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Honestly, what could you expect from a cartoon
with a completely childish trailer?
I think nothing special.
So I went to the cinema with absolutely no
expectations, thanks to which I got an unforgettable
experience, because everyone knows that when
you don’t expect anything, you are sincerely
surprised, like a child, at everything new
and unusual.
And lo and behold, it turned out to be a pearl
hidden behind the mud of ill-conceived marketing.
And what is no less surprising, I went to
the cinema with the conviction that the cartoon
was created more for a children’s audience,
but as it turned out, this was another marketing
flaw, because this film is suitable for everyone.
I still think that it is just the same for
an older audience.
For those who are aware of themselves and
can draw far-reaching conclusions, but this
does not mean that the younger ones will not
like it.
Joe Gardner is a regular part-time music teacher
at the most ordinary school in New York.
He is finally offered a full-time job and
social security, but he has a dream from a
young age – to become a musician.
He plays jazz on the piano beautifully.
You can say even masterly, looking at his
And now, Joe gets a chance

to play in the
band of jazz legend Dorothea Williams.
As Joe happily heads off to prepare for the
show, he falls down a manhole.
Joe finds himself as a soul heading into the
“Great Beyond”.
Unwilling to die before his big break, he
tries to escape.
But he does not succeed and he contacts a
soul named 22nd.
And they have a lot to teach each other.
DETAILSA teacher who is so passionate about
his work.
Absolute inspiration and
this thing that souls pass through is like
a mosquito killer
By the way, speaking.
The style of animation and drawing is very
Such a psychedelic.
Of course, on the big screen in a movie theater,
the animation looks much more colorful and
But in home viewing it does not give up positions
The only thing I noticed was that I apparently
misinterpreted some of the characters’ facial
It’s fun.
On closer inspection, you will notice that
the movements are a little jerky at some points.
Perhaps this is due to the fact that in general,
the movements of the characters are fast and
If you look at the graphics in the scenes,
you can see that they are very close to photorealism.
Up to the moment when the character model
enters the frame.
But in any case, the picture is pleasing to
the eye and there is no need to deny it.
By the way, speaking.
The style of animation and drawing is very
Such a psychedelic.
The whole film is a philosophical discourse
on the topic, what life and purpose are.
What is the essence of our life, our desires
and dreams, especially when we do not succeed
and it seems that our destiny is to be a failure,
because all we succeed in is wasting time
in vain.
But at the same time, the main characters
find answers to these questions without looking
for them.
Joe wants to return to his life, because he
is convinced that this is his dream, he has
almost reached it, his life has almost made
sense.22 just don’t want to go to Earth, because
it’s boring, dirty, uninteresting there.
She thinks that she already knows everything
about the Earth and about life and sees no
reason in learning more about what it is,
and moreover live it.
By the way, oddly enough, the film is a typical
badie movie and does an excellent job of this
role when telling a story.
Watching it, I had a desire to live bright
moments, and most importantly create them.
Did you feel the same?
If you have watched this moment, then make
sure to write in the comments how this movie
influenced you.
I will be very interested to know.
So, during the narration, the cartoon tries
to confuse us, try to make our brain think,
and the soul – feel.
Creates the illusion that spark is a destination.
Only one thing.
Something that is given to us from the very
beginning and which we must follow.
If a person is into the music, then he was
given this from above in advance.
If an athlete, then his soul has chosen sport.
This is actually what our parents, teachers,
and everyone else involved in our upbringing
tell us.
“You can be anyone,” they said.
– “But choose one thing and become the best
at it.”
And so all our lives we have been looking
for this vocation, this purpose.
But we can’t find it.
Or we do, but not that, or we simply cannot
catch luck by the tail.
And then we look back and understand that
our life is a movement from point A to point
B. Eternal subways, cars, taxis, bad breakfast,
not sleeping enough … Constant setbacks,
quarrels and negative experiences with others
or the world in general.
And what purpose can there be?
But then 22 enters the scene.
A soul that knows so much about the earth,
but has never been there.
Cause 22 is soul, im gonna call it “it”.
It gets into this life by force.
But suddenly, begins to notice things that
are invisible to ordinary people.
Sincerely admires every step, every fallen
And a slice of pizza is generally a brain
How wonderful everything is!
How unusual it is.
22 show all this to Joe by its example, and
he, without noticing it, begins to envy his
own life.
He yearns for her in a completely different
He changed his perspective.
The conflict between the characters happens
just at the moment when Joe thinks that 22
wants to steal his life.
It’s not even the body.
Namely what Joe felt and experienced.
22 wants to live.
It thinks that after returning to You Seminar,
it will never be able to get to Earth and
live this life again.
Feel it.
First of all, this is an appeal to the viewer.
To his inner conflict.
We are directly asked the question “What is
the meaning of your life?” or “Does it completely
suit you?” and a thousand more questions that
everyone have to answer for themselves.
The movie literally screams like, hey, dude,
look away from your phone screen, take a look
at your life.
It is more than just endless work, looking
at pictures on social networks.
You are your memories, feelings.
There will be a moment when your life will
come to an end or it will simply end abruptly
and you will regret it, you will grab onto
Or fear that you will never feel this way
That is why you need to live.
Just live.
This cartoon gives the best that a film can.
It leaves many open questions about life,
but still answers one.
“How do you find all the answers?”
No matter how cliché it sounds, everyone
should look for them for himself.
Life is an eternal search, struggle, knowledge
of oneself, one’s inner world and the outer,
solving problems, the path to one’s goals.
Life is in ourselves and everything that surrounds
What about the spark itself?
It doesn’t define us.
We ourselves choose our passion, our goal
in life.
Nobody can do it for you.
Only you alone decide.
Freedom of choice at its fullest.
Just look at Joe.
He is a great teacher, but a musician at the
same time!
Why be one thing?
Be all at once.
Feel the colors of this life.
It’s never too late to change everything.
So live!
Not tomorrow.
Not since Monday.
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