Spicy Korean Chicken Stew │Korean Food Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Happy Tummy RJ! This is Rea and Jimmy!
Today we are gonna have Spicy Korean Chicken Stew. (닭볶음탕)
The broth is made from soy sauce, hot pepper flakes, hot pepper paste, garlic, ginger, and black pepper.
In the stew, there is chicken, sweet potato, potato, glass noodles, green onion, white onion and other vegetables.
When you first taste the stew, it has a spicy kick, and then after the initial spice, it has a sweet flavor.
Since this meal is a little more expensive than the average dish, it is usually served with many side dishes.
We recommend eating the vegetables first. They absorb the broth well, so they have a lot of flavor.
By the time you finish eating the vegetables, the chicken has had enough time to absorb the broth as well, so it tastes really wonderful.
Lastly, eat the sweet potatoes and potatoes. We like to take the sweet potato and mash it into the bowl before pouring some broth over it. It is a great combination!
Sweet potatoes and potatoes don’t have much flavor on their own, so mashing them and mixing them with the broth, makes them a lot more delicious.
Like with most Korean meals, this stew is served with rice.
It is really good to pour some

broth over the rice and eat them together. When the rice soaks up the stew, it has a rich flavor.
Koreans believe that chicken gives strenght to your body.
Because of this, Koreans like meals with chicken espicially in the summer when the heat can be quite draining.
This stew has a whole chicken in it, so it is very popular in the summer time.
Here’s how we rate Spicy Korean Chicken Stew out of five stars.
The price was about $23 for two people, so it is a little bit more expensive than the average meal.
There are a lot of different vegitables and a lot of chicken in the stew, so you can enjoy these ingredients in the stew.
It is loved by all people in Korea! We hope you will give it a try!
Thank you for watching!
맛있게 드세요(enjoy your meal!)

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