Sony A6400 Unboxing & Review || My New Camera With FLIP Screen || Good For 4k Videos

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Hello Friend’s, I am your host Rana Rashid.
Welcome to the Technical Awareness
Friends, as you know, I do all kinds of video shoots.
Today I am going to talk about Sony A6400
What’s in it? Some special features. Why did I choose this camera?
Which is Sony’s A6400
Let’s do his unboxing here
So friends go
Towards unboxing
So friends, this box is from Sony’s Alpha A6400 camera
I took it with a 16mm to 50mm lens
Here are some details on the box.
I bought it from the local market
I bought it from the local market with an 18 month warranty of Rs 145,000
Talking about the rest, here are some more features about the camera

APS-C size 24.2 Mega pixels
ISO 100-32000
11 frames per second You can click it.

Also here is phase detection 425 AF
The rest is Real Time Eye AF
Real Time Tracking
Silent Shooting
Touch Focus / shutter
Plus, you’ll be able to record 4k videos with this camera.
Let’s quickly open this box
Here we find some details
About Sony’s camera
This is a basic user manual
Accessories are here
The first is the camera strap
This will allow you to hang the camera around your neck
This is the power cable
Also here is an adapter to charge the camera
Also micro usb cable here
Also here is the viewfinder eyepiece
We can attach it manually with the camera
Then let’s talk about this section. The camera here is quite small

Also, there is no anything in the box. We keep it on the side

Here’s a look at Sony’s A 6400 camera
The power zoom lens is here
Which is 16 to 50 mm
This is a kit lens. You can also change it
It’s too small, it would be nice to have it in hand
Here all the controls etc. are found

You also have the viewfinder here, you can use it by putting it here
Also here you can use your mice etc. above
You also get a flash above the camera here. You can use it at different angles or turn it off.
It also has a flip able display. Which is why I selected this camera

In it you can flip the display completely
If you shoot yourself, you will be able to see yourself
This is his copletely flipable display

This is the main reason I will use this camera for vlogging
In addition, we will insert battery and memory card in this section
Here we are also getting NFC support and there are a lot of buttons
This is the button for video recording. This is its on off button
Also for zooming
In addition, we can use its power zoom button or even manual
Also here micro usb, micro hdmi and mic input
Something else here
The custom buttons are c1 etc
Also here standard tripod mount
Now let’s turn it on
In addition, all the above modes are found here

Friend,s this is a video of Sony’s A6400 camera
A lot of features are found. The camera is quite good
Friends, that’s all for this video.
I hope you like this video
If you like the video, you will definitely like it
And I will comment and tell you how you like this video
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Thank,s for watching

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