Swatch Big Bold Let's Parade สีรุ้งขอบๆ อย่างแจ่ม! – Pond Review

Hi, this is Pond Review
Here’s Swatch Big Bold special color
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This one is for Pride month, the LGBTQ event
Every year swatch will have this collection
and last time you saw is New Gent model, that’s colorful
But this time is Big Bold
The box come in rainbow color, main theme of LGBTQ
Box made from paper, eco friendly
But the watch made from silicone, not eco-material
Take a look at the watch, many things surprise me
I saw it only on the website
it looked very transparent
And I thought the color is printed in to the bezel
made the color a bit transparent
But in real life, it was printed above the prime white layer
to make the color on transparent material more visible
The color is more vibrant, but can not sense the transparency
That thing surprise me
I might prefer it to be more transparency
So you have to see it in person
You may think different
For full specs, you can watch many of my reviews about Big Bold
this clip may focus on the color
About the dial
It has very vibrant rainbow

color in the center part
unlike other model that every parts has their own color
but this one, the colors are mixed
like the top part, colors go from purple to green, very cool
The dial is very easy to read
Hands are in white color, very bold
when the watch is on the wrist, color will fade
There is markers around the dial
Case is transparent, case size is 47mm
case back is in Swatch style
The strap is different from bezel
Color is printed in to the strap, look a bit transparent
Look better than bezel
Color look very interesting, in LGBTQ color code
The bottom part has a good shade, gradient from cool to warm color
But the top part is a bit strange, because of colors
Orange and blue is not usually faded to each other
When mixed together it’s very strange
look very unusual
also around this area, color is desaturated
Strap is very soft silicone
Buckle made from aluminium in good quality
Let’s put on the wrist
We can see a little color of the under strap
Look cool
But we won’t not see the color on the rim of the strap under
And the top part, we will see the color, just only this
When on wrist, look very colorful
but not as colorful as I thought
Overall is quite dull, just vibrant on some part
It’s not too much
If you want to focus on the color, there is a dark version of this watch
This one is for some one who want a cleaner version
Also this one can math the clothes easily
Mostly look white
Price is 4,150THB
Not much different from normal Big Bold
You can purchase it online, or look at Swatch shop
That’s all for this watch
Any questions are welcomed
See you next clip, BYE!

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