Sonos Ace Review | Why Apple Should Be Worried

Sonos now makes headphones and they might have the best of all worlds they’re by no means perfect more on to that later welcome to my review of the all new Sonos Ace so a company that is recognized for having the best audio products in the world releasing its

first ever headphones does bring a large sense of hype a large sense of responsibility for the brand and it truly shows that it shows that sonas have been working on these guys for quite a long time there’s something quite special on the Sonos Ace it’s basically if Sonos

grabb the best of the airpods max it’s like if Sonos grabb the best of the Sony xm5 and the best of all is that they grab the best of all and then they sprinkling that Sonos personality all over it but there’s one thing in particular that makes them

extremely special I’ll tell you what that is at the end because before we got to talk about the design the Sonos Ace feature a delicate profile with metal details and a matte finish for such an eleg look they are extremely comfortable extremely lightweight my favorite thing about them

is the design because they are so lightweight you’ve got memory foam and soft vegan leather cushions that are replaceable same earpods Mac style you simply grab it via magnets put

them back on and something quite unique about them is the way that you actually differentiate the actual ear

cups is within the color as you can see this one is more greenish and this one is more whitish that’s how you know where the left and right arm the headband is extremely comfortable also Al made via vegan leather and the way that you actually extend the headband

feels so satisfying it’s actually made out of stainless steel now when you look at the design it’s basically if like the airpods Max and the Sony XM 5S actually had a baby you got the stainless steel from the airpods Max and you have that matte finish from the

Sony xm5 one thing that they do very different than the airpods max is the quantity of buttons you’ve got a Content key which allows you to pull up pull down for the volume if you tap you’ve got media controls to pause play or skip a song If that

wasn’t enough you’ve got another button for noise cancellation and transparency mode and if that wasn’t enough you’ve also got a power button in the bottom if you want to be honest it’s a little bit confusing because there’s just way too many buttons so you never really know you

know what each of them are it’s fine I’m going to get used to it you’re going to get used to it but the quantity of buttons in terms of aesthetic I would have rather have less buttons and do all of it within the app in terms of aesthetic

once again I’ll be fine you’ll be fine I’ll get used to it you’ll get used to it not a big deal so ACE also has wear detection so if you actually have your headphones on and take them out the music will stop which sounds like an obvious feature

to have on all headphones but surprisingly there’s tons of headphones that actually don’t have this feature even though they’re high-end they don’t have it so Sonos topnotch for having that in now something very weak about the airpods max is the case and the Sonos Aces Sonos Aces case

I hope I’m saying that right this case is phenomenal it’s so thin it’s not bulky at all making it really easy I mean hey all the headphone makers out out there this is the way that you actually make a case it’s thin material is great it actually protects

it really well when you open it you’ve actually got this little pouch which is actually magnetic which by the way you can actually throw and it actually stays in place which is pretty cool this little pouch you can store your cables USBC cable all in here I’m sorry

I’m talking so much about the case but seriously I mean you just got to see it in person how thin it is once again this is the way that you make a headphone case Apple take note now the design can be great the case can be great the

features can be great but the most important thing about a pair of headphones is the sound quality let’s talk now the sound quality is missing something for me and I’ll get into that in just a second but in terms of basic sound quality it’s super impressive Sonos has

custom designed speakers that deliver precise and clear sound across all the frequencies across all the genas of music and how I would describe the sound quality of the Sonos Ace is clear it’s Crystal Clear the instrument separation and the quality of the sound itself is just crystal clear

a song that sonas actually recommended me to try these on was what was I made for by Billy is and it’s a great song to actually test out because you can even hear Billy’s breathing that’s how that’s how crystal clear the sound quality gets you they also pack

spatial audio and the instrument separation is also topnotch it is top tier and perfectly competes with the top tier headphones such as airpods Max and Sony XM 4S and stay tuned because at the end of the video I’m actually going to tell you out of all three which

one I would choose and the answer might surprise you now sonus is known for home theater setups right for that crazy sounds that literally makes your home your apartment Shake on how good it sounds so in terms of their headphones they obviously had to put some emphasis on

a home theater integration and once again we’ll get into that in just a second because that’s what makes this truly special but in terms of sound quality for movies it is so base heavy that it makes you literally have like a tiny subwoofer in these headphones watching movies

in this thing is incredible it’s topnotch and once again competes with the top Kings of headphones now as I said the sound quality isn’t perfect it’s missing something for me and that’s the volume if you compare them to airpods Max or even Beat Studio Pros or the xm5

they all sound so much louder than the Sonos Ace especially for example I mean today dayss like the music that we have today dayss the latest pop the latest hip-hop it sounds very loud but there’s some old songs if you listen to Stevie wander if you listen to

Michael Jackson they all sound lower because today is we have louder volumes and today’s music it feels like I’m missing like this 20% I don’t know if this son is caring about our hearing I don’t know but if you compare them to other headphones I’m usually someone that

listens to music pretty loud which might be a bad thing a good thing but anyways it’s my decision to how I listen to music and especially with old music you just want to crank out this the music and they don’t sound as loud maybe sonus can fix this

with a software update but don’t worry listening to Billy ish Bad Bunny or Drake you’ll you the M the volume is fine it’s just a matter of old music now obviously headphones with this price tag it converts them to top your headphones which means they have noise cancellation

and some sort of transparency mode and um transparency mode is interesting let’s get on to noise cancellation first it’s top tier it cancels the sound really well you don’t hear anything perfect for working at coffee shops or just going out in the streets it uses the microphones in

the bottom to neutralize all exter sound so you won’t hear anything transparency mode is where it comes in because noise cancellation is top tier once again a lot of these headphones are top tier but some of them like transparency mode they’re really good and when I say really

good is really good but airpods Max for me are still top Kings airpods Pro or top Kings top tier in terms of transparency mode and what I don’t mean by that is that transparency mode sucks in this thing it’s kind of different it’s interesting because the way that

these guys actually portray trans transparency mode is that you actually hear you actually listen to your voice you actually listen to what’s around you really want it basically grabs the microphones and actually puts sound on what’s actually outside of you which is interesting because airpods Max actually do

it the same way but the feeling that you get is very different the feeling that you get with airpods Max is when you put transparency mode on it’s basically like if you didn’t have any headphones on you right you just walk in the street you put it on

it’s basically like it’s like the same like this then like this with these guys who actually it’s basically if you had a microphone you have like a podcasting setup and you actually listen to your voice you listen to your voice a lot not a bad thing but once

again airpods Max would win them here you’ve also got amazing beam forming microphones for phone calls it’s amazing here’s a quick audio test that I did all right this is the microphone test on the new Sonos Ace all the audio that you’re hearing right now is coming directly

from here there’s a little bit of birds there’s a little bit of wind so maybe you can hear it maybe not I want to know what do you think about the audio test on with the microphone quality on the new Sonos Ace let me know in the comments

all right let’s get into what makes the Sonos Ace truly special and as I said before Sonos is known for having the best home theater setups in the world so in my home I’ve got an incredible Sonos setup I’ve got the Sonos Arc I’ve got the Sonos sub

and I’ve got two Sonos era 300 basically making a true spatial audio setup and what Sonos promises is that the exact same more or less quality experience that you get with that setup that translates to the headphones and they’ve released a feature called audio swap which you basically

hold the button and it actually swaps all that volume into the headphones making it so seamless so you’ve basically got Cinema like audio with the headphones it works with headtracking so it truly truly feels like you’re in the setup but with the headphones it’s a very unique and

different experience but very similar to what you have in the setup now me personally I prefer obviously having the arc the sub and the two ER 3 300s because it gets crazy loud and rumbling and the entire living room just shakes but you can’t do that every day

right you’ve got maybe neighbors maybe you’ve got your family sleeping so the concept that sonus is trying to to show us is that the same audio quality you’ve got there you got it over here and I got to say the integration the swapping feature works extremely well and

it’s so satisfying and so seamless to do on all platforms on Apple TV or even if you don’t have an Apple TV you can just do it in your standard TV because at the end of the day doesn’t work with your TV it works with your Sonos setup

and that’s truly what makes the Sonos Ace different from the competition because if you’re trying to connect the Sony XM 5S to your TV it’s kind of a hassle right so if you’re someone that enjoys that home theater setup experience this is something that all the other competition

except airpods Mac since iCloud sync is a thing can’t do so yes if I would have to choose one headphones out of all which one would I choose now for me right now the kings of the space are the Sonos a which start at $4.99 airpods Max which

cost $5.49 and the Sony xm5 which cost $3.99 now obviously the XM 5S are a great piece of headphones but in terms of compatibility in in terms of iCloud sing the XM 5S are just really good headphones that’s all you get you don’t get any cool features you

do have like the cover feature which if someone talks you can do like this and you can speak to them that’s pretty cool but there’s nothing else that really makes them unique the the design is okay I mean they look great they look really good but they’re not

as good looking in my opinion as the Sonos or airpods Mac so that that leaves me with as always airpods Max or the Sonos ace and I think they’re for two very different people I think if you’re truly in the Apple ecosystem iCloud sync is obviously a game

changer right you can listen to music on your Apple watch you can listen to music on your Mac iPad iCloud sync and transparency mode being so good makes it for certain people also they are way heavier so for traveling I always don’t recommend airpods Max for traveling because

the headband is so big and it’s kind of uncomfortable they’re made out of stainless steel so they look way more premium than any headphones in the market which is a good thing they’re beautiful but they’re also very heavy so that’s where the Sonos Ace comes in they’re cheaper

they look incredible they look like airpods Max which is a good thing a very good thing mixed with the Sony xm5 which is something that I love about the XM 5S they’re made out of plastic the and5 which makes them extremely lightweight for me the Sonos Ace have

the best of both worlds the best of airpods Max and the Sony xm5 so it’s honestly up to you which one do you prefer let me know in the comments do you prefer airpods Max or the Sony xm5 if you want to watch me review on the Sony

xm5 you can watch this video right here or my experience with the airpod max while traveling you can have this video right here or you know what you could do you could probably subscribe I mean you could do me that fear I mean I’m I’m just saying okay


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