Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 Skeleton Watch CAR205A Review | SwissWatchExpo

Coming to you today, again, with another Tag 
Heuer and who hasn’t seen the Tag Heuer Carrera,  
but this one’s really cool. This one’s a little 
bit different than some of the other ones you  
might see. There are a ton of different variations 
of this one and this one’s no different,  
obviously that’s if you if you’re into this sort 
of styling, I do like this one because it does  
have the Rose Rose gold accent. You know, a lot of 
traditionally, whenever you see gold on a watch,  
it’s considered to be a dress watch. I don’t know 
if I’d call this one a dress watch necessarily.  
It’s still on a rubber band, a rubber bracelet 
here. So I don’t know if I’d call it a dress  
watch, but I think it’s a good hybrid between 
sports and dress watch. It doesn’t have the  
skeletonized dial, which you typically see on more 
of a dressy watch. But at the same time, it has  
this black motif formaybe a black tie affair being 
taken very seriously, but it has your rose gold to  
kind of compliment the outfit. And then of course, 
you’ve got your exhibition case back. The rest of  
the case is black as well. The one thing I don’t 

is that it does have a stainless steel clasp,  
but Tag Heuer’s always been about making a watch 
affordable. So you do get the rose gold content,  
but you still get affordability and something 
that’s gonna — it’s a wearable part. So  
it’s better to have it as stainless steel. 
Anyway, come check this out at SwissWatchExpo.com.

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