Studio Ghibli Scene Gouache Painting/ Mellow Days 'Magnolia' Sketchbook Review / Paint With Me ๐ŸŒฟ

Today I start my video with the unboxing of the Magnolia sketchbook of the ‘Mellow Days’ brand. A handwritten note. This is so cute. They sent me this beautiful sketchbook to try. I will try Magnolia for the first time. I’m excited for this. This 70 page sketchbook is hot press. It is suitable for all paints with a high water content, such as watercolor and gouache. You can get detailed information about the sketchbook from the link I left in the description. You can also find the creation story. Listen to the sound ๐Ÿ™‚ I also want you to

know,I always research the products I decide to try beforehand. Before recommending it to you, I make sure that the product is of good quality and shoot a video. I never randomly choose the products I will show you. Magnolia is one of them I like its texture. I’m a little picky about this. I also love that no stitches are used. When you separate the pages, the bumpy image in the middle does not exist in this sketchbook. Now, I will use two pages together in the painting I will make and this seamless flat surface will be very

useful for me. Sketchbook size B5. This big sketchbook meets my needs. Before I started using a sketchbook, I was painting on textured paper sheet.

Now I don’t want to use anything other than the sketchbookbecause it is very practical and tidy. That’s why I decided to increase the options. In addition, if you want to buy this sketchbook, there is a special 10% discount coupon for you. You can buy Magnolia sketchbook by taking advantage of 10% discount with the code TUGCE10. Since the paper is thick, it is very nice that there are no ripples. Since it has

a light texture, the paint is evenly distributed on the surface. The pages of this sketchbook have 50% cotton content. This helps it to carry the paint better. It is an important detail for me that all the papers I use contain cotton. I’m excited to add new drawings to this sketchbook. It really pleased me. Are those who want me to paint Howl’s Moving Castle excited? ๐Ÿ™‚ This movie affected me as much as it did everyone else. I wanted to choose a scene and paint it. When some of my followers started insisting that I paint this movie,

I decided to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ I watched it quickly to find a scene to paint, but it’s time to watch it fully again. Also, thanks again and again for all those nice comments. All of them makes me happy:)

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