Spiderman No Way Home Movie VLOG 4K | 1st Reaction | Review | No Spoilers #spiderman #sony #marvel

what’s happening
Hey what’s up Homo sapiens um it’s 16th of
December and right now I’m gonna watch SPIDERMAN
No Way Home
that’s a one-day pre-release in India and
we Indian Marvel fans would get a chance to
watch the movie.
Today it’s, first day for show again!
BOOM! we’re gonna have fun I’m going with
my sister today and I’m gonna let you know
if Tobey and Andrew Garfield are gonna come
in are gonna bump in…and yeah it’s gonna
be really fun I’m at GT World mall.
I’ll be watching a regular 3D show and it’s
going to be fun.
This one’s a big movie so no spoilers I’m
not gonna give any spoilers.
I’ll just show you the poster!
the first day published one day premiered
in India boom so this one’s the theater and
that’s my assistant
hello guys I’m in the interval break and the
movie is going just awesome they were literally
like you know 10 to 15 or more than that screams
in the first half itself I don’t know how
much great that gonna be in the second half
done with the movie it’s just
every scene after the interval

just gives
you goosebumps you know it’s so awesome
that’s the only expression
it was awesome
and the whole movie I’m pretty sure I’m going
to watch it again on the big screen already
pretty sure one of the best movies is
what is it

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