will br penalty go will by pass him Williams laying it off for Ruiz oh terrific Counterattack loose back pass as well twisting and turning he goes down the referee says free kick it’ll be just outside the area it’s Danny Elmo wall did it job Rodrigo there Rafia to

swing it over with Pace off he goes this is wonderful well the not got much in the way of support Inus junr can he find a way through for Rodrigo not quite Harrisons have been made between him and rodri says he’s flattered but the move yet again looking

for the Run of ball even with a much change team you would have expected a little more than what we got a clumsy Challenge from Lenor Mo oh that’s a cheap giveaway that could have been a lot of work for Almo to do it’s Almo it’s brilliant Spain

extend their lead Dan Elmo with the goal he had so much work to do but somehow found a way through and and found the perfect finish when you see Spain come back to that in a moment that’s a costly error and spainer back in it Rodrigo what on

Earth was going on back there Brazil handed a gift unai seimon makes the apologies but Rodrigo strikes in his home stadium and it’s Spain two Brazil one Len noron with a back pass seimon for a second time

gets it back and gave it straight to rodri Morata rodri

oh what a sa from Bento goodness me that was traveling in yamal outside of the boot when yamal was fouled Inside the Box rodri so a whole flurry of changes and there is endri the hero his home here is Real Madrid bound this summer so away we go

andri on the scene he couldn’t get hold of it and it’s wide picks out the cross looking for Williams rodri in there there’s carbajal and Morata waiting to pounce whistle had gone Bruno also there’s Hendrick the Boy Wonder strikes again and scores of the burnard bay the place

which he will soon call home a stunning start to the second half the boy Stadium just a little taster as to what they can expect from him when he away from Lorton making a Bel line for goal and so close to putting brail in front and off goes

linal CA Williams trying to releas L yamal A Long Way Out punched Away by it’s rodri it’s Nico Williams fizzed into Almo from Fabian Ruiz Almo he’s trying heavy trick in the book linal toy with endr to his right can he make it the youngster coming forward here

it’s baral leading the charge and he takes it on or the pull back it’s Ruiz and he find a gap he can found the way around Loro Almo good save by Bento he’s lost grasp of the ball and caral was aminal Almo and he up something special mimal

oh it’s the peach of a pass for Carvajal he Takes a Tumble the referee looking to his assistant it is another penalty it’s rodri it’s emphatic it is Spain three Brazil 2 where would they be without this man Pep Guardiola say he’s the best midfielder in the world

and who are we to argue the man who makes Spain tick has them in front delivered into the middle galeno is in there penalty Brazil with only seconds remaining It 33 he can Doral Junior’s Reign looks as though it will start without defeat victory at Wembley just a

few days ago and Brazil du digal passport for for

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