Songmont Review: Good, Bad & Big Question; Where is this heading? 🧐

today we have one of the most requested Brands to review and it’s sond I got two bags from them one is the small chocolate bag it’s used by a friend before our inspection so this is going to be slightly different than our other reviews and the other one

is their popular design Luna it’s brand new in the box I just received it we’re going to open them up and inspect in detail then compare our findings to Brand’s claims I’m really excited about this project because many of you hinted that this was another value brand coming

into the leather Market by commenting under my PO and strawberry videos so I’m curious to see what’s going to come out of this inspection today first impressions about this small chocolate bag it touches too plasticky I’m a little concerned I checked the website and my concerns are a

little bit heightened because the material says sponge composite fine calf leather my feelings tell me it’s not even leather and for the interior it’s even more confusing it says Chinese silk and sheet pattern microfiber leather and I’m pretty sure the interior lining is not leather it’s fake leather

finally the M gold finish vintage effect Hardware fade resistant which failed immediately because this bag was used a few months and it already faded so it’s not

fade resistant it’s pretty low quality Hardware on this bag so I I have quite a bit of concerns for this one

but we’re going to see how it turns out so the first impressions about the Luna bag is exact opposite of the first bag I love the touch and feel of this leather the Elegance of the form this one actually gets me excited U when I read the descriptions

on the website I’m only concern about the lining part which says interior lining microfiber leather I never like microfiber and leather in the same sentence they are not uh compatible people thinks it’s leather especially when it looks like leather it’s actually a lie so the lining here is

it says interior lining microfiber leather this one is neither it’s not microfiber it’s not leather it’s just PU leather it’s fake leather whatever you call it it’s vinyl um this one if if you said microfiber to this part only I would say like okay maybe cuz it feels

like microfiber fabric but there’s nothing leather about it so the interior lining description is not accurate I would love to see that reflect a lot more accuracy here and then Hardware says the long shoulder strap features stainless steel vacuum electroplated Hardware uh fade resistance so this one actually

feels like it this Hardware feels a lot better than the first bag so actually there’s a lot more promising aspects I can feel on this bag than the other one but now we’re going to start dissecting both and compare our findings and share with you here real quick

if you like these dissection reviews please don’t forget to subscribe to channel so we get to explore the leather wars together as I open this bag up I see that the craftsmanship inside is clean enough it’s above average for sure I don’t see messy dirty things left out

the interial materials are above average quality I don’t see a concern or complain at this price point I applied acetone to remove the finish on the main leather and it was kind of tricky I see a super sanded down Grain on this leather it is actually leather um

it’s super thin it’s insanely insanely tin with very fine grain left on it so there is a very corrective finish on top so it it could be a young calf skin but it’s not your super fine calf because of its grain Beauty this is heavily finished very plasticized

I think that’s why the the hand touch is not appealing outside and quite interesting finish actually it’s nothing of a high caliber leather in my perspective as we apply acetone onto the interior lining we melt away the top layer plastic part and find kind of the fabric backing

so it is by no means leather which was claimed to be microfiber leather and sheep grain or something which is not even sheep looking it’s the goat grain looking so this description is completely false it’s fake pu vinyl whatever you can call it it’s a man-made material Hardware

is a pretty typical zamach with very low grade plating actually it already start uh fading away the coating it’s definitely not fade resistant as it was described as we open up this bag I can see that this shape as it seems from outside it’s a lot more complex

to design structure engineer the techniques they used here is a lot more sophisticated this bag is really something um special it’s it’s a nice craft beautiful uh materials inside clean workmanship I really I really like what they did here so this is a day and night different from

the first bag uh we just opened as expected acetone removed the finish the tin layer protective finish on top of this beautiful cowhide I see the grain I see the full grain it’s absolutely phenomenal that’s why the the touch feel and look is there this is one of

the really really good Leathers I have seen in this space perfect balance of finish to protect the leather but still give us chance to enjoy the naturalness and the chaotic pattern of the natural leather grain as we can see here the microfiber leather disclaimer as the lining material

is is not accurate here it’s basically fake PU leather vinyl whatever you call it we melted away the top plastic and you see the backing fabric here so whenever this is the case and it looks like leather I rather Brands not mention leather at all this is not

leather it’s man-made vinyl material and the hardware on this one is much better than the previous bag it has a thin layer of lacquer on top and the coating is a lot more durable I try to scratch it to fade it away but it doesn’t work probably it’s

a stainless steel with a lot more durable the new technique uh PVD coating which will last for a long time without fading I see about 5T of beautiful cowhide being enough for this project my leather estimate is about $25 good Hardware around $15 in my opinion and Assembly

labor is about $55 in China to put a bag like this together so my total estimate to make a bag of this caliber is $95 in China for the black chocolate bag I see about four or 5T of leather being enough again my leather estimate is much lower

this time $13 Hardware is around $10 assembly about 40 in total $63 should give us a bag of that Cal again in China given my estimate of $63 for the chocolate bag the retail price of $279 shows a multiplier Lilo 4 on the Luna back though the sales

price of $350 compared to my $95 cost estimate shows a multiplier less than four I think being a fairly new brand about 10 11 years old at this point they’re trying to find their identity and ideal position in the market but if they’re heading towards Luna I think

it’s the perfect path great leather I love their price multiplier for the 350 price I paid I am extremely happy what I got for the Luna bag but on the other hand the $279 the chocolate bag I would stay away I don’t like the leather I don’t like

the design I don’t like the hardware it looks too much like those cheap bags made in China with pu materials I I don’t see any point of spending that much money whereas these alternatives are possible in the same brand family one thing I’m not really happy about this

review on sangman is the way they describe their Leathers especially the interior material which in both bags is not leather but described as microfiber leather very deceptive because it’s a material looks like leather it’s not and it has leather inside which makes a lot of people think it’s

real leather and that’s why it’s not accurate so that’s a very small Improvement they can do very quickly and it will be better service to their customers and as promised we place these two bags onto leather wors brand Matrix since it’s a wider range we see these two

locations in the marketplace position for the brand one is super close to polands and strawberries of the world other one is a little bit too closer to the the balance line which that’s why I say I wouldn’t go with this brand I’m going to do more products from

this brand since now it’s it’s a huge gap and I I’m not sure where the brand stands with this kind of range um so we’re going to continue exploring where s m is is going there is a promise here there’s a potential hopefully they take that path and

as always until next time stay entertained

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