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HHOGene GPod sponsored a portion of this video. Soundbars are shockingly good these days but there are some scenarios in which a sound bar simply will not cut it and it’s for those scenarios that this versatile powered speaker system was created welcome back everyone I’m Caleb Dennison and today I am like abnormally excited to review for you the SVS Prime Wireless Pro speakers with a special guest appearance by the SVS 3000 micro subwoofer now I’m a big fan of how far sound bars have come over the past few years they’re basically the new home theater in

a box right comment below if you ever had an OG htib in fact I’m rocking the Klipsch Cinema 1200 in my bedroom right now because a that’s just a ridiculous thing to do and B because it sounds fantastic and who doesn’t want swirling Atmos around before passing out for the night am I right but as great as the Klipsch Cinema 1200 and well the Sonos Arc and the Samsung q990b as great as they all sound for home entertainment they all leave me a little bit cold for music listening I mean they all kick down some

fun fairly musical surround sound for movies and TV but for really good musical Fidelity for details Sound Stage width and depth you know sit down musically listening I

still prefer a more traditional independent speaker system which is what I have in my living room problem is my living room system with the big AV receiver and Tower speakers it’s a bit of a space hog and I hear about that often powered speakers make a good alternative for those of us who want big sound with a small footprint but what most powered speakers lack is an HDMI

connection so they can be used for both movie and TV watching as well as music listening that’s where the SVS Prime Wireless Pro come in the pro model of the Prime Wireless have an HDMI e-arc interface built in along with just about everything else you’d want from a wireless speaker for what some might consider to be an outstanding alternative to a sound bar and as long as we’re at it I figured we get a quick peek at the SVS 3000 micro subwoofer because why not but also it seemed like the perfect pairing did I mention

I was excited and hey if this kind of content gets you excited too let me know by dropping a comment down below maybe click like And subscribe if you feel moved to do so I mean we’re less than 10K Subs away from a million so help us get there would you sweet giveaway coming thanks so much all right let’s dig into these speakers so as we dive into the prime Wireless Pro I’m reminded of klipsch’s the fives those are the first powered speakers I’m aware of to have sported an HDMI interface and I loved them

at the moment though the fives are tough to get a hold of I think they’re a little backordered but my memory of those speakers is strong and I’ve been looking forward to seeing how these compare now from a design perspective the prime Wireless Pro start out looking a lot like svs’s Prime bookshelf speakers a little bigger than some five and a quarter inch bookshelf speakers but not gargantuan by any means about 11.5 inches high seven inches wide and nine inches deep above the five and a quarter inch mid bass driver is a one inch aluminum

dome Tweeter and those four drivers each get their own 50 watt amp for a total system power of 200 Watts on the back you get the e-arc HDMI port I mentioned along with a digital optical Port line in Via RCA or via 1 8 inch mini headphone jack a subwoofer output ethernet port though there’s also Wi-Fi and along the Wireless lines you get Bluetooth with aptx Chromecast AirPlay 2 DTS play-fi and Spotify connect the digital to analog converter or DAC built into these speakers supports up to 192 kilohertz at 24 bits so you can get

lossless music via DTS play 5’s critical listening Mode app required and CD quality from AirPlay 2 or Chromecast if your streaming service supports it the USB port back here is a service port but it can also support wireless audio adapters it is not however set up as a USB audio receiver so if you want to use a PC you’ll want to use Optical Wireless or an outboard DAC and one of those analog inputs now let’s talk about the front of the right hand speaker it’s got two dials and six preset buttons along with a dimmable

display and look I appreciate that for desktop applications having that kind of control at your fingertips is helpful and those presets are nice for One Touch access to playlists or streaming services and sure the display clearly tells you what input you’re on and even has a readout for what you’re listening to from streaming services it’s a good utility but honestly I kind of wish this business wasn’t there it’s the one thing that makes this look like a computer speaker system instead of the home entertainment and music listening Powerhouse that it is plus everything that’s on

the front of the speaker is also available via this remote save the display also I have to say that the gloss white piano finish is super nice and since we often have speakers in white finish I thought they would photograph well here but I’m kind of wishing I had gone with the gloss Black Version that’s purely personal preference though setup is super easy I connected an ethernet cable because I have one nearby but I also connected to Wi-Fi no problem Bluetooth was similarly easy to set up but honestly I didn’t use it much because Wi-Fi

was available and as for speaker setup itself there’s not much to do but plug in the power cable for the right speaker and then run a custom 4 Pin cable over to the left speaker a cable by the way which is long enough for most applications I don’t think these speakers should be placed any further apart than the eight foot or so cable will allow but if you did want to you’d have to Source a longer cable yourself as for the HDMI connection these speakers only accept PCM audio there’s no Dolby or DTS decoder built

in which is normal so if you get these speakers for your home entertainment system make sure you go into your TV settings and set the digital audio output to PCM most TVs won’t figure that out automatically so you got to do it manually otherwise you will get zero sound from the TV hey I just want to take a moment to thank our sponsor the hhog pods let’s be honest wireless earbuds are boring there’s something you wear on your body all the time but usually they say nothing about you the g-pods however definitely make a statement

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four different ear tip sizes to get the best seal and best sound and maximize their active noise canceling feature listening time is about three hours with the lights active five hours without and you get another 15 hours of charge with the case each earbud offers assignable touch controls they use Bluetooth 5.2 and have an ipx4 rating so they’re safe for outdoor use when the weather won’t cooperate you’ll find a link to the g-pods as well as a discount code down in the description thanks again to HHO Jean gpods for sponsoring this video foreign part let’s

talk about sound quality so let me just tell you what my first few minutes was like with these speakers the first notes I heard coming out of them was a YouTube video played on the Sony a95 case YouTube app it was a Zildjian live music video featuring larnelle Lewis with the band Ghost note and my expectations were fairly low because compressed YouTube audio right but what I heard had me like no way is all that sound coming from those speakers I knew I hadn’t turned on the sub or connected subwoofer cable but I still went

to check anyway because I was hearing bass at least down to 60 hertz and I suspected lower so I ran some frequency sweeps and Guys these speakers are getting down to 40 Hertz with authority and have Audible base down to 35 Hertz in fact I tracked it all the way down to 32 Hertz which is insane I’ve helped design six and six and a half inch bookshelf speakers much bigger than these they couldn’t pull off that kind of Base so yay for DSP right but here’s the thing these speakers don’t sound like they’re muscled by

DSP definitely not the way sound bars often do and not even like many powered speakers can they actually sound remarkably natural which is not to say that they sound neutral they definitely have an SVS sound profile but it happens to be a Sonic signature that I like a lot on the other end of the spectrum I’m again pleasantly surprised by The High Frequency response on these speakers I’m generally not a fan of metal Dome tweeters but svs’s work with them is the exception for me and the prime Wireless Pro are no exception to that exception

I describe the highs as being slightly laid back don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of detail and resolution here I get the grit of brass overtones the Shimmer of symbols and plenty of breathy air around close mic’d vocals but compared to say Klipsch is the fives which are a bit more in your face the prime Wireless Pro managed to have a good presence without being quite so forward and I like it a lot mid-range is super solid it’s not as open and transparent as say the kef ls Wireless II but it is surprisingly close and

that’s saying something considering the vast price difference between the two there’s no chestiness or honk to the meat of the vocal range and guitar especially guitar the meat of the sound has tremendous Clarity and tonality and crunch I mean we’re talking about audiophile level stuff here in fact there wasn’t a single musical genre I tested that fell outside of the range of the Prime Wireless Pro’s abilities to produce well hip-hop r b Jazz classical Bluegrass and yes even country and western so both kinds of music it all sounded excellent I mean honestly I feel like

you get a lot more than what you pay for with these speakers especially winless listening to music and they do movies really well too I would say for the best home theater experience though you might want to add a subwoofer like the micro 3000 that would allow you to keep the small footprint but add some more punch and Rumble that you really need for the LFE track in movies musically speaking I could very easily go without a subwoofer the base on the prime Wireless Pro is just so incredibly deep and musical with just the right

amount of punch and they do better than most powered bookshelf site speakers do for movie watching but for the kind of bass you expect from a soundbar system or home theater in a box like a sub is just warranted now I haven’t had enough time with the 3000 micro to give it a proper review yet and I couldn’t fit it in here anyway but what I’ve experienced so far has been great I don’t need the sub for music listening like at all but I did enjoy the extra punch for movies and I imagine in a

large cavernous room you’d want to add a sub to get that room filling Vibe otherwise the prime Wireless Pro are one of the best deals in high quality two-channel sound that you can get compared to the audio engine 5 plus they do cost about 300 more but you get 300 more in resolution detail articulation and frankly the better base is the big payoff there and as much as I love the kef LS2 Wireless the prime Wireless Pro make the kef a harder sell because they have more prominent bass and punch and they’re so close to

the kef for so much less money also the HDMI connection is no small deal in my opinion and even in svs’s own lineup right like if you were to get a pair of passive gloss black or gloss white Prime bookshelf speakers you’ll have to spend far more getting an amp that will drive them nearly as well as the amp built into this pair of speakers in fact if it wasn’t for the little aesthetic Bugger I have with the right speakers dial and display which might be a zero issue for you I’m just overly particular I

guess these would be a 10 10 out of 10 all day every day I’ll give them a 9.7 though I mean they just tick all the right boxes for me so whether you listen exclusively to vinyl are a die-hard high resolution digital audio person you need a home entertainment system that doesn’t gobble up space any situation in which you want highly musical sound that extends beyond what a sound bar can do but doesn’t require the kind of financial investment and space requirements that a much larger traditional two-channel setup requires the prime Wireless Pro are the

ticket bring them home and get ready to have your expectations blown away thanks as always for watching everyone what do you think about the prime Wireless Pro let me know down in the comments don’t forget to like And subscribe and here’s two other videos that I think you might like foreign

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