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obviously like i said this is the biggest film of  
the year the most hype that a film has had besides 
probably what in game which was almost two years  
ago and this is so much going on with the movie 
the leaks the rumors will this crack a billion  
dollars let’s put that aside for the moment and 
let’s talk about the movie starting off my pros  
and i want to start off with the performances and 
i want to talk about tom holland as peter parker  
aka spider-man now me personally i am a fan of 
this interpretation in the mcu seeing him interact  
with the avengers all the stuff he’s went on the 
the journey of homecoming far from home leading  
him to no way home i enjoy the character now i 
do understand the criticisms that people have  
with them me and particularly him being in the 
shadow of iron man sometimes is very annoying  
but the thing that i think a lot of people that 
we can definitely agree with he’s he’s a boy he’s  
still maturing as we’ve seen him in the previous 
iterations of the character within the context  
of the mcu i’m happy to report for me personally 
that boy has become a man in this film but let’s  
talk about tom holland for a little bit this is 
in my opinion his best performance in the role  
he is giving you the charm and the charisma and 
the yes the kitty moments that we’ve come to see  
but more importantly he’s becoming an adult there 
are decisions that tom holland as peter parker has  
to make some good decisions some bad decisions 
that he has to come across but i think that from  
an emotional standpoint tom holland brought his 
a-game in this role and more importantly for me  
one of my things with spider-man and mcu 
as far as going back to my criticisms  
we never see him throwing hands we see him 
webbing people up he’s kicking thanos in his  
face but he’s never like told mcguire go back 
to him fighting doc uh fighting the green goblin  
we’re seeing punches being thrown right but we 
don’t see that with tom holland but i’m happy to  
say that in this film my man is throwing some one 
two combo punches that made me really excited to  
see him really kind of become his own man 
in this film and like i said i think that  
tom holland gives his best performance 
but more importantly in that conversation  
the biggest thing that i think a lot of us was 
worried about me being one of them was is he gonna  
get lost in a shuffle we’re getting all these 
villains from previous films from other films from  
different universes we’re getting all the hula 
about who’s gonna appear who’s gonna cameo but  
is it gonna be a peter parker tom holland story 
for me he is at the heart of the story which i  
really appreciate that so again tom holland does 
a great job i think it’s his best performance as  
peter parker so far in the mcu a character that 
i really want to focus on here and the actress  
that i’m a fan of and that is in daya as mj now i 
have not necessarily been the biggest fan of how  
john watts and her interpretation is this to be 
so radically different from the mjs the gwen stacy  
of the world and her just kind of becoming having 
the snarky remarks and i think they tried to make  
her so completely different from what we’ve seen 
before that it kind of lost her being a character  
but in this film this is her best performance that 
we’ve seen the role and i’m so happy that zendaya  
gets to portray this character gets to have some 
more light-hearted moments she’s doing a lot more  
than we’ve seen her do in the previous films 
and i thought that she really kind of delivered  
and kind of stepped out of that box of what we’ve 
seen in homecoming and what we’ve gotten far from  
home and she’s really kind of opened herself 
up in this film and i really was a big fan of  
zendaya’s portrayal as mj and again she has her 
and ned have a lot more to do in this film and i  
really kind of appreciate their growth in in the 
role and getting a lot more to do in the film got  
to talk about my man here my personal favorite 
spider-man villain of all time is green goblin  
willing to foe as green goblin without 
spoiling anything i think he steals the movie  
he is maybe the most menacing that we’ve ever 
seen him i love the journey that character goes on  
i love the fact that they stick to the roots 
of what we saw from him and sam raimi’s version  
and i again without getting into the details he is 
completely menacing he and tom holland have some  
incredible moments in this film him and and other 
characters in this film in regards to william the  
foe he’s fantastic if you’re a green goblin fan 
you will be happy with the portrayal of him let’s  
transition to another hero here in doctor strange 
steven strange who i i’ll get to him a little bit  
later in my criticism but i will say as far as 
positively speaking yes his magic was cool to see  
he’s doing some cool visual effects and there’s a 
lot that you know is involved in his character and  
decisions that he makes that’s gonna obviously 
play into future mcu projects his sequel in  
particularly so doctor strange his his powers are 
cool and we’ll talk about him a little bit later  
but uh yeah let’s move on to another character 
who is a villain and that is alfred molina who’s  
returning as doc ock now for me personally he 
gets the opportunity to bring in the sam raimi  
version of his character into the mcu and it’s 50 
sam raimi and it’s 50 mcu and i’ll talk about that  
mcu what i’m referring to in regards to changing 
some of the stuff that we’ve used to seeing from  
that character but i have to say alfred molina 
brought his a game doc op he’s not my personal  
favorite uh spider-man villain but he definitely 
has some great moments in this film and i really  
enjoyed the portrayal by alfred molina but let’s 
transition over to another character who i did not  
expect to have as much screen time as he gets 
in this film without getting to the details  
i want to say jamie foxx electro some of the stuff 
didn’t work for me but i wanted to stay right now  
he might have the funniest line i’ve heard this 
far in the movie this far this year in any movie  
and probably one of the greatest lies i’ve ever 
heard in a comic book movie i won’t say what the  
line is but electro expect a lot from him and is 
like i said a line in this film that had me dying  
laughing i’m just gonna leave it at that but let’s 
kind of transition into the tone of the film now  
the the way i’m putting this is i felt the tone 
was inconsistently consistent now what i mean by  
that is yes we get the kind of tropes that we’ve 
gotten from home coming from far from home with  
again the kind of the the john watts uh kind of 
funny moments the the breakfast club type of vibes  
but we also get the more serious moments in this 
film which is the most serious i’ve seen in the  
mcu regarding how spider-man has been interpreted 
in this universe so i really enjoyed how the tone  
did have the stuff that we’re used to but they 
were able to blend in more of the seriousness  
add more stakes to the to the moment and give us 
a lot to look forward to in regards to switching  
up the tone and again inconsistently consistent in 
that tone in that narrative so one of the things  
i also want to kind of touch base on in regards to 
the structuring of the movie for me the first half  
i really appreciated the fact that we actually 
get a continuing storyline from the previous  
spider-man film in far from home and the reason i 
bring that up is because if you think about from  
homecoming to far from home yes there’s characters 
that obviously go from one film to the next film  
and there’s some story beats that carry from one 
film to the next but we really saw from far from  
home it was really peter parker’s story from home 
from in-game and from infinity war and not from  
his own previous movie so i like the fact that 
the first half focused on the ramifications and  
the circumstances from the previous film to get 
that baton from one movie to the next which i  
really appreciated him going through stereo and 
all the stuff that we got from the trailers that  
we know from the film so i really appreciated 
that aspect of the first half of the movie  
and then without giving too much away from the 
second half it it felt like i feel like a little  
kid saturday morning cartoons watching spider-man 
it has the nostalgia it has incredible action  
it has incredible stakes it has incredible 
emotions it has the labs it has one of the best  
third acts of any mcu film today and be one of the 
best third acts of any comic book movie to date  
the third act definitely stuck the landing so 
i do i do like the structuring of how they put  
the film together and then lastly i will touch on 
the themes in the movie i think the themes really  
do shine through because it touches on things like 
second chances believing in yourself making change  
within yourself learning from your past mistakes 
i really do think that they stuck the landing when  
it came to the narrative and the themes that the 
film had to present and then wrapping up my final  
pros of the film there’s so many more things i 
want to talk about but just kind of narrow it down  
there are some jokes that do stuck to land and 
i mentioned jamie foxx has a good moment and i  
thought that they put the jokes in the hands of 
the characters that should be telling the jokes  
and it fit kind of perfectly within a narrative 
and then the last thing i want to touch on  
because i’m a big production head i mentioned 
the visuals are great but i want to talk about  
michael jacquino’s score it is absolutely bone 
chilling it is incredible it just has so much  
thrills and chills and it is just an almost a 
perfect score in my opinion so michael jacquino’s  
score is just fire in my opinion so let’s move on 
to my criticism without getting into the details i  
will say this isn’t really a christmas i just want 
to bring this up for for all you all out there  
this film definitely relies heavily on your 
knowledge of seeing not just the mcu spider-man  
story but sam raimi and mark webb’s film so 
it will be very interesting i’ll be taking my  
girlfriend to see this film who hasn’t really seen 
the spider-man movies like the previous sam raimi  
and and you know the mark will film so it will 
be interesting and let me know in the comments  
if you’re not too familiar with those films 
how did you feel about this movie i’m just  
kind of curious because it does rely on heavily 
on youtube i don’t think i’ve ever seen a movie  
that relies on the audience to know a movie from a 
different universe it’s not even connected to this  
universe so i’m really interested in how people 
take that in but let’s move on to my criticisms  
i talked about characters up top but 
let’s talk more and particularly about  
my criticisms with some of the characters 
without giving away any spoilers i do feel  
like some of the characters in particularly 
the villains that come from other universes  
were themselves at points but they also got 
that mcu treatment and what i mean by that is  
the jokes now again we know that mcu likes to 
throw in the jokes because they’re you know family  
friendly type of films but i feel like the the mcu 
treatment was given to so many of the villains and  
it kind of changed who they were their character 
riches were different the only character i don’t  
think got that treatment was norman osborne as 
green goblin but everyone else to me juice was  
like they had to it felt forced at times and it 
felt like the mcu was trying to make them fit  
into their narratives versus them being who they 
were in their previous universe and i get they  
have to make that change because they’re in a new 
universe but it felt like again that mcu comedy  
jokiness was a little bit overshadowing 
who those characters were in my personal  
opinion without again dive into the spoilers i 
haven’t talked about the director john watts who  
he had a lot to do there’s so much that this 
director had on his shoulders again this is an  
almost an avenger level type of film and we know 
the avengers have been handled for the most for  
the big ones you know infinity war in game were 
handled by two guys the russo brothers and he has  
a lot of weight on the shoulders and i think john 
watts did a good job in direction but my criticism  
with john watts is i still can’t after seeing 
three spider-man films i saw his independent  
horror film that came out in his first film i 
think it was called clowns it’s an okay movie but  
i still don’t know what a john watt film is right 
i don’t think he has that flair he doesn’t have  
that sensibility he doesn’t have the thing that 
distinctively says that this is a john watts movie  
and i feel like if he does have a style it’s like 
sometimes i feel like john watts at least in the  
spiderman movies the three movies that he’s 
directed it’s like he sometimes undercuts the  
seriousness with comedy and that’s an mcu thing 
in general but i think that his films really do  
moments that are supposed to be very serious very 
emotional which there are moments of that in the  
film but i feel like sometimes they were undercut 
by the jokes and the the comic relief in the film  
and i just have to say for me personally i’m very 
intrigued to see what john watch does with the  
fantastic four because he has been announced to be 
the director but i am even more excited and this  
is no knock on john watts but i’m really excited 
to see another director with more of a voice  
direct the next spider-man film because i am 
assumed that john watts will probably not be  
directing any more spider-man movies because 
he’ll be dealing with the fantastic four so i’m  
really excited to see who’s going to be the next 
director in spider-man because i don’t think john  
watts has a a full voice to kind of really give 
his distinct style to these spider-man movies so  
i talked about my man doctor strange a little 
bit earlier and i have to say for me personally  
i’m getting a little bit annoyed with dr strange 
and the reason i say it is because i look at his  
trajectory as the character to me he’s almost 
getting ridden like the hulk because i think the  
hulk has has just been completely demolished by 
the mcu in regards to what the version the hulk  
that we have here is and i compare dr schrader 
to the hope because to me i wasn’t the biggest  
fan of dr strange’s film i thought that he was the 
most least interesting movie in his own film move  
on to thor ragnarok whatever it was a small cameo 
transition to infinity war which for me personally  
that’s the best version dr strange so far in the 
mcu in-game i mean my man was pretty much just  
dealing with a body of water for the whole film 
and then you bring doctor strange to this movie  
i mentioned that his visual style his you know 
his magical powers they’re visually studying  
but man the power scaling for doctor strange 
in this film was just so frustrating because i  
thought they were completely sign line this is the 
source of supreme and when you all see the film  
you’re telling me that a source of supreme can’t 
get out of the situation that he’s in i’ll just  
kind of leave at that so i just for my personal 
taste doctor strange just visually great cool  
character the characterization and the decisions i 
understand from my comic book fans out there and i  
read the comics and i’m not like a super sweaty 
spider-man lore uh comic book reader i do know  
that there is a comic book run that involves a 
very similar storyline with peter parker going  
to dr strange to help you know clear his identity 
all that stuff i understand that that’s out there  
and that’s canon right or i should say that’s a 
foundation of where this story kind of comes from  
but for me in the mcu i don’t think i can forgive 
the decision that dr strange does decide to  
help peter parker with the spell it’s just so 
irresponsible to me and in the film does try to  
attempt to make the spells seem a little harmless 
but at the same time they also make it seem like  
it does have catastrophic events and circumstances 
so i was just like doctor strange i’m still  
excited for multiverse and madness i’m so excited 
to see the progression of character but right now  
i’m just not in a good spot with dr strange i’m 
just gonna kind of leave it at that but moving on  
to a little bit more of my frustrations with the 
film if there’s a lot of contradiction in this  
film without spoiling anything but i’ll just kind 
of specify it to peter parker we know that peter  
parker in the comics in the previous movies and in 
the mcu his whole thing is he doesn’t want to get  
his loved ones involved in his messiness that’s 
why he he’s one of the few mcu characters that  
has his identity uh hidden until obviously what 
mysterio did and far from home but in this film  
there are so many moments where peter parker would 
say to ned to mj and to mary to his aunt aunt may  
please don’t get involved i want you to be as 
far away from the situation as possible i want  
to fix this because i’ve made this mistake he says 
that and then fast forward three four scenes later  
hey aunt may ned mj i need your help can you help 
me with these villains uh and help me fix my mess  
it was just so many it’s like this is so weird to 
see him kind of contradict himself in regards to  
and again i know the avengers you know we got 
captain marvel somewhere in space thor’s in space  
the avengers have been dismissed but i felt like 
there could have been i don’t know why he just  
continuously brings his family his loved ones into 
these circumstances again i know it creates stakes  
but it’s just it was just a contradiction for 
my personal taste so that was frustrating but  
uh before we wrap this thing up give you all my 
overall thoughts let you know where i’m gonna  
rank this film as far as mcu spider-man films 
if you haven’t already make sure to like the  
video share the video and leave your thoughts 
in the comments overall spider-man no way home  
was a lot to take in but i will say it is messy at 
points it but it is also incredibly entertaining  
it’s filled to the brim with nostalgia tom holland 
delivers his best performance and role so far and  
again like i mentioned he becomes a spider boy and 
becomes a spider man green goblin may be the most  
menacing that we’ve ever seen him and i thought 
that he stole the film i did feel like some of the  
villains did get that mcu treatment in regards 
to being overly jokey but overall no way home  
will definitely be the talk of the town which is 
deservingly so it’s the biggest film of the year  
it definitely lives up to the hype and i will 
say for you all out there that haven’t seen it  
be careful for those spoilers but in the day 
be prepared to feel like a kill again because  
this has a lot of heart a lot of charm and it is a 
great spider-man film so with all that being said  
i’m gonna give spider-man no way home a four out 
of five there’s a lot going on i i definitely want  
to have a more of a deeper discussion with you all 
maybe have a live spoiler review uh discussing all  
the pros the cons what really worked what didn’t 
work there’s a portion in the film that i did not  
mention in all this review because obviously it’s 
gonna dive into spoilers but there’s a lot to talk  
about a lot to dissect this film but overall 
like i said i’m giving it a four out of five  
and uh i don’t have to recommend you all to see 
it because it’s like i said it’s the biggest film  
of the year so i expect you all to see it but i 
want to know did it live up to your expectations  
and also like i mentioned mcu rankings for my 
personal sensibilities is my phantom of spider-man  
homecoming and i’m just referring to the 
mcu spiderman i’m not ranking all the other  
spider-man films i’m gonna probably do that in a 
spoiler review but in the mcu homecoming’s still  
my number one spider-man film followed by no way 
home and then far from home so that’s my rankings  
let me know yours in the comments again share 
your pros your cons and everything in between  
in the comments below if you stuck around to this 
point of video i appreciate every single one of  
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