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In today’s video, I will review and swatch 9 beautiful and unique lip colors by Fenty Beauty
they are in the Stunna Lip Paint Collection
most of those colors are very rebellious,
and their names sound very challenging
the packaging looks very luxurious, and feel good on my hand
the bottom is made of glass, and the top is mirror plastic
the applicator is quite small and short
but I found it is easier to apply the color on lips than longer ones
here are 9 colors on my arm,
as you can see half of those colors are rebellious
especially, it is not smearing to your mask, when you wear a mask with those lip colors
because the layer dries immediately after you apply those colors from 5-10 seconds
I’ll prove that now for you
I am doing this action on my lips with the cotton pad, but it almost did not smear on the pad
those colors are very adherent, they can stay on your lips from 4-5 hours
I used a cotton pad to wipe them off
but they are so stubborn, cannot be

wiped off all
ok, now I will swatch those colors for you
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the first color is #unattached
it’s described as a light coral
but the fact is that it is a bright pink
this color is very picky
it’s suitable for somebody who already looks good in a color like this color
like its name, when you wear this lip color
you’d like to send out a message that you’re independent, free, unattached.
because those colors only look good on a full lip color
so I will just paint them fully on my lips in this video
the next one is #unbutton
it’s described as a peachy nude
but the fact is it’s just nude
there are 3 shades of nude in this collection
it suits someone who has a warm skin tone
it looks better on you if you wear it in the cold weather or having a deep mood
the next one is #uncensored
it is a perfect universal red
it is so so pretty and luxurious
but a downside is the texture is a bit dry
so I suggest you should have a lip gloss on top of it
so the color can be a bit juicy and glossy
it’s a very confident color, you can wear it on some important events
the next one is #uncuffed
it is a rosy mauve nude
in my opinion, this nude is the prettiest nude shade in this collection
this rosy mauve nude, I am sure that it’s not easy to find in other brands
it suits all skin tones but looks better on warm-toned people
also, it’s easy to wear with any makeup
the more natural of the makeup with this lip color, the prettier you are
you don’t even need makeup for this shade
so this is the nude color you can wear every day
the next one I swatch is #underdawg
it is a deep burgundy
this color is super gorgeous, it looks even more luxurious than the previous red
I really like this shade
and it’s not easy to find this color in other brands
especially, from tan to dark skin tone will look so gorgeous in this color
when you go out in this color, you will be the center of all attention
this color is my best favorite in this collection
the next one is #undefeated
just looking at the packaging, you can tell it is a sultry purple
this color is very high-fashion
I just only saw celebrities on TV using this color
this color is so cool and unique like its name undefeated
again, this color looks so beautiful in people who has from tan to dark skin tone
you can use this color to send out a message
no one can take over you, defeat you. You are UNDEFEATED!
the next one is super cool, #uninvited
it’s a smooth black
you can use this color in this situation
imaging someone asks you out for a date,
but you don’t want to go, and you don’t know how to say no
when the date comes, you wear this shade
like sending out a message that you are not ready for this relationship
or you don’t want to be in a relationship with them
different with the #uninvited is #unlocked
this is a vivid pink, this color is for people who are in love or ready for a new relationship
this color is so cute
I feel very girly and fragile when wearing this pink
finally, we find out a pretty color for cool-toned people
the last color I swatch is a nude shade, #unveil
it is a chocolate brown nude
I quite like this color
3 nude shades in this collection are all pretty and unique
and also they do not look like other nudes in other brands
and that’s all 9 lip colors in the Stunna Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty
I hope you enjoyed watching this video
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