Starving Actor Food Review | Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita (Sandy Springs, GA)

there you go hey how’s it going uh is there any  
like new menu item that you guys have the 
newest item we have right now nacho fries
okay how about that cheesy gordita is that  
i mean it’s not new bro okay um i’ll i’ll just 
i’ll have one of those oh just the gordita
that’ll be it no no no no problem cool thank you 
all right well i’m finally doing my first taco  
bell review might as well been seeing a lot of 
videos from uh the report of the week and man that  
guy’s just doing so much he’s doing everything 
which i think is fantastic you know taco bell  
it’s kind of been on my mind lately so i i just 
think it’s time i just think it’s time i’ve never  
had this cheesy gordita looks good hi my name 
is Gabriel Manak i’m an actor and i’m starvin’
all right well i’m actually meeting up with 
with jared again and yeah uh he’s just running  
a little behind but no problem as soon as i was 
like arriving to where we’re supposed to meet  
i was like taco bell’s like right across 
the street i wonder if i have enough  
time got in touch with him he’s

like i’m 
running late i’m like perfect perfect so  
let’s get to this this smells good i’m gonna turn 
this ac off because i want everything to stay warm  
yeah like i mentioned i’ve never had a 
cheesy gordita i don’t even think i’ve had a  
gordita before i don’t know what’s a gordita 
gourd to eat gourd not to eat i don’t know  
the taco bell creates this just so i can have 
another perfect flawless use of a new pun  
look at that the lighting is a little 
off here let’s let’s see if we can try  
to there we go that’s much better look at 
that pretty good okay so gordito gordita  
is basically the seatbelt off is basically 
a hard shell taco with a soft shell taco  
which i think is a pretty cool idea it’s pretty 
nice all right well i didn’t get any sauce with  
it because i was like whatever i don’t want 
to make this a whole messy process in my car  
but this looks quite interesting first bite’s 
the one that counts when you are starving
what am i eating
oh this was such a good idea this 
was such a good idea thank you brain  
there is some sort of sauce in there it’s 
like a zesty maybe it’s a i should check  
this out maybe it’s like a zesty ranch 
or something oh my god this is so good
wow this is good
oh my god i mean yeah it is the first meal 
that i’m having today but still this is good  
the crunchiness like you first feel the 
soft taco and then it’s like what crunch  
this is this is so this is like a 
crunchwrap supreme taco this is so good oh
so much cheese and meat in that bite i don’t know 
how you think about taco bell you think about some  
of these other fast food places and it’s like you 
know it’s not good for you maybe maybe it is right  
now this is good for me this is i’m having a 
wonderful time and see that’s the thing with  
food you can think of it one way but why have 
those thoughts this is a wonderful moment i  
my my taste buds are so happy this is really good 
so yeah the cheesy gordita from taco bell oh my  
gosh if you guys have never had this i feel like 
i’m late to the party that usually happens a lot  
with some of these uh trendy things especially 
with food but this is phenomenal definitely go try  
it um i’m giving this gordita um oh boy i’m gonna 
give it a 9 3. that is this is phenomenal for taco  
this is the first this is the first official taco 
review so this is really good guys i i i i’m um
okay guys i’m gonna see you 
on the next review

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