SPONGEBOB REVIEW: Pearl Maxxes Out Daddy's Credit Card! Picking Apart Upturn Girls

hello everyone titanius here welcome to
picking a part where we look at cartoons
both good and bad
today we are looking at upturned girls
where the tally episode reminds me a lot
of the billy joel song uptown girl the
story of the episode however does not
remember narlene from the classic years
well you shouldn’t because she’s a
character from the milking of the cash
cow spin off camp coral and for some
reason there’s an insistence on using
her in the sponge of squarepants
ugh let’s get started
like in arlene’s previous episode she
imposes on spongebob and forces him to
take her and knobby to the big city but
fortunately pearl wants to go instead so
spongebob can keep working giving us
something different than the debacle
that was something narwhal this way
pro is conveniently at the crusty crab
due to forced child labor day but she’s
a teenager so she takes the opportunity
to leave the restaurant to go shopping
mr krabs wants to give her the el chipo
guard but pearl insists upon the diamond
unlimited card which comes into play
frequently in this one pearl takes

nerling to the best luxury shopping
place in the city upturns a department
store pearl goes about her spending ways
but nerleen is too much of a backwoods
country bumpkin to stop for making havoc
at the store which parts pearl and
darlene in the ire of lady upturn the
wealthy and snobbish owner of upturns
lady upturn his character that debuted
in season 10’s crusty catering as miss
mildred but she was later renamed in
camp coral as missy upturn and the name
has sticked ever since
upturned bans the two from the store
rubbing her nose at norlene and pearl
defends the narwhal
pearl proves to be resourceful and gets
the two out of the sticky situation but
daddy krabs is upset about all the
purchases on the unlimited card and she
flees to the countryside with narlinabi
ending the episode
upturned girls is another episode in the
saga where narlene and nabi diminish
spongebob squarepants through their
mediocrity they are interesting or deep
characters especially nabi who is just
plain dumb muscle bringing them into the
show feels like product placement for
camp coral nobody asked or wanted for
them to be in sponsored squarepants but
here they are shoehorned in anyway
and it really seems like someone has a
foot fetish over their united plankton
pictures because we get a lot of foot
action here maybe someone is channeling
their inner damn cider from beyond
nickelodeon who knows
while narlene and knobby poisons bunch
of squarepants we do see a character
here that i’d like to see more of the
red guy
why you
what’s your problem i’ve got to clean up
on aisle you
perhaps another sample sprint he gives
perfume samples to pearl and arlene
which leads to the first incident at the
yeah i’d like to see more of this guy in
spongebob because we all know that he’s
wouldn’t it be nice if this guy had his
own episode instead of knobby or lean
aside from my narwhal hate pearl
actually has a good episode here she’s
rather resourceful and even though i
don’t like narlene i’m glad pearl was
shown defending her it’s silly how pearl
tries to use her father’s credit card
for street cred but that’s consistent
with her character soul called that a
plus two pearl really got herself into a
whale of trouble for bringing darling to
a place where she obviously didn’t fit
in but what’s life without trying new
things by now you probably already
figured out that i’m not high in this
episode i’m not a fan of the narwhal
siblings and their presence throwed the
episode for me so i’d call this a bad
episode all the other characters really
couldn’t save it and to visualize how i
think about narlene and abby take a look
at this clip uptown girl
you know she’s living in her uptown
yeah i found knobby and arlene the
epitome of cringe on spongebob
squarepants they don’t fit at all in the
but what do you think about upturned
girls let me know in the comments down
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