that got blocked
But other than bittersweet symphony and lucky man, maybe another tune I haven’t heard a lot of these guys
But when I went back and I heard bittersweet symphony seven eight months ago for the first time in 20 plus years man
I fucking loved it man. I
Loved it. It was so good. It brought me right back to the strip joint days in the 80s, man. I was like, yeah
Or the 90s early 90s whenever it was hitting it
Brought me back to a good time here in that neptune for the first time in at least 20 20 25 years man outstanding tune
Uh captain what were those for rob I don’t know what you’re talking about
Tell me it’s all right
I may just pick some out of the crowd that hasn’t been texting
Name of the verb
You know
So this tune
Is would this have been off the same album as bittersweet symphony? I don’t know. How many albums these guys did
Um, I I do hear
the bittersweet symphony core
Easy duh, not a whole lot
I was actually thinking before I paused that I really wasn’t hearing a lot that I could think that would just be the verve
Uh, but just prior to saying that I kind of started hearing
The vocal thinking. Yeah, that kind of sounds like something I could relate to a bittersweet symphony if I had to focus on that
I’d probably have a good shot at rolling with it
I just can’t make
Marty jane, what’s going on? What happened to marty metal? Where’d he go? I haven’t
Marty are you still in the house?
If you’re in the house, please give me a baby medal too
You’ll be up next i’m making a pic on my man marty here with me a while my baby
Okay, i’m like where the fuck did captain go
I don’t know you’re asking about something to do with what four of them. I don’t know what you meant
And then you didn’t respond for a while
brand new day
Great tune here, man
Sneaking in a quick pause for the algorithm while I type this in
I need a little fix of this right now man. I’m on a huge baby metal run right now both in my channel
I’ve been dying
I I can happily say this that oasis is my number one favorite tune since I started this youtube channel, uh babymetal number two
number three
Man I gotta tell you number three
Just because I love
Love the guy man
indio solari
Sebastian, what do you think of that?
Since I started this youtube channel, that’s my top three favorites right now
Oh ace is number one
Now all time though number one is still russian pink floyd all time
But I don’t listen to them anymore, but they’re you know, they’re with me all my life
But since I started this fucking youtube channel two years ago in a month or two
oasis number one
Baby metal number two and I gotta say man. I fucking love indio solari man
I fucking love indio solari
And then you got like sodastar. You got a whole whacker
Many right after that just but just off the top of my head
The third one could be a little different. It could be another manchester band
I’m just going with indio because of the love I have for the old guy man. The guy is just smooth and the energy
In front of hundreds of thousands of people is incredible, man
Yeah india solaris because it’s either that it’s a riff
Popple with riff there’s there’s so many great bandits are but yeah, definitely oasis and baby metal one and two for 100 concern no issue
Yeah, the the next three out of the top five could be difficult, I mean I might put that together
I’ll go put a list together
Man i’m stoned right now. I’m just like zoned here. Just yapping about that. Come on, man
Okay, so let’s finish this tune off
Keep on pushing
Okay, good to hear buddy, thank you
Okay, so good man
You know get a chance to get some old verve in there now get a chance to get all kind of
They that’s why I love doing this because it gives me a chance to get some tunes in here
That may take me four to six eight months
To do
another band that could get me in trouble doing this format is definitely
uh babymetal
Uh because I am utilizing this audio format with them extensively currently and lincoln sync I did today
I don’t know how many views are on my link saying hopefully about a thousand be nice
But yeah the one time I got shot down
I think was because I was just pounding out baby metal tunes one after another with no brakes or nothing
Were you there that night marty?
One after another man, and then they suspended it and I think that’d do it just that
Just the amount of because I wasn’t pausing really I wasn’t talking just pounding them out man
So I you know i’ve had to adapt but boy i’d love to play this live five this one right here right now man
You know we could do listen up
I’m gonna give you an example how I can do a lincoln sink
Okay, so we this is the live version of the song we’re about to look at
So we could do okay so
I utilize link and sync reactions on youtube to avoid copyright
I get people send me high level dvd videos that get striked and copyrighted blocked on youtube
But I can do it with my lincoln sync format the baby metal community
Japan community is familiar and enjoy the lincoln sync format because they get to see reactors
They like do their best video quality videos that are hard to do on youtube
I’m able to do that. Um
They can sync videos
Don’t get the views that my regular videos do because I need you to click a link. I wanted to one or two links. Um
But it avoids all copyright the channel we of the video we’re looking at get to the view, which is awesome
I get the view
i’ve always wanted the
Kai if you’re still here, this is why I asked you
Uh, what you what you use your phone what you use to watch my my streams on? I think you said your phone
uh, it’s hard to get working on a phone if
Apple don’t work android works great if you can figure it out. So i’ve been dying to try lincoln sync videos during a live stream
So I could post this link to what this is. I’m not going to do it right now
but man
I would love to do a link and sync live stream because I would post this vid this link right there
And if you if you can’t open up that link and see it. It’s a high-end video pro shop, man
Of this song. We’re about to hear high energy beautiful. I can’t show that during my stream
But what we could do is we could link and sync it
So I would I would have I would open it up in a different window
And I would say okay anybody that can click that link?
We’re gonna watch that video live now, but you’re not gonna see it. You’re gonna only hear me talk about it on my stream
I’m gonna hear it here, but you’re not gonna hear it on my stream
You got to hear it on your end and play the video
And then we played it I i’ll do a countdown
Okay, i’m ready to go three two one go and then we all click the link
And then we watch the video for five minutes and 19 seconds. Watch the high end video see him live
Best quality copyright hell if you don’t do it this way
And then we stop the video when we’re done and then we continue on to another video
But I would love to incorporate that man because I could show I could show the best videos on youtube
In a live stream lincoln sync, but you need to click you need to click that link
You you would need to click that link
To open it up in a different window different browser different tab
and then when I do the countdown
We click it and you hear me in my background here talking while you watch the video on your phone, man
It’s awesome man. It’s the best way to do it
It’s the best way to do it
Like I don’t pause the video
When I do my reactions, I don’t pause the video. I play right through man, no pauses no pauses man
Let me do the same thing here. So that’s something i’ve been listening
I’ve been dying to do that here because we could literally watch that video right here together not on my stream
But outside as long as you click that link and watch it on your end and I count you down we go
It’s the best way to watch reactions, man
It really is and I also add what’s called the reactor hub
Link in my recorded videos of lincoln sync videos where you click that link and both videos pop up on your phone your pc
Display at the same time and roll all automatic beautiful man. It’s the best way
Yeah marty, you know how to work the lincoln sync bro, you know, you know what it’s about
I’ve been dying to do it, man
And like I said, if some listen if somebody marty just to give you an example not saying you have to do it
Okay, just an example
Marty say marty right now super chatting me ten dollars, but he said lincoln sink this baby metal tune
I could I would take that ten dollars
And I would do that link I would take the five or eight minutes
Whatever that video link was and I would do a personal link and sync video with him on the stream live
He paid for it. He knows how to do it. He’s gonna like me doing that
He’s gonna understand my reaction and then all you other guys in the channel are only going to hear me
You’re not going to see the video
You’re going to see the screen right here that you’re looking at now
But i’m going to be talking about the video i’m watching in a different browser
While he’s watching it at the same time
And I can and he’ll understand what i’m saying in the video at the same time and we’re enjoying the best video on the fucking
youtube man without no copyright, baby
So kai like you were saying man pop the laptop baby so that option is there
That’s more of an individual thing. I would love to introduce it more to the community if I can
Uh, because it’s a great way to watch the videos, man
So we take that next step from not only listening to our fucking audio, which has been awesome. Don’t get me wrong
I love the fact that I get to listen to this fucking awesome, uh audio all the time
But man, could could you imagine?
If we get to watch the actual video as well if you’re able to do it
Not everybody can do it because a lot of people are on iphones 40 35 of my audience in my youtube channel is iphone
They cannot do it unless they have two iphones
Android phone can do it real easy open up another browser open up another chrome window
focus on that and have me just in the background minimize
Talking while you watch the video on your phone
Or pop it up on the laptop or pop it up like I do in a different window. It is the best way man
We get to watch the best videos. So keep that in mind
I will do super chat lincoln sync videos
maybe that’s how I introduce it because even if that one person
That paid the ten dollars or the five dollars for me to do that
Lincoln sync video gets to watch my reaction personally to that video. I’m happy
You guys might not be happy because you’re not seeing the video unless you click the link and watch along with us
Which is real easy to do if you do it
Guys, it’s the best way to do it man. It’s it
It’s incredible
I put up a baby metal, okay
I put up a baby metal video. I got thousands of views on a link, which is outstanding
Because I also get to run ads on those. No copyright and I get to run ads on them
It’s a different level. It’s the best way to do reactions, but people don’t like clicking that link. They like to see me
Or other reactors with the video on the same screen. They click one link start the video boom
It’s all right there, but then there’s copyright crazy sound lincoln sink, baby
Best way best videos we watch dvd rips we can watch anything
It’s the best way we’ll definitely check it out
You know what? I mean?
you just got to click that link when I say go and off we go and then
If I got to pause i’m going to say okay i’m pausing the video three two one pause
Which I normally don’t do but if I have to that’s how we do it. But yeah, we’ll check it out
Listen, I want to do it, you know, we can really roll the videos
You know like kai
guy’s been donating big to me super chat if he wanted me to do a link and sing video super furries, uh,
You know we could
You know he gets his laptop set up
We could you know, I could do some live actual super furry stuff if you wanted to try lincoln think
If I can make that one person happy that donated for that song for me to watch with them
Doesn’t necessarily have to be on my stream. Trust me. I’ll be it’ll be on my
Real easy for me to open up another window and watch it
Yeah, hey chuck I haven’t wanted to implement that in this channel for a while that would be incredible
And then it becomes like a listening party we could do an album. I could start an album one five could load one file
That’s a full album of a band
A full album so we can do a full album of a cast album or a verb album or whatever
And we same thing we started anybody that comes in late
That wants to get in i’ll pause it
Get everybody lined up again fire it up again
We continue on with that album and we break it down and you hear me talk about it
While we’re listening to it
It’s incredible. The options are
That I think the reason i’m on this so intently is because I see where the copyright’s going
I’ll guarantee within two or three years. We ain’t making videos like the way i’m making videos on youtube on a regular basis, man
They’re going to crack down so hard on that shit. It’s going to be in
so it’s
Not going to be the same
But the lincoln sync is something that can
If that were to happen can still continue doing reactions to your favorite reactors if they utilize the lincoln sync format
But the bad thing about link and sync is if I do a video that gets 50 000 views my normal way
And I do that same video with a link and sync video
uh, I might get 2 000 views, you know, but
I make I feel like I make more money on the lincoln single with the less reviews because I can run ads
And it’s fully monetized with no copyright words. The one that has 50 000 views. It’s copyrighted. I make no money other than you know,
Peanuts off of views so it’s a win-win okay enough of that promoting, you know what I mean?
But i’m just i’m i’m trying to promote it man. It’s the best way to fucking do it
You know what? I mean?
Like if somebody were to willing one day to to do it i’m not saying do it right now
okay, please don’t uh, i’m just
I’d be willing to do a link and sync test if somebody were to try it one day
It doesn’t even got to be you know
If you guys wanted to try it one day if you have the capability to try it i’d spend five minutes
And try with you guys just to show you how we can do it
You know
It doesn’t got to be anybody even donating we can just try it one day if you want to try it with me
Try it with me, and that that’ll show you if you can do it first of all
And then if you do like the super chat
We can roll some really high-end videos, baby
It’s a different fucking ball game man. Different level video we get to watch it’s it’s incredible. Okay, let’s roll
Okay kai, yeah
Yeah, i’ll try with you. I would like to try with you one night because i’d like you to give me a nice super furries
Animal high heavy fucking block copyright video baby. We’ll do it right here
Okay, so keep that in mind. Okay. I’ll let you do. We’ll do we’ll test one with you
Get your laptop set up over the next during the week if you can
And we’ll do a trial run one night. Okay, anybody that wants to join in with it? We can try it
Like I said, it’s like like what’s his name? Tim? Burgess a few months ago was running some listener twitter parties on twitter
He’s getting a lot of people doing exactly what i’m trying to do
He starts his fucking album people talk about it. He gets people to collect a link to listen to it and shit
This is the doing it here is even easier
You just need to click that link now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for apple unless you have two devices
um, but you know, do I cater to
4 60 of my audience rather than zero regarding copyright
And we can really enjoy some high-end high-end videos man. Like you’ll have no idea you’ll see it’s the best man
I promo I promote the fuck out of it
And that was the best promotion I did was to talk about that for the last 20 minutes
Okay brand new day babymetal. I would love to play that live version of this tune, but I can’t hear right now
Unless it was a lincoln saying but kai definitely get your laptop set up bro. We’ll check it out this week. Okay?
We’ll give you give me and get a nice. Uh, seven eight mini seven eight minute, uh, super furry live video
show uh song
Uh that, you know would normally maybe copyright problems and we can check it out. Let’s roll
Yeah, if I get shut down tonight it could be from baby metal so my fingers cropped
I love her vocals
I do got to say this though. You really can’t appreciate baby metal fully
Unless you get to see him
um hearing them for the first time audio only could be
a little tricky
maybe considered an acquired taste unless you you know focus on what you’re looking to hear and
But first impressions of this band definitely has to be video, uh with them
Being visible
It just it just gives you a whole different. Oh, look at what the band is about
on top of the great music that the
Band known as cammy
K here k a m I band
The lead singers named
nakamoto known as through metal
This is very soft for her. Very sweet. Very nice
But she can bring it boy heavy metal princess fucking very powerful
But benjamin, you know what I mean, you know, he’s got people clicking on links
He’s got people clicking shit outside of twitter to follow along. You know what I mean?
That’s what i’m trying to do here on youtube and I think here on youtube. It is so much easier, man
You know because we can all still chat
Instantaneously within the comment section and also you’re hearing me
Instantaneously vocally while it’s going on whereas twitter there’s you know that little bit of time lapse gadget caught up in reading
But yeah that concept
Was like a listening party that I loved man
Man, i’ve been wanting to do link and sync live streams, man
Well, like seriously
But I just got to get enough people involved to get it started and enjoy it
Like I said if I can make that one person happy
That I can view it
It makes me happy, you know what I mean?
For me
Sorry i’m coughing
Yeah, I was saying yes to james I believe I did one reaction
I believe I did one reaction
Kai coming in another super chat my man. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
I think I did one reaction to james
I can’t check my channel because I did earlier and I fucked up my thing for a few minutes
I don’t want to try that again
But if you search my youtube channel
Right on the front page go to the magnify glass hit enter. Click that type in james. It’ll list any tunes of james
I think I did one. It sounds familiar. My middle name is james
I think I did one tune with that that name it it rings a bell
That’ll use my middle name on method it’s not attached to me at all and I need my id in here
But it just it was definitely a two, uh, I think i’m pretty sure I did one time
You know if people want to try it i’m willing to do it somebody
You know with a donate for that definitely do it for him
It’s the best experience man
But it’s also the safest way to do it too right
Like don’t get me wrong i’m loving the audio run we’re doing great audio
All right
Okay, so let me see where we are at I think we got one more super chat before kai’s just popped up
Let me have a look
Uh, so we did the second we did thought we did that we did that we did that we did that
Oh, so kai’s got two of them up here young dumb and broke kaima man, okay
So we just did a freebie. We’re gonna do kai’s
Pick right now super chat and then we’re gonna do another bot choice shortly
So let’s roll good tune. So yeah
Hey marty, man. Thanks for coming over that baby middleton. Give me a chance to promote fucking babymetal
I don’t know if you’re in the discord baby metal discord and shit. Well, I don’t know i’m promoting that shit man
Reactor because that’ll lead to a a reactor hub
Video, it’d be hard to add the reactor hub to a live stream
lincoln sync
Oh, listen guys. I’ll tell you this right now
if iphone
Could do link and sync video as easy as android does
Yeah, i’ll show you on my phone
I think I can show you my phone. This is how easy it is on my phone for my licensing videos
I just gotta go to I have one because I just did one. I just gotta go to my phone
This is how it looks on my phone
I do it on my it’s amazing even better on my fucking my my pc
But on your tablet i’m assuming the tablet would look really good too, but my phone isn’t going to look something
That’s how it works on my phone here. Check this out
So here’s the baby metal tube
So this is what the reactor hub looks like. Okay the reactor hub
Is a different thing you click a link and it shows both videos at the same time
So this is what it looks like on my phone. This is how easy it runs on my phone. So i’m just gonna
In the description box
Okay, so
In the description box is a link
Okay. So all you do is there’s the start of my video on my phone. It’s hard to see
Okay, but there’s a link there that says react hub. So you hit that link?
And it opens up both videos at the same time
Okay, and you start my video ready?
I hope you got your window open already because here we go my countdown boys and girls
And the video starts
So my video at the top is playing with my vocal
And my face and the bottom video is playing
the actual video live video
It’s the best way to do it
That’s what lincoln’s saying now that’s not lincoln sync that’s reactor hub
That’s the second secondary link that we add that i’ve added helped create with some some friends. Um,
And I have expanded on it. Uh
The lincoln sync if I were to do the actual link in sync that i’m talking about doing here
in this channel
on a live stream
I would have to open up another browser
Or a tab in a browser and and do it that way
But the reactor hub works really good on your androids and pcs man
So if you want to check out my link and sync videos man, click that reactor hub link, you’ll get a good dose of it
Okay enough advertising, baby
It’s not really advertising because i’m not making money off it it’s more or less, uh trying to avoid copyright
Because copyright’s a killer man like seriously
I’ll tell you this if I lose my channel
If I do lose my channel, which is a good possibility at any time
I will come back with a full lincoln sync channel. Everything will be linked in sync
Right off the fucking hop
Which means I would do every fucking baby metal tune again lincoln sing from the beginning every two will be lincoln sync
Because I would love to do link and sync every video force everybody to do it people that can do it. I listen I
Love my subscribers
I’m tickle pink I have what I have
You know, there’s a market for the lincoln sync. You just gotta go get it because that’s the next phase. I just
Need copyright’s a killer man. And I hey, I respect the copyright man
I don’t I don’t abuse copyright. I like to sit here and talk
What’s going on from? Japan good to see you
Okay, so let me get my tune rolling here I am so lost while we’re at here
Okay, so we just finished baby metal brand new day marty metal, and I think I copied kai’s tune
It sounds like a funky title young dumb and broke, baby
Oh, so is this like a rap tune? We’re gonna check out
Young dumb and broke. Damn, we’re gonna hear some hip hop
Let’s check it out
So you’re still thinking of me
Just like I know you should
I cannot give you everything
You know, I wish I could
I’m so high at the moment
I’m, so caught up in this
yeah, we’re
I like that
No, I let her use my wifi
Mine’s unlimited
Man dude, I like the dude’s voice man. Where’s this guy from kai where’s this guy from?
I’m just having a peek to see if I see any location not seeing it
I like the dude’s voice. I see them commenting in the comments about everyone’s talking about the auto tune ruining the song
But they’re wasting their time listening to it, you know, absolutely, right?
Yeah guys smooth good, you know making young dumb and broke sound good
You just missed the baby metal song when you came in it just finished we’re moving on to the next one so I do a
A raffle draw every little every few songs so you may get lucky
Uh, and if you do win on the the winning draw and then next time we do it you can pick a baby metal tune
If you like you can pick any two and as long as I can play it in my audio only format
We’re good to go. But yes that baby metal to me just listened to uh
came from uh
Uh, winning raffle, uh moments earlier. So we’re doing a super chat one right now, and then we’re gonna roll with another uh pick
Uh after this one, we’re gonna have the bob pick another winner
So keep your fingers crossed you might win it and if you do win it
You can definitely pick up another baby metal tune if you like. Let’s go
We have so much in common
We argue all the time
You know
I know people say, uh, you know
I like I don’t know. I like this. I like the song. I like his voice. I like what i’m hearing
Um, it’s just a nice soft track
Uh and just telling a nice storytelling man just talking sounding good talking and sure of course they’re
I know the rap guys like to mix it up and tune it up
I think if not mistaken, you know, I mean I will cut my hair nice and fast and live anyway a few others, but
You know
There could be a lot of auto tuning here. I can’t really tell because i’ve never heard them before but
I guess you can hear a bit of it if you really listen for it if you know what you’re listening for
It might be that little tingy tingy tinginess there, but i’m enjoying it
You know, I can’t do it. I wish I could I can’t
We’d love to we can’t i’ve tried but I can’t
That’s why I do this
You know
What I do find about rap which I also really enjoy it it’s like
personal stories about their their growth their livelihood
So you get a you know, if you do really dig into it you get a good feel, you know
There was one time one night. I did a live stream with the tool, uh band knowing it called tool
And I had a good crowd in there and it was here on youtube because I could stream them
A year ago without copyright because they were copyright free but not anymore because they joined all the streaming platforms
Um, but we got in the main or maynard the lead singer will get into your fucking head man
So I was doing an album live stream, I think
And they got they got guys got me getting into my head, man
and I it got me thinking about shit that I had never thought about and
Just through his lyrics and his music sound man
His storytelling and just digging and oh my god, man
Music can fucking mess you up he can get into you man. I haven’t had
Another only time that’s happened. Was that one night with that stream, uh maynard getting in my head from tool
I can’t remember what album it was. It wasn’t numa the new one
It was yeah, it was another bigger one midway in
I did all their albums, man
Yeah, that was that was deep intense shit that night man. Damn
My city graduated blue and gold. Don’t tell me how to do it. You ain’t getting
Winning if you’re watching
I’m averaging 100 a day and i’m great with that
It now and
Now somebody’s saying they’re enjoying the
The hook in this song not a big rap fan, I don’t know if it is would this be considered rap or hip-hop?
I was talking about that yesterday. I I have to find out I have to find that line between the two of them. I
Don’t know that that line between the two of them. I know gangster rap is a different level. Um,
But yeah, I don’t know
I cuz sometimes i’m thinking hip-hop might be
a softer version of rap
I don’t know. I haven’t found I have to figure out that line every single song had to struggle for a while
just so I can live it up when it’s
Time. Yeah. I’m
I like the hook the hook’s a good hook
Good stuff man
Hey, it’s all about hearing new stuff each and every day in my channel you hear me say it at the beginning I have a
An out intro now man I talk
Uh talking about the mix of tunes I hear from every day. I try every day every week. I am so stoned right now, man
You know I did I thought this
This is the last of my government weed. I got some more on yo on coming in soon
I didn’t think it was that good
but it actually turned out really good man, like
Especially when I hit it on the on the av back in the house evie evie. We’re about to do a a roll
We’re we’re all picking
Evie, uh captain was asking about your what if you won what your pick would have been
He was interested. What kind of pick you might have had?
But we are about to roll a freebie again right now
Everybody take a minute. If you if you’re lurking you haven’t posted in the last 10 minutes
Make a quick post in the channel
please anything a dot anything just so you’re
Registered in the chat for the last 10 minutes with the buck and throw you in the pot
And pull your name from a raffle. Hopefully we get a new fresh winner
Uh frozen back in time
Eve, okay. So evie so captain evie’s saying
her pick would have been I don’t know if evie’s a guy or gal but their pick would have been a
Suede the downers, you know, I need to do slade suede. I got I got somebody in my discord i’m doing soon. Who is that?
Yeah, I got swayed the downers in my discord queued to come up soon in a reaction to my channel, um
So if I can avoid doing that one in this stream i’d like to but I can I can easily change it
So that’s not the one you’re doing though. Right swayed the downers. What did you pick?
Yeah, that’s the one you did pick
Okay, so let’s see hopefully, uh ev can win right now
Let’s check it out. We got a free
loyalty free pick coming up
Okay. I’m three hours in now
I started at six. Yeah
I’m, three hours 15 minutes in I don’t mind going four hours get used to making a nice little show for four hours
um, just that way it gives me an opportunity man to
To get some free ones out, you know what I mean?
You know, so it’s not all super chat
Okay, but it’s bot time
Everybody post it if they if they needed to here we go. I got I got my fingers crossed for eevee one once again
I think evie’s the right way. Evie or evie i’m thinking evie. Here we go
Let me hit it for whoever the winner is
Like I said, I can change it any time. I feel it’s if it’s too recent or for stream elements again
Look at that marty metal, unfortunately marty metal just won
On the second last one that’s too close so I can’t do
That’s too close to back to back. So I marty i’m sorry my my buddy, but I gotta re-roll. Okay, I have
I actually thought I was gonna
Make it five but i’ve gone three and you’re within the three I lowered it today. So I gotta re-roll again
I hope you’re okay with that
You’re getting a good feast of baby metal of my channel the last week and a half, bro
So i’m hoping you’re okay with that, bro
Okay, yeah, I I I gotta avoid
The bot picking the same person back to back or like within two or three
Uh, I gotta pick another one. Yeah, I have to stick with that my friend I have to
Okay, it’s just like I gotta get I gotta get more people in
Um, so i’m gonna re-roll again, so i’ve dropped it from five
So i’ve dropped it from five because I was gonna have a gap of five before you could win again
so i’m going to
Lower it i’ve lowered it to three now and marty just fell within that still fell within that three range
So I gotta roll with it
So let me roll marty. I hoping you’re hearing me man
Okay, I gotta roll again. Here we go
And bmx isn’t available bmc isn’t available in that format
There we go. I gotta pick another winner buddy. I hope you heard me
Okay, that’s fine, I don’t have a problem with the pick and the bot gives me a chance to do it again
You know, that’s his girlfriend, right so he’s gonna pick his girlfriend
Jake inward. What’s going on man? Thanks for popping in appreciate it. And the winner is well, how about that?
Coming in from japan
What’s their pick what was it? What’s their pick marty? Can you explain to them?
How it’s going to be provided by youtube?
Baby metal coming again baby metal coming again
Yeah, I know it’s your first win, but I know it you just won it and then we just did another tune right away after
And then you won again. I need a a space gap there and that applies to everybody
I I have to avoid back to back
And winning within three. Yeah, I can’t pronounce the name
What was the tune they picked yeah, and if anybody’s concerned about does not subscribe to this channel
Here read this
This is from the nightbot devs, they’re not recoding it to fix youtube. It’s a paid thing on twitch and it’s a
Free thing here so it causes issues
People are subscribed to the channel
So I just like to pop that up every once in a while
So people don’t think that everybody’s winning is not subscribed to the channel because that’s not true
Everybody that’s won so far has been subscribed to the channel. I can verify that real easy, which I have tried on a few things
Yeah, I researched that last night just to make sure that there wasn’t an issue
Okay, so what is their tune
No marty marty marty, you didn’t win
The person from japan won
Marty I hope you understood I can’t go back to back like that. Um
I need the person from japan to pick they the want on the on the new roll
If you want if if they want to hear a night night burn we can do night night burn
Is that what is that what we’re doing night night burn?
I wish I could I could like I can highlight the name. I wish I could right click and translate the name
Okay, so i’m guessing I know they picked the two in earlier i’m just scrolling back
I know I know they picked the tune. Maybe they don’t understand my english well because my mouth is dry
But I know they picked the tune
I think they said no rain. No rainbow. Okay, i’m gonna go with no rain. No rainbow
I see them they they posted that earlier. So unless they’ve changed no rain. No rainbow, okay
Beautiful. Thank you
Oh, I want to hear that. Hopefully that’s available. I’m, not sure if that’s available. We’ll both find out
Hopefully it is
Oh, there it is right there no rain, no rainbow provided by youtube. Let’s go
You didn’t win it’s not like today
You’re welcome
Yeah again, listen I got to be honest about babymetal I love babymetal but for me to introduce babymetal into my channel
Uh, I don’t mind doing the audio like when I do recorded videos
Because those are people that are familiar with my channel that have followed me for a while, you know
But when I live stream babymetal I oh man. I just I just I want to live stream the you know the video
You know what? I mean?
Because I you know, i’m i’m i’m introducing people that aren’t familiar with baby
Metal, uh audio only and it’s a different level without the girl without the scenery for first time
Hearing and seeing and visualizing what’s to come?
Because I know my first fucking 30-40 seconds watching babymetal. I was like, what the fuck is this?
And then I caught on and I saw what was happening
not because of the imagery, um
And the sound of the audio from the band too from the tune that I did, but then the imagery caught on
So yeah
I feel bad that I don’t get to introduce baby metal on my live stream
Sir in the way that I prefer and I would love to which is like a lincoln thing format
quality type video with like actual video of seeing the girls and the guys in the band and the crowd and this, you know
the scene that you know, we see in argentina and
All around the world great scenes, you know the audio I love but baby baby medals one of them bands, man
You get the full appreciation of the band with the full because they they do top of the line production
Shows and conscious and everything. I just feel i’m letting them down with audio only on my stream
I don’t mind doing this. Like I said in my recorded stuff, it’s fine
But during a stream when I got different people in that made me not be familiar with baby metal
It’s a different level when you see the girls man in the band. It’s like whoa
Um, so I just feel like i’m letting it down a little bit
I you know as much as i’d love to be able to show the the actual video I can’t
In here on the stream, but at least I get to enjoy the audio. It’s just
It’s just it could be a hard not that it could be a hard sell
Uh for people not familiar with the band
Uh, you know, they’re hearing a different language. They may they may like the music but
I just you know, I yeah
They’re one of one of the few bands. I feel like that about where you know for me to really appreciate exposing baby metal
I need the video
I don’t know if you can understand that
That’s a deep thought right there for me man
I understand now
Nice solo here
You know when I hear this I kind of
It’s miko right the guitars that died I I try to remember their name
There’s so many names. I have to remember from all my communities and all the bands I listened to on a regular basis
I think it’s miku that the guitarist had died. I feel at this point right here
This this guitar solo i’m gonna back it up. I feel this guitar solo is weeping for him
This is a miku, right?
I’ve never heard a keen captain. Um
The guitarist i’m referring to in that sense is miko, correct
uh, but when I hear this solo
I hear it’s like weeping. I feel like it’s weeping for him. I don’t know if this
song was after whatever happened happened or before but I feel that when I
When I want to hear that, let’s hear that again
Yeah, I could probably yeah, I could provide a link in the comment section
Or marty, you can provide a link in the comment section if you’re hanging and chilling
You know the good videos
I could maybe give you access down the road to uh
Ah, no kai it wasn’t it wasn’t marty
Yeah, so I hadn’t done any japan music at all early in my channel it was probably
A year ago, it was actually march
march 31st night 2019
2018. 2019 march 31st
A friend of mine on twitch sent me a message. He’s like
Uh, yo, I see you’re doing reactions on youtube. You should do a band called band made
Five girls playing instruments. They look great. They sound great. So yeah, I mean i’ll check that out
So I go do a band mate song
Five girls dressed up and made outfits smoking hot
Powerful fast bass drum fucking music was insane. I loved it man
Loved it
Fucking I got to do band mate
I need to do a link and sing band made like tomorrow
Um, so right away in the comments, it’s like yo if you like this man, you gotta check out baby metal
So I checked out baby metal. I still don’t know who led me to babymetal
Uh, but early early on
a fella from the uk known as
tractor loon
What I call looney loon, uh was in my discord channel early and guided me early had great knowledge of babymetal
Got me access to all the top videos early on to do
And then when I started running into heavy
Heavy copyright that introduced me
And guided me to initialize and start the linkedin sync format more aggressively
And then marty’s just been chilling with it along the way I guess in the comments section hanging
Okay, let’s roll
But yet you really can’t appreciate babymetal without the video. You got to see the videos of these tunes man
They’re just spectacular. They really are
These have been a little bit soft they can rock
I can honestly say this that the most reactive bantu right now is probably baby metal on youtube
baby metal is massively reacted to
I’m in the red edit all my reactions get posted in a red edit edit, whatever they call that thing they do there
Baby metal reactors new all the time every day, man
So many people react to baby metal
But so many people get blocked and get in trouble. Um i’m surprised as many get through as they do but
I paid the price they haven’t hopefully they don’t but
Gotta be careful baby metal reacting on youtube, man
This audio is okay
You got to break it still but the some of the video stuff is very very very risky because it’ll get you striked
Three strikes are out
Okay sebastian have a good night buddy i’ll check the links and uh, probably try to get one done in the next day or two
And then we’ll finish off with another uh few three
Picks. Hopefully we can mix it up
All right. I may just pick. Uh, I may pick a couple under the last few that have been
Been here for a bit like i’d give evie one for sure
Yeah, i’ll pick the last couple myself people that have been hanging and not getting
And i’ll just pick a different tune
Okay, let’s see what we got here, okay good stuff man
No, yeah catch me if you can it’s a great tune man roto resistance is a great tune
One of my fav my favorite baby metal moment is kagaroo
With the intro man. Oh that was incredible fucking pro shot man high-end production high-end video on the great videos, man
Just takes it to the next level man
Okay, awesome to always get some baby metal
Okay, fix my camera i’m starting to lose my voice my times bowed up
Uh, my first baby metal reaction was probably the march uh march april 1st
2019 the day aft the the day after I did
uh the first band made video
And it was give me chocolate i’d probably have 300 000 views on it, but I had delete 35 baby metal videos
early on my early ones
When I had two strikes
I was able to get away with no issues early on
But I couldn’t risk that third strike coming from a baby metal video
So I had to delete all my original first 15 20 videos, man
And I had I deleted like a million and half views and baby metal
That’s a big, you know, you know three hundred thousand four hundred thousand view videos for maybe metal dead probably today easy
Would be great but they’re gone long gone
Okay. Yeah, I see you warren. We’ll see how we roll. Um
Okay, so I am going to do I think we got a kai video here
The last super chat yeah, everybody changing kian
okay, so we got kai’s video coming up and then i’m gonna
Pick pick somebody and maybe have the bot picked somebody
Yeah, i’ll do that. I’ll pick somebody and i’ll have the bot pick somebody
Get let me get the tune up here
Well, I already got it up there
Okay, I got enough water
Okay. Keon. How do you pronounce his name is the kion?
Kiane, or keen might it be keen
Like k-e-e-n for me
Everybody’s changing no or is it provided provided?
Everybody’s changing. Okay. So the third one down
Or do you want the live one?
You want the uh
336 or the 352 the live one or the
The live one, okay
Here we go
Okay, so no more super chats, please I need to wrap it up
Um, so the next i’m gonna pick two more after this one’s gonna be a bot pick
And i’m gonna pick somebody and we’ll finish the night and i’ll be back again tomorrow
Yeah, i’ll be doing a scandal reacting soon
Yeah, I love the music in. Japan, man. Especially when there are great looking females rocking and rolling
Like I really love I really like love bites
Okay, so everybody i’m just looking at the titling here everybody’s changing live rake javik
Is that like in finland?
Anybody know exactly where that festival’s at
I don’t see it
I’m, just trying to that that name kind of looks familiar spelt that way
Iceland damn, okay
Hey, hey zeus, how you doing? Hopefully i’ve been uh chilling
I’m uh after this song
bob’s gonna pick somebody
So hopefully you can win and then we can do your song and then I need to wrap it up after that
But i’ll be back again tomorrow
But if you want to give me the song post a band of the title and i’ll post it to my discord
And where comes the worst I can do a reaction to it recorded
Because I need to leave foreign
Okay, so that air is flowing through there
Yeah, you know we got that actor over here canadian guy the matrix guy. Keane
And I think his name is felt the same way, but he pronounces it. Kiane
Keane reeves that’s why I was asking about that. So yeah keen
A silent like that or yeah, it could be like ikea
Ikea keen yeah, okay
I got it
Winner what’s going on?
But if you want to check it out tomorrow and try maybe tomorrow night
Apparently not taking any more requests at the moment finishing
Okay, I wasn’t too sure about that I thought possibly
Okay, good stuff good pick on that one
Good job. Hey kai, man. Thanks for introducing me to the great line of music
Okay, guys, we’re gonna have the bot pick a winner right now. Keep your fingers crossed guys if you
if you have been
if you have been
Just chilling in the background. Make sure you post right now post something in the discord
Uh in the comment anything a few dots question mark anything just so the bot. This is the last bot pick for the night
Just so that
You get into the the bots fucking algorithm to pick whoever the pick you got to be active in the last
few 10 minutes
Okay, so i’m ready to pick it
Type in yeah, okay, I I was gonna say type in song titles don’t work, but you probably just copy and paste and shit
So that’s good
just any anything just to get active for the bot to hopefully pull you from the the thing now, keep in mind if
If the winner has a recent win
I’m going to re i’m going to go again if it picks the bot i’m going to go again
I have the right to change it if I feel that it’s been too soon of a
Winner already. Um
And if it’s the bot, you know, of course i’m gonna re-roll. Okay, so we’re gonna roll now
And then I know who i’m gonna pick. Okay. I already know who i’m pick
Uh, i’m on the last one, but right now we’re gonna do the bot. Let’s see what the bot pick
Let’s see what the bot says. Hopefully, it’s somebody that has I really hope it’s somebody that hasn’t won yet man
I really do
Okay, here we go. Let’s check it out
The bot oh, please be somebody
Captain, how about that?
Captain ain’t one late tonight captain man coming in strong again at the most at the moment
Listen captain’s a winner man. Okay, you know what? They’re saying baby. You’re at the free throw line
There ain’t no fucking time left on the clock
Ain’t no time left
Okay now captain if you do that because my pick was going to be evie because evie’s been hanging out with us, man
Been chilling with us for a bit. I ain’t had no luck
Everybody I I could do seven 12 other people right now
But the majority of who i’m also thinking have won already over the last few nights. So evie would be my pick
so if you do that captain
That’ll open up for me to pick somebody else
Okay, so, that’d be awesome. But i’m saying bro
You know, you’re on a free throw line when it when it matters, you’re hitting that shot. You know what I mean?
You’re hitting that penalty. Kick in the goal, baby. Okay. Evie
What tune you want the slay tune or the sway tune the downer
Uh, I can’t do tonight uh person from japan
I only have two more songs done and then they’re already looked at. Uh, but i’ll be back again tomorrow
Evie what you’re doing the slayton
Suede suede the downers the drowners. Let me queue it up
Yeah, but yeah
Night, you did win earlier in the week or or last week
When I did you you’ve at least won once i’m just trying to get a few people, you know
I don’t mind picking someone like I could I wish I could pick eight people that just deserve him. When a fortunate only pick one
So i’m definitely looking at you know on my pick picking somebody that hasn’t won at all and been chilling and been active
um, you’ve been active you’ve been great, but
You’ve won at least you’ve had at least one maybe two done in the last week and a bit
So i’m just trying to keep it fair for everybody that applies for everybody trying to mix it up nicely
So, you know when I see somebody not not getting a win
We’ll throw one at them for sure without an issue. But you know, i’m still going to utilize the bots majority of the time
Okay, so is that your tune?
Yeah, okay
So, you know, trust me we’ll all get through it all at some point
It’s just I just run out of time man. I’m like dying right now. My voice is so hurting right now
Because i’m not stoned i’m coming down for my buzz now
I got it ready to go but i’m debating if i’m going to bed right or not after I finish this
Because it was a lot of work today when I moved that tent and all the plants and watering and shit. I
Didn’t have a good enough long nap
Okay, here we go
But yeah guys if I don’t get to you tonight, man
I’ll try to get to my youtube channel on a reaction or I get to you tomorrow if you try my best
You know, I just I can’t get everybody at once
Oh, please be
The drowner suede right there. Okay. We’re good to go. Let’s go
Yeah, my voice is dry
Yeah, what tune did I sing come on, baby
Let’s get down tonight, it’s just you and me in the house
Okay, hold on now when I see royal albert hall i’m thinking toronto
Is there a royal albert hall in the uk
I’m just checking on the thingy here
Because yeah, cause i’m thinking toronto when I hear royal albert hall man
Yeah, i’m hurting right now big time man that that work that I heard moving all that shit around
I don’t know if I can do another one i’m feeling it in my chair big time my back at least if my voice is
I’m gonna have to call it after this one, man. I gotta get out of this chair my back
But at least we got happy we got evie in bam, thank you
I know there’s a few others there that i’ll pick up on that. I haven’t won
We’ll get to over the next few nights if it stays like that
Four hours now
Yeah, I didn’t think it was going to be as extensive and
and difficult as it was to move that because I had to take down my old lights from the tent that I moved and
Set up the new one and get in there and move it from the other room out here and reset it all up again move
Shit around to get get it in. There it fuck
I that was exhaust I had to take a nap
But I could only nap for an hour because I wanted to make sure I got up to be online for six o’clock doing this
I didn’t want to come on at nine o’clock at night. It’s too late
Yeah, I could definitely be in bed. I haven’t I didn’t sleep much last night neither
So i’m feeling it man, but i’m happy to have that light there
I’m happy to have my grow tent right there man, right like two feet from me, man
My small white tent which is where they just grow
And then you put that in the big tent where you flash the heavy light on them then they bud and you smoke that
So yeah, i’m happy i’d like to get that out of my bedroom, too
But I don’t know if I wanna get no room out here to put it
But at least I got this out well i’m good. Let’s go
Stop dying, man
Gotta get the gaming chair is nice
But the way I sit in it isn’t nice because I put a lot of pressure on my legs and it really does
Bother my back as well
But it is better than my big chair, which I could only do a couple hours at a time. At least I doubled it
in this
It’s just not the talking it’s you know doing stuff outside as well maintaining this being at a good level
But yeah i’m hoping I think i’m going to sleep pretty good tonight
Really happy I got that light delivered got the bigger one coming later on in the week
I need to get a monitor right here because I could do
The other one turn it on the side where I can read the chat right there if I sit here and I just do that
Okay, guys man outstanding I gotta fly i’m in a lot of pain right now man, I love you all thanks guys, like I said
I’m gonna look at doing some lincoln sync really good videos. We can mix them in down the road
Uh keep an eye. Oh my god
Bad bad pain. Um
Yeah, I have five major injuries from my life just the club business and sports injury
You know my hip my back my knees my with my two shoulders
Surprisingly since i’m in my chair or not in the big lounge in the lounger
I would sit with my shoulders like this more higher
So my shoulders were always stretching my rotator cuffs at least in this chair
My shoulders don’t bother me because my shoulders are down like in normal position. So they’re not being stretched constantly
But the chair doesn’t bother my back. It’s a good chair too man. It’s a really good chair, but
It’s just an injury issue
But again guys man, love you all no idea how much super chat, you know
It’s all about getting some music done getting some freebies done. I wish I could go through another one
I just can’t I have to go
Um, I have to take a painkiller big time. It’s going to knock me out. Um, I hope
Um, but i’ll be back tomorrow. It’s been a big day today, you know
I was up early didn’t sleep late last night and
Worked my ass off moving that tent today man
Yeah, it’s all good. We’ll be back tomorrow. Love you all man. Thanks for taking the time as usual
We’ll get and we’ll get you all done
And like I said, we’ll get we’ll get back on track tomorrow
Okay, guys, love you all man. Another four hour session in the books easy, man easy
Love you all man. See you tomorrow and uh i’ll be doing a bunch of yeah, I have plans for seven reactions tomorrow
I don’t have a delivery expected tomorrow
But i’m not aware of I do have a weed delivery coming in from the government again, though
until my other one’s ready, but
That may still be a dare to away. So yeah a lot of videos tomorrow
So maybe i’ll catch one of your ones tomorrow as well that I didn’t get done here. Thanks guys. Love you

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