(Spoilery) Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Book Review [CC] 🌿

i apologize in advance i just finished
filming this video
and this video is a hundred percent all
over the place
so just buckle in
and we’ll get through this roller
coaster together
i’m just like oh this bitch. Evil and
i enjoyed that plot point.
Hello. The time has come for me to
finally do my review
of the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. If
you watched
my reading vlog…i will link it down
below but
um i had a lot of feels when i finished
this book
and i didn’t know where to start
in terms of reviewing it or even what
rating i was gonna give it
so we’re gonna talk about that today.
So, i have thankfully a
list of notes on my laptop that i took
right when i finished the book for
things that i wanted to discuss.
Since then…since i’ve read other reviews,
since i did the live show on Peyton’s
i think i have a lot more to say than i
thought i originally did so i am glad
that i waited so long to make this.
Hopefully some of you still care. So i’m
not gonna bother giving the synopsis of
I think if you’re watching this you

already know. Hopefully you’ve already
read it
or else i’m gonna spoil it for you, but
let’s talk about what i enjoyed first.
Let’s start off on a positive note.
I enjoyed seeing what the hunger games
used to look like,
i enjoyed like that
whole transition of like you know we
thought it was bad
back when Katniss went through it in
terms of
the time between the reaping and the
start of the games
we’re like “oh well that’s awful” but at
least they weren’t
in a zoo, at least they weren’t in a cage,
at least they were getting fed. Like in
that sense,
it’s so much better now when Katniss
goes through it because
they aren’t treated like actual animals
I liked all this stuff in terms of how
much the games have changed
since the one that Snow was a mentor for
how no one wanted to watch it back then
you know they couldn’t figure out how to
keep people’s attention,
whether or not they should make it
mandatory to watch it…
you know the mentors obviously weren’t
the victors yet
so there’s just a lot of change that
happens in terms of the actual structure
of the games and i really enjoyed all of
I like that we got the origin for the
how it started off kind of as a joke um
which was then taken
seriously. I also i really liked
the whole aspect of music in this book. I
think my favorite thing in the entire
was the Hanging Tree. The second that
they were talking about the guy who was
getting strung up and it said he
murdered three people
i immediately was like, “is this the
hanging tree????”
and it turns out it was. We got the
origin for that, we know who wrote it now,
and i just love that…not to mention the
valley song
and just a lot of the other songs.
There’s just a lot of music involved
and i really really like that. We can see
that in
you know how katniss’s dad was into
music as well
and i really really liked that aspect of
it. I also really liked Lucy Gray as a
character in general. I thought she was
very interesting, i was always excited to
know what she was up to. Also, i was
for all of the little easter eggs from
the original series
unsurprisingly…but i was just so excited
like when they mentioned the bakery in
district 12
and just all of this stuff. I wasn’t really
a fan of them specifically saying
katniss with the katniss root…i thought
that was a little bit too on the nose.
Let’s move on to some of my other bullet
points here.
So i think my least favorite thing was
i feel like Snow started like
here in this book and then the present
Snow we know from the trilogy
is like here in terms of like evilness
awfulness like
you know what i mean and from
the beginning of ballad to the end of
ballad he came to like
here…like there’s still so much of a gap
between the President Snow we see in
this book and the President Snow that
we know
in the trilogy…and i thought that that
was the whole point
of this book was to bridge that gap but
then there’s still people saying that
they could see how (and i don’t think it’s likely) but they
could see
how there could be a second
part to this and i feel like the fact
that so many people are saying that so
many people are feeling that same
way that’s not a good thing.
I think we all expected to see this
arc and i do know some friends…everyone
in my real life who has read it
likes it more than i do…likes this book
more than i do.
I just really didn’t think…he only
upped it like two notches by the end. He
killed someone, he poisoned someone else,
i just thought there was gonna be more. I
still feel like he’s nowhere near
of the villain that we know in
the original series and that kind of
bothered me because that was like the
one thing that i thought we were going
to get out of this book.
The other thing that bothered me was i
feel like
i wanted to see him become
president. I was never expecting, nor did
i really want,
this book to end like around when
katniss shows up.
I didn’t want them to directly connect
like that, but i just expected to have
more of his…his villainous personality
developed by then. I expected him to be
president by the end of this and
i didn’t like this epilogue…how it
just quickly was like, “oh and then he did
this and he did this and he poisoned
this person and now he’s evil and here
you go” and i was like…
he’s still not he’s still not the
President Snow that i know from the
original series
and i just feel like it didn’t go far
like we only got half of half of it
um if that makes sense. So, that was like
my main
pet peeve of this. The other thing that
really annoyed me
was that Tigress was his cousin…for what?
Why? What was the point? What was the
point of
having this character that we know and
love from Mockingjay
be in this?? oh my god it’s his cousin oh
my god Tigress is his cousin.
How does she go from being his cousin to
actively helping Katniss and them take
him down in Mockingjay? Like,
that’s such a huge transition and she
she is barely in this. She’s in it at the
beginning…i really really liked her, i
was excited for her…
like you know, supporting character arc
never happened.
We’re kind of left to draw our own clues
as to
why she flipped
you know so much and is now against him…
but i still don’t think…i think
something’s missing.
I think, because we didn’t see his full
villain arc, we never got to see
why she went all the way towards
actively supporting Katniss and all that…
and that really made me sad
because why put her in there if we’re
not going to get a good plot line from
and we’re not going to see this
character arc for her that i was so
excited about?
Also, i think everyone was worried
that we would have a romance and we did…
and i didn’t have an issue with the fact
that the romance was in there but the
whole time
i was expecting lucy to pull one over on
and have her just really use him
and tear him down and break his heart
and stomp on it
and i feel like lucy
is so smart
but somehow she sincerely felt feelings
for him
and i don’t believe he sincerely loved
He is very obsessive…that’s the thing i
We saw that characters trait in this.
He’s very obsessive; he was very
possessive of Lucy…it was very
and i’m like, she seems so smart
with her entrance…her dramatic ass
entrance of her putting a snake down
someone’s dress.
I just expected more from Lucy. I kept
waiting for her to be like “ha
joke’s on you! I was playing you this
whole time!” and it never
really happened and so i was like
what is the point of his relationship
with her??
and like i get it, but i also don’t get
you know? I get why it’s in there…but
it just didn’t do enough for me to
having to read kissing scenes with
President Snow. I also
am not a huge fan of open-ended things.
I wanted closure on Lucy; i wanted to
know why
she was there, what her purpose was, how
she contributed to snow’s backstory and
his villainousness…
and i didn’t really get it. Is she dead?
Did she survive?
Did she set the trap at the end? If so,
why was it a non-venomous snake?
All that was left behind was her scarf
and a snake,
and it does tie in the whole poem thing
that was related to her
about..yo.u know it was very like
mysterious and ghosty
and so it’s like…i get it…
but it doesn’t mean i have to like it. I
wanted more of a concrete
ending, i think, to her story. Let’s talk
the arena. The games were very boring
and this wasn’t a bad thing because it’s
not about
the games. He’s not a tribute in them
so it made sense that we don’t
like see that much from them, but i still
something more…..i don’t know because this
book was in third person
i was kind of holding out for a
point of view from Lucy, especially when
in the arena. Because of the lack of
technology back then,
when she was hiding in that tunnel…she
was hiding
in that tunnel. We did not get to see her,
we did not need….
we did not get to know what she was
doing. Snow didn’t know what was going on
so we didn’t know what was going on and
it felt
very very slow. And
then afterwards, it was just like this
big info dump of like her talking about
her process
throughout the arena and i was like, “I
wish we could have seen it!”
We didn’t really get to know any of the
other mentors that well.
I understand why we didn’t really know
any of the tributes that well and a lot
of them died before the games even
started but…
i don’t know i just feel like the
characters weren’t
super flushed out as much as i wanted
them to be. Like, some of the supporting
weren’t as fleshed out…pacing was
interesting. I found the beginning
very slow, but then i think i’m in a
of the fact that i really enjoyed part
and i feel like a lot of people say that
part three was like the
absolute slowest for them. I think i was
like…running on the high of finding out
that Snow was a peacekeeper. That blew
my mind. Let me know down below on a
scale of one to ten
how shook were you when you found out
Snow is a peacekeeper. I was like at 11.
I never in a million years saw that
coming. It kind of bothered me that this
was third person limited.
I think…i mean first person would be
very hard
because it would be infuriating to be
in his head like that for first person
but i think
with third person i was just expecting
like to utilize third person more
to broaden the world, to give us…
more fleshed out characters because
that’s something that Hunger Games
doesn’t always have because we’re from
Katniss’s perspective
and that makes sense…like it makes sense.
Hunger Games
i mean impeccable, i’m not about to sit
here and critique The Hunger Games,
but i don’t kno… i just i really
expected more from like the third person.
So let’s talk about some characters.
I’ve talked about Lucy…um Maude Ivory
was the cutest. I love her. I love all the
theories that she’s related to Katniss
I really hope so…that would be really
cute. She was just so
cute. A lot of the other people, to be
honest, were very
not memorable to me. Something that’s a
little bit
controversial in The Hunger Games
is my feelings on Sejanus.
Sejanus? Sejanus? I don’t know…i
didn’t care about him
and i know a lot of people it was he was
their favorite character
and i get it because he’s like the only…
people keep saying he’s the Peeta of
this book
um which i think does my boy Peeta
a disrespect. I can kind of get it. He’s
he’s just nowhere near as smart as Peeta.
Like, he’s so
dumb compared to Peeta. He says all these
and then it’s like at the end of the
book… i was like, what did he even
do?? Like Peeta talks the talk
and then he walks the walk. Sejanus just
loves to talk the talk.
It also seemed very unrealistic to
me that he
was able to be around all of these
people with these prestigious like
you know places of power, and
he could actively complain and disagree
with the hunger games and with the whole
and they were just like fine with it. I
was like…wouldn’t they
at least like take him off of the mentor
And he always got away with it. And then
yeah…when he died
I really didn’t feel much…. i just.. i
don’t know.
And it’s so crazy because so many people
really like him. It perplexes me.
And maybe this was just me. Like, if i
reread it i’d
probably pay more attention to him now
obviously because so many people keep
talking about him…but
he didn’t even…he wasn’t really on my
at all. I was like.. you’re a supporting
Does it suck that he died ? Yes. The fact
Snow then literally became like his
parents new son?
Evil and disgusting. I enjoyed that plot
point. Him as a character…I just didn’t
really care.
So, if anyone else didn’t really care…let
me know down below so that i know i’m
not the only one.
I’m trying to think if there’s anything
that i have forgotten to say. Oh! I didn’t
even tell you my rating.
I gave this four stars,,,which might come
as a surprise to you because i feel like
i’ve been complaining about it this
entire time.
I mean there’s more to say about on
topics that you
disagree with. I liked it. Would i
recommend it to people?
Not necessarily. I get why some people
didn’t want to read it at all.
People who felt really uncomfortable
reading from
Snow’s perspective…I totally get that. This book is not for everybody. It’s not
required to be a Hunger Games fan. I do
not think you have to have read this. The
Hunger Games
for me is the trilogy. This is like a
like bonus extra thing. Overall, i enjoyed
and that might be coming from more of
just a subjective opinion.
You know, i was really excited for this
book. It was a good time,
but i didn’t i also didn’t expect it to
be five stars. For me, like
nothing can beat the trilogy…i didn’t
expect it to,
I’m glad we got it. With the interview in
the back of some of the editions with
Suzanne Collins she talks about…you know
this is such a commentary
on war and there’s a lot of like
aspects in here that probably just went
right over my head.
So there’s a lot to this book…like a lot
more than just
the surface plot, which i also can
So, let me know what you guys thought.
It’s really interesting..
we were all talking about on the live
show how
we all liked it; we all at least gave it
3.5 stars,
but we could also like really
agree with the people who gave it one
star. Like, the criticisms people have
are so valid and all of the videos i’ve
the book reviews where people have given
this one star
i like agree with everything they said.
I’m like, “yeah
yeah yeah that sucked. Yeah that should
have been better developed.” I
completely understand and so i feel like
book really just shows you how
subjective ratings are.
Okay i’m gonna stop now. This video was
all over the place
but i hope you guys enjoyed and i will
see you next time. Byeeeeee.

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