Sugar Medical UNBOXING & REVIEW – Diabetes Cases + Accessories

I am Christel from Diabetes Strong and 
this video is really exciting to me 
because I’m doing an unboxing and initial 
reaction to some diabetes bags and  
cases that I order from Sugar Medical
I really don’t think diabetes has to be super sad and medical all the time
so having some fun cases and purses for all my diabetes gear is a must 
Also, I don’t want to just throw my glucose tabs and my insulin pens
in the bottom of my purse
I’ll never find them again
so I ordered some stuff 
let’s open it up and have a look and let’s seeI have my scissors here
so hopefully it will be easy to get out
so you don’t have to watch me open up a box
here we go got the box open
okay let’s see what’s in it
fluffy stuff, all righty okay first thing first
here this one I’m super excited about
this protective your case, let’s get it out
so this is a purse this is I’m  
thinking this is for everyday wear, I’ve been looking at it for a while super cute 
let’s do deep dive in a second but I 
just want to show you what’s in the box 
so there’s this

it does have somewhere it 
has some straps   
they’re in here somewhere, it’s going to be straps, very cute
and this one I think is fun Good Glucose Vibes 
so this is a canvas bag excited for that as well
and then the last one I ordered was this
so this is a case for my gear because I 
don’t want to just throw my glucose taps  
on my insulin in the bottom of my purse
it’s a case for that, exciting stuff 
oh and they gave me an extra gift 
this is a little holder for vials 
see put this around your vial as 
a protective it’s like silicone  
so I guess if you drop your vial it won’t break it’s cute it’s pink 
that’s what’s in my box
what do you say that we have a closer look at the purse and the two cases
my whole Sugar Medical haul is now 
out of the box and I’ve moved in  
so let me just show you each of them
let’s start with this one 
this one is called DIABETES TRIPLE 
ZIP PURSE and it’s a color Chloe 
it’s a triple zip because, one, two, three
it’s three rooms in here as well as room for your phone
you can take off the strap 
I like the strap I’m gonna be 
using this as a crossbody purse 
but let’s have a look see what’s inside
so first we have the insulated pocket  
here see this I have I just have one insulin 
pen in there right now
but you could pop in a
cooling element and it will keep 
your insulin cold if you need that 
then we have the what
okay the main pocket here it opens all the way up you see I moved in
so I have my meter so they have this 
sticky stuff that you put on and then  
you can simply take your meter on and off
I have my test strips, lancet and I put glucose tabs in here
but you can have whatever I guess
and that’s that little trash can, let me show you,
so take our test strip let’s imagine 
that I’ve used it just tap it in there
close her up again
open up front
okay here I actually have my wallet I thought that was a good place for that
but you also have that little pouch here
so I haven’t opened it yet let’s see first time opening it
here we go, oh and there’s a test strip, 
that means all your test strips just ends  
up in one place so whenever it’s time to empty it out
it’s easy and won’t go flying all over
I really like this, it’s light it doesn’t weigh 
seven inches high, four inches wide, and three inches deep
and it has those three pockets I think I’m going to be wearing this for years  
I really like it and I like the 
gold finishes this is really cute
next we have a diabetes case
so this one is called DIABETES DELUXE SUPPLY CASE and it’s the color Quest
it comes with different colors 
there’s also a pocket out here 
I wanted you to see it without anything 
in there but I mean you can have your  
credit cards or something I can have 
my whole wallet but let’s look inside
this is what it looks like 
so there’s a pocket here for  
well I put my glucose taps in there I also use Afrezza,
so I might also have my Afrezza in there there is another pocket here
have my insulin pen I’d say that’s the only downside of this case
is that my insulin pen just fits 
this it’s an InPen, it’s a durable pen 
if you have like a Humapen Luxura, which 
is another durable pen I don’t think it’ll  
fit I think it’ll be too long
but as long as you have a standard pen  
or disposable pen or the InPen you should be fine meter take that in and out okay  
so this part came with the the wallet and 
then there’s a little trash can same deal 
so let’s just pretend I just used 
this and it goes into the trash can 
it’s gone is no longer roaming 
around my purse and then whenever  
you’re done with all your testers and 
now it’s time to empty out the strip  
container you can see it’s in here 
right and it’s even coated in plastic  
so if there’s a little bit of blood on the 
test strip it won’t get into the material 
that is the case see if I can close 
it again as I said I really like it  
it’s just, it won’t really fit that much stuff
but for your basics everyday order this is perfect
and here we have the diabetes canvas 
supply bag and the color is just called  
Good Glucose Vibes that’s what it 
says on there and it’s a canvas bag 
hear that it’s really good 
quality it’s really solid 
I use these for traveling which also 
makes sense because it’s supply bag 
again it’s a canvas bag this one is seven 
times nine times two and a half inches 
and this one will definitely be 
replacing my old canvas bag that  
I use for traveling because this one is larger  
so let’s just have a look I put a few things in there
see right now there are two Dexcom 
sensors in there they’re fairly large 
I think there could be three but I only have two
and then I put a whole bag of test strips as well it also has a smaller pocket
that might be good for like alcohol swaps or stuff like that  
but generally yeah it’s really roomy 
see that here and it’s definitely sturdy
and that was my Sugar Medical unboxing and review
I will leave a link to Sugar Medical down in the video description
as well as the name of the three products that I showed you today 
that way you can check them out 
on the website if you want to 
in the video description, you’ll also, find a discount code for Sugar Medical
because who doesn’t love a good discount 
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