SpKits 21/22 Tottenham HotSpur Away Jersey (Player Version) Unboxing Review

Hello Hello Hello everyone and welcome to My Football Jersey, I’m Stefano and today I present to you the Away
Tottenham jersey for the 21/22 season in the Player version, the one worn by the players.
As I have already had the opportunity to say in another video I made on the Fan version of
this jersey that you can find above …. this version is revolutionary,
in my opinion it is marvelous with this fantasy that reminds a galaxy,
which is somewhat reminiscent of the veins of marble, with these truly beautiful black, red, blue colors,
the finishes, sponsors and logos are VENUM GREEN, a color
ranging from yellow tending to acid green. In my personal ranking this
jersey gets 4 stars, then you will tell me what you think.
In my opinion, however, it has been well studied, young people will like it so much, so much that my
son, for example, has already asked me for it. Now I leave you to the part where you will see
all the details, see you at the end for the fit and the measurements. Bye see you soon!
In the Player version, the club crest, the Nike logo and the main sponsor are heat-sealed,
however, contrary to the usual, even in the Fan

version they are heat-sealed as
you can see from the video we made and you can find on the channel.
The Player version uses DRI-FITADV technology. Against the light it is possible to see the texture of
the Player version, very different from that of the Fan version.
On the side the black band is not continuous but forms this sort of zig zag.
The shirt is round neck, very nice that the border on the front is black and on the back is purple.
On the back the jersey has a large black space where the players’ numbers are printed,
this if we want it is the biggest difference with the
Fan version which instead has the same color on both the front and the back side.
So what do you think? I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope
you can leave us a LIKE and subscribe to the channel, that’s all for today now I leave you
to the part where you will see the measurements and fit, bye and see you soon!
I am 1.75 tall and weigh 70 kg, this is a Large size of the Player version.

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