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now from boxing GA Francine as you all know it is Super Bowl Sunday And while many of you are focused on the game. others are discussing Taylor Swift on social media. fans of Taylor Swift and Aviation journalists believe they’ve identified. Swift’s private Jeff labeled the football era it arrived from Tokyo’s airport to Los Angeles. LAX Airport. just after 3:30 p.m. Local time yesterday. Well joining us live this morning to further break all of this down is Donna werle professor of practice at Virginia. Tech University. Donna. Good morning to you. Thank you so much for being

here. Thank you so much. excited for today big day indeed. I am so excited as well. So for those that have not been paying attention to the headlines. What is the Taylor Swift effect And how does it relate to this year’s Super Bowl? It’s so interesting. We were just talking about this in class the other day how it has added to the overall excitement. obviously from an overall brand perspective all the swifties are on board. the connection between fathers and daughters now with the Super Bowl is stronger than ever and from our financial perspective. her.

Oh overall. um involvement in the Super Bowl and all of the showings have added. 316 million. in earned

media for the Chiefs just by her presence alone. Donna. I’m so glad you mentioned that because honestly, there are a lot more Travis Kelce fans because of Taylor Swift and you know when you think about the Super Bowl many people do think of music and music artists because of that halftime show, but we know Usher is performing this year, but many more people talking about Taylor Swift than Usher who’s actually performing at half time break all of

that down for us. It’s fascinating. The memes are going on and on in terms of oh you’re going to the Usher show that’s going to have Taylor and we think there’s a a football game occurring as well. So, you know, and I think it from the brand perspective. and you know not knowing Taylor Swift, you know. personally, but I think she really wants to put the spotlight on the game. It’s not about her. I think Usher is um taking this opportunity He’s going to do a phenomenal halftime show, but at the end of the day

it’s about 2 different teams 2 teams that really worked hard to make it to the game And so I think that would really deaf, you know, deflect on um the game if she put the focus on her. so I think that what she’s doing is the right thing. Nana you said it perfectly she has been so humble like I appreciate the fans for appreciating me being here, but guys, let’s focus on my boyfriend who has been through all of these practices. He’s been working now he’s been trying to eat, right? Um talk about the economic.

aspect of this Donna because as We know the economy boosts during these times, yes, and I think overall just all of the ads as well if you think about it, I mean there’s some crazy campaigns going on. Um. in terms of uh Uber Eats with Jennifer Aniston and for getting at her name and for getting any association, except remembering Uber Eats, or door Dash door dash for the first time ever is trying to um do something. that is 1 of A Kind which is um door Dash the entire Super Bowl that includes every single product

that you’re going to see during the Super Bowl. 3 Cars, I mean, it’s something that has never been done before. it’s been all over social So if they do that, that’s definitely going to bring up their name. Uber Eats is trying things. So I think we’re gonna see a lot of Brands doing some really out of the box things. brands that have done things. prior leading up to the Super Bowl getting fans. really engaged. So it’s going to be a really great event. um later today. or talks of Beyonce having a Super Bowl commercial any

talks of Taylor Swift having a 2 a Super Bowl commercial because of with all of the hype around her. It’ll be probably 1 of the smartest things for a company to do during this time. Yeah, we have not um heard specifically, but we’ve heard some brands that would allude to it Which would pull in and lean into the Taylor Swift effect. So we’ll have to stay tuned for a little bit more of that. But I think that’s what a lot of people are holding on to to see in between. Um, the game what will those

commercials do and how will they include the Swifty Factor? and Donna? If not, I mean if I was someone that worked with this big company, I would just have Taylor wear something on her jacket, I mean that’ll get as much. publicity. with the camera time. She’s going to get from walking into the stadium walking to her box all of those things. We know how it goes. everything she’s a walking billboard, you know and anything. she says or does or holds up a drink and I think she’s cognizant of that but for a brand that’s huge

impact it goes back to you know the Oprah days when she would mention Brands and then all of a sudden they you know, they’d sell out immediately. so anything that she touches right now is is pretty golden, but I think she has to from an overall. um professional brand perspective and who she gets paid for. um for different brands really, um pay attention to that as well. But any brand would be lucky to have her wear or or consume any product that they’ve got for sure. reasons some people tune in to the Super Bowl is

for the commercials. Do you have any inside information you can tell us of some commercials that we know will be. a hit this year Some people would need to be on the lookout for tonight. Um, I always look at Doritos because they always do such a unique. um contest Prior and back in the day actually, Virginia Tech student or alumni 1 that competition so they’re always doing different things. I think what’s to look for it would be interesting is Vegas. and the sphere um, which is doing a lot of VR and AR and looking to

see what brands are going to get involved on that level as well. but I would take a look too. There’s a really great 1 from Dove as well as Nike with um girls confidence. There’s a bunch of ones that are coming out. and that’s 7 million dollars for 30 seconds. They they’ve got to be pretty impactful in a lot of work has been done behind them for sure. Donna. I’m so glad you said that the impactful commercials look I still cry when I watch the Lion King. I don’t know if you remember that, uh Super

Bowl commercial a few years back. I think it was Budweiser and it showed the horse, uh going through the fields and then it they have horse found his family. I don’t even drink beer and I was so Hell because of that horse. talk about how these commercials really pull at your heartstrings and the effort that goes on behind the scenes. I mean these companies. spending millions and millions of dollars just so you can see it for a few seconds. absolutely, and we you know we discussed that a lot because the the the buy the media

buy is 7 million the production that goes into it. is takes months and months. So whether you’re seeing the Clydesdale with Budweiser or the Coca-Cola essential, um commercials everyone really so much work goes into it, but it is to make a memory So whether it is a car as years ago with Volkswagen did and you know made the child feel like he had magical. powers and Darth Vader. that stays in your mind, you know, so I think what brands are really trying to do is yes. make a big showing for the Super Bowl, but determine

from these big spends how they can then break that commercial out throughout the year and continue to leverage that theme that they launched in the Super Bowl. So, um, but the emotional connection that’s what marketing is in terms of really pulling you in and and thinking more about not Dove real Beauty, but about confidence and about you and using Annie’s It’s A Hard Knock Life. life songs so they’re bringing so many components in. for the viewer for for you to really feel something that you never thought you could feel and even when you you don’t

have you’re not a child or you don’t drink beer or whatever it is. you’re connecting with that brand. Absolutely. and even the moments when you can kind of go back in time and reminisce of your childhood. Those are always so important. Donna were like I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. with you this morning here on live now from Fox. Is there anything else you like to add? I would just say in the future look for more. immersive. experiences the are the addition of AI so I think we’re just at the cusp of this so there’s going

to be a lot more. engagement with consumers We are you know. a a Time poor Society. We don’t have a lot of time so media and Brands really really have to break through so I would say expect some more. involved experiential. um opportunities with Brands. um at the Super Bowl today and in the future, Donna again. Thank you so much for joining us here on live now from Fox. I’m gonna have to check back in with you and do a recap after all of the commercials tonight. I’m sure we’ll have even more to talk about

so I’ll make sure to have uh, Julianne get with you so we can do that. Thank you so much for speaking with us this morning and you enjoy the rest of your Super Bowl

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