Squid Game 1×07: "VIPS" – Reacción y Review – [ENG & KOR SUBTITLES]

Hi, how are you? I am Mauroliino and we are in a new “We watch Squid Game”
We are going to watch the seventh episode and after crying so much I hope to continue crying.
No! Didn’t they kill that one?
The lord could have survived!
We could have saved one. I
hate her. I am very angry now.
I don’t understand who he’s talking to.
It could have been anyone saying that they are happy
OR there is a superior of this man who told him that he liked the game.
The good thing about this is that anyone with that mask can impersonate it.
Maybe he has a voice modulator even.
Is it the brother who is under the mask?
I can’t believe this lady ever lived.
We lost so many good people.
Will he be the brother?
We arrived until we are not going to leave. Even you who have killed your wife.
You would have tried it before.
There are the tracks of the games … There is the umbrella, there is the rope.
Exactly, that’s it.
It’s that it’s really done, let’s win and get out of here.
After all that they have done.
Will President Moon be

Is it the old man? It makes perfect sense that it’s the old man.
Two episodes ago I have been thinking that everything is too strange with that man.
And now I’m not interested in anything. I want to see the face of the person who took off the fox mask.
In Corea?
Why do you commit suicide after what you have done?
For that, let your wife live! Stupid!
How do you carry that?
How do you drink with those fangs?
Those look like horses.
And you don’t know what to choose because the one to go first …
… or with the one I’ll go last, or the odd ones maybe do something or
maybe the pairs do something important. It’s all very heavy.
It always sounds very weird from English in Korean series. I don’t know if you guys saw Mr. Sunshine
and we have a lot of English-speaking characters there, but
the blonde’s accent is extremely rare . It always sounds weird, like that if it was recorded doubled over.
Oh ok.
But not one.
Yes, that’s it … And the 16th can be the first too.
Choose something because otherwise they will choose for you.
I think this is also why games are important so … NOOOO! MY PENCIL!
That’s why the man just said. What is it about being “master of your own life”
And in these children’s games, you only depend on yourself.
It is a pool.
It’s good because he will know where not to step. (In theory)
Thank you!
The floor to be cold! And if he stays there for 16 minutes, they kill them all?
We have to move.
Did they say tempered glass supports the weight of two?
Koreans in general have beautiful eyes because their eyes are very dark. Very dark.
This is terrible. Better to be last so it worked out for him. But time is a problem.
If the number 15 wants to stay until the end without letting him pass, he can do it.
Can’t you walk through the middle irons?
15 fucking tiles!
And you have to remember that he did the previous one because if you forget you are dead.
That move was good. But … did they pay attention?
I think he made two in front and one on the left so there would be three in front.
I think he went right to right to left and there he fell.
Then he’ll have to do right – – right – right.
It seems she wasn’t sure about that.
No, we can not.
The floor is hard!
Yes … Time is going to be very key.
Oops, this man is going to pray seven “Our Father” before crossing.
On each tile?
It will hold two.
You can stand to the side if you want and cross.
Religion is a big problem sometimes.
No! But they are both going to fall.
Well now we know that that one is broken and not working.
Exactly, because otherwise he will be first.
Forgot what it was?
But this is terrible because you also have to jump.
Okay …
The problem is that now you will have to choose him. How many are left until the end?
Oops, measurement.
Let’s see … Who wants to come in?
Come in, I have no problem.
Shoot him with something, with a flip flop.
But this is not legal … is it?
If you take him to court, he is speaking under threat and I don’t think that is working.
They lost a step, stupid!
Come in then.
But she should push him. I pass by but I will push you.
Will she fall?
She keeps her word.
Maybe you will survive the fall if he stays down.
Very good that transition, I really liked it.
Are there just four left?
No!! But now I don’t see anything and it’s the last one. Can’t you try to jump fast?
But you can use sound. Hit the one next to you and the one in front of you, if they make the same noise …
The marble!
No, it was the last. Hit the one you’re standing and compare the sounds!
Oh Fuck! The Time!
It’s going to push him.
Come on, quick … that’s it, that’s it. Let’s go!
Come on sister!
Only three were left and what do we do now?
There is a lot of glass, watch out!
There is one game left.
Well, thank goodness this didn’t kill you, it could have made you blind.
No!! What happened?
Did that hurt her?
Okay okay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room first because I’m 99% sure that
the old man was the host and I’m going to tell you the following, there were at one point
several episodes ago that I felt there was something quite strange and I wrote it down and now I
‘m going to tell you what it is, but wait, it stopped recording the screen because we’re going to explode.
What I wrote down was the following: I started to write down the tracks that they had left .. In … here!
In the episode in which I began to worry, there is this whole
massacre in which they begin to kill each other and the moment in which the lights turn on
is when the old man says this about “we transform ourselves into humans “. I don’t remember
what the exact speech was, but my feeling was that that seemed like a sign,
that this is what I have to say so that everything is over and the
light comes on as soon as the man finishes speaking. That was weird, the truth is that it was weird and at that moment I said
what happened? Which did not bother me anymore because later I forgot, the truth is that
and in the previous episode we saw the deaths of everyone but we did not see the death of an old man and when
you do not kill a character in front of the camera in a series, which is known for the morbid and
the gore, something strange happens. So I kept writing down things and this old man did not die, the place
where they were reminded him of his home and reminded him of the neighborhood in which he
grew up. So that was another little sign that maybe he wasn’t crazy,
but that he was telling us the truth and he was always playing it. It also
seemed to me that perhaps what he was doing to 456 since this last game started
is that he was willing to let the person who chose him win because it would mean
that the person who chose him is a caring person, that Despite everything that may be
happening, it is a person who decided to help the person that many were going to expel.
And that is something that happens in the world of children’s games. For example, when I was a child I was very good at
sports and there is a kind of concept in children that when you had to choose,
the good ones end up on one side and the not so good or bad ones on the other side.
And I remember we had a partner who ended up being my best friend and he was
bad at sports because he was a guy who was the classic “nerd” in the cliche.
And the truth is that I always ended up being with him and choosing him because he was my friend and
I liked to play with him even though he is not good, but everything gave me that feeling,
The group of children always has a child who wants help someone who is bullied
or who is taken away because he is not good at playing, because it is not useful for the team
So I feel that the old man was doing the last test,
“well, I am going to help the person who help”. All this if it were to be him.
Something that is key is the first episode, there we have him as
001 and in the second episode he is the one who makes the decision for everyone to leave and I always
wondered why he did that, because the truth is that he had nothing to lose. So one
thing that crossed my mind is that he did it because he saw that there are a lot of people who
were having a very bad time and they did not deserve that, but perhaps the reality is that that was part of the whole
plan that they had. “We send them back to the real world and come back” and the only
thing they did was make sure that he makes the final decision which is that they all leave because they
have to return, they have to feel that this is the last option and they have to play
the game. We want them to play it, so strategically speaking, what he did is great.
All this is what I can say based on the fact that he took off the mask and he had wrinkles and he
also had a similar haircut, his hands were full of wrinkles so it could be
and if you show it and generate that suspense it is for a particular reason . What should that be.
I imagine we would have to get to some place where we find out something about the old man,
why he started with all this, because I think those who were left deserve it. Those that
were left are three and I do not know if any strong glass hit any of them. It seemed to the girl
that a glass had cut her in a wrong place but hopefully it is only
a question of assembly. This game was pretty terrible and luckily it ended up killing the
people we hated. Obviously we have to debate if we hate 218. I hate it for moral reasons
but we are in a gambling game in which morality almost does not matter, so
we will see how everything continues next week in chapter 8. We have the chapter 8 which
is the last game I imagine and then in 9 I don’t know what will happen. In general questions
to comment: when all these people who speak in English are arriving they say something like
“the games here in Korea” and it gave me the feeling that there are more games
all over the world, that they are not played only in Korea. This could generate with a million
sequels from other countries, anyone buys me the rights and that’s it, we’ll tell you the story of Squid
Game.Obviously there has to be another type of story or some type of different game, but not only game
but also has to change the way of telling the story so that it is not boring and repetitive
but I don’t know. The truth is that we will have to find out if that was a problem with what
I heard, because it may also be that my hearing has not worked very well but that was
something to comment on and the detective is moving, he is coming and going I don’t know
very well what can happen to him except that he obviously has the cell phone on which he supposedly
recorded a lot of information and real things but we don’t know much more and we don’t know
how far he will be able to go. So let’s see what happens in the next episode but
hey in this game what had to happen happened, I am not going to talk about every detail in the game.
Luckily the three do not know if lucky, because I do not know if after we will be able to win all
three, the truth is I do not know, I do not know if it works and everything, but we will probably see in the
next episode of Squid Game that I’m going to see it right now.
See you next week in a new chapter of Squid Game. Episode 8. If you liked
the video please share den like, subscribe, you can comment below in the comments what you
want, you can follow me on my social networks here and see you next week- Bye.

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