Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse 2023 Movie Review

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this will be my Spider-Man Across the spider-verse review video this is meant to be part two of at least a spider-verse Trilogy that we know of right now they could always wind up making a fourth film the first movie Spider-man into the spider-verse is still one of the best Spider-Man movies of all time so making a sequel that could hit that level or be even better was a really tall order if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos I’m giving away tickets to the

movie to random commenters all you have to do is enter is just be a subscriber and post your favorite spider-verse moments from the trailers so far on the video and please don’t post spoilers if you have seen the movie I’m working on videos for the ending post-credits scene full breakdown Easter eggs for everything that’ll start posting later this week after it comes out in theaters just like I do for all my other movies Spider-Man across the spider verse follows Miles Morales about a year since becoming Spider-Man he’s in his second year of high school this

time and has been active as Spider-Man in the New York City area having Adventures long enough that the local store owners have started creating merch based on on him the same

way in the first movie that that big Stanley Cameo scene was him selling the Spider-Man Halloween costumes to miles but that was based on that universe’s version of Peter Parker Spider-Man he enjoys being Spider-Man he’s trying to deal with being Spider-Man and trying to be a normal kid at the same time like just go to school and be Spider-Man at the same time he misses

the rest of the team from the first movie like Peter B Parker and most of all spider Gwen who is going by the name Spider Woman they refer to her several times in the movie as Spider Woman I believe they also made that change in the comics too where they just call the character Spider Woman because if she used Gwen in her name in her Universe everybody would know instantly who she was more importantly speaking of Gwen she’s become a much bigger character than she was in the first movie Haley Steinfeld of course is amazing

as the character I really hope someday we’ll get to see a live action version of her she also plays Kate Bishop in all the MCU stuff so that’d be a really funny scene for them to try and pull off during Secret Wars but when you think of the spider-verse movies you mostly think of them as miles Alice movies with many many in this case thousands of other versions of Spider-Man running around but the sequel actually elevates Gwen Stacy in the story to more like a second main lead role in the opening of the movie is

completely dedicated to her it starts in her Universe we learn more about her backstory her character the relationship she has with the other characters in her Universe the way that the people of her New York think of her and her actions throughout the movie Drive the plot just as Miles Morales actions do I suspect that’ll continue into part three which will be just as big a character as Miles Morales is the marketing for the movie wanted you to think that the main villain is actually Spider-Man 2099 played by Oscar Isaac who returns from the post

credit scene in the first movie he’s obviously fantastic in anything he does it’s fun to see him as Moon Knight in the MCU stuff and now Spider-Man 2099 maybe if we cross our fingers someday we’ll also see him as live action Spider-Man 2099 in his Universe in the year 2099 like the comics he’s created a giant team of Multiverse versions of Spider-Man called the spider force during the movie they’re dedicated to protecting what they call the Canon which is what he calls the stability of the Multiverse held together by a web-like structure like the spider

verse the spider web of timelines in the comics and in the movie they also refer to it as the spider-verse theory of the Multiverse it’s a different way of visualizing the Multiverse but it’s the same basic concept as what we saw during the Loki series with all the timelines all connected the movie is way more meta and way more comic Booky than the first movie was if you can believe that if you’re not familiar with the term Canon it’s short for canonical it means it represents the original author’s continuity of the story Universe like what

they deem as the actual story being for example in the MCU Marvel movies Kevin feige is The Keeper of the Canon so he says what is Canon and what is not so unless Kevin foggy makes a change in a Marvel movie it’s not canon to the official overarching story there’ll be lots of questions about this this in the next couple weeks because the whole Doctor Strange Spider-Man no way home reference in all the trailers where he calls the MCU Earth Earth 19999 and in the last few Marvel movies Kevin feige has been calling it earth616.

don’t worry I will address that during my full breakdown for Easter eggs video it gets really technical in the movie though it’s something that they just brush past by it doesn’t stop the movie short or anything like that like you don’t get tripped up on the logic which is another important detail even though there are like a thousand different Easter eggs in every single scene I’m gonna have to watch the movie like five times just to do my full breakdown video It Doesn’t weigh the movie Down especially if you’re not a big comic book fan

or you haven’t seen a ton of other comic book movies or even Spider-Man movies but it does work for the most hardcore Spider-Man stand if you’ve seen Spider-Man everything if you’re walking around in Spider-Man PJs if you were born watching Spider-Man stuff every movie every TV show every comic book every product tie-in even the toys going back to the classic toys are referenced in this movie in some way they throw down the gauntlet like even the most Ardent Easter egg hunter will have to watch this movie A Thousand Times the actual main villain of the

story for this part and for part three beyond the spiderverse is the spot played by Jason Schwartzman who has a special connection with Miles Morales more so than any of the other characters that goes back to Miles getting the spider bite and becoming a version of Spider-Man pretty much everyone from the first movie is back some more so than others and there were so many Cameo scenes that were not in the trailer ought to talk about that later this week just because a lot of them are really spoilery but they will blow your mind with

the whole Multiverse Kang Dynasty Avengers 5 Avengers 6 Secret Wars of it all everything is connected through the spider-verse generally the themes of the movie are mostly about this concept that it is possible to change the Canon without completely destroying everything that you love like you’re a fan of something someone can come along and do something that’s non-canonical and it won’t completely destroy the thing that you loved the idea that doing something different and unexpected with pre-existing characters and tropes can lead to amazing things to make more Spider-Man puns the movie’s full of puns as

you would expect the thing the movie does really well like the deeper meaning of the movie is in justifying Miles Morales existence as a version of Spider-Man in the movie Universe like in the story universe but also in real life like we talk about movies justifying their existence like why do we need 20 Avengers movies this movie literally tells you why we need Miles Morales as a character in real life if you don’t know the story behind the creation of Miles Morales Brian Michael Bendis created the character after seeing Donald Glover in real life wear

a Spider-Man t-shirt during an episode of community that’s how new the character Miles Morales is and the whole idea is that at the time it was super controversial people were like no way the Donald Glover could ever play a version of Spider-Man so Brian Michael Bennis is like you know what I’m gonna make him a version of Spider-Man and that wound up being the Miles Morales character essentially and now as we’re talking as me posting this video the movie across the spider-verse basically takes that topic head on like you’ll understand once you see it the

whole message of the movie is that you can’t create some totally new version of Spider-Man who isn’t Peter Parker that doesn’t look like this and it won’t destroy all of reality in all these pre-existing Comics overall the story is great I do have minor complaints about the way they cut the ending though the whole part three beyond the spider verse of it all just the way they edited the ending that I’ll address in a second all the actors were amazing even the smaller Cameo actors that just had really small speaking Parts there were about 280

different versions of Spider-Man in the movie but only about 95 of them are meant to be versions from the comics that people who are big comic book fans would recognize and of those 95 only a handful of them actually have speaking lines and you probably seen some crazy theories that people have about the movie but that doesn’t cover the half of the stuff that they pull off just talking about the animation because the animation in the first movie was so off the chain Sony even patented their animation style from the first first movie nowadays spider

versus like a noun that people used to describe that particular animation style like they started using similar techniques in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and it looks great it’s like computer animation but done to look like hand-drawn animation and where the movie goes so hard like they didn’t need to go this hard but they totally did it is that for all the different main versions of Spider-Man like there are a handful that are main versions all of them are animated in completely different styles unique to the characters for example in spider Gwen’s Universe

it looks kind of like this like pastels the colors of the universe and the characters while they’re interacting also change color based on her mood second to Second so this is really cool effect of Shifting colors that you see when you’re in her Universe miles morales’s Universe even Spider-Man 2099’s universe are animated in a slightly more traditional style Hobie brown spider Punk probably has the most different looking animation he’s played by Daniel caluya who is in the first Black Panther movie and I say of all the new big characters he’s probably one of my favorites

just because I don’t consider Oscar Isaac’s Spider-Man 2099 to be a new character even though they changed the way that his character model looks they made him look way more monstrous for this movie but Hobie Brown’s spider Punk is animated in a very punk rock type of style thematically he serves as a guide for miles and Gwen and is this force of chaos and rebellion in keeping with the tone and the origins of his character like the name implies spider Punk he feels like he’s right out of that classic Punk movement in real life they

did a bunch of new music and even though what’s up danger in the music from the first movie is so awesome it’s really hard to top Metro Boomin also made some really cool new tracks they even gave him a cameo in the movie he’s in all the trailers he’s the guy with the joke about miles finding somewhere else to run they brought on all new directors working on this movie there was joaquinto Santos who avatar The Last Airbender fans will remember a lot of classic animation fans Ken Powers Justin K Thompson they did a great

job and the reason why they need three directors for all these movies like there were three directors on the first spider-verse movie is because the movies are so big it’s so much work like it took them four years just to get this out and part of the rumor is that originally Spider-Man across the spider verse was this giant movie that got so big that they just split it in half in the second part like part two wound up being beyond the spiderverse and they’ll release it next year and that’s why it’s coming out next year

not in another four years like it would normally take like they pulled in Avengers Infinity war in Avengers end game if you remember when they first announced those movies it was Infinity War part 1 and infinity War part two just because they wanted to break the movie into two halves but then they changed the name to part two to Avengers end game just because eventually the movie changed so much that it felt like a completely different type of story overall I think Spider-Man across the spiders came close to topping the first movie it’s at least

tied now for two of the top five Spider-Man movies of all time and I really hope that part three beyond the spider-verse is at least as good as this was here’s we get to a couple my minor complaints though and it mostly has to do with the way they edited the ending they definitely understood the assignment that this was meant to be part one of a part two movie like alright like they almost felt like they ended right in the middle of a sentence so to speak now it wasn’t quite the same as fast X

they kind of did the same thing with the recent Fast and Furious movie where they literally just boom cut to Black like someone cut it in the middle of a scene I saw an early version of the movie so they might tweak this a little bit in the final theatrical version but it did feel like they just had an hard out like you know what we’re just gonna set all this stuff up and it was almost a harder ending than Empire Strikes Back I fully expect part 3 beyond the spiderverse to pick up immediately where

this movie leaves off and maybe they’ll introduce some feature when both the Blu-rays for the movies eventually come out in a couple years where you can just cue them up like it just plays as a three hour movie it just happens to be on two different discs so in that way it’s a little bit more like the Matrix movies like Matrix Reloaded ends in a weird way because you knew you were gonna get the rest of the story in Matrix Revolutions within a couple months we get to wait a year to get part three but

it won’t be that long normally we’d be waiting like four years for the next part of the story but I was really happy with the way they pulled things off and there’s so much to talk about so be sure to go see the movie as soon as possible my videos for the ending post-credits scene full breakdown Easter eggs will start posting Thursday and Friday so look up for those everyone click here for my Spider-Man across the spider-verse ending and post credit scene video and click here for that full breakdown in Easter eggs for the entire

movie I’ll update the links as soon as I post those thank you so much for watching everyone stays safe and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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