Srilanka vs South africa Highlights T20 worldcup | 3 June 2024 -Cricket 24

good evening one and all you join us for this five over match between Sri Lanka and South Africa I’m Adam Gilchrist well if they lose this one a lot will be pinned on this decision batting first on this pitch really does look risky first ball of the match

doesn’t beat the infield misses everything nice shot straight to Gully can’t get that outside the ring field yeah a big opportunity they’ve worked really hard in recent weeks they should have the confidence to build an Innings and get a big score on the board great shot through the

gap was quick on to that in the infield five runs in that over South Africa are five for none first over gone and a respectable start by the Batters going with Pace now that’s a strong appeal what’s the umpire’s decision hug boundry last ball what’s to come this

delivery I wonder smacks that away through the gap glanced away nicely but fine short fine leg four runs they were so still at the crease just a slight movement forward Bagless shot how the bowler respond oh my that’s racing away ticking the scoreboard over really nicely at the

moment really playing all their shots that over very expensive a crisp elegant and in this case definitely powerful fantastic start to the chase over the infield

with a cracking shot beats the field with a great shot two straight and punch through the leg side midwicket in Hot Pursuit

delivery was C but still needed to be put away what a lovely shot to bring up the foot a good contest here at the moment four off the last ball it’ll be interesting to see how the bowler can respond finds the Fielder with that shot oh that’s a

great shot early on wide of cover that’ll give him a bit of confidence early on May up short of the boundary though nearly got through just about hit it in time with enough back speed to pick up four can’t afford to go two full again it does help

switch up your deliveries just to keep them guessing goes over the top with that shot smashed all over the park I wonder if the captain will stick with them a new bowler is coming into the attack does very well to quickly get across to this one oh yes

oh brilliant stuff opened the shoulder and lofted that over cover that’ll be six more that’s just a brilliantly aggressive shot gets onto the front foot and it’s flown over the boundary massive outside edge through the HS at it got it early but enough on it to get for

are flowing you need to find a DOT ball or two just to slow things down again collects that one simple as you like inside the ring the bowler in the slips have really going up here they like it great shot through the Gap end of the over a

big one 11 runs coming from it South Africa a 43 for none they’re setting up the middle order to really attack the later overs the right armor is coming on to bow from the city end it’s in the air and safe should get some runs from there caress

that nicely through the Gap to the boundary yeah it can be very disheartening seeing good delivery smacked around sometimes though just got to accept it and move on getting nicely settled at the crease now would have to be very happy with that last shot Waits For It crack

and that looks to be four that was a boundary the moment the ball left the bat can’t time that any better perfection off the middle of the bat pierced the Gap wonderfully on the offside at cover this delivery just needs to be pitched up on a length too

short and you’re going to get punished on this pitch it’s a nice sweep shot but finds the Fielder at Square leg oh my my that’s just flown off the middle well that’s textbook perfect a lovely drive through the covers no need for the fielders to chase that one

s on the side of bowling slightly Fuller and they’ve been put away and that’s the end of the Innings Sri Lanka have been set a target of 61 runs too good that is huge all the way got it right out of the middle I’d like to see them

just aim for the top of off now as a bowler you’ve got to make them play on your terms Nice Shot pieces the infield clipped away off the pads what a shot for four don’t need to do anything special line and length is the key here that was

a tremendous delivery fizzed through to the keeper no more short balls this over no no no terrible shot lovely cover drive straight to the extra cover Fielder needs to be On Target that’s four all the way beautiful shot well that was a poor delivery you can’t ball there

and it got what it deserved well that was a struggle getting smacked all over the park a lot of pressure coming to the crease not had the best of weeks leading up to this game so I want to show everyone their strength really wound up for that ball

seemed to come onto the bat quicker than he thought late cut straight to the Fielder brilliant shot that’s one for the crowd well that ball has been hit it’s flown into the crowd to get that much power coming forward onto the front foot is just ridiculous hit that

one on the up a fabulous drive for six oh that’s a cracking shot that’s going to be six he’s going way back into the crowd there that’s just silly the power on that shot is incredible that’s the sort of shot you want to see at a cricket match

bowler needs to tighten up a bit bang sent back over the bowler’s head mid off and mid- on can only watch as that ball sails into the crowd this is a brilliant show of power batting another six and the bowling tactics seem to be all wrong at the

moment do they go full do they go short a lot to ponder this delivery after the boundary over the infield with a cracking shot threaded it through brilliantly all timing on that shot don’t always mind getting hit for runs what’s important just focus on getting the next delivery

Ro crap head was completely still and they struck that hard high and long for six well enough leverage there to get a good swing of the arms under it to get it over the Rope end of a highs scoring over beautiful batting after hitting the boundary that many

times there’s high confidence out in the middle trouble off the middle of the bat brilliant shot you couldn’t hope to hit it any better than that it’s raced away to the boundary tried something a bit different last delivery and the captain shouldn’t mind that too much if they

get it right they just might get that Wicket and what a strike that is right into the slot great timing and balance it’ll be at maximum gets onto the front foot and that shot is full of aggression sent high and long over the Rope Top Class Innings been

playing very nicely out there and brings up the half century perfectly timed the Fantastic shot gets forward head over the ball and smashes that one away that was a mighty win really too easy to score runs and they chase down that total with time to

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