I’m sure a lot of you subscribe to my channel because I used to review the Spinnaker brand when I first started my channel..
and a few moments ago, I was sent an email Spinnaker’s principal in Hongkong,
I was ordered to review one of their newest model which will be launched on July 2021
From my views, the packaging is new or I’m just outdated because it’s been a long time that i haven’t reviewed this brand…
But the most important thing is the quality of this watch…
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After being absent for more than 1 year, i finally can review a brand that has highlighted my Youtube channel in the past..
It is a Hongkong brand that can’t be considered a microbrand anymore and the brand is called Spinnaker…
I have already made a video about Spinnaker’s story in the past and they will launch their newest model this July, specifically 23 July 2021
The line up is the same as what they had previously which is Croft, but this is a Midsized model that has a diameter size of 40mm
There will be 4 varieties

that they will launch which is the Regiment Blue SP-5100-22Q,
Then the Anchor Black SP-5100-01Q variety,
the Nomad SP-5100-02Q variety,
and lastly, the Elemental SP-5000-11-Q Variety, such as the one that is in front of me right now..
They made 2 versions, there is a bracelet version which will be priced at USD350 or around 5 Million Rupiah,
and there is also one that is priced at USD 280 or about 4 Million Rupiah for the leather strap version..
So what is the difference with the Croft that has been made previously?
Surely, the diameter of this one is smaller..
It is 40mm instead of 43mm…
and on this Mid-sized model, the seconds sub-dial on the 4 O’clock position is absent..
The second hand is back to the normal position because the movement is different..
For the overall design, it is more or less the same, the water resistant is also the same which s 150 meters..
Okay, now let’s directly inspect the quality of this watch more closely..
For the packaging, it already uses the new one because as of my understanding Spinnaker’s corporate logo has also already changed
and all the packaging is now already like this, meanwhile when speaking of design,
It overall still uses the Dive watch design on the Croft model that they have made previously..
It has a classic dive watch style with Index and hands that is very assertive..
Still having a firm dial texture and on this Mid-sized model there is a Dual tone Bezel variety like the one I’m holding now..
The upper part is blue and the bottom is red, or usually called a Pepsi Bezel…
Its not a Dual-time bezel, still a Diving Bezel but it is given Dual-tone..
It looks fresh, but to break out curiosity.. Let’s see it closer on the Dial and Crystal part..
There are a few things that are special on the Croft model that is made by Spinnaker..
First is the Dial texture, The dial is black with a matt finish and the texture quality in my opinion is great, with the Spinnaker logo that is made risen..
The finishing is also very neat..
Then the second thing that is special is that the Index is very similar of a Dive watch,
It is big and assertive..
It is all applied with a frame that is made very neatly..
Then on the bottom part of the dial, it is also given a popped up writing, a white and red dual tone saying Automatic 500ft or 150m..
It is all made very neatly as of what i see..
The outest part of the dial is given a white minute tracker, the hands have a pencil style that is thick and is divided into several blocks, it is very special..
and the third that is special is the round cyclops to enlarge the date window on the 3 O’clock position..
The date window is also made round..
I’m not a big fan of the Cyclops because it usually gets dirty but I have to say the date looks more assertive and clear,
a black date wheel background with a white date font.. Very clear!
So i have to admit for the dial, in my opinion they accomplished to execute it nicely..
and the crystal that are used are Sapphire Crystal, it pops up a bit on top of the dial and is already coated with anti-reflective so the dial looks clean..
After i tested it, it is indeed Sapphire Crystal..
Moving on, now let’s see the bezel and insert..
It is a Stainless Steel Bezel with wheels that remind me of SKX with 2 rows, the bezel is solid with no bouncing, and the insert is made out of Aluminium with sloped contour
So the bezel isn’t made flat, the insert is given 2 tones, the top part is Blue and the bottom is red..
The finishing is not made glossy, the painting is also nice, same as the bezel marker that is printed with a silver color..
Everything is Okay..
It has a 120 click, uni-directional rotating bezel with a bezel accent that is very firm,
As you can hear, the sound is great and without any back play..
Other than that, the position of the bezel also lines up nicely as you can see ..
Okay, for the case.. It is made out of Solid 316L Stainless Steel with a horizontal brush finishing,
The finishing is also great, the loom is sharp and also bends a bit downwards, while the case corners are given a polished finishing..
It is a very solid case with neat finishing, then on the other side there is a crown without a crown-guard,
The wheels are also neat, and the surface of the crown is engraved with the new Spinnaker logo with also great finishing..
the crown is locked or screw down crown, the first position is for hand winding with a firm rotating accent,
then the second position is for setting the date and the most outer position is to set the time..
In my opinion there are no problems for this part,
then moving to the back, it has a solid caseback made out o Stainless Steel with a circular brush finishing,
The center is engraved with the new Spinnaker logo that is surrounded by specs that are also engraved nicely..
While for the strap, they made 2 versions.. There is a leather one and there is also a stainless steel bracelet..
Coincidentally as i can remember, i have never reviewed a Spinnaker that uses a Stainless Steel bracelet..
So this is my first Spinnaker bracelet review..
An oyster style bracelet with an all brush finishing, a very solid bracelet with a solid anlim,
completed with a screw pin bracelet adjustment and also the quality of the clasp that is premium, a double locking deployant clasp with a good open close mechanism..
and is also completed with 3 micro adjustment positions for perfect fitment on the wrist..
In my opinion the quality and the finishing of the bracelet can be considered quite nice,
Next when speaking of movement, this Mid-sized Croft model is different with the previous Croft,
the movement used is Seiko NH 35a, the previous one uses Miota,
this is a general movement that I’m sure you all already know..
Running on a frequency of 21,600 VPH, 24 jewels, a power reserve up to 42 Hours, and supports water resistance up to 150 meters such as the previous Croft..
While the luminosity, if we forget about it.. It will be outrighteous because in fact this is a diver watch..
even though they don’t specifically say the luminous but I’m sure this is Superluminova C3 or C1…
The color is quite responsive, the color is green but it’s a pity that the color is not so homogenous in my opinion..
and it is quite durable, even though it isn’t a loom killer but it is quite noticed and nice..
lastly, i tried to measure the real dimension and also the fitment on my wrist..
The real diameter of this watch is 40mm with a thickness of approximately 14mm also the freestyle,
The spec is indeed written 13,8mm, then the lug tip to lug tip is more or less 46,5mm with a lug width of 20mm tapering down to 18mm
It is a perfect size for almost all wrist sizes and the real weight is 163,5 grams.. Very solid..
This is the appearance when used on my wrist that has a circumference of only 17cm, it looks perfect, the fitment is also comfortable without looking too thick and the bracelet feel is also comfortable
It is very nice…
Okay bro! I think that is all for my review on the newest model of Spinnaker that is the Croft Mid-size,
That will launch on 23 July, as quality goes.. I have to admit they have improved from the year that i haven’t reviewed this brand..
and in my opinion the selection of a 40mm diameter is a great decision that Spinnaker made to be launch this year…
It is a classic size that is more universal, even though once again there wont ever be a perfect watch..
but for this price range, it is very worth considering..
If there are any of you who want to buy this Mid-sized Spinnaker Croft, you can directly go to Spinnaker’s website
You can use the link that i have put in the description box, you will automatically get a 15% discount..
Okay, i will end my video here.. Feel free to subscribe, hope you enjoy any watch that you may have…
I’m Adrian.. See you on my next videos..

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